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  • The South Coast

    by John H. Matthews
  • Ice in the Blood

    by Bryan Cassiday
    Hard-hitting crime stories from the edge of madness and terror where murderers, serial killers, and sociopaths skulk along the streets of Los Angeles by day and night. The skies may be sunny, but the streets of the city are cold as ice and teeming with dissolution that spreads across the entire country like a miasma of evil reaching all the way to the Florida Keys. Corruption drips from the seats of power and infects everyone below. In the land of the dollar, money is not only king it’s the o... more
  • Hunt for the Wild Pue'o

    by Bill Thesken
    Hunt for the Wild - Book #3. Jack, Malia, Max, Keoni, and Kenji live on a small Hawaiian island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Over the past few months they’ve searched the valleys behind their little town, looking for the ancient King’s long lost taro that brings super powers. So far they’ve been woefully unsuccessful. But they have another chance. Everyone knows if you see an owl in flight it brings good luck. Jack’s dad scored a cabin in the mountains for the weekend, and they’re heading... more
  • Before She Was Taken

    by Marjory Kaptanoglu
    Book Two of the Before Series - A time-travel tale of abduction and redemption A freak occurrence gives twenty-five-year-old Rebecca Danser the ability to travel through time without altering it. Her life is a mess because her younger sister disappeared on her watch when they were both children. Finally, she has the chance to learn what really happened that day. She travels back in time to witness the abduction firsthand. Armed with new knowledge, she pursues the villain through past an... more
  • The Kitten

    by Laurie Jameson
    “Sexual crimes against children are a unique type of brutality. They condemn the victim to a lifetime of hell with repercussions that reach far beyond the life of the abuser. We hear about these atrocities all the time and feel powerless to stop them. But what if you could do something? If you could spare even one child the loss of their innocence in such a cruel manner, would you? The Kitten tells the story of Chelle McCall, a sexual abuse survivor who dedicates her life to hunting pedophil... more
  • Requiem for Geraldine Gerbil

    by J. Stewart Willis
    When Daphne O'Hanlon, an author of children's boos, is found shot to death, police detectives find many potential murderers. They discover that O'Hanlon didn't write her books. She published under her name stories created by her daughter who ha become resentful that she is receiving no credit. As the story develops, the detectives learn that O'Hanlon has many enemies. The question is not just who did it, but if it were done by one person, or two, or by the wind.
  • Ghost (The Justice Chronicles Book 1)

    by Michael Jack Webb
    Best-selling, award-winning author and master storyteller Michael Jack Webb weaves a Supernatural Serial Killer tale like none you’ve ever read. Enter a world where nothing is what it appears to be, and every clue leads an extraordinary young woman deep into the heart of darkness and beyond. Kate Justice, the FBI’s youngest Profiler, is assigned to find a serial killer with supernatural abilities. The killer is elusive, cunning, and seemingly invincible. Kate races against time to disc... more
  • Nighthawks

    by Lambert Nagle
    A Mafia boss addicted to beautiful art. A Catholic priest who knows too much. A modern-day Jay Gatsby. And a woman on the run. Disgraced London detective Stephen Connor is given an ultimatum: take a transfer to Rome or kiss his career goodbye. With his love life in tatters and his confidence at an all-time low, can Stephen find the world's most valuable painting before it disappears forever?
  • The Third Nanny

    by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
    Janey hadn’t heard from her sister Kelly since she ran away from home eight years ago. Until the day the letter arrived. A disturbing letter. But before Janey could make contact, Kelly disappeared again. And the only clue they had to work with was in Redemption, Wisconsin, where Kelly had worked as a nanny. So, Janey decided to follow in her sister’s footsteps … by taking over her job. The family has secrets, and the more Janey digs, the more twisted the story becomes. And the ... more
  • A Swarm in May

    by Mark Anthony Powers
    Dr. Phineas Mann has come a long way from the darkness in his past. He has a loving wife, two bright children, a lively interest in beekeeping, and a rewarding career in intensive care medicine. And then a challenging case presents: an elderly man in the throes of full-blown tetanus. To make a difficult case worse, the patient’s openly racist son abuses and threatens his father’s medical team, especially the Black intern. When inexplicable setbacks occur, the son’s threats escalate, and the d... more
  • Beyond the Pale

    by Sabrina Flynn
    An innocent accused. An infamous hotel. And a murder everyone wants to hide. While recovering from a brutal beating, Atticus Riot is arrested for the murder of his ex-agent-the same agent who left Riot for dead. His wife and partner, Isobel Amsel, watches helplessly as he's taken to San Francisco's notorious 'sweat box' for interrogation by an inspector with a grudge. Desperate to save her husband, Isobel seeks out the one ally they have-only he's in the infamous Hotel Nymphia, neck-deep i... more
  • Wishing You Harm

    by Nancy Labs
    A young widow is thrust into a world of alchemical symbols, secret societies, paranormal phenomena, and spiritual warfare as she seeks to unravel the mystery of her husband’s death.
  • Shut Up and Listen!

    by Reid Fischer
    Professional athletes are larger than life, but above all they are human beings like everyone else. Ethan Hackett is becoming an NBA star, and like any other player, he wants a championship. It's a slight distraction when his marriage is on the rocks. He can manage that. It's another matter entirely when his wife goes missing and he gets a text telling him to commit turnovers or she dies. Will Ethan have to betray his teammates? Can he navigate the waters to bring his wife back safe and le... more
  • The truth of The Unknown Interpreter

    by Paul Aramouni
    A young Hard of hearing boy moves from one country to the other to run away from his problems, little does he know he refaces those same problems again, and is faced in a murder mystery on top of that along with his family and friends!...
  • Pharo and the Clever Assassin

    by Steve Skurka
    President William McKinley is shot by an American anarchist at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, in 1901. He dies several days later and a local lawyer, Burford Simmons, is assigned to defend the anarchist killer. Burford, though, is mysteriously kidnapped on the first day of trial. The lead investigator is aided by Clarence Darrow, a law school classmate of the kidnapped lawyer, and by Burford's crafty and determined wife, Pharo. The group attempts to locate and rescue Burford b... more
  • Our Curious World of Mirror Images: Reflections on How Symmetry Frames Our Universe, Empowers the Creative Process and Provides

    by Titus Joseph
    "Our Curious World of Mirror Images" is a book on metaphysics incorporating science and philosophy into a new paradigm-for-the-mind that explains where space & time comes from, describes how existing things are formed into being, bridges dualism using mirror image poles (they come in pairs), and transitions seamlessly from science to spirituality depending on the mirror image poles invoked.