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  • The Random Affair: The UrbanKnights Book 1

    by James H. Roby
    A criminal Jordan Noble took down years ago is trying to kill him. Good thing the UrbanKnight Detective Agency’s got his back. When Noble left the Defense Intelligence Agency, he gave up on the international intrigue going with it. Now, Cody Random, international criminal is back for revenge and threatens the entire nation with his monstrous drug, crush. And for good measure, the CIA is warning Noble to steer clear. But that’s not how things get done in Detroit, a city used to the odds being... more
  • Agenda

    by Ron Sherkin
    Jericho Asher had been a spy for longer than he cared to remember, but after the death of a team member during his last assignment he decided enough was enough. So, he walked, vowing never to return. But now, after months off the grid in Thailand, the Agency has come calling. With a leak exposing their active undercover operatives, Asher and his former partner, Haymishe Elfman, are the only assets they can rely on to secret, Ambros Kosar, an exiled Ukrainian minister back into the country to su... more
  • See Nike Run

    by Thomas Drago
    We all pretend to be somebody we’re not. In our real lives. Online. Everywhere. We create identities and hide behind them. Sometimes because we want to. Most times because we have no choice. When Nike, an Instagram fetish model, returns home from a weekend trip to the Florida Keys, she finds herself haunted by the insidious Mr. Silk, who believes she devised an online scam to steal his money. Caught in a web of illusion and deceit, Nike solicits help from Seth, a married college professor wh... more
  • His Betrayal

    by Jerry Payne
    A businessman is betrayed by his best friend, his wife, and his associate. Will he loose everything, or will the White Candle save him from distinction. Who will come to his side and fight for his freedom?
  • Haywood Micaye

    by Ashlynne Doyle

    In the days after his final decision, Micaye would find himself reflecting on how he came to be a murderer.

    So begins the story of Haywood James Micaye, an American spy working for an organization known as the Headquarters of National Defense. In the final days of an assignment overseas, Micaye's job is put into jeopardy after an error on his part leads to the death of another agent. Back home, when a terrorist attack threatens the livelihood of the American people, he take... more

  • Water Purifier Dealers in thrissur

    by Albin Benny
    The best strategy for cleaning is a not too bad water purifier from any water source like conduits, wells and other water resources. In this water purifier reduce the peril of afflictions, for instance, sicknesses, dangerous development and others by filtering content in water. The standard vocations of this water purifier are not buying a bundled mineral water; we can purify water and produce drinking water from any sullied waters. Also, besides we can save time from gurgling water. The major ... more
  • The Fractured Mind

    by Ottavio Lepore
    Ryan Stark's life is about to change for the worse. As he hoped to get away from everyday life with a short vacation, things take a turn for the worse, he never expected to wake up in the hospital. Unfortunately the financial burden of it is too much to bear alone. In a turn of events, the generosity of a stranger arrives quite literally at his feet, but as Ryan soon learns, not everything is as it seems and all kindness comes with a price.
  • Game of Bones #18 Rafferty & Llewellyn British Mystery Series

    by Geraldine Evans
    If you like Detective Series with a few laughs, you'll like this. Sergeant Llewellyn's remark that, perhaps, 'Someone ELSE had made them a gift of Professor Anthony Babbington as the murderer, was just sour grapes, in Detective Joe Rafferty's opinion. But Llewellyn could plant a doubt where none had existed before. And Rafferty, sure in his own mind that they had the culprit, disregarded Llewellyn, who was known to greatly admire Babbington. They had so much proof it was embarrassing: Babb... more
  • What You Wish For

    by Albert Bell
    For a school project, eleven-year-old Sandy Walker and T. J. McKenzie begin an old-fashioned snail mail correspondence. Both kids share a love of baseball and are growing up in single-parent homes. When T. J. comes for a visit to Sandy's home, they discover that neither of them is what the other expected. They learn the reality of a favorite old saying of their parents, "Be careful what you wish for; you might get it."
  • Animal Killer

    by B. Lee Baker
    THE HUNTER BECOMES THE HUNTED IN THIS GRIPPING TALE OF ANIMAL VENGEANCE . . . Despite all his accomplishments while alive, Louie’s journey into the afterlife is anything but peaceful. Instead, he is confronted with a chilling demand for justice for his cruelty and slaughter of the many animals he hunted while alive. After a terrifying trial to determine where he will spend eternity, he is sent to a hellish world where he becomes the hunted. There, his soul is stalked and tormented by the very... more
  • Incalculable: The Rousing of Mia

    by Whovina Munroe
    Plagued with recurring nightmares, and the devastating loss of her parents, Mia Summers has moved to the small town of Gordonsville in search of a fresh start. It doesn’t take long before she meets the man of her dreams. Despite her intentions to ignore her attraction, and guard her heart, Mia succumbs to his charm. Just as she is becoming comfortable with her new-found beau, Mia wakes to find herself the prisoner of a twisted reality. Torn between two conflicted versions of life as she knows it... more
  • Accidental Target

    by B. Payton-Settles
    This 55,000 word thriller introduces the oil-and-water duo of Iris DeVere and Jose Camargo. When she hires on at Camargo Detective Agency DeVere, naïve and unskilled at navigating the Hispanic community, attracts the attention of the wrong people in this bit of sleepy San Rafael, California. Camargo is alarmed when DeVere rescues the son of his missing ex-secretary, and when the secretary's body is discovered near San Pablo Bay the local cops step in. In order to prove herself to her... more
  • Best Served Icy

    by jay fitzpatrick
  • Fear Itself

    by jay fitzpatrick
  • Samuel Orzabal and the Keys of the Past

    by Paul Wills
    Samuel Orzabal is celebrating his fifteenth birthday with his mom and grandfather. He is given an old envelope and is told it is from his long-deceased uncle Rufus who requested that Gramps give it to Sam on his Fifteenth birthday. The envelope reads 'Open in Private' - It includes a map, two keys and a letter. Sam discovers that his dear old uncle was working on a mysterious project before he died. A project he wants Sam to complete. Sam discovers his Uncle Rufus was a genius inventor and creat... more
  • Atomic Night: A Chad Kidd Desert Thriller

    by Bruce Perry
    Tequila-loving, Kawasaki-riding Chad Kidd investigates the killing of a friend's daughter and ex-wife. Sprawling desert noir setting, a hard-boiled cast.