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  • A Needle in the Eye

    by Shawn Scuefield

    A crime from the past revisited...Retired detectives Robert Raines and Dale Gamble are horrified to learn three young black girls have been kidnapped from Englewood…again! A copycat has re-created the decades old crime that scarred both men during their days with the Chicago Police Department. But unlike in the original case, this perpetrator leaves taunting clues and has made it a game with a chilling stipulation: Find the girls within 72 hours, or they die!<... more

  • The Mortality in Lies

    by Scott Gibson
    In Belle Epoque Paris, British journalist Percy Welles hires the beautiful and eccentric Georges Seigneur to help him run a news wire service. Georges draws Welles into an examination of the notorious Dreyfus Affair, the case of a French officer unmasked as a traitor and a spy. But Welles has a secret, one he cannot reveal to Georges: he has been sent to Paris by the British government to run an agent of his own. Torn between his love for Georges and his duty to his country, Welles attempts to s... more
  • Sideslip

    by Barry Freeman

     Security chief for a private airport sounded like the perfect job for Ross Coe. Washed-out fighter pilot at 24, retired military cop at 30, and Private Investigator at 40, he has a chance to begin again on the home airfield he left twenty years before. His antique airplane is without wings, his family home is torched by persons unknown and he is forced to live in a barn converted to an airplane hangar with two cats without names.

    At the Wilson Airpark crimes begin on the ground an... more

  • Dark Justice

    by James Musgrave
    The supernatural curse of the tribe’s Skinwalker witches, in the form of a coyote, which allegedly can run on two legs like a man, and the strange practices of the Navaho Medicine man and his deaf assistant, cause this mystery to evolve into a much bigger conundrum than merely that of abortion. The search for truth will end on the Navaho Nation’s land, under less than ideal circumstances.
  • The Apparition in the Attic

    by Courtney McFarlin
    Professional home stager Brynn Sullivan is known as the person to call if you can’t sell a home. Little do her clients know that she has a secret! When a beautiful Victorian sits on the market for too long, the desperate realtor reaches out for help. But this time, Brynn may be in over her head as a ghostly mystery from the past collides with a present-day murder. Will she be able to solve both cases in time? If you like paranormal cozies, funny spirits, and amateur sleuths, you’ll love ... more
  • The Body in the Park

    by Courtney McFarlin
    She's found an unlikely consultant to help solve the crime. But this speaking pet might just prove purr-fect... Hannah Murphy yearns for a real news story. But after a strange migraine results in an unexpected ability to talk to her cat, she must keep the kitty-communication skills a secret if she wants to advance from fluff pieces to covering felonies. And when she literally trips over a slain body, she's shocked her feline companion is the best partner to crack the case. Convinced she's ... more
  • A Message from Boo

    by R.G. Johansen
    A killer has arrived in Atlanta and set in motion a chain of events that can only be described as a roller coaster nightmare. Detective John Williams, a diehard Southerner has been tasked with solving the crimes, a job made more complex given his responsibility as a single parent to his preschool daughter, Boo. When you add a new, know-it-all partner straight out of the New York City Police Department to the mix, it makes matters even more difficult. Get ready for the twists and turns that pit t... more
  • Guys Trip

    by Jeremy Felton
    Jerry Mills, his brother, and his best friend meet his mysterious cousin Darren in Maui for a relaxing tropical vacation. After Darren's past follows him to Maui, the vacation is turned upside down. Join these friends for the highs and lows of a tropical vacation where nothing is as it seems. Along the way, they hope to grow closer while avoiding certain danger.
  • Eye of the Turtle

    by Gloria Barnett
    Lucy can’t even swim when she moves to Pontus Island, but with help from her new friends, Jack and Solomon, she overcomes her fears. Learning to dive takes Lucy deeper into the ocean, but she soon realizes the ocean is an alien world … where humans are not meant to be. This is not like visiting a zoo! These creatures are not in cages. These animals are in their wild natural habitat and any creature can come up behind you without you seeing it. Although some of these creatures are scary and dange... more
  • Fresh Start

    by Mark Shaiken
    A secret family legacy becomes a ticking time bomb ... Skyscraper developer, Quincy Witherman, has continued his family's two-hundred-year practice of hiding assets in Switzerland. Now, needing protection from his creditors, he hires bankruptcy lawyer Josephina Jillian Jones – 3J – but fails to disclose the Swiss assets to 3J, his bankers, the IRS, and the bankruptcy court ... all felonies. 3J knows in her gut that something is wrong. So does Witherman's banker, Stacy Milnes. Will anyone ... more
  • Something in the Water Book One: Drowning

    by Dean Comyn
    'Not Yet Detective' Charles Burns hasn't joined a newly formed task force of the Metropolitan Police. That was supposed to happen Monday. But a brilliant young scientist has disappeared, along with his potentially lethal discovery, and an unknown organisation with a global agenda may have plans to weaponise Dr Veda's discovery. Was he kidnapped, coerced or complicit in a plot to commit mass murder? Now, Burns and MCU2 must act to find the scientist and stop his creation from becoming a Weapon ag... more
  • Shattered Lion: Volume 2

    by Ben Kushner
    Jan VanRijn hoped that assassinating the vice president of the United States would bring The Society, his sinister organization, to heel. Instead, The Society's plans to foment World War III have continued unimpeded, and Jan is no closer to rescuing his kidnapped sister, Anja. Jan joins forces with a contingent of experienced operatives and their calculating leader. When Jan and his allies are forced to set out on their own, they must stalk an old enemy through the wilds of Siberia. ... more
  • To Bring My Shadow

    by Matt Phillips
    This haunting, hardboiled tale follows detective Frank “Slim Fat” Pinson and his partner as they try to unravel the vexing mystery surrounding a who-done-it drug murder in San Diego. Frank “Slim Fat” Pinson is your regular hardboiled murder cop—hell, Frank’s a cliché. His wife is dead after jumping from a bridge and he’s a mal-practicing Catholic. He’s tough as nails. Hard as sin. Except not. When Frank and his partner, “Skinny” Slade Ryerson, catch a cartel murder case, they’re sucked int... more
  • Add Cyanide to Taste

    by Karmen Spiljak

    A sinister cook, a cursed cake, and a casual dinner between neighbours that goes murderously wrong. 

    This collection of culinary mysteries ascends the jagged culinary heights you’ve hungered to explore but could never find on a map: a family business that depends on a cursed recipe, a remote mountain village with a taste for revenge, a particularly peckish ghost. As the characters swoon over every unforgettable mouthful and sometimes bite off more than they c... more

  • The Vivaldi Cipher

    by Gary McAvoy

    During the election of a new Pope in the mid-18th century, famed violinist Antonio Vivaldi learns of a ring of art forgers who are replacing the Vatican’s priceless treasures with expertly-painted fakes. Desperate, the composer hides a message in a special melody, hoping someone, someday, will take down the culprits . . .
    Nearly three hundred years later, the confession of a dying Mafia Don alerts a Venetian priest to a wealth of forged paintings in the Vatican Museum, ... more