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  • A Most Unusual Girl

    by Nick Cahill
    Priska James is thirteen and has a surprising ability handed down to her by an archangel: she can hear the song of a person's soul. Even though she is supposed to be a champion for justice, she'd rather just be a kid, and she dreads the day her grandfather forces her to finally take a case. That day comes when she is asked to find a missing girl last seen in the company of a congressman at a Lake Tahoe casino. The clues lead to a ruthless fixer, and Priska finds herself alone and outmatched.
  • Sea Scope - eBook

    by Debbie De Louise

    Sarah Collins returns to Sea Scope, the family-owned inn in which she grew up. She hasn't been back to South Carolina for twenty years; not since she and her brother Glen discovered a body by the nearby lighthouse. After Sarach returns to the inn, she faces long-buried memories, text messages and strange clues.When past and present collide, Sarah must face truths about her family, and what happened that summer day by the lighthouse. But will she survive to tell the tale?

    &... more

  • Sea Scope

    by Debbie De Louise
  • Sea Scope: Large Print Edition

    by Debbie De Louise
  • Creed of Vengeance

    by Aubrey Dasher
    In the parishes of Louisiana, it’s time for a reckoning. For more than two thousand years, children have been at the mercy of pedophile Catholic priests, but retribution is on its way in the form of outraged locals who will stop at nothing to avenge their own. Creed of Vengeance takes you on a heart-stopping journey through three generations of abuse victims as Cajun justice emerges out of bayou country, with inescapable and heartless cruelty brought down upon the guilty. LeRóy Garceau, raped in... more
  • The Secret Gospel

    by Dan Eaton

    "A dangerous and thrilling adventure ... This multi-faceted work of history, conspiracy and religion will gain favour among fans of Dan Brown and Steve Berry." —Publishers Weekly

    In 1958, a young scholar stumbles upon a version of the Gospel of Mark far older than that recorded in the New Testament. Unfortunately, his discovery brings him nothing but vilification and accusations of forgery.

    Eventually, the Secret Gospel simply disappears. Fift... more

  • No White Lies

    by Dan Eaton

    "An absorbing kidnapping tale inspired by true life and steeped in bleakness" — Kirkus Reviews

    FINALIST, 14th National Indie Excellence Awards

    “Think Kathy Reichs and her Tempe Brennan, Jonathan Kellerman and his Alex Delaware, or Dervla McTiernan’s Cormac Reilly... A story to keep your interest until the finale" — Otago Daily Times

    What would you do for success? Would yo... more

  • Code Name: Liberty

    by Marshall Thornton
    In the summer of 1980, the news is full of the upcoming election and the hostage crisis in Iran but Patrick Henry Burke is not paying any attention. He’s met a Persian prince and his head is full of romance. All of that changes though when a sexy CIA agent, Gary Walker, approaches him and asks that he spy on the prince and his father. They’re attempting to prevent the hostages from being released to guarantee Carter won’t win the presidency in hopes that the Reagan administration will be gratefu... more
  • The Don of Siracusa

    by Sean Rea
    It’s usually when you feel like you have it all that it all threatens to come crashing down. That’s what happens to Stefano Caruso when his steadfast morals and strict work ethic have earned him the top spot at the corporation his father and grandfather built. He is living the life you’d expect of a handsome and successful legacy magnate. Until the day an unexpected visitor delivers shocking news, and Caruso’s prized moral fiber is tested. In The Don of Siracusa [Friesen Press] by Sean Rea, Car... more
  • Kat's Cradle, A Novel by Margaret Simmons

    by Margaret Simmons
    Out of the blue, Ex-CIA agent Kat McWilliams receives news that DNA from her kidnapped child has turned up at the murder scene of a high-valued government informant — 16 years after the girl disappeared. Astounded by the news, Kat’s joy is short-lived. She soon learns that her daughter is being sought as one of the suspects in the slaying. Leveraging former government contacts, Kat shadows investigators as they chase an aging headhunter and his teenage accomplices from East Africa to... more
  • 978-0-999-7015-8-4

    by Sophie Sharp
    Change and death are in the air … Glam Van mobile beauty salon owner Molly Casey-Locks has a lot on her mind. A parking lot, to be exact. Thanks to greedy real estate developer Veronica Corsello, Molly and her clan of trucky-preneurs are facing eviction from the corner lot in downtown San Cosmas, California, where they have parked and served the community for three glorious years. Molly’s not moving without a fight, and if one more person reminds her that her business should be “mobile,” s... more
  • Wakes on the Alsea

    by Greg Starypan
    When vultures are scared off their meal near the banks of the Alsea River, a terrible truth is revealed. A nature writer, Grady Riker, discovers the body of his neighbor Harlan Gannet. The locals in the coastal river community admit they never liked the murder victim. They considered him an outsider and a trouble maker. The sheriff is ready to retire and has no interest in pursuing the case. Grady learns Harlan had been researching old crimes for story ideas for a book. The killer strikes again,... more
  • Old Kurt, Two Gorillas and a Bagful of Diamonds: Paris-Berlin

    by Claire Dickinson
    What can you do when the world goes insane? If there’s one thing worse than getting home from school and being told to do your homework, it’s getting home and finding that your parents are missing. And it’s up to you to get them back. Ant and Houdini aren’t looking for a treasure hunt but that’s exactly what they get when their ancient next-door neighbour gets kidnapped – along with their mum. To set things right, the two brothers will have to stow away on trains, explore the Berlin Wall and cra... more
  • A Broken Woman: A Jinx Ballou Novel

    by Dharma Kelleher

    Justice wasn’t her concern. Until Now.

    Months after a series of bombings shattered the city of Phoenix, bounty hunter Jinx Ballou still struggles to rebuild her life, haunted by the people she’s lost.

    When a new job offer comes her way, she is forced to choose between returning a fellow transgender woman to custody or taking on a legal system that provides justice only to those society deems worthy.

    In the third book of her highly acclaimed and groundbreaking Jin... more

  • The Revleations at Black Corners

    by Steve Zimcosky
    An accident in junior high leaves a young boy needing surgery. Afterwards he has an insatiable desire to become a writer leading him to become a New York Times best-selling author. What happened during the surgery to lead him down this path? While doing research for a new book he finds the answer in the small New York town of Black Corners!
  • The Ordeal of William Bunsen and Other Stories

    by James Sherwood

    The book comprises an opening Novella and ten short stories. 

    William Bunsen enters hospital for a routine operation and awakes to find his life changed forever. A woman flees her brutal husband to start a new life. A police detective hunts a phantom serial killer. A young man on death row revisits his life. A private detective takes on a case of blackmail. A taxi driver's passenger is more than she seems. A woman detective takes revenge on her attacker. Two detectives investig... more