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  • Cell Phone Radiation Cancer

    by Community Phone
    Learn about the cell phone radiation cancer with us! Check out the ways you can follow to prevent risk from such damages and the measures you can take for protection.
  • Till The Cows Come Home

    by Warren Martin
    Ron Farmer, a four-year veteran of the rural Hobbs County Sheriff’s Department, had a rather normal life without much excitement, until he made a traffic stop on the Friday of Halloween eve. The traditional Halloween festivities were no match for what was set in motion. No ghouls or goblins in this story, but the events that transpire involving two escaped convicts, a family of four, two migrant workers, Ron and his daughter Laura, are far more, sinister, terrifying, and real, than any ghouls an... more
  • The Magdalene Deception

    by Gary McAvoy

    A forbidden secret...

    The Church’s fate in the balance…

    Will a pair of amateur sleuths expose a truth that could upend the Christian world? 

    Jesus’ resurrection is a cornerstone of Christian faith. But when a clue surfaces that hints at an alternate account, the ramifications stand to change Christianity forever.

    Jesuit priest Michael Dominic’s assignment to the Vatican’s legendary S... more

  • The Mischief Thief

    by Johnnie Alexander
    Two wrongs don’t make a right . . . except when they do. For con artist Chaney Rose, life hasn’t been easy. In desperate need of cash, she readily agrees to find Mischief, a stolen racehorse. Hunting for clues, she breaks into the suspected horse thief’s home only to be caught—with a few pilfered items in her pockets—by the police detective who’s tailing her. By-the-book Adam Thorne was fired from his church because of his father’s involvement with the valuable thoroughbred. In a burst of... more
  • Long About Ten Years: Truth Be Told

    by Paul Snawder
    It’s a sultry Saturday night on Bluetick Mountain in August 1906. Sweat pours off of Buford Elrod Applegate who narrowly misses getting bit as he pulls “Lula” from a box of slithering serpents and begins to dance around waving her high above his head. Tambourines shake and snake buttons rattle as out of tune guitars torture the same three chords over and over again. It’s just another normal Saturday evening down at the Sweet God of Fire Full Gospel Canebrake Apostolic Church. Across the way, h... more
  • Shadows of Deja Vu

    by Kay Brooks
    Margo Sommers is a television news reporter called home for her sister Dianne’s funeral. She has also been haunted by dreams that hint her sister might not be dead. That someone else that has more deadly plans for her. Scott Ramsay has used his psychic skills to assist solving numerous crimes and missing person cases. It had been a fulfilling and successful career until twelve-year-old Brenda Jameson was murdered. Attraction, emotions and determination stir Margo and Scott to so... more
  • Operation Arrow Fletcher

    by James T. Byrnes
    A deadly pathogen is missing from a clandestine US lab. The government is staying silent about the breach even as they assemble a task force to track it down. Worse, other nefarious groups are searching for it, too. Twenty-one-year-old Carly Fletcher holds the secret to its location. That secret however is buried deep within her consciousness. Swimming in her mind are foggy memories of violent murders and haunting flashbacks. Carly’s world spirals out of control. She is admitted to Holy O... more
  • The German Triangle

    by Carl Messinger
    A young pilot assigned to post WW II Germany meets a young German woman who wants nothing to do with pilots of either uniform. After helping her disabled father in a fight with Nazi youths, her manner changes and they quickly bond and plan on spending the rest of their lives together. However, an airplane crash during the Berlin Blockade leaves the pilot in a coma and forces his evacuation state-side without the opportunity to see her again. Upon recovery, the young man starts a cargo delive... more
  • The Girl for the Gold

    by C. A. W. Parker

    A private detective is hired to deliver a missing girl’s ransom to her kidnappers, but it is stolen from under his nose with 48 hours till the deadline. 

  • Her Majesty's Gold: Kopp Chronicles

    by Gregory Kopp
    Spies incite the deadliest riots in New York City history to steal Her Majesty’s gold! An action-packed thriller as a beautiful Duchess and a handsome Scotland Yard detective are embroiled in the palace intrigues of Europe’s royalty. Based on a true story, this fast-paced book is set among the glitz and glamour of Victorian Europe, New York City and the American Civil War. Enjoy the exciting sequel to “The Heiress in Kent” in the Kopp Chronicles powerful hit series.
  • Once Is Never ENough

    by Haris Orkin
    An old enemy seeking revenge sends James Flynn back around the bend and into an adventure even more deranged than his last one. Once again he believes that his psychiatric hospital is the headquarters of Her Majesty’s Secret Service and that he is a secret agent with a license to kill. With the help of Sancho, his reluctant sidekick, Flynn confronts a mysterious new adversary just as unhinged as he is and far more deadly. The entire planet is in danger and the fate of the world now rests ... more
  • The Breakdown

    by L.E. Luttrell
    The Breakdown is a crime/mystery novel set in Australia and England. It is the story of how an impulsive crime committed by a grieving mother alters a family's life.
  • no winter lasts forever

    by Jonathan Epps
    In the wake of a high school massacre, a copycat shooter begins to stalk otherwise sleepy Franklin, Missouri, further traumatizing the community. Disturbed by these crimes, logistics manager, Jackson Warner finds his way into an illicit chatroom ‘happydayz,’ dedicated to glorifying the killers. Jackson fixates on the young men’s disregard for life and suspects the copycat is among them. In his frenzy, will he mistake a troubled youth for a killer?
  • Spider's Web

    by Shannon Condon
    Maggie has been in hiding in the Grid for over three years. Her restlessness convinces Shep to arrange a girls' weekend at the beach. Things go sideways quickly. In an instant her life is changed. Maggie finds herself across the world and away from her team. Unsure who to trust, she tries to navigate her new reality. Will she be able to choose her future, or will she remain trapped in the web of enemies she created.
  • Micah

    by Glenn Starkey
    Russia, 1926. Socialist and Communist leaders have terrorized their countrymen for years with secret police, forced labor camps, starvation and mass executions. Red Terror reigns as Russia’s daily life. Stalin's desire for inhuman super soldiers fuel Dr. Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov's obsession with creating a human-ape hybrid—but to horrific ends. When Yuri Grechiko, a member of the state secret police, falls in love with a human experiment from a labor camp, he risks all by fleeing with her to freedo... more
  • Who are You?

    by Diana K Robinson
    Navigating a narcissistic nightmare..... Who Are You? is the remarkable, true-life psychological thriller that will leave readers gripped until the very last page. When the young Elizabeth Pieterse, a naïve trainee nurse from a remote farm in South Africa, meets and marries the ‘tall, devilishly handsome’ Dion Du Toit, her life takes a dramatic turn. The shine of their wedding soon wears off as the charming Dion morphs into a narcissistic monster with devastating consequences that force Eliz... more