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  • One For The Team

    by John Foley
    When a series of murders baffles police in Vancouver, Washington, no one expects a high school kid to solve the mystery. But Issy O'Keefe is an amateur sleuth, thanks to her forensics class. Still, it's a tough time for her. She's a star basketball player, but her team is terrible. And since she's 6-2, her social life isn't the best. Helping Issy through this challenging time are her father, Gerard, a retired sportswriter, and her best friend, Bailey. Issy will need all the help she can get when... more
  • The Call of the Osprey

    by R.J. McCullen

    Investigative reporter Rob Mitchell gives in to his wife and retires to sunny Florida, only to find himself in the middle of the biggest story of his career. There’s something not quite right about his new “active adult” community and the ominous looking nursing home down the street. What’s happening to all the men? Will Rob put the pieces of the puzzle together before he becomes the next target?

  • GHOSTS OF THE PAST: The Search For A Lost WWII Art Collection Worth Killing For. [2nd Edition] (2021) By Mark Downer

    by J. H. Clark
    In the spring of 1945, on the eve of the Allied victory in war-torn Europe, an unmarked German transport plane crash lands deep in the rugged Swiss Alps, and with it is buried one of the greatest single collections of World War II stolen artwork never recovered. Lying undisturbed in its rocky tomb for over half a century, a family member’s deathbed disclosure and war memorabilia hold the key to the existence and dormant location of this incredible treasure. Subsequently, one man’s quest to... more
  • Drawer of Broken Things

    by Jennifer Hotes
    There's a drawer of broken things near the front door of the trailer where Bailey lives with her equally broken father. Filled with empty cigarette packs, coupons, coins, dead pens, paper clips, unpaid bills, phone chargers, bread ties, you name it. The drawer also holds secrets that would unlock answers about her mother's murder. On the fifteenth anniversary, Bailey wakes up like every year prior, sick with guilt and grief. What if this is the year she puts the killer behind bars?
  • The House on Highland Court

    by Amber Rodgers
    After being stuck in an abusive relationship for more than eight years, Liberty decides to take a stand and leave her abuser behind, but one horrifying night her ex-boyfriend attempts to kill her in the most horrific way. She builds a friendship with a newly widowed nurse who sits by her side while recovering. He offers her a place to start over, but little does she know she finds herself in the middle of another nightmare.
  • Murder on The Gold Line

    by Muzaffar Khaleeli
    Murder on The Gold Line is an alternative telling of Russian influence in the 2016 Presidential campaign. The victim is murdered on a busy commuter train and Detective Antonio Vargas learns that the murder weapon is a powerful blast of sonar, a technique perfected by the Russians. But why would the Russians want to kill the Director of a polling institute? In this riveting read, the author links the story of three spies, two national leaders and a pair of faith crossed lovers who are entangled... more
  • Simon and Patty's Super Secret Guide Book: Coloring and Activity Book

    by Donna Sager Cowan
    Simon, Patty, and the team work together on every Superhero School adventure. Since their first mystery caper, Patty has kept important records on each case. With never-before-released puzzles, mazes, and coloring pages, plus a personal introduction to the squad, Simon and Patty’s Super Secret Guide Book brings the Superhero School series chapter books to life. Find clues, solve puzzles, meet each member of the team, and earn your own Superhero School certificate from Mayor Phillip!Are you ready... more
  • Cold Wallet

    by Rosy Fenwicke
    Locked. Loaded. Gone. Locked. Loaded. Gone. Newly widowed Jess returns from her honeymoon to manage her dead husband’s crypto-currency exchange. She knows nothing about crypto and the passwords to the Cold Wallets holding millions of dollars in assets are missing. Will the search for answers destroy her carefully re-constructed life before the keys to the wallets are found? No one is who, they seem to be and trust proves to be the scarcest commodity of all.
  • No Sweat

    by Rosy Fenwicke
    Euphemia Sage has never backed down from a challenge but being a middle aged woman with brand new super-powers is proving more difficult than she anticipated. Tracked by a pesky journalist opportunities for developing her super-powers are frustratingly few and far between. Her family and friends are mystified by her behaviour and she can't explain. Book Two in the Euphemia Sage Chronicles follows the fast-paced twists and turns we have come to expect from our favourite post-menopausal super-h... more
  • Hot Flush

    by Rosy Fenwicke
    Euphemia Sage watches helplessly as Jane covered in blood and still clutching her precious jewellery is bundled into the waiting Mercedes. Only a few days earlier she had discovered Alison her mousy receptionist at Sage Consulting had been moon-lighting as a loan shark on the side. Now Alison, her husband and those thick-necked goons in suits wanted their money back. Euphemia, her super-powers recently triggered by the onset of menopause has set out to help her friend Jane. But how? She does... more
  • A Long Cool Glass of Murder

    by Colin Garrow
    When taxi driver and amateur sleuth Terry takes on a new client, he doesn’t expect her to turn up dead. With echoes of his recent past coming back to haunt him, can he work out what’s going on before someone else gets killed?
  • The Insiders: We Know What You're Thinking and the Truth will be Told

    by Kathleen L. Hawkins

    THE INSIDERS is a psychological thriller in which a group of teenagers, The Insiders, solve a murder mystery using a mind-reading machine.

  • Founder of Zither Studios

    by Jeffrey Hanlon
    A hilarious Mars Candiotti mystery: The case of the missing gazebos.
  • A Mountain of Evidence

    by Amy O. Lewis
    The first book in the Colorado Skies mystery series, follows a woman desperately aiming to solve a murder while struggling to come to grips with what she’s lost—her past. All Kim Jackson wants to do is live under the radar in a town where no one knows she was once an accounting manager at a Fortune 500 company—or that she’s been framed for corporate fraud and murder. Instead, she gets involved in a homicide investigation. As she gets closer to finding out what happened to Emily, Kim underestimat... more
  • Breaking Backbones: Information is Power

    by Deb Radcliff
    After GlobeCom takes over the world through human chip implants, hackers take down the GlobeCom backbones. In the process, a hacker with the handle CyAnthia (Cy for short) is shot in the back and must protect her hacker clan from retaliation while recovering from her injuries.
  • Full Detail About Cenforce 100 mg Tablet – Medzsite

    by James Faranadise

    ED will be numerous physiological or physiological like stress, pushing, secretion problems, operation, and depression. Keep affiliation lines open; don't stop surrendering if proximity isn't continuing by erectile dysfunction. Consequently, expand erectile dysfunction's preventive to secure its relationship with ED. From the start, see what causes erectile dysfunction. The lady doesn't believe it justifiedly, as a result of it's happening thanks to it, which will degrade ... more