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  • The Shakespeare Killer

    by Douglas Wood
    The first victim is Jacob Schneider- a prominent criminal defense attorney. His death is ruled a suicide by authorities, just like all the other defense attorneys who have died recently. However, when Special Agent Chris DiMeglio gets on the case, he receives a tip from a local reporter who suspects these deaths are connected. Between the victim profiles, the suicide notes, and the unusual methods of death, it soon becomes obvious the FBI has yet another serial killer on their hands. The Shak... more
  • Betrayal in the Casbah

    by Ted Kissel
    It's the early 2000's in the U.S. Embassy, Algiers. U.S. military attaché and decorated fighter pilot Colonel Mitch Ross needs a dose of reality and relief from the constraints of the diplomatic life. He catches a break of sorts when he survives a brutal knife attack one evening after attending a diplomatic reception. Nursed to health by the beautiful and mysterious Abella, Mitch returns to duty and is approached by the CIA with a covert mission: to rescue and bring home a downed American pilo... more
  • The Great Detective

    by Clifton Deronvil
    A 30 year old Japanese man named Chung Takahashi lives in an apartment with his grandpa in Brooklyn New York. His grandpa who is a police officer is later discovered to be a top secret detective after he was murdered by mysterious burglars. Chung decided to carry his grandpas legacy to join the TGA (The Global Agency) to solve cases he has never done before. He goes on missions to solve mysterious crimes to become the worlds greatest detective.
  • Bad Vibrations

    by Glenn Eric
    Sometimes a house IS NOT a home. Inspired by real events, in this gripping novel of suspense, a struggling midlist romance writer and his frustrated-sculptor wife leave NYC for the North Carolina mountains. Desperate to complete his latest novel, Arlo and Joanna Priestley take his literary agent’s advice and pack up for the mountains. Their temporary home is the empty cabin belonging to Colm Finn, a successful and reclusive romance author. While Arlo attempts to write and Joanna attempts to s... more
  • Tropic Heat

    by Parker T. Mattson
    Det. John Adriani is the only ALMOST honest cop in a corrupt south Miami precinct suddenly under full investigation. Pressured by two fellow officers to commit one last crime while a Category 4 hurricane comes ashore, he realizes it’s just as likely to get them all killed. But it’s when inexperienced yet headstrong I.A. investigator Christine Parks (with secrets of her own) shows up that everything REALLY goes haywire...
  • Interception City

    by Parker T. Mattson
    Interception City is a provocative, morally-complex crime thriller set in a decaying community deep in the Florida Everglades. Murder, police corruption, racial tension, illicit sex, family betrayals, bored teen brides, heartless Miami killers, Internet swingers, assorted nut-cases and a fun-filled but violent high school reunion are all elements in Interception City.
  • The Ghost

    by A.M. Carlisle
    A school shooting rocks a Texas town and threatens to tear friends and family apart. A young, popular honor roll student is at the center of the tragedy. His family struggles to find out why while fighting the backlash. The past and present collide in an emotional rollercoaster for the mother as their lives spin out of control. Can friendship, love, and the family survive it all?
  • The Loneliest Places

    by Keith Edward Vaughn
    Years since inheriting his famous father's private investigation agency, Ellis Dunaway is a man out of time. He is also out of money, clients, and control of his drug habit. A simple favor for his coke dealer—finding out what happened to the guy he let stay in his Malibu rental house—sets off a series of increasingly violent encounters as the missing man turns out to be connected to one of L.A.'s most powerful families and a brutal cartel called the Black Fist. Traversing the city in his father’... more
  • A Measure of Rhyme

    by Lloyd Jeffries

    An Explosive Tale of Love and Survival...

    Gold Award, Feathered Quill Book Awards 2024 (Religious/Spiritual Fiction)
    Silver Award, Feathered Quill Book Awards 2024 (Mystery/Suspense)
    Semi-finalist, 9.5 Booklife Prize by Publisher's Weekly - "Heart-pounding...readers will not want to put it down...beautifully written" 
    BookLife Elite

    Rhyme Carter has a problem—she’s married to the Antichrist... more

  • The Route 9 Killer (A Mystery/Thriller)

    by Kelli A. Wilkins
    The Route 9 Killer (A Mystery/Thriller) Detective Jim Rourke suspects a serial killer is hunting women in Central New Jersey. The victims are held captive, brutalized, then murdered and dumped along deserted stretches of Route 9. There’s no physical evidence, no witnesses, and the killer is smart enough to leave no clues. Rourke is alone on a manhunt, and time is running out. Eight victims have already fallen prey to this madman. Can Rourke catch the killer and rescue the next v... more
  • Codename Parsifal: A WWII Thriller

    by Martin Roy Hill
    The Spear of Destiny. The Roman Legionnaire’s lance that pierced Christ’s body as he hung on the cross. Legend claims whomever possesses it will become a great conqueror. But if they lose it, they will lose everything—including their lives. Shortly before WWII, Hitler stole the spear from a museum in Vienna. In the last weeks of the European war, he lost it. General George Patton orders an American OSS team to find the spear and recover it. Unknown to the Americans, both the Russians and t... more
  • Nusantara

    by Tom Quinn
    After dropping out of university, getting a job as a storeman, doing drugs and then splitting up with his wife, Jack, in a fit of depression, joins the Australian Army and is sent to East Timor at the height of the troubles. He "volunteers" for a mission in Indonesia, where the United Nations, with help from the US Navy and the Royal Marines, are trying to rescue a group of foreigners, mostly Europeans, being held hostage by the local rebels. Jack completes his mission only to become the victim ... more
  • id: A Novel by Kevin Spark

    by Chick Lit Café - Book Reviews & Marketing
    Winner of the CLC Book Excellence Award for psychological thrillers Dr. Shelly, a brilliant psychologist, forever haunted by her father and his murderous past, is driven by the need to find out why we do the things we do? Is the concept of free will just a concept and nothing more, a construct that blinds us to a less palatable truth, that who we are is predetermined and encoded at birth? Does anyone really choose to do the bad things we do or are we just doing what comes naturally? Shelly... more
  • California Roll: A Paranormal Journey

    by Argent Amos

    A dark energy has followed Noah Sowles since he was a child. As he hammers his big rig along over the backroads and highways of the country, it's only getting worse.

    In the wilderness of the Northern California redwoods, he's highjacked and brutally abducted by two seedy, racist men. They deliver him to their boss, an enigmatic owner of a thriving marijuana farm. After days of struggling for his life, he accepts a dangerous, non-negotiable deal: to drive the rig loaded with seve... more

  • The Alaska Job

    by Vince Milam
    Case Lee embarks on a perilous quest for a long-lost fortune, entangling himself in a deadly game of espionage and greed. From enigmatic Buddhist monks to the wilderness of Alaska, he follows an ancient trail that holds the key to a billion-dollar hoard.
  • 41 The Symbol of Hate

    by Muhammad Irtiza Mehdi
    The story builds up around the nature of the connection Ulva and Vernon have. Time hasn’t been kind to Vernon, an autistic guy, who is enticed by his schizophrenic wife into molding a new perception of mankind. Parallel to this, Ulva’s existence is clung to a regretful past which suffocates her to date. As the tale progresses, nature starts whispering into their ears the secrets of each of the seven symbols left for them. The entire living kind is eager to make the tale reach a decisive end but ... more