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  • Counter Strike: A PJ Carpenter Thriller

    by Michael Monahan
    PJ Carpenter and his colleagues at the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center are not surprised when al Qaeda releases a statement praising Sadiq bin Aziz and the Bringer of Death for the horrific attacks in the American heartland. While Carpenter hunts the perpetrators of those attacks, Aziz sets in motion his ambitious plans to seize control of the global jihad movement. It soon becomes clear that the recent attacks in Minnesota were only a first step for Aziz. Capitalizing on his rising status with th... more
  • On The Edge of Evil: Romantic Suspense

    by Mitch Bensel
    The passion of desire, heightened by the intensity of lust slams through Kieran Sanford on a night that cripples his mind. He is an artist and a martial artist. He is used to having any woman he wanted but he wanted love and pushed away the easy of sex. Sonia walked into his gallery on a day that changed his life .She was a detective but not for the good guys and on a day she wanted to buy some art with her fresh pay off money, she met him, the one she wanted. He was a wild eyed dark haired man ... more
  • Clearlending

    by Clear lending
    Clear Lending is a residential real estate lending services company dedicated to maintain the highest ethical standards to its customers, agencies, and lenders and most definitely committed to customer satisfaction. Clear Lending offers: First Time Home Buyer Loan Programs. Veteran VA Home Loans from 500 credit scores. FHA Loan Programs for 500 credit scores. Rural Home Loans. Construction Loans.
  • His Hand In the Storm: Gray James Detective Murder Mystery and Suspense

    by Ritu Sethi
    Colorado Gold MYSTERY AWARD WINNER. Colorado Gold MYSTERY AWARD WINNER. Amazon Bestseller-- nearly 50, 000 copies. Daphne du Maurier Suspense Finalist. A MAN COPES ANY WAY HE CAN AFTER KILLING HIS ONLY SON. His team believes he’s calm and Zen. His boss finds him obsessive. Suspects think him gorgeous but dangerous. They’re all right. Chief Inspector Gray James is sculpting the remembered likeness of his small son when he receives the call – a faceless corpse is found hanging by the choppy rive... more
  • Reasons to Kill God

    by I.V. Olokita
    “If you are able to write 180 pages of your memoir without putting the pen down, I might let you live…” Klaus Holland loves no one other than himself. He victimizes people for being Jews or for just being alive. He is an old Nazi criminal who escaped to Brazil and was caught and prosecuted. He is now forced to write his memoirs as part of his punishment – the same punishment he used to give Jews at the concentration camp. This punishment makes him remember and re-live his cruelty as the concent... more
  • Lucía - Facing Demons

    by Edwin R. Galdámez
    In a world of predator versus prey, Lucía Calderón knows that women are always on the losing side. Violence against women destroys lives, leaving physical and psychological scars that even the fearless cannot avoid. To avenge centuries of abuse, Lucía must be intelligent and tough. When a deranged man she met years earlier comes for her once again, startling events come to light. Lucía tries desperately to unlock hidden answers but realizes that the key to this mystery is not in the present but ... more
  • What Child

    by DJ Haugh
    What Child is the story of Trace, who survives a vicious attack that kills three of her friends. Gabe discovers her and takes her to Annie, his ex, to recuperate. The three enter a modern-family type relationship resulting in Trace’s pregnancy. Trace is abducted, almost killed, and her baby is kidnapped. The trail leads the trio to Paris where an occult ceremony, a serial killer and a surprising twist await.
  • Fractured Truth (The Truth Files Book 3)

    by Karl Fleet

    Within corporations, profits come before people. With the pressure of a tsunami, upper management force employees to work insane hours, ignore their morals, and make unethical decisions that will eventually cause them to crack, emotionally break, and mentally fracture. Employees kill themselves to make killer profits for corporations.

    Warning!!! May contain spoilers if you have not read 01:Corporate Truth & 02:Criminal Truth.

    Justin Truth isn’t immune to the pressure to make... more

  • Criminal Truth (The Truth Files Book 2)

    by Karl Fleet

    Corporations and criminal syndicates share many of the same corrupt traits and methods of rising to power: be ruthless, be calculating, and eliminate competition by any means necessary. Make a killing and be made, be rewarded, be promoted.

    Warning!!! May contain spoilers if you haven't read 01:Corporate Truth

    With no moral compass, Justin Truth aggressively seizes control of corporate giant, Soda-Cola. But being on top of the corporate world isn’t enough for Justin when ... more

  • Corporate Truth (The Truth Files Book 1)

    by Karl Fleet

    A corporation is a psychopath in the purest form. It will prey upon the weak, exploit the intelligent, and corrupt the virtuous—solely to maximize profits. Within this hostile world, sociopaths and narcissistic personalities are highly valued, in fact, they thrive.

    From inside his high-rise office, ruthless sociopath Justin Truth surveys his panoramic view of New York City. This is his city. His country. His America. Justin is on a mission to conquer the corporate giant, Soda-Cola... more

  • Czarina: Eva

    by Mike Seigler
    Eva the second in command of a Russian Mafia family must do the unthinkable to launder money. She and her brothers and sisters never fail to keep the family secret. Failure means the Czarina will not be happy.
  • Dead Tired

    by Derek J. Pack
    In the world of medical science, everyone wants to get in on the next big thing. So when Camden Walker, a second year medical student at the University of Seattle fighting to keep his head above water, gets the opportunity to trial an experimental drug promising to reduce the body’s need for sleep, opportunity appears to knock. A budding romance with a brilliant geneticist at the pharmaceutical company seems to sweeten the deal. But will the new wonder drug be everything he dreamed it would b... more
  • Lifting the Lid - A comedy thriller

    by Rob Johnson
    When Trevor Hawkins hits the open road in his beat-up old camper van with his incorrigible dog, Milly, his quest for adventure soon spirals dangerously out of control. The simple act of flushing a hotel toilet transforms his life from redundant sales assistant to fugitive from a gang of psychopathic villains, the police and MI5. Then there’s private detective Sandra Gray, who could cheerfully throttle him for turning a well paid, piece-of-cake job into a total nightmare. Or could she? With... more
  • Status: MISSING

    by D.W. Maroney
    The Drone Theory Taskforce has one directive: Determine whether U.S. Top Secret technology—lost when a CIA drone went down in Iran—is being used to hijack airliners in flight, and if so, recover the technology. No one believed it was possible to commandeer an airliner in flight from a land-based location, then Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared over the Indian Ocean, giving rise to The Drone Theory among U.S. Intelligence agencies. Since that fateful flight, dozens of other airliners ha... more
  • The Mutiny Girl (Gold and Courage Series)

    by Karen S. Gordon


    The last time Vance Courage set foot inside the Hotel Mutiny he was a young homicide detective.  Back then cocaine distributed from NYC to LA had a 90-percent chance of being traced to the hotel's private club.

    25 years later the Justice Department is negotiating a prisoner swap: Courage's fugitive kingpin uncle instead of the NJ cop-killer hiding in Cuba. Uncle Tony uses the newly-lifted travel ban to escape Havana, and a potential manhunt. ... more

  • Paperclip

    by Walter Rhein
    Prior to meeting Carlie, Mickey's biggest problem consisted of escaping the wrath of the ruler-wielding nuns of St. Asors. But when Carlie moved to town, Mickey found that the young girl's proximity began to enhance a dormant ability to catch fleeting glimpses of the future. Confused by the stirrings of young love, Mickey began to sense the presence of a shadowy villain, driven by hatred, on a relentless pursuit that would not end until both Mickey and Carlie were dead.