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  • Land of Seekers

    by triveen nair
    Four Travelers set out on an epic adventure to seek their wish. Set in the year 1766 A.D., far from what they seek from the subcontinent, they become unsuspecting pawns in the larger intrigues of Royalties and their wily lieutenants. With gold amassed from almost 3000 years of trading with Europe and China these kingdoms burst at the seams with wealth ripe for picking, but only if they can get the Kings out of the way. Pitting rulers against each other for a slice or even the whole pie to plunde... more
  • Death by Autopsy: A Toni Day Mystery

    by Jane Bennett Munro
    Pathologist Toni Day is faced with a situation most pathologists only joke about. Beulah Pritchard comes back to life on her autopsy table. Beulah was a coworker of Toni?s at Cascade Perrine Regional Medical Center, where she was known as a merciless gossip, happiest to attack female doctors with slander and lies. Beulah drove her car off a snow-covered road with her husband?s dead body in the trunk. Although Beulah survived her injuries and hypothermia, she died, only to come alive on Toni?s... more
  • Mickey Maux Muddles a Murder

    by Philip Emma
    Mickey Maux Muddles a Murder Mickey Maux is a wealthy retired scientist who invents things and takes on detective cases when they?re too hard for the police. He lives in Connecticut. On the way home from the store, he comes across a puzzling murder scene that?s not at all what it appears to be. When the police get involved, it becomes a completely different murder case and an intriguing puzzle between four friends: some of whom lie sometimes, and some of whom tell the truth other times. The case... more
  • Listening

    by Catherine Woodward Scott
    ?Damn, I feel naked, buddy,? she told him, free hand massaging his powerful withers. He nickered in response. Good thing I stuck one of Jordan?s long shirts in my pack to cover my butt. I need a hard-core coffee to break up this morning. And those gourmet dinners arriving every day for a month from Doc?s wife? Now that is gonna ramp this naked caper right up into delicious. Listening tells of the mysterious power of deep listening to convert both listener and speaker via conversation, when thoug... more
  • Asylum: Psychological Thriller Collection Book 1

    by Rob Schroeder
    Rob Schroeder, who gave us the Peter Fontaine book series, has entered the realm of the extremely popular fiction genre of psychological thrillers. He has planned for seven books that will make it very difficult for readers to put down, because each and every book will slowly pull you in, and then won’t let you go. The first book of this new series is Asylum, which tells the tale of a brilliant yet troubled psychiatrist who is precariously going from one reality to another while dealing with pur... more
  • Trouble in Bay Town: A Sonny Knight Adventure

    by Alan M. Blank

    Can a 1940s-style, cell phone- hating, throwback detective solve a kidnapping mystery in Bay Town?  Only one way to find out.

    Sonny Knight is a private investigator in the heart of Bay Town. A man of strong moral principles, a sense of justice and he doesn't back down when he sees something is wrong.

    Miss Hortense Oglethorpinger is getting paid every Tuesday night to perform at Bay Town's classiest joint, Go Fly A Kite. The only problem is, it's a performance that... more

  • The Day the Music Died: An Emlyn Goode Mystery

    by Susan Lynn Solomon
    Amanda Stone, a rock and roll icon, vanished at the peak of her career in 1986. She surfaces in her hometown of Niagara Falls soon after the death of Emlyn Goode’s mother. Stone asks to see Emlyn, she says, to share memories of her high school friend, Anne Goode. What Stone actually tells her bounces Emlyn’s life on its head. When later that day Stone is murdered, a shaken Emlyn must use her ancient relative’s craft to solve the crime by disinterring the secret of what drove Stone from the spotl... more
  • Dead Again

    by Susan Lynn Solomon
    When Emlyn Goode’s mother returns to Niagara Falls for a high school reunion, so does murder. During the reunion, a woman’s body is found in the ladies room. Is this killing connected to one that occurred 40 years before in the woods below the town of Lewiston? Harry Woodward, a young police officer working his first murder case suspected Emlyn’s mother of the crime, although there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest her. Home from a year-long leave, Harry—now the Niagara Falls Chief of Detecti... more
  • The Magic of Murder

    by Susan Lynn Solomon
    When his partner is discovered in a frozen alley with eight bullets in his chest, Niagara Falls Police Detective Roger Frey swears vengeance. But Detective Chief Woodward has forbidden him or anyone else on the detective squad to work the case. Emlyn Goode knows Roger will disobey his boss, which will cost him his job and his freedom. Because she cares for him more than she’ll admit, she needs to stop him. Desperate, she can think of but one way. Emlyn recently learned she’s a direct descende... more
  • Disappearance

    by Julien Ayotte
    The Witness Protection Program (WITSEC), run by the U.S. Marshals Service, prides itself on never having lost a witness under protective custody in its forty years of existence. Paul O'Malley, the director of WITSEC, must come to grips with a sudden leak in the protection system and the recent assassination of two witnesses.
  • Diary of a Snoopy Cat (Inca Book Series 5)

    by R.F. Kristi
    Read the hilarious and breathtaking antics of Inca and her family of furry friends as recorded through the eyes of Inca a Siberian Kitty. Inca decides to start a Diary! A heart-pounding saga unfolds as she keeps the reader thrilled recording her detective exploits. When Inca and family move to London from Paris, they make a whole new set of friends, including Monk, a Blue Russian cat and Terrence, a Golden Retriever who ably and bravely assists his world-famous detective owner, Solo. Inspired b... more
  • Ninja Spy Cats (Inca Book Series) (Volume 4)

    by R.F. Kristi
    Inca the Siberian kitty and her furry detective team are entangled with international spies and the shadowy Ninja Spy Cat in this amusing animal mystery. Inca, the main character, exemplifies the intelligence and cunning of our feline friends and is a sure-footed, strong-willed leader. Readers will admire her grace and wit as they follow her in these surprising tales of redemption. The Inca Book Series is based on the escapades of an energetic Siberian cat named Inca who considers herself a great... more
  • Cats in Provence (Inca Book Series 3)

    by R.F. Kristi
    The third in the Inca Book Series finds our super cat detective embroiled in the world of Art thieves. Inca and her family are awakened in the night by a disturbing phone call. Someone has stolen a painting from Aunt Florence! Now Missy and the cats must go to Provence to help find the culprit and get back the stolen painting before opening night at the art exhibit. They’ll need all the help they can get to recover the painting and clear Aunt Florence’s name. Inca will have to call on her fri... more
  • You're Clear

    by JL LeGerrette

    In You’re Clear, airline supervisor Jahnni Dawson likes her days predictable and safe. After the emergency evacuation announcement blared over the airport intercom, today won't even come close.

    Jahnni and four others become trapped in the airport and are forced into a game of cat and mouse with their pursuers. She must draw on all her resources to keep them safe. But does she have what it takes to survive and stay one step ahead of capture?... more

  • Pretty Blue Death

    by Dan Blair
    A psychopath targets a group of friends. Mark and Daly Ford are living the good life in southern California. Busy building their security company in the San Fernando Valley, they are shocked when a long-time friend drowns unexpectedly, shaking their world. Just as the alarm of losing a good friend subsides, another friend dies suddenly. Mark and Daly are thrust into asking if their friends’ deaths could be more than coincidence…and perhaps a deadly vendetta being carried out against their clo... more
  • Murder So Wrong (Muckraker Mysteries Book 1)

    by Ted Clifton
    After his first day as a political reporter in 1960s Oklahoma, Tommy Jacks finds himself investigating the murder of a competing reporter at the state capitol. The mystery becomes a story of intrigue, love and tragedy, involving a would-be mentor, a gorgeous lover, a jailed father, an adopted mom, and shocking violence. Tommy Jacks: Muckraker.