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  • Darkness in Malaga

    by Paul S Bradley

    This first book of the Andalusian Mystery Series finds grizzled, veteran detective Leon Prado assisted by two interpreters—ex British soldier Phillip Armitage and American videographer Amanda Salisbury—frantically hunting elusive people traffickers gone to ground among the stunning landscapes and historic towns of Andalusia.

    Among those they've taken is Juliet, a beautiful English friend of Phillip who has her own secrets. Under the searing summer heat, blue sk... more

  • Revelations: Roads to Redemption (Goodman Chronicles Book 2)

    by Yanatha Desouvre
    After Amara’s fiancé goes missing, Grayson Goodman and his unorthodox, ragtag vigilante crew must get ahead of the FBI to find out what happened that night at the upscale Club Escape in Philadelphia. Our heroes take on an action-packed, emotionally charged journey from the city of 'Brotherly Love' to the 'Magic City' of Miami, that will unravel their deepest, darkest secrets, and force them to face the dire consequences of yesterday’s choices. Justice is a fury, but redemption is a slow burn. On... more
  • To Whom Much Is Given: A Grayson Goodman Novel

    by Yanatha Desouvre
    "Engaging and impossible to put down", To Whom Much is Given, is Yanatha Desouvre's debut novel which readers have described as "James Bond meets Luther; with a dash of Marvel's X-Men and Mission Impossible sprinkled with Haitian hot sauce." Among action packed cliff hangers, Desouvre captures the complexity of the human spirit in this fictional, yet realistic culturally relevant mystery brimming in believable and intentionally broken characters, leaving you wondering what is next for this witty... more
  • A Sword to a Fool (Blake Drysdale)

    by Joel Green
    Blake Drysdale is back. On the hunt for a missing child, the crew of The Reluctant Bride are dragged into a globe-spanning battle to survive against the mysterious Paragon Group. Accused of murder and with a price on their heads, Blake and his team must go underground to discover the sinister motives of an unseen enemy. Their search takes them from the jungles of South America to war-torn Rhodesia and through Cold War Europe on the trail of answers, salvation and some damn money.
  • A Handful of Might (Blake Drysdale)

    by Joel Green
    1975. Meet Blake Drysdale; aviator, smuggler and all-round crook. Accepting a secretive mission from British Intelligence, he and his roguish crew find themselves dropped into the chaotic final days of the Vietnam War in pursuit of a fugitive Nazi war criminal and a fortune in gold. Death-defying adventure takes them across the globe and reveals a shocking conspiracy stretching back to the Second World War, and which Blake may or may not know something about. Caught between a mad CIA agent's obs... more
  • Children of Wrath

    by T.A. Ward
    Five years after working triage during America’s terrible Day of Destruction, Philadelphian Dr. Ethan King wants nothing more for himself and his wife than a normal life. In the aftermath, however, life is anything but normal. The mysterious nerve gas unleashed during the nationwide terrorist attack has left its disturbing mark among the millions of victims, namely brain abnormalities in unborn children. These children, dubbed Inexorables, live up to their name: they are ruthlessly violent, irre... more
  • The Path to Betrayal

    by Phillip Tucker

    The first book in the series - The Path To Betrayal.

    Can a small group of men change history? Since the dawn of modern warfare, small groups of trained soldiers equipped with the right equipment, and more importantly 'Intelligence' have carried out missions that have led to major victories and crushing defeats. This is the story of one of those units. Steve Roberts is a young man with the same aims and hopes of many young men just starting out in life. His gift is that he's ... more

  • The Path to Redemption

    by Phillip Tucker

    The second book in the series - The Path To Redemption.

    When a pardon isn't a pardon! After being on the run from the CIA and Mossad for nearly twenty years, Ali's special opts unit is pardoned by the American President. Steve Robert's, one of the unit members has his doubts. As he starts his journey home to Australia and hopefully peace, he discovers that his girlfriend has been brutally murdered. Broken by the news, Steve sadly contemplates, if it is just an incredible coi... more

  • Bella's Pact

    by Phillip Tucker
    LIFE CHANGED THEM, LOVE CONDEMNED THEM Four friends are bound together by their twisted life experiences and their incestuous love for one another. Living on the fringe of society, looked down on by their community, they are confronted by pure evil. When one of the four is brutally beaten and raped, the others find themselves accused by the community. Hounded and persecuted, the four friends try to clear their names and have the people responsible, brought to justice. How far would you go to pro... more
  • Adrian's Blight

    by Phillip Tucker
    His research, their weapon A young man dreams of honouring his father's memory, by changing the World. Having been invited to attend a prestigious think tank University in America, Adrian thinks his wish has come true. While carrying out his revolutionary experiments on DNA weed eradication, Adrian comes face to face with the illusionary truth. What is his research really being used for? And has he been deceived like his father before him? With the worlds most dangerous men hunting him, Adrian m... more
  • The Path to Vengeance

    by Phillip Tucker

    The third book in the series - The Path To Vengeance.

    As the years roll by, the units existence and threat fades into the past. The surviving members have grown old living in peace. Or have they? When all the units’ members die in accidents in the same week, Peter Moustaffer, Ali's son, senses something is not right. Setting out to find the truth, Peter is pulled into his father's world, on a path to vengeance.

  • Coby's Search

    by Phillip Tucker
    Senator Coby Henderson an African American war hero and a man who could be the President. He is sent to Vietnam to sign a peace treaty and heal the wounds with America’s once bitter enemy. Whilst there he is confronted by his buried past and is forced again to relive what occurred during that bitter war. Overwhelmed with guilt, he starts a search that will change his life and the country he loves forever.
  • Gone Viral

    by J. A. Knight
    What if you could rule the world ... from your phone? Computer science graduate Lenny Driver dreams of working at Blahst, a top social media company. But when the company steals his code during a job interview, he lashes back by creating an algorithm to spread fake rumors about the company. The algorithm works better than he ever intended, and Lenny is stunned to discover that he has created a weapon of mass manipulation. As he explores his newfound power, the unintended consequences spiral out... more
  • Dominion: Resurrection Day

    by M. A. Smith

    A brilliant hacker employed by an energy company is found ritualistically murdered using a method not seen in modern history. The ensuing FBI investigation leads to ominous revelations concerning the soon to be fully integrated national power grid. A centuries old enemy, unseen until now, is stepping out of the shadows to seek their revenge on mankind.

  • Out of Hiding

    by John Feldman
    Charles Dampor was supposed to be a blessing, but instead turned out to be a curse. A family torn by deception and greed now saw Emily for what she was, and a co-worker with a vicious past of his own now has his own personal vendetta against her. If Emily doesn't open her eyes and see the doors she's unlocked, she'll find herself at the bottom of Lake Bermin...with Charles's ex-wife.
  • Burn One Down

    by Jeffrey A. Cooper
    Retiring thief Jack Apple is offered a low-risk, six-figure payout to heist a medical marijuana dispensary from the feisty and impetuous Diane Thomas after Diane steals the robbery plans from her shady ex-husband Alvin, hoping to beat him to the score. Diane promises to stay out of Jack’s way but she can’t help interfering, forcing them to take hostages inside the dispensary when the robbery is interrupted by law enforcement, inciting a media circus that deteriorates into a full-on urban ri... more