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  • Making Angels

    by M.J. Holt
    Stella Fargo goes to a rural community to close the home of a dear friend’s missing daughter. Stella finds a body dump is across the street, an abused young girl is living in the house, and a woman who may have made children into angels. Her living children are tiny, except for one early-teen who is a rape victim. Physical and psychological violence threatens Stella and the family who were close friends of the missing woman. Through this harrowing situation, Stella meets the area’s lowlife and t... more
  • Ruby Roy and the Murder in the Falls

    by Rima Ray

    Meet Dr. Ruby Roy. She is a twenty-nine-year-old, goofy, warm, and absent-minded professor in her third year at Baron University, located a few miles from the Falls. A plus-size woman of mixed Indian and Canadian roots, and cursed with an overactive imagination stemming from watching too many Bollywood and Disney films, Ruby is struggling to make her mark and stay out of trouble. It doesn't help matters that she keeps stumbling into a series of embarrassing incidents, even as she desperat... more

  • Avalina

    by Manuel Rose
    On the evening of an impending winter storm, in the quaint suburban town of Merryville, New York in February 1969, fifteen-year-old Avalina Bishop becomes the victim of a cruel and heinous crime committed by her best friend and four other classmates for being an alleged witch. What they don’t know is that Avalina was given a special gift from her grandmother, who is a true witch from Salem, Massachusetts, enabling Avalina to walk the Earth once more. Over fifty years later, Avalina’s soul is rea... more
  • The Marriage of Figgalo

    by Dr. Philip Emma
    Mick wakes up in the opulent house of Lawrence Figgalo, a New York City Union boss. Mick's been drugged, and he's with Lawrence. But Lawrence has been murdered! ​ Mick tries to extricate himself from the situation, but each move he makes puts him in even deeper. ​ Mick learns that Lawrence has an identical twin brother who has come up North to visit. And he learns that a certain mob boss has a hit man that looks just like Mick. And Mick's client has identical twin daughters who've gone missi... more
  • Super Flare

    by Steven F. Freeman
    Today’s UV Index: Lethal Deep inside the sun, magnetic lines of force are growing…building in ways not experienced for a millennium. When a pair of increasingly severe solar storms disables internet, communications, and GPS for millions around the globe, helioseismologist Greyson Finn fears the imminent arrival of a cataclysmic super flare, a magnetic explosion of the sun with the potential to obliterate life on earth. In a desperate bid to help the world prepare, Finn and his fellow sc... more
  • Tainted Times 2: Novel two in the Angeline Porter Trilogy

    by Valerie J. Brooks
    She’s tough, cynical, and out for revenge. Can she capture her prize without sacrificing her last breath? Kauai. Angeline Porter is worn to the bone. Hiding out with only a rescue dog for company, the disbarred defense attorney knows killing two mob bosses makes resurfacing impossibly risky. But when an undercover FBI agent offers to exchange a shocking family secret for her acting as bait, the driven woman can’t resist the lure. Digging into the twisted truths her parents kept hidden, Ang... more
  • Aree and the Holy Grail

    by Charlie Hazelton
    Aree and the Holy Grail is an action packed suspenseful story about a Knights Templar and the Holy Grail, but it has a twist from the traditional story. Aree is an immortal man living in modern times. Injured and dying as a teen, Jesus gave him the miracle of life and good health. Less than a year later, the apostle Peter visited Aree and entrusted him with protecting the Holy Grail. During his lifetime, Aree founded the Knights Templar organization and it has been his mission for 2000 years to ... more
  • The Lowlands

    by Laurel Martin

    A violent storm and a flat tire leave young married couple, Jake and Riley Marshall stranded at a service station off the I95. When the tow truck arrives, Jake’s expensive car is loaded onto the flatbed, and the unsuspecting couple climb aboard. What begins as a car theft and mugging, turns much darker as Riley and Jake are taken at knifepoint into the swampy lowlands of South Carolina.

    Days pass and their families are frantic. Desperate for answers and frustrated by the slow-movi... more

  • Island Secrets: A Queens of Kiawah Story

    by Nina Foxx
    His boat came in, but Denise Martine’s husband, Charles, wasn’t on it. Almost a year later, with his death still a mystery, Denise retreats to their vacation home on Kiawah Island to begin to sort out his affairs and her feelings amongst a group of her friends, only to be confronted with the mystery he left behind. Although she must go on, Denise feels as if something is not quite right with her husband's mysterious disappearance. Her suspicions are compounded as an old flame from college, Trent... more
  • Kill Romeo

    by Andrew Diamond
    Not since he saw a woman hurry off of a jetliner shortly before it exploded in mid-air (Gate 76) has detective and former boxer Freddy Ferguson faced such a deadly puzzle as when he comes across the body of a well-dressed young woman, nameless and unidentifiable, deep in the woods of rural Virginia. In her room at the town inn, she left two mysterious notes hinting at a love gone wrong. The trail to her killer leads through organized crime, espionage, and the international race for technologi... more
  • The Quantum Contingent

    by Gregory R Simpson
    The future… is here. Gregory Simpson brings you "The Quantum Contingent", a globe-trotting, techno-spy thriller with pop-culture references and even its own Spotify playlist! This novel is set in richly detailed locations around the globe and features today's technologies extrapolated for tomorrow, including cryptocurrency, drones, and SpaceX rocket ships. In 2028, a mysterious group known as The Quantum Contingent has achieved true quantum computing capabilities. The Quantum Contingent have ... more
  • Out of the Shadows

    by Guy Estes
    Never piss off a daughter of the Morrigan, especially in a town like Nightshade. Nightshade’s a weird town. It has a large Pagan population and a lot of fundamentalist Christians. Usually, they get along well. Then the attacks started. It began with assaults. A Christian had satanic imagery burned into her. A Pagan had a cross pounded into him. Assaults became rapes, then murders. Each side blames the other. Detective Tiernan Dempsey turns to two of his friends for help, Dr. Alexis O... more
  • No Pistol Tastes the Same

    by Jacob Paul Patchen
    JP’s pistol tastes like bourbon. Sergeant JP Grimm didn’t pull the trigger. Now his Marine brothers are dead. All victims of a child in a suicide vest…a child that resembled Sgt. Grimm’s very own. But how are you supposed to take a child’s life? How can you kill someone that looks just like your own son? Those same hazel eyes he saw in his scope continue to haunt him long after he left the desert death lands as he tries to reconnect with his son, Adin. JP battles another war at home again... more
  • Flip Your Wig

    by Roy Chaney
    If you're going to be murdered in San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair… San Francisco. August 1966. The Beatles haven't arrived yet to play their show at Candlestick Park, but Inspectors Henry Nash and Ross Belcher of the San Francisco Police Department's Homicide Detail already have their hands full with Beatlemania, or Beatle psychosis. Flip Your Wig tells the story of Inspectors Nash and Belcher as they attempt to unravel the chain of violent deaths that begins with a y... more
  • Catalyst

    by Nicole Fanning
    When Natalie Tyler arrives in Chicago to attend her cousin's wedding, she is just hoping to survive the week with her estranged family... And her ex-fiancé.One week. One uneventful week at the beautiful Hotel Jefferson, is all she has to endure before she can return to her quiet life in Miami.However, fate has other plans.A split second decision, unknowingly puts her in the path of one of the city's wealthiest bachelors. And one of the deadliest.She finds herself thrust into a world she does not... more
  • The Man in Cabin Number Five

    by Chrysteen Braun

    When Annie Parker discovers her husband’s infidelity, she doesn’t let it destroy her. She packs her bags and heads to Lake Arrowhead, California, the mountainside town where her family used to summer. Immersing herself in the restoration of seven 1920s era cabins, Annie begins to put the pieces of her life back together. But starting over is never easy.

    Alyce Murphy needs closure. When she discovers her father did not die from a heart attack, as she’s been led to ... more