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  • The Hunt for Bull Murphy

    by Greg Wickham
    Children’s adventure novel.
  • The Source

    by Ari Magnusson
    In THE SOURCE, Thomas—28, single, and disillusioned with his career in finance—quits his job and goes to Rome to visit his Uncle Willsley, who makes his living recovering stolen art. Willsley had once offered Thomas a chance to join him, and Thomas wonders if he had made a mistake in turning him down. Thomas’s hope for a new direction in life evaporates when he sees Willsley’s ramshackle gallery, which affirms the notions Thomas holds about the shady nature of Willsley’s work. For a fleeting mom... more
  • The Friday Cage

    by Andrew Diamond

    Someone new has taken an interest in Claire Chastain. He circles her house when she’s alone and follows her on errands across town. He tours her home while she’s away, leaving little things disturbingly out of place. He may even be involved in the recent death of her childhood friend.

    But who is he? And what does he want?

    Claire soon discovers that, like Cary Grant in North by Northwest, she’s caught up in someone else’s dark conspiracy, and she ha... more

  • The Secret Sign of the Lizard People ISBN: 978-1-5255-5962-4 (soft cover)

    by Kevin E. Buckley

    "Two homicide detectives stumble upon an alien plot in Kevin Buckley’s humorous novel, The Secret Sign of the Lizard People.

    An aspiring model is murdered, and the LAPD’s greatest homicide detectives, Leafy and Beefy, are on the case. The clues lead them through the best and worst of California, from drought-dried sewers to a posh country club. They come to the realization that the model’s death is only the tip of an insidious iceberg. The closer L... more

  • Chasing the Miracle

    by J Michael Roper


    In a North Carolina hospital, a dying girl is cured of the leukemia that has her at death’s door in hours and a young man in critical condition from injuries suffered in an accident emerges from a coma, well on his way to a complete, unnaturally fast recovery. The only link between the two is they both received blood products made from the same, single pint of blood…

    Dr. Rebecca Candler, a brilliant sc... more

  • The Ratline

    by Alan Greenwood
    Eleanor Haines, the matriarch of a powerful New England family discovers a crisis that only an outsider can absolve. The enigmatic Order of the Black Helm dispatches Daniel Gallagher, one of its best agents to investigate. What he discovers may jeopardize both the Haines' and the Order's plans.

    by LaMar Going
    The Juicy Fruit Man is the story of Declan Noakes, a Vietnam veteran who chooses a life of itinerancy while he struggles to cope with the inner demons who seek his demise. Rejecting the chains and tethers others accept as the cost of living, Declan has no permanent address, no traditional employment, no car and no significant other. What he does have is almost a ton and a half of Thai Sticks, potent marijuana from Thailand, known on the streets of America as Juicy Fruit. Declan travels the rou... more
  • Supertide

    by Steven F. Freeman
    No need to visit the ocean. The ocean is coming to visit you… Deep in the Atlantic, the ocean floor is shifting, changing in ways unseen for millions of years. The tectonic movement launches a pair of tsunamis on North America’s East Coast, killing thousands and flooding Washington, D.C. A small band of scientists fears the possibility of another disaster. As they strive to convince skeptical authorities of the risk, the likelihood of a more powerful seismic event grows…
  • Goodtime Charlie

    by Grant Patterson
    In 1981, the streets of Vancouver become a hunting ground, and children are the prey. Three very different Mounties must put aside their differences in the hunt for a man who may be the serial killer terrorizing the city. Or he may be an altogether different sort of monster. In the summer of Olson, the old order is turned on its head, and three lawmen must decide where the law ends, and justice begins.
  • Only the Dead: A Will Bryant Thriller

    by Grant Patterson
    Will Bryant is dead. Long live Will Bryant. The events surrounding the Wolf of Penha have brought the police and the PCC gang to the verge of all-out war. The pending candidacy of a popular ex-army officer for the Presidency of Brazil forces the PCC to ramp up their smuggling efforts in the lawless borderlands of Paraguay. Will Bryant and Edilson Lopes will return, with allies old and new, to the border. The mission: To confront the gangster Wilson Guimares and his powerful benefactor Gera... more
  • The Wolf of Penha: A Will Bryant Thriller

    by Grant Patterson
    Over a year after their adventures in Rio, life for Will and Edilson has taken two very different paths. Will runs a bed and breakfast on the beach with his wife, happy to be done with violence and intrigue for good. Edilson supervises cops in an elite Sao Paulo unit. A long-dormant serial killer with a personal link to Edilson draws both men back into action. And into the sights of an old enemy. Catching the Wolf of Penha will soon seem less important than simply surviving, as the two pa... more
  • Back in Slowly

    by Grant Patterson
    The sequel to Southern Cross: A Will Bryant Thriller. Rio de Janeiro. Underneath the tanned bodies, the scorching beaches, the sex and the sounds: a seething discontent and ever present violence. While the postcard city preens as the Olympics approaches, a struggle for control erupts in the favelas. This isn't Will Bryant's city, and it's definitely not his fight. But if he wants to save his family from financial ruin, he has no choice but to team up with his unpredictable Brazilian cop pa... more
  • Southern Cross: A Will Bryant Thriller

    by Grant Patterson
    Brazil: beaches, babes, samba. Will Bryant is not living in that Brazil. São Paulo is a seething megalopolis of twenty million, built on fast money and old lies. Will is a Canadian in exile, a disgraced ex-cop teaching English to feed his family when he lands a different sort of job, to find out why wealthy men with filthy habits are being blackmailed. The answer will take Will Bryant further than he ever wanted to go. This may be Brazil. But it’s no Carnaval.

    by Richard V. Rupp
    A continuation of the FBI Special Agent Hartmann series, that shows murder follows Hartmann wherever he goes - even on a get away cruise with his attractive partner Coleen. The brutal murder of a fellow passengers leads them into interviewing an interesting collection of passengers, and onto a club made up of criminals from around the world. The murder investigation leads to a sophisticated international money laundering scheme.
  • The Ultra Betrayal

    by Glenn Dyer
    One man’s dark deal with the Nazis could bring the Allies to their knees… Autumn, 1942. Rule breaker OSS Agent Conor Thorn is assigned a mission to help the Allied war effort when a key Swedish cryptographer stationed in England goes missing. Thorn is determined to find him before critical information falls into enemy hands, but when his MI6 colleague vanishes trailing the code-breaker to Stockholm, Thorn is plunged yet again into a sinister Nazi conspiracy. Can Thorn stop prized secrets f... more
  • The Fishermen and the Mermaids

    by Judith Ackerman
    Do you believe in mermaids? The fishermen certainly do. They hear them gently calling in the middle of the night and watch them frolic during the day. But, it isn't until a horrible storm arises that threatens their lives when they experience the magical reality of their existence. Yet no one else believes the exist, causing the fishermen to wonder, "Do mermaids only appear to the fishermen of the sea?"