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  • The Dead Kids Club

    by Rich Hosek
    No one would ever want to join the Dead Kids Club–the dues are a price too high to pay. Two grieving parents find themselves plumbing the depths of despair when their son is killed by an unrepentant drunk driver who escapes justice for his crimes. He gets to live while their son's life ended all too soon. Can they find solace through their support group, or is revenge their only path to finding peace? The thing is, killing the son of the city's most notorious mobster has consequences. We all hav... more
  • After Life

    by Rich Hosek
    After Life is the second book in the Raney/Daye Investigation series, following a skeptical retired police detective, Nate Raney, who denies his near-death experience and an anthropology professor, Dr. Jennifer Daye, who moonlights as a parapsychologist. They team up to apply their expertise to cases with a paranormal twist. In After Life, Nate and Jennifer investigate a situation involving a young boy, who has apparently befriended the ghost of a woman who used to own the old farmhouse hi... more
  • Near Death

    by Rich Hosek
    Near Death introduces parapsychologist Dr. Jennifer Daye and police detective Nate Raney in a ghostly mystery. When Nate is shot during a high-stakes robbery, he awakens from the ordeal during which he was clinically dead with the information he needs to track down the men who shot him. However, he remains skeptical that there is anything paranormal about the revelations. Jennifer believes otherwise and tries to convince Nate to share the story of his near-death experience. Nate is reluct... more
  • Anay

    by Tina Sobti
    Anay's leaves for office and never returns back, his disappearance shocks everyone in his family and his wife Shanaya leaves no stone unturned to find Anay. However, it's not as simple as its sounds. Will Shanaya be able to find Anay? or Will she find the reason behind his disappearance? or Will life gives leads her to a path of shocking discoveries?
  • The Camper Killings

    by Johnny Townsend
    When a homeless man is found murdered a few blocks from Morgan Beylerian’s house in south Seattle, everyone seems to consider the body just so much additional trash to be cleared from the neighborhood. But Morgan liked the guy. They used to chat when Morgan brought Nick groceries once a week. And the brutal way the man was killed reminds Morgan of their shared Mormon heritage, back when the faithful agreed to have their throats slit if they ever revealed temple secrets. Did Nick’s former wife ... more
  • The One

    by Audrey J. Cole
    To save their marriage, Sloane must forgive her husband’s affair. Instead, she tries a more tempting option—settling the score. But will it prove to be a deadly mistake?
  • A Rather Dastardly Death: A 1920s Murder Mystery (The Mr. Quayle Mysteries Book 2)

    by Anthony Slayton
    “One murder was quite enough for this family!” Lady Constance declared. “Two starts to look like carelessness! And what happens when it’s three? Or four?” France 1926. In the wake of murder and tragedy, Lord Unsworth and his family flee to the French Riviera in a desperate attempt to escape the ensuing scandal and find a few months of peace and solitude. But their hopes are soon dashed when Fanny joins a community of writers, artists, and anarchists, and Arthur unwittingly becomes entangled i... more
  • Needleneck

    by E.M. Schorb
    Acquaintances meet in a 1970s Manhattan bar—an artist and his estranged wife, a jazzman and his girlfriend, a Puerto Rican petty thief and his sister; all intertwine with a psychopathic drug-dealer. A novitiate priest, in a crisis of belief, arrives. How they affect one another, some sharing witness to murder, and survive, is the story.
  • A Scenic Hills Summer

    by Shannon Yarbrough
  • The Hearing Aid Brigade in the Mystery at the Strip Mall

    by Sharolett Koenig
    Marie is a member of a madcap group of senior citizens, whose long-standing running joke about getting old is the story of their lives. Each of them runs their own business enterprise in a strip mall where they get together each morning over a cup of coffee. But the stereotypical jokes about old people aren’t funny anymore when one of them is found dead in a burning building, and the local police won’t build a case for murder based on their flimsy, circumstantial evidence. It becomes a story of ... more
  • The Fall Will Probably Kill You! (A Love Story)

    by Brian McMahon
    Teddy Thompson has loved Charlotte Pennington since 2nd grade math class. When both of them end up at Georgetown, Teddy believes the fates have aligned—until Charlotte falls for his roommate, Braden Edwards. Charlotte’s father, the Senator, with one eye on Teddy and the other on the White House, devises a way to get both of them the future they’ve always imagined. Meanwhile, an investigation ensues that could implicate all of the story’s major players. Teddy will do anything to preserve his plac... more
  • Attack of the Food Zombies

    by Dennis Meredith
    Disgraced neuropharmacologist Edwin Kane has developed the drug gustatene that gives any food an irresistible, highly addictive taste. Seeking to stop the release of gustatene, which would create hunger-maddened food zombies, he is pursued by FBI agent Rochelle Chun, FDA investigator Mary Louette Baumgartner, and master chef Giovanni Ciotti. They must also thwart Veganite terrorists, drug dealers, and greedy food industrialists – all of whom seek the drug for their own nefarious purposes.
  • The Czar Bomb

    by Dennis Meredith
    Based on the real-life detonation of a 50-megaton thermonuclear bomb by the Soviet Union in 1961 – the largest explosion in history – the novel tells the story of the unearthing of a second such 100-megaton “Czar Bomb” hidden decades ago. The bomb was searched out by billionaire Iraqi oligarch, Saadallah bin Shadid, who is seeking revenge for the death of his family in an illegal American drone strike. CIA nuclear weapons expert Carrie deLong and her team, and military historian Ben Webber must... more

    Anomie is the story of a man forced to examine the value of all that he holds dear and weigh his loyalties one against another. As a pandemic spread by dogs threatens society, the government demands that Lisle surrender his beloved canine companion Maynard. How far can a modest man be pushed, and how hard can a moral man push back?
  • God Luv Us: An Achim Jeffers Novel

    by Josiah Jay Starr

    Achim Jeffers faces his most challenging mission yet. He’s a black man caught in a deadly vice. One misstep, and hard prison time will be in his future.

    His sworn adversaries in the FBI are in utter panic. They are begging Achim, a Counter-Racist hitman, to provide them with his expert assistance. The FBI has good reason to be so frightful. A twisted European assassin has been hired to take out a high value target in the United States. Infamous for his brutality and White Supremac... more

  • Nina Shiner Wants to be a Web Designer

    by kathy childs
    Middle schooler, Nina Shiner, is on a quest to create the ultimate yoga website for kids featuring her hand-drawn pal, Rosie. But she has a problem. How does she lift her drawings out of her sketchbook and into a computer? When her parentssend her off to a STEM boarding school to learn, Nina is horrified. After all, what could computer programming and science gadgets have to do with her beloved yoga? Nina reluctantly attends P. Design, a Silicon Valley Technology Charter School, after she’s prom... more