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  • Rules of Falling

    by Leslie Tall Manning

    Bronze Medal Winner, Readers' Favorite

    Erica O’Donnell is hardly the quintessential high school senior. She doesn’t have a driver’s license. She’s never been to a concert. Sports are out of the question. She doesn’t own a pair of heels. No boy has ever asked her out. All of this for good reason: Erica faints. A lot. And at the most inconvenient times. Chronic fainting, also known as syncope, keeps Erica on the sidelines as the odd-girl out. Luc... more

  • Pull Focus

    by Helen Walsh

    When Jane's partner goes missing she needs to find out if he''s in danger while also contending with the politics of running a large international film festival: Hollywood power brokers, Russian oil speculators, Chinese propagandists, and a board chair who seemingly has it out for her.

    Jane has been appointed interim director of the Worldwide Toronto Film Festival after her boss has been removed for sexual harassment. Knives are out all around her, as factions within the com... more

  • Fleeting Chills: Creepy, Short and Scary Horror Stories

    by Joseph C. Gioconda
    Authors Grace Elizabeth, Amy Yun Yu, Isabel Rincón, Petar Vrbich and Joseph C. Gioconda delve into the dark, brutal world of death and mystery in this collection of 33 short stories. These stories all feature ordinary characters and their extraordinary circumstances, interweaving darkness and death with accounts of heartbreak, murder, longing, and uncertainty. The writers tap into the characters’ minds, bringing out their deepest emotions of shock, insecurities, fear, and rage. Longing, un... more
  • Sins of the Family

    by Hy Conrad
    A Callie McFee mystery. An investigative reporter enters the world of hip, holistic cures as she tries to prove that the suicide she just tried to prevent was in reality a cold-blooded murder.
  • Florida Grand Theft & Other Tales: Crime and Sci-fi Short Stories

    by John G. Bluck
    Florida Grand Theft & Other Tales is a collection of sixteen crime and science fiction short stories. Some of the tales are strictly fictional crime stories. Others are solely in the science fiction genre. Many other yarns combine both crime and sci-fi genres
  • A Plan to Save the World

    by Elaelah Harley
    Willa Triston's life turns upside down after she gets falsely accused for a crime. The local Sheriff apologetically lets him in on the case, and she soon watches her worlds collide after looking into the crimes of local electricians in her town.
  • A Deadly Game

    by Carmen Cady

    An unstoppable game. One with deadly consequences.

    Jack Calloway, criminal profiler and private investigator, is back. Jack has a new case—a trail of emails sent to him by a woman in fear for her life. A woman who is now missing. And a dead reporter who possessed information she desperately wanted Jack to have.

    When Seattle Police Detective Ed Halstead reaches out to Jack for a consultation on two dead people, Ed’s case collides with Jack’s, and their investigati... more

  • Flower Rose

    by Golden November

    Flower Rose is a no-nonsense, savvy woman. Flower Rose and her older brother Dr. Yes sell valuable, hard-to-find books. In 1992 Flower Rose was a senior attending Milestoneville University, and now it is time for her intriguing story to begin.

  • The Poe Predicament

    by Phil Thomas
    Stuck in another time, Richard Langley just wants to find his way back home. Richard, a former college professor, wanders a local neighborhood bookstore where he stumbles upon the find of a lifetime: a signed copy of Tamerlane and Other Poems. He's then swept to another era where he is alone, confused, and his only mission is to return home. While struggling to adapt to his nineteenth-century environment, Richard meets a man he must help exonerate from false accusations in order to restore... more
  • Asbury High and the Thief's Gamble

    by Kelly Brady Channick

    Take one spunky smart valedictorian, one clever billionaire athlete, one gossipy in-the-know cheerleader and one technological genius, and throw a string of burglaries into their usually quiet, coastal hometown and what do you get? A freshman year of high school, filled with intrigue and humor.

    What starts out as a fun hobby for the four friends, turns serious when someone close to the gang becomes the fall guy. Using their unique, individual skills, Maddie, Cornelious, Carly and Pilot ... more

  • Another Day in Milestoneville

    by Golden November

    This action-drama story puts the reader in a unique position to gain perspective on the plot and depth of each character. The story starts with a flashback to 1994 when 24-year old G is attending training for his new unique job. During the training, he becomes a 24-year-old man of character. After becoming experienced at working for a company that helps people, he meets JBT. When they get burned out, they resign and become business partners specializing in recovering missing valuables and boo... more

  • A Just Reckoning

    by Joan Merriam
    Slicing into the poisonous underbelly of the global sex trade, investigative journalist Tess Alexander finds herself catapulted into an unspeakable world that she barely knew existed. Her search for the ringleaders drives her thousands of miles from the safety of her northern California home to the streets and alleyways of Ukraine, Crimea, and Great Britain. During the course of her investigation, Tess uncovers the sinister extent of the trafficking operation, and almost pays with her life.
  • Pillars of Salt

    by J.A. Adams

    Harvey Doucet, a reasonably good Catholic, would never have committed suicide.

    His son, Harvey Jr. – H – knows this, so after Doucet Drilling causes the collapse of a salt mine and thirteen deaths, H searches for clues to clear his estranged father’s name. H and his father’s bodyguard, Placide, encounter dangerous cliffhangers, as the pursuers become the pursued. On the way, H exposes greed, fraud, and corruption, leading all the way to the White House.

    In ... more

  • Sherbert M. Holmes: The Case of the Catnip Thief

    by Jeff Crise and Amanda M.G.Busch
    The brilliant detective Sherbert M. Holmes (an orange and white long hair cat) and his older sister and loyal…ish assistant Dr. Pipper (a travel-size calico cat) search for the missing catnip in their quest to find the catnip thief. Is the catnip thief a member of the family or a visiting kitty? Sherbert and Dr. Pipper are determined to solve the case. Despite the many obstacles and distractions from their family and the occasional sibling rivalry, the detective duo continues their investigation... more
  • Pandora's Box

    by Luke Christodoulou
    The small picturesque town of Parga is a paradise with turquoise waters and friendly welcoming locals. The discovery of a naked young girl's body on the town's landmark will unleash hidden secrets that threaten to turn the seaside village into a hellish nightmare. Join the investigating duo of Police Captain Arianna Kontou and Lieutenant Adrian Metsoviti on a journey of suspense and mystery as the thrilling case unravels.
  • Don't Judge a Book by Its Hover (Witchy Expo Services Mysteries Case 1: Bookshop Con)

    by Amy McNulty

    Witchy Expo Services. We host your convention, expo, or trade show—with a dash of magic!

    Set up in a matter of days, our expos can host even the largest of crowds in our witch-run village of Cauldron Cove. We can offer what no other expo planners can: breathtaking illusions, instant teleportation from one end of the center to the other, floating item storage, and all the exceptional, magical touches that will make your event one-of-a-kind. Inquire about Cauldron Cove hosting your ... more