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  • Shadows of Kalalau

    by Doug Walsh
    From the footsteps of the past, Malia must blaze her own future… Still reeling from her mother’s death, Malia refuses to spend the summer before college walking on eggshells around her overbearing father. So, hoping to reconnect with her mother's spirit, Malia flees to the remote Kalalau Valley of Kauaʻi, where she was conceived. But when two people end up dead, her adventure in paradise becomes a battle for survival. Nothing in Kalalau is as she expects. Though quickly embraced by an ecl... more
  • The Gathering of Souls

    by Erica Darnell
    Harvesting human souls is a tough business. When Molly turns up dead in a suspected suicide, investigators soon find an underground network of agents working to convince people to take their own lives. Kate, Molly's sister, is thrown into a chain of events that not only lead her to the truth behind Molly's death, but also a hidden truth about herself.
  • In Search of Ina Byers

    by Larry Spencer
    A perennial high school crush turns toxic when Ina Byers returns to her hometown of Bakersfield after a ten-year absence to bury her estranged grandmother. Still harboring the profound affect she had on him, Jake Reilly stirs up old feelings and is once again struck down by her unconventional Bohemian allure, rough edges and offbeat persona. For most, she was trouble. But for Jake Reilly she was his kind of perfect. Unable to reinforce his true feelings before she leaves town, Jake misse... more
  • Family Loyalty: The Oak Grove Chronicles, Book 5

    by Michael Brian Schiffer
    By all appearances Oak Grove, California, should be a laid-back university town. For Sheriff's Detective Alan Bluestein and his significant other, anthropology professor Laura Mancini, the reality is far different. For starters, the professors at Oak Grove State where Laura works are on strike with no resolution on the horizon. Alan's investigation of drunk-driving accidents by underage students leads to the discovery of Oak Grove's homegrown crime family. Laura then finds herself caught in a tu... more
  • Shadow Shinjuku

    by Ryu Takeshi
    Shadow Shinjuku is a dark and emotional tale exploring themes of love and family through the eyes of misfits and outcasts living in the shadows of Tokyo. The novel follows Sato, a quiet and reclusive member of a crime organization. He is loyal to his boss, who took him in as a homeless, orphaned child, and he only feels comfortable at night, in the dark streets and mysterious bars of Tokyo. But all that changes when he befriends a weird, funny salaryman named Kon, and becomes the personal bodyg... more
  • Rogue Justice

    by Ben Nicholls
    Someone disillusioned with the criminal justice system has decided that there is only one option available to prevent the scales of justice from tilting in favour of those that carry out heinous crimes. Believing the system broken, he ruthlessly dispenses his own brand of retribution. Cutting a swathe through a rural community, he subjects his hapless preys to unimaginable cruelty in twisted games of cat and mouse before executing them in escalating brutality. Detectives Englund and Hicks are ... more
  • All The Ghauts Are Running

    by Krystina Powells
    One moment Pepper is at her Aunt Sessy’s mansion in Tallulah Falls, Georgia reviewing old business records; the next, before she could think twice, on a plane heading to the Caribbean to investigate BNL, Ltd., a wayward company on the tiny island of St. Kitts. Pepper bands together with a few special local friends, most notable among them being the mysterious Damian Finch. In the midst of all the chaos, she discovers Damian’s true feelings. How will Pepper complete the daunting mission and deci... more

    by Clifford Benjamin
    ZOMBIE is about a demented chief executive officer extinguishing Kings and Queens and head of nations, anyone in between that gets in his way, and snatching women, detaining them, controlled by a modern type of horror in a shirt and tie, smooth-talking, willing as far as kill to have his way.
  • Dark Dig

    by Bruce Spohn
    Lovers - soulmates - Ancient Gods - International intrigue People tossed and tumbled by events into a world of unknown dangers and strange drug-trafficking terrorists. Peoples lives are shattered and lovers unite
  • Callie Awakens: Book I

    by Rip Converse
    MS-13 has brought evil to the streets of Fort Myers. They are kidnapping young girls off the streets, addicting them to drugs, and forcing them into prostitution. The police are helpless; all their witnesses either end up in pieces or suffer profound memory loss. Business is pretty good for the gang until one evening their ‘snatch crew’ runs into Callie, an unlikely Samaritan. She’s a sixteen-year-old girl, just 5 feet tall, who rides a Ducati Monster 796. She also happens to be a gifted student... more
  • Body Count

    by Jessica Ibrahim
    Inside the mind of David Kalvin, an eighteen-year-old college student, is an alternate universe of normality. A normality we call murder. But to David, he is not what we call a nefarious evil but rather a protector, savior, gift giver. He kills women for good. To help them. Women like his mother who are beat and raped by men like his father. David meets a young girl, Sarah Huffman, who’s vulnerability goes undetected. But under her irascibility and fraudulence of serenity, he sees the hurt she i... more
  • Castles in the Fog

    by Linda Heavner Gerald
    This second book in the Alladale series features Malcolm Dargie and his new bride Molly. The couple earlier survived the brutal scheme of two greedy men. Unfortunately, their best friend, Thomas Reid, wasn't so fortunate. His wife, Caroline, rushed back to their previous home in Charleston, SC. Now, her best friends work to fulfill the dreams of Caroline and her murdered husband. They quickly discover more about the evil plot of the greedy men who almost murdered them. While working on the detai... more
  • A True Map of the City: Lost in Dystopia

    by J Guenther
    Horus Blassingame’s company in Albion teaches him the Deresthian language and sends him off to Deres-Thorm to present a paper at an international conference. Trained in the wrong dialect, and without a proper map, Horus finds himself in a Kafkaesque nightmare as he struggles to find his way through the labyrinthine city to reach the symposium before it's too late. Events take darker turns, and his objective becomes the nearest border.
  • The Zima Confession


    Glasgow 1977 - anarchist, Richard Slater, comes up with the idea that if he was to hide in deep cover until he was in a position of responsibility, he would be able to unleash a devastating act of sabotage capable of starting a revolution. Party activists develop the plan - code name Zima and wait… London 2013 - Richard is in London, working for a financial software company. He has held onto the Zima plan all this time and now knows how to make it succeed. Things start to go wrong when... more

  • What a Fool Believes

    by John Horak
    On August 18, 2018, members of the Sac Prairie High School graduating class of 1973 gathered to celebrate their 45th reunion. This was to be the last class reunion given how polarized the class remained in the aftermath of a vindictive senior year prank perpetrated during the Homecoming Pep Rally. Unbeknownst to the attendees, the foreign exchange student, a renowned Al Qaeda terrorist with unbridled hatred for his former classmates, aimed to ensure that this was the last reunion courtesy of the... more
  • Surreal Absurdity

    by Jim Lively
    Charles Pierce has some bizarre situations in Dallas to navigate in Surreal Absurdity. He desperately needs a guardian angel to watch over him. Jamie Simon is arrested for theft and murder after trying to poison Charles because she held him responsible for her husband's death. Charles does not want to relive the demons of his past and is reluctant to testify in court against her. Detective Gonzales informs Charles that he will be charged for failing to report an earlier confession by Jamie to hi... more