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  • Head Case

    by Bonnie Traymore
    Never make a major life decision in the wake of emotional turmoil. Cassie Romano learned this the hard way, leaving sunny San Diego for a teaching position at a private school in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, after a painful break-up left her heart-broken and in need of a change. It all seemed so perfect in June when she came to interview. But now it’s December, and she’s stranded on top of a mountain surrounded by snow, ice, and acres of wilderness, lonelier than ever and b... more
  • Sutherland's Crossing - A Beau Crenshaw Detective Series

    by Gwen Kelly
    Set in steamy Charleston, South Carolina, the mysterious disappearance of a twin daughter to wealthy socialites has the town ablaze with rumor and conspiracy. What began as a missing person’s case now has Detective Beau Crenshaw heading in a different direction when a body turns up at a swamp. The pattern of death is eerily similar to Mary’s, an unsolved murder from years earlier. The collision of similarities too great to be a coincidence makes him suspect he is chasing the same person, b... more
  • The Jericho Manuscript

    Cannon Alfred Lilley is brutally murdered in London, and the Jericho manuscript he was translating is missing. The trail leads well-known detective, Sherlock Holmes and his excitable friend, Dr. Watson to Paris where the murderer is killed but the manuscript has changed hands. Clues lead the intrepid detective and Watson south to the Languedoc to confront the dreaded Dominican monks who supervised the horrifying tortures and burnings of thousands of Christian Cathars in the area. Since Holmes ... more
  • The Tigers of Talighati

    by Dave Ryan Haaiski

    Deep in the enchanted jungles of Asia live three tiger cubs: Dabbu, Vaayu, and Neela. They are playful; they are rambunctious—each with a personality of their own. Dabbu loves to eat and sleep. Neela is a fast learner who loves conversing with the birds. Vaayu is carefree and loves to think outside the box. All three are raised by Leela, their doting mother, and their powerful father, Tej—who have to often engage in brutal fights with others to protect their cubs.

    As the cub... more

  • The Good Driver

    by Gary A James
    Max Doren is accused of a crime by his employer. Even worse is the person put in charge of Buffalo Bill Transport. Rick Barnes has ambitions to grow the company to higher heights, and while doing this, he needs to weed out the hindrance, namely Max Doren. Things escalate in this tug-of-war as the trucking company is in jeopardy and dark secrets begin to unfold.
  • Bad Traffic

    by Patrick Weill
    Murci Sanchez is a young Mexican who roars into the USA on his motorcycle to save his little sister, who’s been lured into the sex trade by a nasty gang of crooks. Police detectives Park and Walker help this tough young man navigate a treacherous landscape where nothing is certain but explosive action, high-performance vehicles, and ups and downs that will keep Bad Traffic’s readers flipping pages far past their bedtime!
  • The Mazatlan Showdown

    by Patrick Weill
    Jeff Walker, a beach lifeguard haunted by the unsolved mystery of his father’s murder and his mother’s broken heart, leads the reader on a thrilling adventure, navigating twisty, treacherous terrain in a fleet of high-performance cars, bikes, and boats. Chock-full of action with a dash of drama, Weill’s award-winning debut has it all!
  • Sincerely, Diary

    by Maryna Doughty
    Where’s the safest place to keep your deepest secrets? After an embarrassing assignment at school, sixth grader Annamarie Nilsson vows to only write her secrets in a diary. Secrets like wanting a best friend. And envying her dad’s favoritism of her younger sister. And the fact that she’s been spying on the neighbor girl who buries things in the creek. What Annamarie doesn’t expect is that her diary can write back to her! Diary encourages Annamarie to stay true to herself. However, she s... more
  • An Orphan of the Light

    by Frank Scozzari
    A young woman haunted by a riddle from her past befriends a detective who is obsessed with an old case involving a suicide off the Hollywood Sign. Together they unravel the past, which sets the young woman on an ill-fated course.
  • The Secret That Killed You

    by Steve Hadden
    Ike Rossi plunges into a gauntlet of murder, deceit, and danger to uncover a long-forgotten secret that will destroy his client and strike at the heart of the United States of America. Thirty-five-year-old Amelia Garcia, a veteran Air Force drone pilot who’s sacrificed much of her adult life to protect others by doing the unspeakable, has traded her Reaper for a deepwater remotely operated vehicle. It reminds her of flying the Reaper, minus the killing. It’s a job that allows her to escape t... more
  • Fiction 53

    by Harry Stone

    "Fiction 53" is a remarkable compilation of fiction stories that invites readers to embark on a profound and unforgettable exploration of the human experience. Within its pages, you'll discover a tapestry of 53 captivating narratives that celebrate the diverse range of emotions, struggles, and triumphs that shape our lives.

    From the depths of despair to the heights of jubilation, these stories will resonate with readers on a deeply personal level. Delve into the complexiti... more

  • Max in the Capital of Spies

    by steve capone, jr.
    Max Fredericks can time travel. He doesn't know exactly how it works-just that it does. When it happens again, Max finds himself on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain in 1965 East Berlin. Still queasy from the shock of travel, he witnesses an abduction. The victim is a girl Max later comes to know only as Elsa, and the perpetrators are the Stasi-"the sword and shield of the state" in communist East Germany. Armed with comprehensive knowledge of the Stasi only a nerd from the future could posses... more
  • The Shutdown List

    by Sharon Dukett

    People are disappearing. Anita may be next. But first, they have to find her.

    Anita Forester witnesses her husband, Julian, being dragged away by police during a protest. A stranger warns her to flee. Still reeling from the loss of her adult son only two years earlier, Anita embarks on a perilous journey to find her husband, unaware of the crucial secret he has kept from her.

    While piecing together the trail to her missing husband, Anita in... more

  • The Clockwork Adventures, Book One; The Search for Norwall

    by Alexa Rayburn
    Fifteen-year-old Phillip enjoys his cozy life in Central Florida. His chief activities are video gaming and avoiding his mother's assignments of responsibility. Then, a mysterious tailor gifts him a backpack with a key to his tailor shop in Norwall. The trouble is, Norwall is not to be found on this planet. Curious, he investigates and finds that the tailor harbors deep secrets. He comes from a dystopian Victorian steampunk city. Not only does a dictator rule the town with a bloodthirsty automat... more
  • Waters of the Wadi

    by Eva-Karin Lindström

    Sienna Mashay uncovers her family's secrets and becomes a leading mathematician, creating a supercomputer called the Hive. Her journey intensifies when she's betrayed and ventures into Russia amidst a geopolitical crisis, discovering truths about her parents' deaths linked to her heritage. "Waters of the Wadi" melds survival, self-discovery, and the impact of technology on our identities, offering a concise narrative of resilience and the search for truth in a digitizing... more

  • Sherlock Holmes' Lost Adventure: The True Story of the Giant Rats of Sumatra

    by Lauren Steinhauer
    Mystery and death swirl around two beautiful young women who come into the lives of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson of No. 221 B, Baker Street. One mysteriously disappears, the other becomes embroiled in a baffling case of stolen documents, shadowy figures and an esoteric society, the Nine Unknown Men, bent on securing the secrets of Life and Death from naturalist and friend to Sherlock Holmes, Charles Darwin. A crusty sailor dies at the very doorstep of the great detective, a scroll of inde... more