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  • 978-1-970137-149

    by Mike Nemeth
    Three years ago, St. Pete Beach, FL. Parker, a data scientist of some repute, tattled to the FBI on Meredith, his business partner, who planned to defraud investors in their struggling startup. Meredith set Parker up to be ambushed by a former Navy Seal so she could take control of their company and prevent his testimony against her. Parker outwitted her by hiding his wife, Paula, in their boathouse with a gun. When the Seal ambushed Parker with a shotgun, Meredith fled the scene, but Paula lo... more
  • Family Secrets

    by Donna Zadunajsky
    Alexis has had big dreams all her life, and she’s worked hard to make them happen! After college, she married and had a beautiful baby boy, living her dream as “Mommy” until Colton was safely entrenched in grade school. She lands her dream job at NASA, and her supportive husband, Jay, takes the lead on raising their son. The perfect family, right? Twelve years later with no warning and no reason, Jay commits suicide. Colton goes into denial and blames his mother; Alexis buries herself in her wo... more
  • Hidden Secrets

    by Donna Zadunajsky
    ... Hidden Secrets will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew... Carla Michaels’s life isn’t what she thought it was. She met her loving husband in college. She had a career as a teacher. All she ever wanted to complete her life was a baby. After five miscarriages, Carla had almost given up hope of ever becoming a mother. Then a devastating tragedy strikes and everything she had ever loved is gone—now she’s left torn and shattered, wondering if she can go on with life. Une... more
  • Twisted Secrets

    by Donna Zadunajsky
    Craven Falls, Ohio, is a small town with twenty-eight hundred residents—a town where everyone knows almost everyone else and where nothing ever happens, until one day two children disappear. Ashley Teodora spends her days juggling work, school, and her five-year-old daughter, Lily. She receives a phone call from her best friend, Carla Michaels, needing her to go to Illinois to help Carla who is going through a tough time in her life. When Ashley returns home, she receives horrifying news tha... more
  • Giveaway Smartphones

    by Giveaway Smartphones

    Giveaway Smartphones

    Did you know that you can join forces with other people and form your own company and sell off Smartphones in a giveaway campaign? This is becoming very popular nowadays, with more people being drawn to the advantages offered by owning their very own smartphone. The question is - where do you get the best deal for a giveaway smartphone?

    The first place to look is eBay. EBay has thousands of listings for phones, which are being constantly ... more

  • The Survivor

    by John Zodrow
    An ancient document discovered in the Vatican that could destroy the Church and faith of Christians everywhere. A desperate race across the world to find the truth. A shocking secret concealed for centuries, revealed at last. SYNOPSIS THE SURVIVOR by John Rester Zodrow (80,000 words approx.) When FATHER BOBBY POWELL, a young American priest discovers the earth-shattering truth that Jesus may have survived the crucifixion, it sends shock waves through the Vatican. If Jesus lived, then ... more
  • The Attendant

    by Tony Powers
    THE ATTENDANT (Synopsis) Emanuel Graves is a lonely minimum wage worker and a veteran of the Iraq war. Richard Alleroy, now caught in a fraud, is a wealthy hedge fund manager with a family. These two desperate men, one caught in a trap of his own making, the other by cruel circumstance, come together by chance in a deadly scheme dreamed up by Alleroy. Their lives are about to change. The outcome of this psychological mystery/love story will keep you guessing until the very last page.
  • Baja Redemption: Book I in the Guardians of Gaia series

    by John R. Gentile
    Former Army Ranger Jake Spinner spends most of his days in a tequila-induced fog. Between bouts of binge drinking and episodes of severe PTSD, he works as a fishing guide in a sleepy village in Baja California Sur, Mexico. \tAfter the body of Spinner’s estranged fishing partner washes up on the rocks, he becomes obsessed with finding his friend’s murderers. His search leads him to a reluctant alliance with Emily Rosen, a fiesta New York Times reporter, and a team of marine biologists. They’ve d... more
  • That Night

    by Donna M. Zadunajsky

    Senior Kat Palmer observes several of her classmates acting suspiciously on the first day back to school. Her boyfriend was one of them. 

    One night, she follows him out to Lemmon’s Park. A fight breaks out and she hears a terrifying scream. Four of the five classmates flee the area. Kat goes looking for the fifth. All she finds is a shoe, an abandoned car, and a cell phone. What happened to the classmate who owned these things? 

    As Kat continues to search the woods... more

  • D-Notice

    by Bill Walker
    Surrounded by lies. Haunted by questions. One man’s quest for truth could expose the treason of the century. London, 1984. Michael Thorley, Jr. regrets never knowing his father. Taken from him by the war before he was born, Michael consoles himself by helping families track down the final resting places of lost soldiers. But when he’s flooded by requests for unlisted conscripts from a non-existent regiment, he’s plunged into a treacherous forty-year-old mystery powerful figures would rather ... more
  • The Girl With The Green Lipstick

    A debut autobiographical novel focuses on a man's disastrous relationship with a self-absorbed woman who has a long criminal history.
  • Qisas

    by aa freda
    As over five hundred parishioners make their way into the First Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas, a white van with armed terrorists sits in the back of the parking lot. All are fanatics intent on carrying out a diabolical plan. But little do they know that James Coppi is sitting inside-waiting. In this fourth edition of the award winning Sam and James, the heroic team of Sam and James are propelled down another dangerous path. Will they be successful in ending another challenging chapter in t... more

    by Bryan Quinn
    Sometimes a good deed is best left undone. Nelson McCormack, America's richest man, is going to learn this simple lesson the hard way—the Mob way. McCormack is a man on top of the world when his life takes a nightmarish turn the fateful evening he stumbles upon a Mafia don’s wallet in the gutter, never imagining he will find himself there against his will—and worse.
  • The Chronicles of the Obscure Detective: Williams Joy Returns With a Brand New Collection!

    by AMIR JOY
    Williams Joy, the ambitious and obscure detective, lands in London to follow his master's, Sherlock Holmes, footpath. Yet, what followed at 221B Baker Street was something he did not foresee. A double-homicide takes place and it is Williams's chance to take the first step towards his goal! As he is solving the case, something bizarre occurs which makes him realise that, if he wants to solve the case, he ought to use all of his knowledge acquired from his master's methodologies. The incident inst... more
  • Dormir

    by Michael Golvach
    Payden Beck has been a police officer, a police detective, and a private investigator. Now, after a lifetime of combatting crime, he’s ready to stop fighting. When a young girl named Chloe—kin to his greatest adversary—tries to hire him, he gives her the sad news. But, when Chloe makes her plight clear, Payden knows he must take her case, even if it means confronting a police force on the take, the Spanish Mafia, and, perhaps worst of all, Chloe’s family. With life and death at stake, defe... more
  • Rollover: A Nikki Doyle Novel

    by Paula Longhurst

    Meet Archimedes, part witness protection, part Aladdin’s Genie.  They make lottery winners disappear.  It’s a small and complex team. Ex-copper’s son Fred, with a woman in every county.  Not-so-secret lovers Tony and Beth.  Ice cool Simon, at work he’s the über boss, at home he’s being check-mated into marriage by his girlfriend.  Veronica (Nikki) Doyle tells the story. Nikki, former rich kid, youngest team member and un-cooperative ... more