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  • The Dream Heist

    by Christina Farley
    Eighteen-year-old Aria Hale loves her job at her father’s dream therapy company where she enters dementia patients' dreams to save their memories. But when their lab is ransacked, two technicians are murdered, and her father is kidnapped, everything changes for her. Determined to find her father, Aria and her friends embark on a harrowing hunt across continents using the dreams of their enemies to guide them. But this dangerous journey plunges her into a world she never bargained for: decepti... more
  • No Amends

    by Angela Lam

    For Tang Young, life is mostly good. She shares a cozy beach house with her girlfriend, has a thriving real estate career, and a book she hopes to see published. But when every literary agent rejects the novel she has spent the last few years writing, she escapes to a bar in San Francisco where she meets a woman who inspires her. Tang hooks a literary agent with her new idea and thanks her muse with an afternoon of illicit desire. But the passion between them isn’t fleeting or casual, a... more

  • Chaos in my Wake

    by A.V. Shener
    Matt Evans never expected to be neck deep in debt by the age of twenty-three. His guilt following the death of his father had made him take a risky loan from local thug, Jeff Holden, and now time has run out. Determined to get his money back one way or another, Jeff brings forth an alternative deal. Matt is to assist a scientist with his covert projects to cover the debt, no questions asked. Although unconventional, the deal seems to be the only possible solution. But underneath the scient... more

    by Josephine Ashton
    In 1933, a Bauhaus'artist's secretive actions in Europe on the edge of World War II. In the late 1990ies, two transatlantic lovers, Erin Kelly, a Taos, New Mexico based photographer, and François Rosen, a creative, Paris businessman, get caught up in a tangled web of Nazi confiscated art. \t Their lives and that of many associates are in danger as they slowly begin to discover they are being pursued by someone who will not only murder thousands to get hold of... more
  • Rafael Jerome

    by Tobias Maxwell
    A fluke meeting in Paris brings the past into focus for two very different strangers. Gary Silverman, whose encounter with Rafael Jerome in 1949 led to a lifelong sense of loss, and Jeremy Jerome, clueless about his father’s misadventure in flashy Hollywood, circa ’49, who must deal with the consequences once Gary discloses misalliances. Always the dutiful son, Jeremy is determined to unearth his father’s true legacy. He follows his intuition that takes him to Ottawa then Calgary to find dec... more
  • Florida Retirement Is Murder

    by Kris Courtney


    Snowbirds do more than just Flock

    “Stewart Johnson had worked hard his entire life to reach retirement. However, his Golden Years would prove to be more of a challenge than he anticipated after his wife passed away. Seeking to find peace of mind and warmth in Florida, Stewart became surrounded by a tribe of Snowbird residents who took him on a journey of laughter and sleuthing inside a gossip riddled communi... more

  • Shore Lodge

    by Susan Specht Oram
    Her grief threatened to swallow her whole. When a seed of betrayal plants a devastating truth, will blood prove thicker than vengeance? Jacklyn Stone is struggling to stay strong. Left bewildered by her husband’s death, the devastated widow feels her usually competent management over her garden shop sliding into chaos. So when her son and daughter suggest a brief vacation to help speed up her healing, she heads to the remote retreat… only to realize she can’t check out. With her skin crawl... more
  • The Hunt for the Peggy C

    by Bruce Bortz
    This gripping novel full of action and suspense introduces us to Captain Jake Rogers, a hardened smuggler transporting contraband through the U-boat infested waters of the North Atlantic in the beginning phases of World War II. Rumored to have killed someone in America before beginning his career at sea, he takes on cargo few other captains would be willing to carry—if the price is right. But after witnessing the oppression of Jews in Amsterdam, Rogers agrees to take on the most dangerous ca... more
  • Cold Dead Night (Brand of Justice Book 1)

    by Lisa Phillips

    Private Investigator Kenna Banbury lost everything two years ago at the hands of a serial killer. From the ashes of that encounter, she’s built a life she believes in, searching for the lost and forgotten all over the western US. Bringing her own brand of justice. When a series of murders drags her into an FBI investigation, Kenna finds herself back in the place where it all went wrong. Struggling to make sense of the case, Kenna’s past and present collide in a deadly plot that ri... more

  • Burning Down the House: A page-turning YA mystery

    by Zoe J. Stark
    In the picture-perfect Cotswolds, the not-so-perfect Saint family all have enemies, but which one of them burned down their house? Scarlett’s Dad abandoned her Mum, and they went through a long custody battle. His girlfriend, Kirsten, accused a local politician of sexual harassment. Her granny had a lifelong feud with the neighbour from hell. And Scarlett got somebody fired. After receiving death threats, their home goes up in flames, leaving the Saint family homeless. But the official invest... more
  • The Girl Who Wore A Hockey Helmet

    by Alex Charns
    Before the second day of a cop car bombing trial, Assistant Public Defender Star Gwiazda and her Lumbee Indian client, Jimmy Ray Oxendine, learn that their bigoted trial judge died when his car exploded that morning. Both laugh in front of a courtroom full of people when the news is announced. Oxendine turns informant and accuses Star of planning the bombing. Star is charged with first-degree murder. Her struggles with bipolar disorder and the fact she was off her medication surface when the... more
  • Viking: [ The Jungle Turned Black ]

    by John Bowie

    In the spirit of David Lynch's Lost Highway, Derek Raymond's Factory Series and Ted Lewis' Brit-Grit thrillers, John Bowie's Viking is a neo-noir dark and brooding thriller. . . .

    . . .


    He thought he'd given it up to start over. The drinking… and the killing. Ghosts haunt John and Cherry’s honeymoon escape in the jungles of Malaysia and Borneo as the release of nihilist criminals linked to John’s past trig... more

  • High Desert Heat

    by Wanda McLaughlin
    The Heat’s On! An act of kindness to a pregnant teen propels Geri Whittier into the dark world of a notorious Mexican drug lord who's ready to retire in the high desert of Scottsdale, Arizona--if only he could convince Geri to stay away from his daughter. Geri is still reeling from the discovery of her dead husband's gambling and infidelity that left her emotionally shattered and broke. But then she saves Reyna Mendoza from a scary tarantula, meets handsome neighbor, Art Coltrane, and... more
  • Implied Consent

    by Keenan Powell
    When a tearful young woman appears at Maureen Gould’s office with a tale of workplace assault, Maureen agrees to fight for her. Surprise evidence? No problem. Witnesses hiding? Maureen will find them. Ironclad agreements? No such thing. But when the defendant, a Hollywood mogul, hires Maureen’s estranged father, long buried secrets pull her back into his dark orbit. Someone is trying to silence her. But Maureen knows that secrecy binds the shamed to the guilty. There is only one way to save ... more
  • The Price of the Verdict

    by John Bae
    A thirty-minute on-camera interview of a researcher connecting the most popular anti-wrinkle cream in the market to autoimmune disease triggers an uncontrollable barrage of mass tort lawsuits against Pearl-Line, Inc., the nation’s premiere cosmetics company. Despite the absence of any credible evidence the cream causes this disease, the convincing accusations of the researcher drives juries throughout the United States to want to punish Pearl-Line. The best of the best products liability defense... more
  • Unblinded

    by D. Michael Hallman