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  • The Nephilem

    by SE Wilson
    When Hyienna, a down-on-his-luck drifter, gets involved in complex relationships and a mysterious rucksack, he finds himself at the centre of a sinister age-long conspiracy that threatens everything. The Nephilem is debut novelist Exquil’ s unforgettable slight-of-hand turn, exploring life in Formentera, perfect for a set of escapists from mainland Spain, looking for survival in the unrelenting dry winds and lively sea of the mysterious Balearics. Drifter Hyienna is gifted a mysterious rucks... more
  • Killer Redemption

    by B.D. Lawrence

    To forsake his assassin life and start over with her, he must evade the FBI and the mob, who want him imprisoned or dead.

    Lyle Hardgrave fights long-suppressed, life-threatening emotions. The mob’s top hitman impulsively kills his main client’s son and finds himself hunted by gangsters. Hardgrave meets the most amazing woman he’s ever known, and now he’s questioning his career and considering risking his life and hers to pursue love.

    Hoping to fool the FBI ... more

  • You Will Know Vengeance

    by W. A. Pepper

    A government plot. A con who holds all the cards. Can a young man protecting his fellow inmates stop a killer without losing his soul? Skilled hacker Tanto finds inner quiet in the ways of Bushido. So, after SWAT drags him to a hidden compound to entrap other code jockeys, he spends the next eight years drawing on his inner strength to bring honor to his peers. But when the peaceful warrior takes a terrified and badly beaten newcomer under his wing, he’s shaken to learn the kid was brut... more

  • Design For The Cure

    by Joshua Holmes
    Looking back on his career, freelance graphic designer Remi Painter is proud of his many contributions. Proud that he’s sorted through so many mysteries and survived so many threats to his life. And done so with his loyal friends Marshall and Lela Houston, and genius buddy Jethro Silva. There are occasional days, however, he wonders how life without epilepsy might have gone. Whether it would have been quite the fight. For that matter, whether it is time to try something new. What if a treatment ... more
  • Family Destiny

    by Robert Leclerc
    Jarrett Edwards is trying to get his kidnapped sister off a former cruise ship. Jarrett learns that the ship's duties have nothing to do with stage shows, fine dining, or tropical mixed drinks, they never disembark, and the ship never docks. This cruise ship is the private mega-yacht of a Brazilian businessman Carl Meyer. However, some of the crew members on the ship exist in an almost sleepwalking state. It meets a refueling ship as needed, and every couple of weeks, it meets with a submarine... more
  • RISK

    by Kathleen Morris
    When Nashville singer Grace Whitney and her partner Jack Wilder, on tour with a southern rock band, stop at a lonely Arizona diner at 2 AM and find an abandoned backpack full of $100 bills, Grace takes it. Money like that could make their dreams come true. Instead, it’s the beginning of their worst nightmare. The wayward backpack comes from a drug deal gone sour in Oklahoma City, first stolen by two people looking for a way out of the Reynaldo cartel, Luis Reynaldo’s mistress and his favori... more
  • Zombie Attack: Toronto

    by B. T. Clabby
    What if are out in the woods and come across a carcass of a deer violently ripped apart? What if have on video that deer being ripped apart and when you go to take it to the authorities no one can be found? I don't mean just the police station is empty but the entire town is deserted. What if ... as you approached the fifth-largest Metropolis in North America you find it too, deserted? These are the situations the narrator of this story finds himself in. Where have all the people g... more
  • Bad Chemistry - Volume One

    by Stephen Firbank
    Victor Stanley is on a business trip to Japan. He is demonstrating a remarkable new anti-counterfeiting coating recently invented and proved by the English advanced electrochemical company NTI plc. NTI has a close working relationship with the Japanese electronics company Nonaka Industries, where a joint venture is likely to be established. His contact there is Kenezo Nonaka, son of the owner. Lee Doo-hwan is a Korean working out of Singapore with fingers in many shady activities but also legiti... more
  • A Nasty Business: The Journey Begins

    by A.R. Goldsmith
    Nicollette Beverley is a star athlete in a small Cotswold village in England when British Intelligence makes her an offer she can't refuse. Bright and hard-working, Nicollette excels in training. With her family's support, and with the friendship of the other young women who survive training alongside her, Nicollette soon finds herself involved in the scary business of spy work—something no training could ever have adequately prepared her for.
  • The JOY of Murder

    by Gloria Oliver

    A socialite accused of murder, planted evidence, and mysterious enemies challenge blind detective Daiyu Wu in her new sleuthing adventure.

    When a highly respected member of the 'Little Mexico' community is killed in 1930 Dallas, all the evidence points towards Grace Pierce, wife of a local businessman and a former member of the Ku Klux Klan. Grace’s son Truman turns to Daiyu Wu and her unique detective skills for help, but Dai quickly discovers that nothing about this case... more

  • Flower Rose: Milestoneville

    by Golden November
    Flower Rose is a savvy and no-nonsense woman. She owns a used bookstore in downtown Milestoneville. Flower Rose sells missing rare valuable books with her older brother Dr. Yes. G and JBT are book hunters who are hot on their trail. In 1992 Flower rose’s story began when she was a senior at Milestoneville University. Flower Rose is a character in, Golden November book series, and now it’s time for her intriguing story.
  • Battle in the Avenue

    by Sean McCutchen
    Almost two decades after the collapse of fossil fuels, civilization is precariously held together by an alternative energy source rising in cost. In order to avoid another Fuel Wars, three long lost family members must each find their own answers to the betrayal that tore their family apart. Orphaned for as long as he can remember, Owen Bradley grew up searching for an answer to his isolation. Now, a graduate student studying alternative fuels, Owen receives a mysterious package. The cryp... more
  • Cyber Count

    by SL Beaumont

    Has cyber-crime escalated to murder?

    Forensic accountant Kat Munro puts her traumatic past behind her and begins dating journalist Connor O’Malley, whose investigations into online crime attract the wrong kind of attention. When the disappearance of a colleague’s son and the discovery of his friend’s body is linked to threats on Connor’s life, Kat finds herself working with DS Adam Jackson again. Can they put the past behind them to solv... more

  • Detective Swifty and the Case of the Disappearing Mail

    by Deeksha Vishwamitra

    Detective Swifty, the adorable, clever swift fox, and his loyal, trustworthy prairie dog pal Gus solve yet another mystery right in their own Grassland town! The mystery takes Detective Swifty and Gus on an adventure through their local, Temperate Grasslands neighborhood as they help the local mailman, Mr. Whoopsies the whooping crane when the townsfolk's mail suddenly starts disappearing! This educational storybook introduces the reader to several endangered species of the Temp... more

  • Detective Swifty and the Case of the Mysterious Howls in the Night

    by Deeksha Vishwamitra

    Step into the wild side of the African Savanna as Detective Swifty, the adorable, clever swift fox, and his loyal, trustworthy prairie dog pal Gus solve yet another mystery! This time, the mystery takes Detective Swifty and Gus to the Tropical Grasslands of the African Savanna as they help the local music choir director Mr. Ivor E. Hornsby the Black Rhino solve the case of the mysterious howls in the night! This educational storybook introduces the reader to several endangered speci... more

  • Detective Swifty and the Case of the Stolen Gold Coin

    by Deeksha Vishwamitra

    Detective Swifty, the adorable, clever swift fox, and his loyal, trustworthy prairie dog pal Gus travel to the South Pacific Ocean as they help Sheriff Shelly the Sea Snail solve the case of the stolen gold coin. This educational storybook introduces the reader to several endangered species of the Ocean biome, but also provides interesting facts about each animal, place, or thing introduced in "Knowledge Boxes" that are scattered throughout the book!