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  • Vanished! A Valuable African Statue Stolen in Southwest France

    by Roberta Samuels
    A mysterious, nail-studded African statuette from a local art exhibition in rural France at the same time that a young Senegalese migrant sets out on his hazardous journey to Europe through Al-Qaeda infested Mali and Niger. Can Barbara and Sam, an American couple vacationing in France, help him to gain legal residency there and also aid the beleaguered Ogoni tribe to benefit from a rich oil deposit discovered on their territory in the Niger River Delta? Based on factual events and historical da... more
  • The Nightmare Machine

    by Tim White
    Five millennia of suffering. A pilgrimage steeped in violence and terror. 17-year-old Sara Holcomb, raised from birth to protect humanity from a malevolent god, convinces three close friends to escort her on a perilous journey to an otherworldly cathedral of bone and blood. Wracked with guilt at bringing people she holds dear to a hell worse than she could have imagined, she may have to choose between absolution for herself—or for everyone else. Will Sara’s quest bring redemption or only ... more
  • The Device Hunter.

    by Elaine Dodge

    The city’s master assassin, Thomas Meade, is hunting.

    His prey - the creator of a device so disturbingly dangerous that somebody is killing to protect it. Are the creator and the killer one and the same? Meade doesn’t like where the trail is leading him. He’s even less enamoured of the effects this device has; they are unlike anything Meade has ever encountered.

    An unexpected encounter between Meade and the city’s Wheelhouse soon rips the city apart. The repercussions tw... more

  • The Gray Anarchist

    by Jeffrey Marcus Oshins
    Lauren Bastini, a 73-year-old white female environmental activist, wages a terrorist campaign on the United States, leading to a nuclear attack on Washington, D.C. FBI agent George Blum’s last assignment is to disrupt the campaign of Senator Allan Hansen. Blum pressures Bastini to say that Hanson was an active member of a radical environmental group when he was a student at the University of California, Berkeley. Hansen’s campaign manager, Deirdre Owens, with a taste for erotic bondage, must fin... more
  • Razor Country

    by Nicholas Wagner
    On the eve of World War I, a private detective investigates a series of violent crimes across the British Empire.
  • Principles of Real Estate and Murder

    by Rob Howard
    Meet Frank Merchant Retiring from the Knox County Sheriff's office after decades of service, former Detective Frank Merchant was no stranger to crime scenes or blood. Still, after an existential crisis about "next steps" the widower decides that real estate might be a fun new "second career." He didn't expect more blood, but when his first client, a Scientist at the Oak Ridge National Lab, ends up dead, he struggles to sort out his old life from his new! Who is trying to keep him from gettin... more
  • Caretaker

    by R.J. Halbert
    A family in dire need of a fresh new start, a mysterious house tied to the past - its own and theirs. As past emotional wounds are re-opened, the Keane family’s once idyllic new home takes a sinister turn, threatening to end their new beginning forever. With a cast of diversely gifted characters, Caretaker is a supernatural tale about braking generational curses to forge new bonds of hope. A book with soul inspired by the real life journey of the authors.
  • In The Wildest Dimensions: Volume 01

    by Dewan Mukto
    A detective on vacation discovers a strange set of events that leads him to ultimately question his entire existence. Police work had been bothering him for a time beyond recognition. And now he is about to face the greatest emotional challenges he'd never dreamed of. This is a story of memory loss and trust, and how truth is often warped in ways we don't understand.
  • Preacher Stalls the Second Coming: (Evan Wycliff #4) (Evan Wycliff Mysteries)

    by Gerald Everett Jones
    The most controversial Preacher Wycliff mystery yet! Fourth in the multiple-award-winning mystery series A crazed scientist knocks on Evan’s door with a bizarre warning - the Deep State may be planning to fake the Second Coming of Christ with advanced virtual-reality technology. Meanwhile, a faith-healing evangelist is luring poor and homeless people to a religious retreat with promises of ample food, then exhorting them to prepare for the End Times by starving themselves to death. Evan can’t... more
  • Camp Effigy

    by I A M Watson
    Serena, Aria, and Dahlia are ready for a life-changing summer at Camp Effigy but upon arrival, they discover mysteries lurking in the campgrounds, inexplicable encounters, and a forbidden door that blurs the line between the living and the dead.
  • Hidden Desires: Broken Promises

    by Brittany Clair Elders
    “Hidden Desires; Broken Promises” is a captivating tale of love, secrets, and redemption in the midst of a shapeshifter wolf pack. At the heart of the story is Jaxon Rivers, the formidable alpha of the Torrent Falls pack. He’s known for his icy demeanor and fiery temper, but beneath the surface, he carries a deep, painful secret that has made him this way. Luna Avens, a spirited young woman, was born into the Torrent Falls pack but spent most of her life away from it, only returning during the ... more
  • The Orphanage By The Lake: A Captivating Psychological Crime Thriller With A Twist

    by Daniel G. Miller
    A MISSING GIRL AN ORPHANAGE FILLED WITH SECRETS Hazel wants a new life. She’s thirty years old, single, and her private investigation business is months away from folding. Her luck takes a turn when Madeline Hemsley, a mysterious socialite, pays Hazel a visit with an offer too enticing to resist. An orphan girl has disappeared from a children’s home—The Orphanage By The Lake, as the locals call it—and Madeline wants Hazel to find her. At first glance, it appears to be a standard r... more
  • Cage of Bone

    by David Dvorkin
    Suddenly, a murderer’s memories force their way into Max Iverson’s mind. He is drawn into helping the authorities punish the criminals whose thoughts he now knows. He is unaware of the danger this will expose him to. There is a cabal of criminals behind much of the major crime in the city. He didn’t know of their existence, but they become aware of his, and now they are determined to eliminate him. Max must change from frightened quarry to pitiless hunter. His hunt leads him to the cabal and al... more
  • Killing Johnny Miracle

    by J.K. Franko
    Johnny Miracle is in love... but not with his wife. He's going to divorce Mary, and he has leverage. He knows her deepest, darkest secret, and he's going to use it to take all her money, her beloved vineyard, and everything else she holds dear. But Mary isn't the weak woman her husband thinks her to be. And now that she's learned a few unforgivable truths of her own... she's motivated. Johnny is going to pay... with his life. But there are others with a score to settle with Johnny. A... more
  • Name Day

    by Tasha Little
    Mia, a 17-year-old fugitive, has lived her life shrouded in mystery. With no knowledge of her real name, true birthdate, or origins, each year she adopts a new identity, name, and location on a day known as her name day. A series of events leads her to a mysterious young man. Can she trust him or is he a part of the dangerous circumstances that have dictated her nomadic existence.
  • Murder in Concrete ISBN 978-1-5092-5339-5

    by arthur coburn
    High school gossip...a death glare from a rival girl? Charlie takes them in stride. But her mother’s murder and her dad’s disappearance send her off the rails. Therapy sessions get her to college, where she spots her missing dad in a film and races to Los Angeles to find him. A lead takes her to a low budget zombie movie production in the desert. The crew say her dad died, but Charlie keeps investigating. Could the aging film star or the creepy man who writes in Russian Cyrillic script help le... more