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  • Hack: A Nik Byron Investigation

    by Mark Pawlosky
    When a top secret and powerful US surveillance technology is stolen and offered for sale on the black market, an exiled reporter races to expose the theft and untangle the plot—before the story is spiked, and he is silenced for good. Coming off a successful investigation into a major banking scandal, Newshound reporter Nik Byron arrives in Washington, DC, with high hopes for his career. But a disruptive corporate merger and a vengeful boss quickly dash his plans. Relegated to scut work and t... more
  • The Case of the Amorous Assailant

    by Terry Ambrose
    After her father’s unexpected retirement, Jade Cavendish inherits the Beachtown Detective Agency. Jade worries that she’s not ready and might even sink the agency—until a young heiress with a cheating husband hires her. Jade soon learns the rich have secrets. Secrets that can sometimes be deadly.
  • You Have The Right to Remain Silent

    by Mark M. Bello
    Conservative talk-show host Mia Folger is in therapy with Dr. Harold Rothenberg. Mia and her husband, progressive Congressman Bradley Crawford, are not getting along these days, personally or politically. When Crawford is found brutally dismembered and murdered, the evidence points to Mia as his killer. While the prosecutor pushes for a murder indictment, Dr. Rothenberg, convinced of his patient’s innocence, turns to an old friend—high profile attorney Zachary Blake, Detroit’s self-proclaimed... more
  • The Lost King

    by C. A. W. Parker
    In the golden age of crime, a private detective has to rob a bank to protect the property of a man who claims to be the king of a sleepy town in rural England.
  • In the Garden of Eden

    by Peter Stockwell
  • Death Stalks Mr. Blackthorne

    by Peter Stockwell
  • Jerry's Motives

    by Peter Stockwell
  • Motive

    by Peter Stockwell
  • Motivations

    by Peter Stockwell
  • Deadly Behavior: Dr. David Rothberg Series Book 2

    by walter marks
    "Deadly Behavior" is Book 2. in the Dr. David Rothberg series. Although it is a sequel to "Dangerous Behavior" it can be read as a stand-alone novel. Victor Thomas Janko, the infamous "Baby Carriage Killer" has escaped from the Vanderkill Prison Hospital where David works as a psychiatrist. David feels responsible, since Victor was his patient, and he was unable to pick up on Victor's intention to escape. David's guilt is exacerbated when Victor goes on a killing spree after he goes free. "De... more
  • The Unraveling: Book One of the Jeremiah and Susanne Series

    by Max Justus
    The Unraveling is a good romp to solve a centuries-old mystery, but with the original cast of characters! When ghosts are present right here and right now, who says the dead aren't interesting or well informed? The story begins as elderly Jeremiah's older sister, Susanne, bullies him into recounting the first of their many youthful adventures, a peculiar mess that started during a family visit to their grandparents in Britain. Jeremiah and Susanne accidentally discover much of the clan's secr... more
  • Moonlit Nights

    by Jacob Parr
    A crime spree of horrendous proportions is just beginning in the Washington Metropolitan Area as bodies begin to turn up, horribly mutilated and torn to pieces. Aidan Preston delves into the case, finding himself immersed in a dark and dangerous world, the likes of which he has never seen in all his years working violent crime. To find the truth, Aidan will need to work outside the law, to discover the reality behind these murders. The deeper he goes, the more he begins to realize something i... more
  • Down & Out in Manhattan: A Financial Thriller & Wall Street Suspense Novel

    by justin callahan

    The notorious corporate raider Ivan Boesky once said, "There's a sucker in every deal, and if you're in the deal, and you don't know who the sucker is, chances are it's you." In this financial thriller, Jack Cole finds it out the hard way. He is an analyst at an investment banking firm stuck in a stalled career. That is until a seemingly chance social meeting with the owner of his firm propels him to the center of a high stakes conspiracy. Jack sees all his dreams co... more

  • The Shaman and the Mafia

    by Elizabeth Upton
    Marietta Collins, a former nun, becomes enmeshed in the tragedy of a brutal murder. Marietta, now the head of a youth drug rehab center, is dedicated to ridding the community of the growing criminal element. The victim of the suspected mafia hit was her friend Joseph Gleason W, a drug informant. During the course of the investigation, she meets the victim's brother, FBI assistant director Raymond Gleason. There's an instant attraction between the two. He becomes her first lover, and their rom... more
  • Once Upon a Scare

    by Dr. Bon Blossman
    - A peculiar cast of thrill-seekers undergo an unforeseen fight for survival after the cameras begin streaming a live reality show on Halloween. - Four children must cope with lifelong regrets after summoning the estranged brother of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. - Struggling newlyweds take advantage of a free weekend at a secluded cabin in the woods for Valentine's Day but soon realize they are not alone. Crack open this mind-bending short story collection and chill your spine with the... more

    by Carol Chen
    Welcome to Maine! Vacationland! Welcome to St. Frewin’s Island, where rookie Officer Jane Roberts must solve the freakish suffocation of a female corpse. The State homicide team ferries over to prop up Jane’s efforts. But the island’s daily hiccups and Jane’s own prickly psyche get in the way. Runaway cows, juvenile clams, and a DIY crematorium are piling up on her blotter. Matrimony baloney clutters her heart. And what about the homicidal disappointments? Everyone’s alibi is sounding like a lul... more