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  • America is a Zoo

    by Andre Soares


    The bird goes, “Tweet, tweet!”

    The pig says, “Oink, oink!”

    The crooked politician shouts, “Optics. Capital.”


    In Washington, D.C., a biochemical attack turns high-ranking politicians and government officials into the beasts they have, for so long, fought to contain within.

    An ambitious plan to overthrow the U.S. government and drive radical systemic changes is set in motion.

    Remem... more

  • Haunting Pasts

    by Trevor Wiltzen
    Critics hail this heart-stopping historical mystery AN ABSOLUTE GEM! "Fantastic.. easy-to-get-lost-in... new mystery series!" Goodreads Find out why 20,000 readers, and growing, enjoy this series! With the diner and motel practically empty, a man looms up from Mabel’s dark porch, setting into motion events that could either unite Mabel’s family or tear it apart.  Restarting her missing girls’ cold case, she gets nowhere fast until she desperately questions a Larson gang member she he... more
  • 978-1-77180-523-0

    by allan davis
  • The Brought Family Secrets

    by Tami Stevenson
    Is the Bible wrong if the earth is older than we thought? If Aliens do exist, is God real? Author and Newspaper Publisher Tami Stevenson explores these questions and more through the lens of a Christian family that has been blessed with extraordinary gifts from the Father. To friends and neighbors, they are your average, rural Christian family that live and love on their sixth generation farm in Michigan. But the Brought family has kept a secret for generations. They have been blessed with e... more
  • In Custody: A Carrie Green Novel

    by Lundy Bancroft
    A young journalist sets out to investigate the disappearance of a mother and her daughter, and stumbles into a dark world of intimidation, profiteering, and legal system corruption. By the time she grasps the severity of what she's uncovering, she has placed herself and her boyfriend both in serious danger. But she can't let go of the hope that Lauren Harbison and her ten-year-old daughter can still be found alive -- and the police seem intent on looking in the wrong direction.
  • From Muddy Water

    by allan davis

    Detective Quinn of the Toronto Police Service has seen enough of the city's underbelly to last him a lifetime. Early retirement and a quiet life as a PI catching cheating spouses beckon. But Quinn has a new tenant in his upstairs apartment, the mysterious and bewitching Kirsten who seems determined to drag him into his past.  

  • The Adventures of Jack the Cat -Worlds End-

    by Sven Rodrgiues-Wagner

    Embark on a thrilling feline adventure in the heart of the Five Streets, where Jack and his whiskered companions face an unimaginable foe—the aftermath of a deadly plague that has left humanity in ruins. What once seemed like a feline utopia has transformed into a perilous battleground, and the cats must unite to confront the challenges of a world reclaimed by nature.

    As the remnants of civilization crumble, Jack discovers a new enigma—the mysterious disappe... more

  • The Adventures of Jack the Cat: The Food Thief

    by Sven Rodrgiues-Wagner

    Embark on an electrifying journey with Jack the Cat, the unsuspecting leader of First Street, in "The Adventures of Jack the Cat - The Food Thief." Life on the streets takes a thrilling turn when Jack discovers a sinister plot that goes beyond the disappearance of the cats' food sources. Unraveling this mystery plunges Jack into a deadly conspiracy that will forever alter the fate of every feline in The Five Streets.

    Abandoned as a kitten, Jack rose to pro... more

  • The Adventures of Jack the Cat: - The Sewer Murders - : A Cozy Cat Mystery Book for Adults and Teens

    by Sven Rodrgiues-Wagner
    Jack the Cat is back and it is up to you to follow Jack and solve his most intriguing case in the Five Streets! This is the exciting second tale in the The Adventures of Jack the Cat cozy cat mystery series for adults and teens! Jack is called into action again when one of Azrael’s spies is discovered dead in the middle of the Five Streets. Is it a coincidence or a calculated murder? Can Jack find out who did it? The murder case brings old and new friends together but are they still fri... more
  • Trade Wars: Texian Armada Saga Book 2

    by Brandon Phillips
    Trade Wars is a suspense-filled high-tech thriller centered around a small but capable maritime defense force. It is torpedo fast, missile smart, and packs the punch of a battleship's broadside. Trade Wars is packed to the brim with action, and tempered with timely humor from real-to-life characters.
  • Port Lands

    by Tod Molloy

    A first-in-series vintage noir throwback, with modern and post-modern elements. Set in snow-laden Toronto. The Big Sleep meets Fight Club meets Drive, with a touch of Thomas Pynchon and David Lynch.

  • Death by Saxophone

    by Debbie Burke
    If Jerry Zolotov gets one more bouquet of black roses with a threatening note, he’s gonna hang up his sequined jumpsuit and throw his sax into the Atlantic Ocean, just minutes from his home in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn. Adored by fans for decades and with several platinum albums, the smooth jazz musician has just purchased a once-in-a-lifetime piece of history, the Holy Grail of jazz contraband: a Russian “bone record” produced on discarded X-rays during the Cold War and sold on the black marke... more
  • Thirteen

    by Don Canaan
    Some youngsters on their 13th birthday are involuntarily drafted into an ongoing battle between good and evil. In 1666, a demon selected a 13-year-old boy to continue this war. The boy is promised eternal life and bliss by the custodian of evil. For nearly 400 years, a demonic spirit promotes that destiny while inhabiting the bodies of the Marquis d’Sade, Hitler, and Allen Abbott. Now Abbott’s grandson, Armen Bedrosian, inherits and continues that demonic endeavor after his grandmother is impreg... more
  • Father's Failure

    by Ann Lowe
    Two years ago, Detective Angela Burns began hunting a serial killer targeting families in Georgia. Their bodies, a message. The notes, taunts. Come catch me if you can find me. After this killer murders one of their own and his family, his partner Detective Tad Wilson joins the pursuit. Together, the two must not only try and find him before he murders another family, but they must catch him before he makes good on his threat to make them sorry Tad interrupted their game for two.
  • Black magic Specialist

    by Black magic Specialist
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  • vengeful behavior

    by walter marks
    Three separate individuals have nursed an anger towards t Dr. David Rothberg, which has now risen to the point where they want to kill him. The psychiatrist is unaware of these threats of revenge, but one by one has to confront them and fight back. It is a daunting and terrifying battle.