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  • Karma Comes In Red The Beyond Mysteries Book 4

    by morgan james

    An ill wind, cold and unpredictable, blows author and B&B manager, Paula Vega, into dangerous waters after her lover, John, is attacked by an intruder seeking to reclaim an unknown treasure. When no one in the small town of Beyond admits to knowing the intruder or what he’s after, and a shadowy hiker appears with a strange tale that may connect the intruder to a mystery from the past, Paula is left to separate the truth from the lies.

  • Sky Rocketson's Flight

    by Sean Conway
    When Joe Brescoe’s troubled older brother, Warren, appears on his doorstep late one night suffering a gruesome facial injury after a mysterious car accident, Joe initially writes it off as another incident in Warren’s long history of self-inflicted drama. But when Joe later learns that his brother had been fleeing a botched robbery attempt—specifically, Warren had broken into their childhood home—Joe finds himself drawn, surprisingly, into his brother’s story. With his own life fraying at the se... more
  • The Life Engine

    by Rick Baker
    In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, where danger lurks at every turn, CIA trainee Ian Wolfe and environmental activist April Gentry forge an unlikely alliance, risking it all to unlock the secrets of "The Life Engine." Enter a world of danger, intrigue, and unexpected alliances in "The Life Engine." Former Olympic decathlete and CIA trainee Ian Wolfe and environmental activist April Gentry find themselves on the run, fighting for their lives. As they navigate the treacherous Amazon rainfor... more
  • All of us Thieves

    by Fary
    The life story of a boy who tries to continue his life after his father's arrest and his family's separation from him, but a call from an unknown person changes his life path. 180 pages and 41000 words. If you wish, I can send you the story in its entirety.
  • The Games We Play

    by Alistair B. Hayward

    **Extreme Content Warning: Reader Beware**
    Two brutal killers. One bloody game.

    Hello. I'm David. But that's not my only name. The media call me The London Strangler . . . and I've been terrorising this city for years. But the thing is: I'm getting bored. Murder's a lonely game and I need someone to play with. Now I think I've found the perfect partner. Someone I know well. Someone I trust. Someone who has a ... more

  • The Great Gatsby Case

    by David Finkle
    On a beautiful spring day in New York City, writer Daniel Freund receives two surprises. First he finds a long sought after 1953 edition of The Great Gatsby free for the taking on the steps of a building right down the block. The other occurs when he brings home his treasure, begins to read it and sees the words lift off the page and start rearranging themselves. After a few moments he realizes he is being sent a message that there has been a murder. Prompted by The Great Gatsby itself, Freun... more
  • Lost and Found: A Madison Lockhart Mystery

    by Matthew Fugazzie
    After solving the biggest case of her career, Madison Lockhart decided to expand Lockhart Investigations. She's now working alongside former police officer Lillian Walsh and computer whiz Milo Dark. When a young programmer working on a massive new app about to be launched to the world goes missing, his mother hires Lockhart Investigations to find him. As the team delves deeper into the case, they realize there's a lot more going on than just a missing person. They become entangled in a conspirac... more
  • Don't Forget To Breathe

    by Cathrina Constantine
    Leocadia arrives home from school to find her mom’s body. Unaware that the killer still lingers, she rushes to her mother’s side, only to be grabbed from behind. And everything fades to black. Leo has been battling personal demons after a year of retrograde amnesia. She’s been having vivid dreams of that day. And her dreams are getting worse—she’s starting to remember. Two more bodies are discovered and they are oddly linked to her mom’s unsolved homicide. Leo befriends her new neighbor. H... more
  • Marly in Pieces

    by Cathrina Constantine

    A Blood Promise ~ A Vow Honored

    Marly refuses to believe her friend Rae committed suicide. Even though her wrists were slit, Marly knows her beautiful, vibrant bestie would never do that.

    Even though the two had drifted apart, Marly and Rae made a blood promise long ago. Even in death, Marly intends to honor that vow. Determined to find Rae’s killer, Marly faces a long list of potential suspects. It seems everyone has sec... more

  • Adventures of the Moment: The Mystery Tour

    by Golden November
    When the characters from two different book series meet on a mystery trip, all that could happen is the reader will feel like they are part of the tour.
  • Mystery on Inheritance Ranch, Book Three in the Meg Miller Mystery Series

    by Phyllis Moore
    Meg Miller is adjusting to life in retirement, however following recent involvements with law enforcement to help solve murders, she's discovered she has an intuition she'd been denying. It's not until she's confronted with a mystery involving her own family, that Meg realizes her abilities are a legacy. When she inherits a sprawling South Texas ranch, Meg has opportunity to seek justice for new friends and in the process come to terms with her mother's suicide. The setting is captivating, the c... more
  • One Minute Past Midnight: A John Drake Mystery

    by Martin Crosbie
    Two brothers visiting Ireland are saved by a mysterious priest. A shy young girl must fight her way out of her smalltown. A police officer befriends a displaced killer. And a native man with a gift of seeing into the future flees his village. All their stories are connected as John Drake must come to grips with whether to reveal his true identity in order to save a missing child or continue living in the darkness. The chilling final installment in bestselling author Martin Crosbie’s John Drake... more
  • Escape: The Hunter Cut

    by L.A. Davenport

    John, a trauma doctor, wanders the streets of a glamorous Mediterranean resort as he mourns the death of his wife. He drifts from bar to bar until he meets Jasna, a captivating hostess.

    Then tragedy strikes. In this all-new edition, Escape: The Hunter Cut takes the classic tale of L.A Davenport’s debut novel Escape and retells it through John’s eyes, as he battles with himself and the events that threaten to overwhelm him.

  • Nine Minutes Eleven Seconds

    by L. V. Pederson

    Everyone has secrets. Some are just more deadly than others.

    When Madison starts her first real job as an executive assistant at a Silicon Valley tech giant, she has hopes to start afresh and put her troubled life in Boston behind her. But it is not to be.

    A young employee out for an evening jog turns up dead.  

    Her charismatic VP boss fills her with unease. And when Madison uncovers his deadly secret, her ordinary life is thrust into a high-stakes conspiracy the FBI i... more

  • Countdown

    by Johan Ottosen

    Danish intelligence races to stop a dirty bomb in Copenhagen before heads of state gather for the Queen's jubilee. Meanwhile, a 5,000-year-old calendar is unearthed. It's counting down. To Ragnarok.

    Countdown is a must-read for fans of Dan Brown, Brad Thor, and Stieg Larsson, a gripping tale of international intrigue, ancient mysteries, and unbreakable bonds.

    When journalist Kurt Østergaard's stepfather dies, he leaves behind clues to a... more

  • Until Death Do You Part: An American Family Meets Their Sicilian Cousins

    by Wm. Hovey Smith
    The first novel by Wm. Hovey Smith relates the adventures of a third- generation Louisiana family of Sicilian origin who takes a vacation to their home island and unexpectedly discovers when they arrive on Monday that their two sons are to be married on Friday or none of the family will leave the island alive. He is richly drawing from his experiences as an exploration geologist, decorated combat engineer officer, outdoorsman, art enthusiast, and storyteller interested in archeology. Smith... more