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  • The Pandemic Files

    by Frederick Lim
    COVID-19 has just begun its devastation, and Singapore journalist Alfred Lin is sent to Wuhan, China, the epicentre of the outbreak. To avoid censorship curbs, he plays a game of cat and mouse with the Chinese authorities. Risking his job, health and safety, he seeks out first-hand accounts of people who have suffered the unimaginable. Loss, death and heartbreak are everywhere. He comes upon personal accounts that reveal the best and worst of humanity in a crisis. But what intrigues him most... more
  • Cactcie: Strong and Beautiful

    by Floraine Thwin
    This is the crime suspense fictional novel based on a girl's life story. The girl born from Irish father and french mother. She had to live at grandparent's residence over years before her parents take her back with them. When she started living with them, she faced many troubles at the their house. There is the ghost at the house her parents rent. Her father was a doctor who worked at emergency department and her mother was the teacher before they marry. Then, father moved to study for raising ... more
  • Happy Places

    by Clay Savage

    For Flynn Barnes, dying is just the beginning of his problems.

    After waking up in his Happy Place--as all "graduates" do--he is guided by his Post-Mortem Facilitator to figure out his next move. With a lifetime of criminal behavior, an estranged family, and a vengeful English gangster to deal with, he's still got a lot of work to do.

    And as Flynn will discover--even in the afterlife, free will can lead to all sorts of trouble.

  • Carnage

    by Laura Lollie
    Carnage, the third in the Personas Series, continues the crazy thriller ride, of twists and completely unexpected turns. Be prepared to lose sleep when you delve into the next saga of Ian Trahan and Magda Volkov, as this book takes you into so many unchartered thought provoking turns, when voodoo enters this already bizarre tale of nature versus nurture. This evolution within the series is stocked with a full serving of unforgettable truths within the fiction, you'll be glad you climbed aboard ... more
  • The Pizza Slice Mystery

    by Gail R DeBole
    What is so mysterious about a slice of pizza? Have fun finding out! The Pizza Slice Mystery is a coloring book, a poem, a story with a zany moral AND a mystery all rolled into one! Also includes extra illustrations at the end of the book. You and your child can even color the letters of each word! Once the coloring is complete, you have a poetic story that you and your child can continue to enjoy.
  • Untrue Crime Poetry

    by Gail R DeBole
    Welcome to the Untrue Crime genre! This Untrue Crime poetry quick-read e-book is a quirky cousin of the True Crime genre. All of the poems in this e-book are fictional. Some offer a humorous perspective to the reader. Some do not. Any of these that remind the reader of a real situation or person is purely coincidental.
  • The Villain

    by Oris Hunt
    A girl is killed in the park one night. The suspect is obvious, but charging him is not so easy… There are new victims, and the criminal seems to be mocking the police. Sometimes he acts chaotically and stupidly, leaving lots of traces and witnesses, other times—coldly and professionally like a ghost. Who is the investigation up against—an incredibly lucky amateur or a devilishly clever and cunning professional? As a practical investigator, Cord has to make a choice: throw all his stren... more
  • Ninety-Five

    by Lisa Towles
    Running away is what Zak Skinner does best, and he’s just done it again, having transferred from NYU to University of Chicago. His fresh start goes south when he accidentally uncovers evidence of an on-campus, organized crime scam involving drugging students, getting them to commit crimes on camera, and blackmailing them to continue under the threat of expulsion. Digging deeper, Zak discovers that the university scam is just the tip of the iceberg, connected to a broader ring of crimes linked to... more
  • Cenforce

    by Jontis Johnson
    If you are wondering what this new penis enlargement pill is, then you have come to the right page. Cenforce is an all natural penis enhancement pill that will help improve your size with a fast acting topical formula. It's very safe to use. Many men have reported great results using this supplement along with the proper exercise and penis stretching techniques. If you want to enlarge your penis, you don't need to be concerned with dang... more
  • The Sodium War

    by Nathan Merritt

    USA, 2026
    A mandated blood census has wreaked havoc on the United States. Only those with Western European ancestry are allowed to retain their citizenship, leaving millions to be deported, enslaved, or worse.
    As dissenters to the current American regime, Rafe and Bri are branded with barcodes on their arms, monitored by voice and location devices, and are unable to leave their ghetto city.
    To cope with these inhumane conditions, they determine to accomplish the inconceivable f... more

  • Cost of Arrogance

    by H. Mitchell Caldwell
    Jake Clearwater, a law professor and a former prosecutor, is urged by the Death Penalty Project to help stem the tide of wrongful death penalty convictions in California by agreeing to represent Duane Durgeon a huge, hulking, hard-boiled badass, who against the advice of his counsel (in fact, he threatened to kill one of them), demanded to address the jury during the sentencing phase of his trial. in appealing his conviction, despite Duane’s despicable persona and indifference to his fate. Ja... more

    by Roland S. Jefferson
    The US Census Bureau projects the year 2050 as the year the white population will drop below 50%. As the browning of America is inevitable, a white extremist group of elected politicians rush to salvage dwindling white influence and economic power by secretly creating the Alice Plan, a new 'whites only' English-speaking republic established on foreign soil. But when PEPPER, a black prostitute steals a flash drive coded with details of the Alice Plan from the computer of a politician who refused... more
  • Friend of the Devil

    by Mark Spivak
    Has America's greatest chef cut a deal with Satan for fame and fortune?
  • Online Courses expert

    by Online Courses expert
  • Mine

    by Rachael Tamayo
    What happens in Vegas just might kill you. When divorcee Justin Gray wakes up next to a beautiful stranger in Vegas on his birthday weekend, he assumes it’s just a drunken mistake. When he discovers that he’s married to said stranger in her early twenties, he insists on an annulment and assumes his life will return to normal once he gets back home. He assumes wrong. As the shapely blonde refuses to give him an annulment and insists the marriage continue, what was a wild weekend turns in... more
  • When Silence Screams

    by Mark Edward Langley
    Arthur Nakai, now armed with his newly minted Private Investigator license, has visitors on his doorstep at White Mesa. Melanie Manygoats and her young son arrive on a cold winter’s day seeking his help locating her missing daughter, whom she fears has become one of the stolen. Arthur accepts and soon finds himself wading through the world of teenage prostitution where he discovers April has already been sold to a man known to everyone in the trade as The Cuban. Running underage girls is his bus... more