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  • Focus Lost

    by Doug Cooper

    The line between passion and obsession runs through us all.

    Levi Combs never planned to rocket to stardom.

    Eva Florez knew he would the moment she saw him.

    Gabe Adams didn’t want anything to do with celebrities.

    But after Gabe’s sister sells his photos of Levi with a young starlet to a tabloid website, their lives become intertwined forever, bound by rage and retribution.

    Blending the nuance and insight of literary fiction with the big-screen magic of... more

  • Leaning Against the Sun

    by Mike Nemeth
    Randle is a canny and disinhibited man who developed a unique moral code while incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit. The experience taught him the difference between justice under the law and fairness in the eyes of the common man. His professional colleague, Sabrina, holds a master’s degree from Stanford, and is on a crusade to prove that a black woman can be a success in the South. Sabrina is Randle’s partner-in-crime in a cat-and-mouse game with a dogged detective who suspects Randle h... more
  • Payback: Tales of Love, Hate and Revenge

    by Steve Bassett
    Payback – Tales of Love, Hate and Revenge, by Steve Bassett, is the eagerly awaited sequel to the award-winning FATHER DIVINE’S BIKES, first novel in the Passaic River Trilogy. Winner of 2018 Solo Medalist Winner in the E-Book General Fiction category of New Apple Fifth Annual Indie Book Awards: 2018 Finalist International Book Awards (American Book Fest) in Genre Fiction' 2018 Finalist Best Book Awards (American Book Fest) in General Fiction Payback is a drama so intense that it would be impro... more
  • Buried

    by Sue Rovens
    Priscilla Wyatt is a single, middle-aged nursing assistant who lives behind Sommerville Funeral Home. When her dachshund, Weenie, returns home with a ghastly find, Pris’s life starts to spiral out of control, plummeting her headfirst into the macabre. Gerald Zenith, proprietor of Sommerville, couldn't care less about the dead. Between running scams and keeping a necrophiliac subordinate in check, Gerald’s hands are full. He hasn’t the time nor the interest to be concerned with what is happen... more
  • Hands Up

    by Stephen Clark
    Officer Ryan Quinn is on the fast track to detective until he shoots an unarmed black teen. Now, with his career, reputation and freedom on the line, he embarks on a quest for redemption that forces him to confront his fears and biases, and choose between conscience and silence. Jade Wakefield is an emotionally damaged college student living in one of Phily’s worst neighborhoods. She knows the chances of getting an indictment against the cop who killed her brother are slim. When she learns t... more
  • A Sleuth in Sausalito

    by Carol A Sheldon
    It's the wild and free-living days of Sausalito in the 60s. Poets and artists and derelict houseboats dot this artsy town. After ten years of not knowing what happened to her mother, Gwen Harris is notified that recently discovered remains might be those of her mother. She begins a long and arduous journey of what happened and who is responsible. In her search Gwen encounters forgery, deception and murder while coming face to face with drug dealers and a missing father who suddenly comes to life... more
  • Yakai/Night Mystery

    by Mulele Jarvis
    A true account of two friends on a series of midnight adventures through some of the spookier parts of Tokyo. Noriko had always wanted to go ghost-hunting, but Mulele was the first chucklehead willing to tag along. Both of them, though, got more than they bargained for as they traversed some of Tokyo's lesser known but equally creepy haunted spots.
  • The Girl in the Rabbit Hole: A Thriller

    by RJ Law
    Claire Foley has attracted the attention of some very dangerous people. They want her to do something, and they're willing to pay good money. But, these people aren't asking — they're insisting. Now, Claire finds herself in a bizarre, unpredictable setting, surrounded by threatening men with uncertain goals and terrifying desires. Faced with shocking revelations and a deepening mystery, she must find a way to escape the inescapable, before they force her to do the unimaginable.
  • Land Sharks - A Killer From Coober Pedy

    by Nancy Raven Smith
    Available on Amazon - Winter 2019-2020
  • Land Sharks - A Swindle in Sumatra

    by Nancy Raven Smith
    Lexi Winslow is an investigator for a private Beverly Hills bank. When the runaway daughter of her bank's richest client is spotted with her latest boyfriend at a remote resort deep in the Sumatran jungle, Lexi is dispatched to bring her home. Once Lexi arrives at the isolated resort, she discovers there are more deadly dangers inside the hotel than the crocodiles and tigers outside. It's a place where rich women often check-in, but don't check-out. Will the client's daughter be the next t... more
  • Death By Design


    A woman assassin is hired to ‘solve’ the global overpopulation problem. She is given $20B and 20 years to eradicate mankind from Planet Earth. Tracker has trained with the Navy Seals and Mossad. She is the best assassin today. Her mission? Opposed to her are Jake and Soliz, the best of the best at the CDC. Dr. Sharon Blake and daughter, CRSPR research scientists. Mantis, her Asian nemesis Tracker kills with bacterial, viral and fungal attacks worldwide. Who will survive? Will you?... more

  • The Association

    by Sharon Ann Ziegler