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  • The Handyman

    by Maura K. Deering
    When Brenna Riley and Dennis Griffin meet on the Stanford rowing team, they are immediately and inexorably drawn to each other. Their attraction leads to an ill-fated hookup. For Brenna, that’s the end of the relationship. But for Dennis, it’s the beginning of an obsession. What follows is a nearly forty-year preoccupation for Dennis. Everything about Brenna, from her relationships to the strands of hair in her brush, is at the center of his thoughts. But as his efforts to win her over escalate... more
  • And the Dead Shall Live

    by David Shawn Klein
    Philip Raymond grows more desperate by the minute. Suffering from agoraphobia after a tragic misstep led to a scandal and suicide, the former high-level political consultant and novelist needs a big win to restore his reputation and take back his life. Certain that a wealthy recluse has blood on his hands, the emotionally scarred writer hires a brainy beauty to dig up the dirt he requires for a blockbuster exposé. Jesse Carter is haunted. Feeling responsible for her beloved brother's prison m... more
  • Stinger: An International Thriller

    by Gregory D. Lee
    It's February 2003. An alluring and determined CIA Case Officer, June Cohen, must flawlessly execute an unsanctioned plan of action or the U.S. will invade Iraq to search for weapons of mass destruction. She coerces Robaire Assaly, a Los Angeles based DEA Confidential Informant, to take part in her elaborate scheme. Robaire agrees, however, in doing so, he must betray his long-time DEA Agent handler, Gary Lowery, to get what she needs. Robaire soon realizes June has tricked him into taking th... more
  • Legacy of Shadows: An International Crime Thriller (The Family Legacy Series Book 2)

    by Carolyn M. Bowen
    “Legacy of Shadows” weaves a captivating tale of family, power, and the dangerous allure of ambition. In this second novel of The Family Legacy Series, David returns to Tuscany only to find himself ensnared in a web of criminal alliances and personal conflicts. As his wife battles for her life, his entanglement with a Northern cartel and a clandestine affair pushes him to the brink. Caught between the ruthless Chicago Mob and the treacherous Italian underworld, David must tread a perilous path. ... more
  • Humming Bridge: Sequel to The Paper Route

    by Jacqueline Cayer Nelson McDonald
    “Odd is unique’s ugly cousin,” protagonist Jackie explains to her mentor, Detective Dennis Dahm. Humming Bridge is the story of the extraordinary role sight and sound play in the lives of protagonist Jackie and her “unique” Uncle Vic. Exploiting the special insights their combined extraordinary sensory abilities provide, Detective Dahm solves crimes from New York City to their hometown, Lowell, MA. Now a high-schooler, Jackie works part-time as a Nurse’s Aide. Suspecting a serial killer is... more
  • Cul-de-Sac

    by LIZ CROWE
    Michael and Amelia Ross move into their dream home, and get drawn into the seductive allure. But their house once belonged to a family whose lives were seemingly ruined by their participation, which leads Amelia to question everything about her new-found friends. Suspicions run rampant as the close-knit group turns on each other. Lies, betrayals, and hidden agendas are revealed, ripping apart the fabric that once bound the group together.
  • A Convergence of Crows

    by Anneka Lowrie
    JOHANNA KINCAID'S NEWFOUND TRANOUILITY IS PERILOUSLY DISRUPTED WHEN SHE DECIDES TO HELP A VICTIM OF A HORRIFIC CRIME. The Wilds of Pennsylvania are a remote place where most residents are proud, self-reliant, and hardworking. Those qualities and the area's natural seclusion drew Johanna Kincaid to retire to the mountainside farm of Elk Run. She is enjoying an idyllic refuge from her former fast-paced life as a psychologist to the wealthy and privileged when she is unavoidably drawn into a da... more
  • Case In Truth

    by Emily Camp
    Zoe is always the responsible one. She picks up shifts when her mom is too sick to work. She helps with her younger siblings as well as attends community college full time. But Zoe has one weakness: her boss’s son, Case. When he pulls her into a bush on her way to work, covered in blood and begging for help, she can’t walk away. Determined to prove his innocence, Zoe breaks rules, lies, and ignores warnings to discover what really happened. Will her feelings for Case cloud her judgment, putting ... more
  • The Man in the Barretina Hat

    by Nancy O'Hare
    Normally, life on the Mediterranean island of Malta is safe and calm. Then two professors go missing on the same day. A baker starts dealing in a shady side business. A woman wakes up in a mysterious clinic. Soon a more dangerous picture begins to emerge. Foreign intelligence agents become involved as religion, ancient civilizations and modern cybertechnology intertwine to expose just how fragile the balance between people and power really is. Tangled in a web of misinformation, conspiracy an... more
  • Whispers in the Attic: A Magical Papillon Mystery

    by Sabine Frisch
    Unravel the mysteries hidden within the shadows of a quaint Victorian house in Whispers in the Attic. Join Sarah, a determined single mother, and her children, Emma and Cory, as they embark on a spine-tingling adventure fueled by secrets, magic, and unexpected joy in this cozy mystery. When the Anderson family moves into their new home in the picturesque village of Rosewood Hollow, they discover more than just creaky floorboards and old wallpaper. With the arrival of Pixie, their magical Papi... more
  • Seat 3A

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    When Redemption Becomes Obsession Delaware restaurateur and crime-fiction-fanatic Christian Stone isn't generally superstitious, but a simple ritual has helped him overcome his fear of flying: he has to sit in seat 3A. He's traveling from Philadelphia to Miami when, during takeoff, he looks out the window and spots what appears to be a dead body lying on the banks of the Schuylkill River. A childhood memory resurfaces: when Christian was eleven years old, his best friend was murdered, and the k... more
  • Imaginary Dragons: Book Three of the American Nomads

    by N.L. McLaughlin

    This is a story about redemption; about love, family and forgiveness.

    Sometimes people must walk through fire.

    With Cash recovering from his injury, Teague and Zac have no other choice than to set out on their own.

    Luckily for them, the rest of their Nomad family lends their time and talents to the desperate search for Finn.

    Unknown to the Nomads, Shane is also on a mission to find his son. Well known among outlaws and vagabonds, he calls in every favor to assist in th... more

  • The King Street Affair

    by Jon Sealy
    A dead lawyer, half a million dollars, and half a lifetime of keeping it a secret in the Holy City. CHARLESTON, SC—Wyatt Brewer has a respectable life as a newspaper reporter in the Holy City. One winter morning, he is assigned to cover the death of a mysterious Estonian who washed up on Folly Beach. When intelligence agents Bert Wilson and Penelope Lowe pick him up for interrogation, Wyatt understands he’s stumbled into an underground world of crime and corruption. The agents give him a c... more
  • Draw A Hard Line

    by Micheal E. Jimerson

    A racist killer uses the resources of his Aryan gang to falsify an innocence claim, intending to use fraudulent evidence to gain his release from prison. Only the original trial team, cowboy detective E.J. Kane and his former prosecutor ex-wife Rebecca Johnson, refuse to surrender to injustice. An unrelated suicide holds the key to unraveling a massive conundrum of DNA evidence. \tMeanwhile, their daughter faces the stark consequences of drug addiction and continued victimization from sex tra... more

  • Mrs

    by Lou Eade
    Molly Chapman, a mother of three, finds her once-loving marriage falling apart. Struggling with her mental health and neurodivergence, she seeks support from her psychiatrist. To escape her troubled home life, Molly walks her puppy along the beach, where she encounters a handsome stranger. One night, after another fight with her husband, Molly contemplates taking her own life but falls from the sea wall under mysterious circumstances. Injured and in a coma, Molly wakes up ... more
  • Humphrey Bogart and Hell Spit Corner

    by Christopher P Tobin
    When Herb Buck returns to his hometown after many years away, he is at a low point in his life. The supposed main reason for his return is an inheritance, but is it more than that? Mysterious encounters in an old movie theatre drag him back to the nostalgia of his youth, forcing him to make life changing decisions and confront a horrifying tragedy from his past. This timeless, magic realistic story tells of love, repentance, self-forgiveness, and acquiring the resolve to go on to achieve y... more