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  • Fat Chance

    by R.J. Leahy
    Sean McDermott is a private detective in New York City, it says so right on his business card. It's an ok job, but it isn't as exciting as most people think, and that's fine by him. He makes it a rule not to get involved in active police cases or in any case where people are likely to get hurt—especially him. So why does the mob suddenly want him dead? Sure it’s all a mistake, but dead from a mistake is still dead. Taking advice from his friend, The Juke, he starts on a cross country drive to LA... more
  • The Zack Pack

    by Dale T. Phillips
    This collection combines the first three Zack Taylor mysteries into one volume. Contains A Memory of Grief, A Fall From Grace, and A Shadow on the Wall.
  • All the Crooked Paths

    by Dale T. Phillips
    All The Crooked Paths is a collection of three books: Crooked Paths, More Crooked Paths, and The Last Crooked Paths. Fifteen stories of mystery and crime, dark chronicles of those who walk a crooked path, and so very often pay a terrible price for what they do.
  • Haunting Suspicion

    by Miranda Gargasz
    Valerie Calhoun wanted three things: the perfect house, a baby, and a flourishing career as a true crime writer. She gets more than she bargained for when she and her husband, Cooper, purchase their dream home in rural Ohio. To start, they find out the previous owner was murdered in the upstairs bedroom. To complicate things further, it's haunted by two ghosts. Caught between chasing her feeling that an innocent woman was wrongly convicted of murder, avoiding danger to keep from having another ... more
  • Relentless

    by Jonathan Bryant
    Derrin Aethelbeorn’s life as a college sophomore is suddenly flipped on its head when he is abducted and transported to an underground facility. There, The Dark One—a spiteful villain—is constructing a compact nuclear weapon, and plans to initiate a nuclear holocaust unlike anything ever imagined. But it is here that Derrin discovers a legend—a legend which speaks of a Liberator, a man who will rescue the innocent and destroy the Dark One’s plot. Who is this Liberator, and could he be found? Ti... more
  • The Time of Their Lives in London

    by Paul Hood
    Amber wanted to live abroad and find love. Vilzen left behind his conflicted past. Mrs. Rosenfield came as a young woman in search of herself. But sometimes leaving behind who you are and what you came from can be a mistake. It was supposed to be the time of their lives; and they all came in search of something special. But instead they were suddenly connected by horror and unusual circumstances. With the deranged psychopath, known simply as "the west end stalker" claiming victims on London's We... more
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  • Death at Crooked Creek

    by Mary Ann Cherry

    Jessie O’Bourne comes to Montana as the guest artist of an annual show. A massive tractor draped with the advertising banner seems a fun way to promote the art show—except for the bullet holes in the back window. It had been the site of the tragic shooting death of a local teen.
    After Jessie's irascible tomcat, Jack, discovers a dead man in Jessie’s motorhome - a man connected to the shooting, she not only becomes a murder suspect, but begins receiving threatening n... more

  • The Last Crooked Paths

    by Dale T. Phillips
    Here are five more tales of crime and mystery, telling of those who walk crooked paths and pay the price for it. Here are crooks and cops, killers and victims, and those who walk the line between good and evil. Take a few short trips down the darker side of life, where crime can be a casual or planned event. This set of stories shows people on the run, and police and ordinary citizens solving crimes. Sometimes the perpetrator gets away, but so often people pay for their deeds.
  • More Crooked Paths

    by Dale T. Phillips
    More tales of crime and mystery, those who walk crooked paths and pay the price for it. People on the spot, when things have taken a bad turn. A young woman facing a deadly challenge. A man who walks into the wrong bar with the wrong attitude. A boxer who refuses to quit. An officer of the court with a grudge. A rich man who finds his motives questioned by the police. These are the stories of the darker side of life, when people decide to harm others.
  • Crooked Paths

    by Dale T. Phillips
    Five stories of crime and mystery, people who walk crooked paths and pay the price for it. Stories of criminals and heroes, killers (accidental and deliberate), rumrunners, safecrackers, people framed for horrible deeds. This set of tales tends toward the noir school of crime and mystery, highlighting the dark spot on the human psyche that haunts people with the siren call of revenge, destruction, or ill-gotten gain. Here are featured a variety of characters and crimes, with different outcomes. ... more
  • Killer Cruise

    by Dawn Brookes
    This third book in the Rachel Prince mystery series set on a fictional cruise ship. Theme: murder mystery involving a Queen tribute act, hence the title. Main characters: Rachel Prince (young protagonist in late twenties, police constable in her day job in England). Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe (eighty-six year old titled lady, whom Rachel met on her first cruise in the first book). Sarah (Rachel's best friend and cruise ship nurse). Jack Waverley (Chief of security on board ship). Domini... more
  • The Desire Card

    by Lee Matthew Goldberg
    Any wish fulfilled for the right price. That's the promise the organization behind The Desire Card gives to its elite clients - but sometimes the price may be more menacing than anyone could ever imagine. Harrison Stockton has lived an adult life of privilege and excess: a high-powered job on Wall Street fuels his fondness for alcohol and pills at the expense of a family he has no time for. Quite suddenly all of this comes crashing to a halt when he loses his job and at the same time discovers h... more
  • A Sharp Medicine

    by Dale T. Phillips
    Zack Taylor's life is once again in shambles. Having narrowly escaped death, guilty over the pain he's caused a loved one, he's hurting and angry. When looking into the disappearance of a reporter, Zack's death wish may be his cure for his troubles as he uncovers corruption and evil in a world of politics, passion, and power.
  • A Certain Slant of Light: A Zack Taylor Mystery

    by Dale T. Phillips
    Trapped by a final promise to a dying woman, a reluctant Zack Taylor seeks her missing grandson, a slippery con man of the art world. Zack discovers the corruption beneath the glossy exteriors, confronting murder, greed, fraud, and a host of crimes that belie the beauty of the art in which the people deal.
  • A Shadow on the Wall

    by Dale T. Phillips
    Zack Taylor's new life is crumbling. His fledgling business is in jeopardy, he's been dumped by his lady love, and a murderous gang leader is bent on revenge. A shattered Zack is enticed onto a movie shoot to provide martial arts expertise and security, when a sudden murder raises the stakes. Zack must deal with his own demons, as well as a host of shadowy tricksters with secrets to hide. Death is at hand, and Zack must figure out who to trust in a world of illusion built on money and power.