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  • The Switch

    by Thomas Hall

    Walker and Munoz return to the scene of their first investigation. But this time it’s a cold case, and many of today’s modern investigative tools won’t help them solve it.

    As they make some painstakingly slow progress, additional challenges stymie their efforts. And then a new present-day crime, precipitated by the revelations surrounding the cold case, force them to shift their focus entirely.

    When the investigation begins to stall again, they get new informatio... more

  • I Shot the Sheriff

    by Regina Jeffers

    William de Wendenal, the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham, has come to London, finally having wormed his way back into the good graces of the Royal family. Yet, not all of Society is prepared to forgive his former “supposed” transgressions, especially the Earl of Sherwood.

    However, when de Wendenal is wounded in an attempt to protect Prince George from an assassin, he becomes caught up in a plot involving stolen artwork, kidnapping, murder, and seduction that brings him to Che... more

  • Overnight Delivery: A Hank Anderson Thriller

    by Raymond Parish
    Small of stature but big of heart, psychotherapist Hank Anderson has a gift for helping clients face serious issues and heal life-altering traumas. But this talent intersects with darker truths, an insatiable curiosity and a life-long penchant for personal risk that will soon threaten to violently shatter every aspect of Hank’s life. Kenny Jensen is just the kind of client that piques Hank’s appetite for intrigue. Referred by Hank’s imposing friend Detective Phil Evans, Kenny is a delivery man ... more
  • Factor-7

    by J.D. May
    J.D. MAY is a third-generation Texan, and true to her roots, her debut thriller FACTOR-7 introduces readers to Texas traditions, colloquialisms, and locales. J.D. lives with her husband in a country community in far South Texas, almost on the Mexican border. The little town boasts a population of only 350 quiet souls. She loves to cook, sip wine, travel, read, go to the theater, watch old movies, and listen to classic rock and roll, among hundreds of other pleasures. She has traveled extensively... more
  • Factor-7

    by J.D.May
    Factor-7 By J.D. May Factor-7 presents a terrifying but riveting scenario that’s ripped from the headlines—and, if things do not change, could very well be our new normal. The life of Dr. Sam Hawkins, the head trauma surgeon at Galveston’s St. Peter’s Memorial Hospital, is changed forever by the cryptic words of his dying friend and the string of blatant cover-ups that follow his demise. When a beautiful infectious disease doctor, Rainee Arienzo, enters his life, they soon realize that Sam’s fri... more
  • Free Vashikaran Expert

    by Suryakant sharma
    Free vashikaran expert is also famous personality who is aware about vashikaran, he solves many problems of the people with his powerful magical ability.
  • All In?... Beware the Cross Currents

    by Robert Hilliard
    The Commonwealth of Kentucky’s alcohol of choice, the sport of kings and power politics provide the combustible combination that embroils the Bluegrass State’s first family, the Wellingtons, in an expanding web of scandal involving sex, murder, shady financial deals and brushes with the underworld. Set in 1983, former Governor and current bourbon distillery owner Bentley Wellington; coal baroness wife Abigail Prescott Wellington; and son Beauregard, who operates the family thoroughbred business,... more
  • The Coffee Cup Killer

    by Chris R Young
    Jake Jones is a sleuth-hound in a city full of femme fatales, drug cartels, corrupt cops, dirty politicians and dangerous power-lords. He has a nose for trouble and he follows it always. But what starts out as a simple stalker case spirals into something much worse, as Jake finds himself embroiled in the latest spate of bloody murders to plague the city - those of the Coffee Cup Killer...
  • Rare Bird Alert

    by Richard Peake
    On a flight to a birding tour in Australia, Margaret Smith develops a friendship with Hammond ("Porky") Frank. On the first part of the tour, they become close friends, although Margaret ("Maggie") becomes suspicious of Porky. On the northern part of the trip, they are joined by a new assistant leader, Jameson Kanger, who begins a scheme with Porky. Left to herself, Maggie spends time with other tour members, especially Patricia Shaper, a young Olympic Women's Trap Skeet champion. Kanger drugs S... more
  • Low Budget

    by oluwafemi okeowo

    Low Budget is a recommendable New life genre which has to do with Tunde. An ambitious individual whom had founded himself in the middle of politically rivalry in Nigeria.However upon getting to the united states of america . He finds out  how life is so complicating, due to so many lukewarmnes around the situation he finds himself pertaking in just for breakthrough purposes. As for someone who has seen ABROAD and his home town from another ... more

  • Honor Court: An Academic Thriller

    by Sid Stark
    Doctor Rowena Halley signed up to be a professor, not a cop. Now she may have to be judge, jury, and executioner as well. When a student with a hijab and a strong Chechen accent confides in Rowena about a tricky sexual assault case and asks for her help, Rowena can’t say no—again. Being the only Russian professor on campus, as well as the faculty member students go to for help, has its advantages. But the disadvantages can be deadly. After a tragic incident last semester, Rowena is trying ... more
  • best wedding videography melbourne

    by Visual Wedding
    wedding are most important thing in your life .A best videography can capture the whole event without missing any moments. They can produce a video beyond your imagination .Using the latest technologies and tools they makes your moments colourful and special. wedding films are now a days like movies. the professional have the skill to record the moments with special effects and shots that are beyond your imagination.The wedding videos keep your memories alive forever. Moving moments of important... more
  • Requiem For Noah

    by Douglas Cockell

    Underwater railways, impossible corpses, and mysterious bones it was no wonder that it was said that all the weird cases went to Weiss.

    Detective Weiss and his partner Prem Joshi return in Requiem For Noah, book two in the Requiem Series for another hair-raising adventure.

    Something ominous lurks in the shadows and only the daughter of deceased author A.L. Rouhl can help. But, Carly Rouhl has her own terror to deal with, haunt... more


    by Cortez Law III
    It’s a DIE HARD meets THE SIEGE in this Action Thriller A suspended top cop… An invading force of evil… A mastermind’s plan of brilliance… And only a few hours before a cataclysmic event. Homicide Sergeant Malcolm Hobbs leads a counteroffensive against rogue military operatives with a doomsday countdown for the city of Atlanta and America. Combat in the highest order against an unstoppable criminal force. Hobbs can fight, flee or live to fight another day in retreat. But for him... more
  • Hayden Jon Marshall: A Tommy Keane Novel

    by Travis Myers and Natasha Myers Marsiguerra
    A three year-old boy disappears from a public park, in full daylight, and no one sees a thing—not even the child's mother. In a city of millions, with not a single clue left in the park for Detective Tommy Keane, the suspects could be endless. Where does he start to investigate? And what will he uncover? Are the answers on the streets he knows so well? Or hidden online, deep within the dark web?
  • Grey Zones of Savoir-Vivre

    by Alex Exarchos
    In this book, One may find 181 e-mails (nothing more; nothing less) sent during the period March-August 2024. An indicative (but not exhaustive) list of what is featured in these e-mails and what is revealed through them would include: - the complicated love life of a very talented but also quite troubled young man; - an insider's look on the workings, processes, dynamics, conspiracies and behind-the-stage byzantine power struggles of a major international organisation; - the plotting of a d... more