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  • The Playgroup

    by Jami Worthington
    In California’s Silicon Valley, even a children’s playgroup can be a place for power-brokering, innovation, and cut-throat competition. In Oak Valley, a wealthy suburb of Silicon Valley, Alex Drake runs “the” playgroup in town. Even in a place where its seems like everyone has a multi-million dollar bank account or has a company that is about to go public, Alex appears to have it all: a delightful daughter, a handsome, adoring husband, model-like beauty, and the kind of obscene wealth that ke... more
  • Honor Killing

    by Sarah Key
    A gruesome act on a synagogue leads two detectives to investigate a murder.
  • Naked, a novel

    by Michaela Talwar
    A woman’s naked body washes up on the beach in Versova, Mumbai. It is Chinky, a new-age spiritual star with millions of followers on social media. A friend to some, a lover to many, some called her crazy, she called herself a witch. Police officer Gaikwad, with his woke assistant Sahil, calls in the three people who were closest to the deceased: Iti, a former roommate, a costume stylist who moved to Mumbai from Agra in search of a dream; Abhishek, the romantic who left Delhi for a weekend and... more

    by K.K. Edwards
    Two strangers are drawn to the tragic story of Olive Copely, a child who disappeared from in front of her house twenty years before. Ginger, an aspiring young writer, is compelled to tell Olive’s story, in hopes that someone will finally come forward with information relative to her whereabouts or fate. Daniel—now, a loving father of his own little girl--was there that fateful day, and profound guilt is slowly tearing him apart. Ginger seeks the truth, and the truth could be Daniel's salvation, ... more
  • The Dominant One

    by Michelle Ian
    You find out your childhood friend might just be a serial killer. What would you do? Try to kill him? Or report him to the police that you know won't be able to contain him? Gabriel Connolly struggles with what’s right. Then, when he’s faced with pure evil, and realizes he has no choice, he tries to drown his soul-less friend in a river. But evil doesn't die. And that’s just the start of Gabriel's new nightmare. You can’t cheat death, that’s the catch. Even worse, Gabriel realizes he may hav... more
  • Blood in the Bluegrass

    by D.C. Alexander
    A few days before the Kentucky Derby, a rising star jockey is found murdered near Churchill Downs. Louisville homicide detective Laurel Arno's investigation takes her from the private back rooms of elite gamblers, to the ancestral mansions of Kentucky bourbon barons and horse breeders, to the treacherous corridors of the State Capitol. Along the way, she exposes a shadowy world of political corruption, secret societies, and ancient feuds. As she closes in on a hidden killer, she discovers that a... more
  • Chasing the Monkey King

    by D.C. Alexander

    A U.S. government investigator vanishes while on assignment in China. After a suspiciously inadequate official inquest, the missing investigator’s family hires former special agent Lars Severin to find out what truly happened to her. Severin's clandestine quest casts him into a labyrinth of double-dealing and conspiracy, taking him from the misty alleys of Seattle's old Chinatown, to the corridors of power of Washington, D.C., to the dazzling modern city of Shanghai, to the anci... more

  • Friday Harbor

    by D.C. Alexander
    It's 1922. Prohibition is the law of the land. A rumrunner's boat is found adrift near the United States-Canada maritime border of Puget Sound, its crew missing, its cargo hold riddled with bullet holes and awash with blood. Young Sheriff Miles Scott—traumatized by his experiences in World War I and obsessed with protecting his remote, Eden-like island community—takes on a murder investigation with a list of suspects including rival rumrunners, temperance fanatics, anti-immigrant labor leaders, ... more
  • The Tears of Hope

    by Peter Hubbard
    imagine a world with no oil, gas or coal - no internet, computers, technology - a world where a small group of women create refugee-like conditions to help provide a world-wide response to the devastating conditions millions of child refugees experience every day. Then imagine how they might provide HOPE with technology so advanced we can only dream of it. Welcome to The Tears of Hope, the first in a trilogy of psychological thrillers that will have you on the edge of your seat.
  • A Dagger Among Friends (Harvest Falls Mysteries Book 1)

    by Craig Comer
    Charlie Goode has returned home to Harvest Falls after a split from her long-term partner. Her life needs a reboot, and so do her relationships. Looking for a fresh start, Charlie works at her cousin’s board game shop and at the local police station, where her father is chief of police. But when her high-school BFF is killed, Charlie is shocked as amateur sleuths abound. Determined to protect her father’s reputation, she finds herself battling wits with the bumbling sleuths, joining the hunt ... more
  • Montana's Mission: Protecting the Forest

    by Victor Hess
    As far as thirteen-year-old Montana MacCarthy is concerned every animal in the Glen Helen Forest is under her protection. That goes double for the pair of American Bald eagles nesting in the oak on Talus Trail. When the Glen director asks her and the Wesley Club to create a kid-friendly pamphlet about the animals as a summer project, they jump at the chance. Montana guides them through the forest as they sketch and photograph bobcats, foxes, skunks, bats, and, yes, the eagles. Their project unc... more
  • California Hustle: A Novel

    by Jeffrey Messineo
    Grigsby adores The Con. There's nothing better than a good hustle. The ins and outs. The improvisation. Ask any athlete. Eventually, you get too old. Reflexes slow. Agility diminishes. Decision-making decays. So, after a string of bad luck, Grigsby's afraid he's aged out of the only thing that matters: the game. But when his massive debts come due and his college age kids become collateral, Grigsby must learn a new trick and score in the biggest scam of his life: Going mostly legit with an... more
  • Fangs of Deception by T. K. Orbelyan

    by Artisan Book Reviews & Marketing
    “We couldn’t care less about what a tiny minority of people think they know. We own the media, we own the courts. Hell, we own the whole bloody system, everything. There’s no stopping what we’re doing, Terry. Surely you’ve understood that by now.” Just days after Carl Palmer introduces his new girlfriend to his cousin Terry at a family get-together, where he reveals explosive information he has discovered about the pandemic and the vaccines, he disappears into thin air. This forces Terry to d... more
  • Tragedy in Tahoe: Rylie Sunderland Mysteries Book 1

    by Rachele Baker

    “Plenty of suspense, interesting characters, and a fascinating location kept me reading.” 

    “I kept turning page after page until I'd suddenly reached the unexpected and climatic conclusion. It's so good." 

    After the veterinary hospital where she worked burns to the ground, Rylie takes a summer job as a part-time caretaker at an old Lake Tahoe estate turned B & B called Whitaker Cottages while she tries to f... more

  • Flotsam

    by Patricia Boomsma
    Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Kelly Flynn is called to a crime scene where a foot in a running shoe has washed up along the Pacific shoreline. While there, she meets Therese, the mother of Diyanni, a young Indigenous woman who has been missing for almost a month. At first Kelly resists Therese's plea for help, but when she learns about the dismissive attitude of the city police, Kelly decides to help Therese work through the jurisdictional maze of law enforcement agencies. Kelly finds herself in a... more

    by Roos van der Jagt
    Welcome to Celestia House, where enigmatic secrets and profound mysteries lurk within opulent walls. This thrilling tale takes you on an extraordinary journey filled with intrigue, suspense, and the complex interplay of human desires. In the heart of a bustling metropolis, the mansion known as Celestia House stands as an embodiment of the deepest longings of human souls. When it goes up for sale, a bidding war erupts, and the victor becomes the keeper of its secrets. As the new owner cross... more