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  • Cold Fury

    by Toni Anderson
    Seven years ago, Hope Harper was a star defense attorney with a great life and a beautiful family—until she got the wrong defendant released, and he turned around and viciously slaughtered her husband and child. Since then, the only thing Hope cares about is locking bad guys behind bars where they can’t hurt anyone else. When the killer escapes from a maximum security prison during a winter storm, Hope refuses to run and hide. The FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team is called in to protect the handful ... more
  • Trouble Rumbles at Dawn

    by K-Lee
    Welcome to the tranquil yet precarious town of Indigo Flats, nestled in the vast expanse of west Texas. Its peaceful façade shatters when a prominent businessman is brutally murdered, unearthing a cache of guns and drugs that send shockwaves through the region, putting the feared Mexican Ortega Cartel on high alert. However, the stakes intensify exponentially when a second murder rocks the town—a member of the cartel’s own family falls victim, igniting a relentless race against time for determin... more
  • The Cold In The Black

    by Andres Chavez
    In the gripping thriller "The Cold in the Black," a group of offworlders are trapped deep within a treacherous alien mountain, as a whirling blizzard blankets the region, cutting off all access to the outside world. They must confront the harsh elements, the chilling secrets, and the tensions that lurk within their ranks. As the temperature drops and desperation rises, alliances are formed and broken, revealing hidden motives. Paranoia sets in as they navigate through the eerie corridors, hau... more
  • Eliminate President Trump

    by Edouard Onana, Ph.D.
    As the United States prepares to elect its president on November 3, 2020, American researcher and former FBI agent Michael F. Black is abruptly thrust into a dark web of terrorism and conspiracy against the United States. Accused of murdering FBI agents and a senator amidst violent racial riots and electoral turmoil, he must first uncover the truth behind these attacks to prove his innocence. Michael Black becomes the prime suspect in the murders of FBI agents and a senator. His world crumbles ... more
  • Fatal Harvest

    by Brenda Chapman
    Small Towns can be Murder Eleven-year-old Matt Clark is staying in the outlying village of Ashton for the summer while his parents work out their separation. He’s been told to keep his head down and to stay off social media. Labour Day has come and gone, and Matt believes he’ll be home soon, completely unaware that someone has been posting his photo and location on one of the sites, and trouble is on its way. Detective Liam Hunter gets the call — a double murder and a missing boy. While he... more
  • Land Grab

    by Kit Karson
    The bodies of two community members in a small Montana town are found on the same day. The local sheriff and his crew, more accostomed to dealing with wayward cows, are tasks with solving the murders.
  • Drawn from Life

    by Sarah P. Blanchard

    Emma Gillen, 19, lives in western North Carolina with her volatile cousin Lucy, a frustrated artist with an alcoholic mother. When Lucy’s mother disappears unexpectedly, Lucy flies into a rage, bullying and injuring Emma. Days later, they argue about who should drive down the mountain for food and supplies: Emma with a broken collarbone; or Lucy, who might be drunk. Their car crashes and three people die. Emma barely survives. Lucy, uninvolved and uninjured, vanishes. Eight years later,... more

  • Psychopathic

    by Jason Melby
    Haunted by a freak skydiving accident, blind psychiatrist, Faith Galloway, relives her darkest fears when a former patient and convicted stalker, Ronald Neyman, escapes from a mental health facility and embarks on a seemingly random killing spree. A prodigious savant with schizophrenic tendencies, Neyman’s connection to Faith emerges when special agents from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit search for the violent suspect and the motive for his sudden outrage. Tormented by a psychopathic killer... more
  • Death on the Back Nine - A Myrtle Beach Mystery

    by Caleb Wygal
    In "Death on the Back Nine," part of the Myrtle Beach Mystery Series, golf, intrigue, and dark secrets converge at the Swaying Palms Golf Course. Bookstore owner, Clark Thomas, haunted by his wife's unsolved murder, embarks on a round of golf with his brother, only for the game to take a sinister turn when a fellow player is murdered on the 11th hole. Clark and Detective Moody are thrust into a complex investigation, uncovering motives and suspicions among the victim's companions. As Clark delve... more
  • Soft as Water

    by B. Robert Conklin
    Following a life-shattering accident, conscience-stricken Will Archer seeks refuge in a small Ohio River town, where he plans to live out his life as a virtual hermit. But a chance encounter with Essence Warner entangles him in a quest to discover the truth behind the cold case of her parents’ mysterious deaths. Nineteen years ago, when Essence was an infant, her socialite mother jumped from a suspension bridge, an apparent suicide. Her death followed a failed relationship with a promising young... more
  • Fighting Karma

    by Reid Bracken
    FIGHTING KARMA. Bree Thomas and her father Cole reunite, forcing them to confront their tragic pasts and join forces to stop a Chinese billionaire’s secret underwater enterprise from causing an oceanic disaster with dire global consequences.
  • Saving Karma

    by Reid Bracken
    When Bree Thomas is betrayed, it becomes a race against time to save the people she put in harm’s way, rescue a young girl from a horrible fate and uncover the truth behind the death of her parents in Thailand years ago.

    by Rob Kaufman
    Twenty-five-year-old Frank Devlin is confused and alone in the world. He often leaves home with a specific destination in mind, only to find himself hours later somewhere else, with no idea how he got there. That’s just one of the many reasons he seeks the help of Justin Wright, New York City’s premier clinical psychiatrist. Taking on one of the most challenging cases of his career, Justin is determined to help Frank, a young man with multiple personalities (“alters”), live a happier, more ful... more
  • Kill Well: The Steep Climes Quartet: Book One

    by David Guenette
    Kill Well is a near-future climate change thriller about a young woman divestiture activist on the run from Big Oil dark money’s contract killer
  • A League of My Own

    by JT Terry
    A daughter's love for her mother will always be engraved in her DNA, for she is the most beautiful part that came from her mother, but in this case, she is also the most dangerous part. Solice King is a legacy assassin by birth and the Business Operations Manager of her family's wine business. As soon as she gets her footing in the world of assassins, the rug is pulled from under her with the mysterious death or murder of her mother. She is now forced to move through The League as an assassin... more
  • Broken Hope

    by Carrie Rubin

    A grieving doctor fights back against the world’s growing inhumanity…

    To her Boston patients, Dr. Hope Sullivan is a conscientious doctor with a caring bedside manner. To her victims, she is a fierce protector of those who have been wronged. After losing everyone close to her, these revenge “tune-ups” are the only thing that make her feel...well...feel anything at all.

    Until one day, a mysterious email threatens to expose her. I know w... more