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  • Hero of the Day?

    by Henry D. Trett
    Would you be willing to watch a stranger's senseless death, or would you be willing to kill and protect a life? Oh, and by the way, you now have mere seconds to make up your mind: 3...2...1...Times up! David Alan Taylor simply wanted to celebrate his birthday, but fate had other plans for him that night; forcing him to blindly choose between getting involved or watching things evolve. What would you do? ​ This is the simple choice presented to David; just a normal guy with a day job, s... more
  • Chicago Detective Jack Fallon in the Mystery of the Exotic Escort Murders

    by Bob Kelly
    Young Chicago Detective Jack Fallon takes on his first murder case with his new partner Elaina Rodriguez as part of an elite task force while also dealing with dire threats from a southside Chicago street gang. This adventurous tale of mystery and suspense is fast-paced and will keep adult readers of all ages riveted and anxious to find out what happens next.
  • Desert Deadline: A Dante & Jazz Mystery

    by Michael Craft

    Desert Deadline: A Dante & Jazz Mystery (series installment #2)

    Dante O’Donnell and Jazz Friendly make an unlikely pair of crime solvers, thrust together by iffy circumstances in the so-called paradise of sunny Palm Springs. He’s white and gay, a concierge at a vacation-rental outfit; she’s Black and straight, a private eye on the rebound from a failed marriage.

    Maude Movay, a reclusive author of romance novels, is facing a tight deadline for a m... more

  • Echoes of Navarre

    by Paul Richardson
  • Gillespie Field Groove

    by Corey Lynn Fayman

    When nurse and fledgling pilot Lucinda Rhodes hires guitar-playing private detective Rolly Waters to track down a Stratocaster guitar owned by her deceased father, Rolly is thrilled to take on her case, especially when he learns the guitar’s original owner may have been Jimi Hendrix. But Gerry Rhodes’s reckless personal history leads to more questions than Rolly and Lucinda have bargained for when San Diego Police detective Bonnie Hammond opens an investigation into his death.

    ... more
  • Sandi Jacobs

    by Aaliyah D. Murphy
    Sandi Jacobs wasn't always sick, but after escaping from the clutches of her abusive father she never got a good grip on reality. Diagnosed with schizophrenia at the tender age of seven, Sandi's nightmares aggressively follow her into her waking life. No matter how far they are from her father's influence his presence always seems to be there, although reality might be blurred for her this isn't the case for everyone. Every time she gets closer to seeing just how thin the line is between her il... more
  • Hidden In The Shadows

    by A.D. Vancise
    "All I can ever think about is murdering her." -C.B. Twenty-three-year-old Evie Day never dreamt she'd be back in Woodsville Arkansas, a small town in the middle of nowhere, after having left five years earlier, but the death of her grandfather called for her return. After discovering a photo from 1933 of a mysterious woman standing next to a tiny wooden box, a strange vial of blood wrapped up in a handkerchief in the pocket of her grandfather's overalls, and a key hidden in his desk drawer th... more
  • Death on the Causeway (Myrtle Beach Mysteries Book 4)

    by Caleb Wygal
    When Clark Thomas finds a beautiful young woman stranded alongside the highway, he takes it upon himself to help. He soon finds himself in a chase up and down the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand, trying to find the woman's fiance only to find himself trapped in a deadly scheme. Clark must unravel the clues leading up to an explosive climax that changes everything.
  • The Key to Kells

    by Kevin O'Connor
    DISCOVERY UPENDS EVERYTHING WE KNOW ABOUT MEMORY AND GENETICS. IT MIGHT COST KEY MURPHY HIS LIFE. Key Murphy is a freak, a prodigy. He has visions so real he’s diagnosed with PTSD. Key learns that his visions might be caused by a mutated gene which allows him to experience the memories of an ancestor. Key also has a family link to The Book of Kells. Pages from the book were stolen in Ireland in the distant past. Those pages are believed to contain clues to the location of a priceless relic ... more
  • Death Coach: A Detective Walker Novel

    by Morgan Rivers
    A psychosexual story that redefines the erotic thriller What happens when a detective gets unwittingly involved with the serial killer he’s hunting? That’s what Sergeant Walker is about to find out. Death Coach takes the reader on a fast-paced, sexy ride where the golden boy of Joliet P.D. has attracted the attention of Terana, a “life coach” whose talent is actually ending the lives of her clients. When this gorgeous psycho becomes obsessed with the handsome detective on her trail, she... more
  • Compunction

    by Ehmbee Way
    In a relatively short amount of time, James Singer has lost his wife, his job, his home and his subsequent place in the world. Now, with appearance of a shadowy phantasm who has taken to terrorizing him every night, he's beginning to fear that he, like his schizophrenic aunt, is also on the verge of losing his ability to discern what is real and what is not. As James’s condition continues to grow worse, he begins to mysteriously and uncontrollably phase in and out of several different worlds—... more
  • Juice

    by Carter McKnight

    Charlie Delmar, blackjack player, has an extraordinary ability. He can see—actually see—the denominations of face-down cards. He calls the ability "the Juice." It's a casino's worst nightmare.

  • Counterintelligence

    by Michele Packard
    In this explosive psychological political thriller, Matti Baker is the marque attraction of an ensemble cast that is kicking butt and taking names. Baker and her team must navigate a corrupt world where politicians are compromised by Big Tech and Big Pharma industries. It is a deadly conspiracy, a scheme carefully designed to take advantage of governments, especially the American government that is dangerously out of touch and out of power in the places where it counts the most. Would gove... more
  • Who Are You?

    by R. T. Lund
    The president of the Minneapolis city council is savagely murdered in a park a few hours before dawn. Forensic evidence suggests she knew the killer. Detective Lincoln Barnes and her cerebral partner, Warren, lead an investigation that focuses on the charismatic mayor and the victim's chief aide. Barnes' romantic encounter with a judge turns into an obsession after she discovers startling facts about his past. As she and Warren close in on the killer, events occur that make her question her ... more
  • Grateful

    by Marnie Olson
    Grace Elliott is a grief-stricken woman confronted with ongoing tragedy and loss, whose fantasies of being liberated from her agonizing existence are paralleled by the gruesome tale of the lovelorn Kent Clark. Kent regards himself a hopeless romantic, ceaselessly pursuing his perfect mate. As Kent’s deluded quest for love turns up nothing but bodies, homicide detective Erin Taylor relentlessly pursues the madman, determined to end the massacre. The psychological dance between criminal and crime-... more
  • Unleashed: A Teen Spy Thriller (Unleashed Book 1)

    by Susan Allred
    One town. One bully. One girl determined to stop it all. They said her family died in a car accident. 17-year-old Aleasha Summers believed them. Until... Handsome Drew Jacobson gave her proof that her father was actually the Director of a black-ops spy agency, and was training her to take his place. Now she works for the A.G.E.N.C.Y. and wants to know more about her dad's secret life. But while she's searching, she's given her first mission at a high school where violence has ... more