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  • Whiz Tanner and the Wounded Pigeon

    by Fred Rexroad
    It's Spring. It's Saturday. School is out in two weeks. Life is good. Joey Dent and his best friend Whiz Tanner are on a leisurely bike ride down Hyde Drive when they find an injured bird flapping in the grass beside a tree. The bird just so happens to be a carrier pigeon--wounded--by shotgun pellets. The pigeon is also carrying a mysterious coded message! The Tanner-Dent Detective Agency is in full gear, with another case to solve. Can Agents M and K handle it, or will this case prove to be ... more
  • Whiz Tanner and the Uncommitted Crime

    by Fred Rexroad
    Whiz and Joey witness an apparent breaking and entering. They instantly assume the roles of Agent M and Agent K of the Tanner-Dent Detective Agency. The victim doesn't want them investigating, which makes them more curious. They uncover spies, secret identities and the plans for a terrible crime. But nothing is as it appears as they ride for their lives up roads, through woods and cow pastures, until they find themselves on a wobbly swinging bridge. How do all their clues fit together? Can Whiz ... more
  • Whiz Tanner and the Secret Tunnel

    by Fred Rexroad
    Whiz and Joey involve the Tanner-Dent Detective Agency in a bid to settle a bet. Is there a time-traveling DeLorean sitting in Farmer Zimmer's old barn? But, it's not so easy to find out--the barn sits in the middle of a BULL pasture! Our heroes learn quickly that bulls are the least of their worries, as this simple task gets them trapped in a secret tunnel and eyeball deep in a mystery involving an abandoned US Air Force Radar Station and stolen military Top Secrets.
  • Whiz Tanner and the Vanishing Diamond

    by Fred Rexroad
    Whiz and Joey take a trip down memory lane when they try to get back into the magic business. Right away they are pulled back into detective mode--but it looks like magic has taken place. How could a diamond disappear without anyone near it? And this is only the beginning! As they close in on solving the crime, it takes a drastic turn for the worse. Will the perpetrator figure out they know too much and try to eliminate the Tanner-Dent Detective Agency? They must take that chance and follow the... more
  • Whiz Tanner and the Phony Masterpiece

    by Fred Rexroad
    In the small town of Jasper Springs, two typical kids, Whiz Tanner and Joey Dent, go from model rockets to magic to sports as many kids do. However, things are much different when they form the Tanner-Dent Detective Agency. This agency is not just kid's play. Whiz and Joey solve real-life crimes. In their first big-time encounter they find themselves caught up in an art world mystery--complete with lost masterpieces and forgeries. Will they live to solve the crime? They are not so sure.
  • Whiz Tanner and the Olympic Snow Caper

    by Fred Rexroad
    Whiz and Joey (AKA Agent M and Agent K) get snowed in during a winter vacation at the local ski resort. The slopes are closed until the snow stops and the crews can make them safe. So what do our young heroes do to pass the time? They team up with a sister and her brother to solve a crime, of course. This Olympic-sized investigation takes them all over Marsh River Mountain and nearly ends their careers. Can Madi and Wyatt help them before the culprit makes his final escape?
  • Online lady astrologer in India

    by Guru Maa saroj devi
    There are people who always prefer to come to the Guru Maa Saroj Devi, she is an expert famous astrologer who has helped the people to make the things better.
  • White Top (Miranda Chase #8)

    by M. L. Buchman
    Miranda Chase—the heroine you didn’t expect. Fighting the battles no one else could win. The White Top helicopters of HMX-1 are known by a much more familiar name: Marine One. The S-92A, the newest helicopter in the HMX fleet, enters service after years of testing. When their perfect safety record lies shattered across the National Mall, Miranda Chase and her team of NTSB crash investigators go in. They must discover if it was an accident, a declaration of war, or something even worse.
  • Havoc (Miranda Chase #7)

    by M. L. Buchman
    Miranda Chase—the heroine you didn’t expect. Fighting the battles no one else could win. Desperate to recreate the expanse and power of the USSR, Russia drives their military to the limits. A series of unexplained aircraft losses in the Middle East and Eastern Europe sends Miranda Chase’s NTSB crash investigation team to find the answers. As they race from debris field to wreckage, they discover a dangerous plot. Russia’s plans to crush NATO could spark the next world war. And only Miranda... more
  • Chinook (Miranda Chase #6)

    by M. L. Buchman
    Miranda Chase—the heroine you didn’t expect. Fighting the battles no one else could win. When the fastest and most powerful helicopters in the US Army’s fleet start falling out of the sky, Miranda Chase and her team of NTSB crash investigators are called in. One crash leads to another and they are fast entangled in a Chinese conspiracy to start a war. Only Miranda’s team can stop the trade war from becoming a real one.
  • The Rhombus

    by Phil Mitchell
    In the Dominican Republic, the Worlds most valuable uncut diamonds are stolen . The thieves draw unwanted attention to themselves and they have to bury the stones. But their recovery proves difficult. One member falls in love with Angelica, the daughter of the biggest crook on the island. One of the stones is worth $30 million, Greed , murder, jungle bandits, corrupt police and Caribbean pirates conspire to relieve them of their prize. The stage is set in the Dominican Republic. Billy, Dave, ... more
  • Murder My Past

    by Delia C. Pitts
    Harlem private eye SJ Rook wants to forget his past. Ex-soldier, ex-drunk, ex-tramp are titles he’s eager to bur. He’s building a new life at a neighborhood detective agency. And he’s working on a solid relationship with his crime-fighting partner, Sabrina Ross. Then, without warning, Rook’s past returns with a vengeance in the enticing form of his ex-wife. Annie Perry is a self-made millionaire who is confident and alluring enough to rekindle feelings Rook thought he’d left far behind. When... more
  • If She Dies

    by Erik Therme
    Nine months ago, Tess’s five-year-old daughter was killed in a car accident. The driver, Brady Becker, was sentenced to two years in prison. It didn't make Tess’s pain go away. Brady also has a daughter: A twelve-year-old named Eve who walks to Chandler Middle School every day. Tess knows this because she's been watching Eve for the last three weeks. It isn’t fair that Brady’s daughter gets to live, while Tess’s daughter does not. When Eve goes missing, all eyes turn to Tess, who doesn’t h... more
  • Memories Live Here

    by marc Sheinbaum
    What if you could talk to people from the past? Lincoln. Churchill. Gandhi. Your dead mother. Josh Brodsky is at the top of his game. At his new Silicon Valley job, he’s on the verge of an invention that uses artificial intelligence to bring back the greatest leaders in history. But his top-secret code becomes encrypted by a devastating ransomware attack—was the malware planted by Josh’s troubled brother Donny? When the brothers uncover their dead mother’s diaries, the family careens toward... more
  • Pippa Parvin and the Mystery of the Missing Quill Pen

    by D.Z. Mah

    When a priceless artifact disappears, a play-date becomes an investigation. You and Pippa are at your friend, Robert’s, manor house when his family discovers that an antique quill pen is missing. Robert’s great-great-great grandfather cut the quill himself and presented it to your great-great-great grandfather, his loyal game warden. You, Pippa, and Robert are all heartbroken at its loss.

    But Pippa’s on the case, and she needs your help. Will you question witnesses fir... more

  • Fit Girls: Exercise is Murder

    by Ann Audree
    EXERCISE IS MURDER… especially in a SPIN CLASS! Accepting a job at an exclusive mountain resort should be fun… until a guest dies after taking your spin class! Fitness trainer Paisley Summerhill finds herself in hot water. If her class really caused the guest's death, she'll never get another job at a posh resort. Luckily, she's good at puzzles… and when she learns the deceased had a string of lovers, using the resort to meet them behind his wife’s back, she taps into resort gossip and finds ... more