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  • Fool's Gold

    by PJ Skinner
    She aspires to be Indiana Jones But she’s more like Bridget Jones Until she finds the mysterious Inca steps It’s 1987. Sam Harris graduates as a geologist in mineral exploration. Undeterred by the difficulties presented by her gender, she is determined to make her mark in a man’s world. Despite her qualifications, finding a job proves almost impossible. In an act of desperation, Sam accepts a contract with a dodgy entrepreneur exploring for gold in the remote rainforests of Sierramar. ... more
  • The Zima Confession


    Can one man bring down the world's financial systems?

    Glasgow 1977 - a young Trotskyite, Richard Slater, comes up with the idea that if he hid in deep cover until he was in a position of responsibility, he could unleash a devastating act of sabotage capable of starting a revolution. Party activists develop the plan - code name Zima and lie in wait…

    London 2013 - Richard is in London, working for a financial so... more


    by John Mollard
    Hollywood, California, August 2005. The double murder of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and his fiancee leaves LAPD homicide detectives baffled. Assigned to assist in the investigation, FBI Special Agent Haley Murch has a theory—were the slayings a copycat of the 1969 Manson murders or were they the work of somebody else altogether, someone elusive? For the past six years, she had researched the exploits of a notorious serial killer the media had come to call “The Hollywood Walk of Fame ... more
  • The Lost Moments

    by Blakely Buckles
    Haley has survived a horrific accident, but she was not the only one involved. She has no recollection of the events that led to the accident and few memories of her life before it. After fleeing the scene, she seeks shelter in an unfamiliar town. Haley is charmed by small town life and quickly forms friendships with the locals, but she can’t stop thinking about who she left behind. Becoming distracted by the town’s history, she searches for clues to solve its mysteries, but she still struggl... more
  • Deception: A Hollywood Mystery

    by Britt Lind

    Josh Sibley, singer/songwriter, is handsome, talented, smart and headed for oblivion. Alcohol provides relief when his demons threaten to overwhelm his every effort to break free of his past. To pay his bills, he works as caretaker at the zoo, which is a perfect job for Josh who loves animals more than any person he has ever met. When his friend Jennie Seger arranges for him to write songs for a multi-million-dollar feature, all his doubts and fears fall away and he embraces the opportunity l... more

  • The Neander Conspiracy

    by Scot Baddesta

    On the surface, a solar power plant in the Nubian Desert seems unremarkable, but a subterranean wing of the facility is the unconventional setting for a bold medical experiment. Using cloned Neanderthals as a genetic Rosetta Stone, scientists are attempting to decode – and potentially cure - human afflictions such as osteoporosis, schizophrenia and others.

    When discovery of an unusual pregnancy at the base - coupled with rumors of a shadowy organization infiltrating their ranks - ... more

  • Florida Lottery Winning Numbers and Results

    by Rob Davis

    Deciding how you can win the Florida lottery sets out by choosing the right Florida winning lottery volumes. You possibly can increase your odds of choosing the suitable details by economizing your Money to start with and playing it at one time. It is also a wise move to wait until the jackpot reaches a definite amount before purchasing a lottery ticket. These are more and easier money-making techniques in winning the Florida lotto.


    The state of Florida works by using the c... more

  • Broken Arrow: A Nukes goes Missing

    by Manfred Leuthard
    A mere hunch is all that insinuates an act of Nuclear Terrorism might be in the offing. Those who guard America’s nuclear weapons search for help in the race to stop the culprits and they find it at the airport. Capable help. This thriller is about the theft of a nuclear weapons component from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in order to offer it for sale to the highest bidder. It reveals a complex plot, allowing the reader to be the only one able to see the full story unfold. Our princi... more
  • Demons of Divine Wrath

    by Edward Izzi
    When Chicago mobster Don Carlo Marchese is found hanging from the 18th story window of the Blackstone Hotel, Reporter Paul Crawford of the Chicago Sun Times is assigned to investigate. He finds out that Don Carlo was brokering art works for the Vatican’s Pope Emeritus Honorius V (Josef Cardinal Schroder). Because of all the innumerate sexual molestation lawsuits that have been settled by many archdiocese's internationally, the Vatican has been in dire need of money, and began the process of ... more
  • A Rose From The Executioner

    by Edward Izzi
    Detective Philip Dorian of the 17th Chicago Precinct is called to investigate the killing and mutilation of John Marquardt, an old former priest in the Albany Park neighborhood. After investigating the circumstances, he discovers that the victim was a former pedophile priest within the Archdiocese of Chicago and was accused of child molestation back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Back in 1983, Cardinal John Brody accepts Fr. Marquardt’s voluntary resignation from the priesthood, on condition tha... more
  • Quando Dormo

    by Edward Izzi
    Dr. David Fazio is a maternity physician at Chicago-Western Medical Hospital. He is a handsome, divorced baby doctor who has more than his share of personal flaws. But Dr. Fazio has one good moral quality going for him: He is a pro-life obstetrician. In a state where late term abortions are now legal, he is currently being pressured by the hospital to perform abortions to any patient requesting one. Dr. Fazio has one other problem...he has horrific sleep issues and has been known to be a sleep... more
  • Of Bread & Wine

    by Edward Izzi
    Chicago criminal attorney Michael Prescott is in Rome, visiting his best friend, Monsignor Robert Cavalieri, a Special Diplomat to the Vatican. He is informed that Giovanni Cardinal Masellis, the “Mafia Cardinal”, who was once the most evil cardinal in his day, has made a deathbed confession regarding the details of the poisoning murder of Pope John Paul I. His confession is secretly recorded by the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” and their ambitious editor, Max Gianforte, who is desperately t... more
  • El Camino Drive

    by Edward Izzi

    Detroit Detective John Valentino knows El Camino Drive all too well. His father was murdered there on Halloween, 1978. Antonio Valentino was killed after work by three men, alleging he was having an affair with one of their wives. Claiming self-defense, the murderers are exonerated, believing that a toy pistol in the victim’s pocket was an actual weapon. After the murder trial, a family vendetta is loudly placed against his father’s killers. Forty years later, Detective Valentino ... more

  • Dinopotamus Solves a Mystery

    by Lois Wickstrom
    When it's naptime, Dinopotamus always gets the warm spot in the room. He decides to let the children have his favorite spot. But the spot is no longer warm. This is a mystery. Together, Dinopotamus and the children discover that it's always warm where Dinopotamus sleeps. He lies down on the children's favorite spot during story time, making it warm for the children's naptime.
  • Things to Do When You'd Rather be Dead

    by Michael Guillebeau
    THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU’D RATHER BE DEAD is a dark comedy mystery. Officer Joe was a Birmingham homicide detective chasing a serial killer called the Angel of Mercy who preyed on children. The killer turned on Joe and killed his wife and daughter. Birmingham PD believes that Joe killed the Angel, but Joe believes that he killed an innocent man. He spirals into obsession and falls apart as a cop and a man. Rather than fire him, Birmingham PD makes him a community affairs officer for a year, dressin... more
  • Phantom Pass

    by Andre Louw
    After the mutilated body of a high profile victim is found floating on the scenic estuary of a tourist town in South Africa, detectives chase their prime suspect, an old Apartheid-era security police operative. Captain Josh Holland is a trainee detective with a background in law, thrown late in life into a major murder investigation under the wing of Colonel Gavin Whitall of the Serious Crimes Unit of the South African Police Service. As the investigation progresses, and the security policeman... more