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  • Jess

    by Terence Goodchild
    A young girl and her dog Jess are being naughty in her bedroom and her father takes the dog and locks it in the shed, Rachael lets it out at night because it is crying and once again brings it up to her room, her father has had enough and takes the dog outside and shoots it, what happens next over many years is every time someone upsets Rachael the dog appears as a monster and kills the person, unknown to her a young policeman Joss discovers from a professor that an Egyptian Queen from 3 thousan... more
  • The Jew

    by Dominik Poleski
    The book is based on real-life events that took place in the historically pivotal years 1967?1969 amid widespread students? protests in Europe and America, the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union, the Vietnam War at its height, and sociopolitical turmoil in Poland, resulting in several thousand Jews fleeing the country. It?s a deeply personal and harrowing survival story of a Jewish teenager, Alek, and his mother, Zofia Brodski, in a small, isolated, and backward community in a commun... more
  • Betrayed

    by Eve DeLange
    The book is about two FBI agents, Ragetti and Smitty, who are handed a case that involved some big names around town. It?s up to them to discover just what the crime is and figure out how all the names tie together. Follow the two agents as they piece together clues that lead them to solving two cases all at one time. You never know who the next criminal will be, and there are times when you cannot even trust the agents working right beside you. Many of the people will surprise you when you see ... more
  • Schotsi: A Family Wilderness Dog Story

    by Tracy Bright
    This is a brave story of love and courage of a family and their dog surviving alone in one of the last great wildernesses of California.

    by Bryan Quinn
    There aren’t many things in this world Marco Arrigoni would kill for, but there are even fewer things he would die for. THE PACKAGE is one of them. All hell breaks loose when Marco, a jaded priest, unearths beneath the archives of his medieval church a long-forgotten tomb containing incontrovertible evidence of an explosive conspiracy stretching back millennia. He joins forces with his friend and secret love, Aysel Bigili, an archeologist, to authenticate his find. Before long, they find them... more
  • The Third Trumpet

    by Anthony DiVerniero
    Mother Nature has unleashed a fury that knows no bounds. Governments around the globe are entrenched in chaos as fundamentalist and homegrown factions plot revolution. The European Union is becoming an economic superpower without a conscience. Hidden agendas threaten to destroy the Constitution itself. A presidential election looms as discontented Americans call out for change. Congress teeters on the precipice of anarchy. Retired Colonel Giacomo DeLaurentis is forced back into service when a m... more
  • Cognition: A Thriller on the Future of Intelligence

    by Jacques St-Malo

    World powers compete to control the genetics of intellect, and a man's DNA holds a key piece of the puzzle. He slowly comes to grips with the unusual nature of his mind, and tries to remain anonymous. But when government agencies and a terrorist organization learn of his existence, he becomes the target of a global manhunt. Who will get to him first, and with what consequences for the world?

  • In The Dark

    by Daniel Fox
    "My name is Steve Lewis. I know this because it's one of the few things I remember. I have a wife, a son and I run a successful business. I know this because that's what they tell me. I remember things that aren’t true. I forget things that are. I see things and people that aren’t real. You see, I have brain damage ...and that’s the only rational explanation for things like this."
  • Lies That Bind

    by Daniel Fox
    Jason Stills just wants a normal life. He wants to stop running. He wants to stop hiding. He wants to stop pretending. Finally, it seemed as if his wishes may have come true. With the help of his best friend, Ivy Price, Jason has settled down into a somewhat normal life. Until the day the man in the pink sunglasses showed up ...again. Why is this man after him and his family? How does he seem to have an almost supernatural ability to find them, no matter where they hide? And wh... more
  • Jacob Foley

    by Terence Goodchild
    Jacob and Bobby are brothers left in an orphanage by their mother Bobby is taken away from Jacob as soon as their mother leaves them to the anger of Jacob who was told to look after his brother. They only see each other once a month at visiting days but no one comes to see them, after six months Jacob is told by the doctor that Bobby has died of some rare illness and had to be cremated which makes Jacob very sad. But things are not what they seem the doctor and some of the nuns have a lucrative ... more
  • Deep Waters

    by Deborah Shlian
    For centuries an ancient shipwreck in azure Greek waters has concealed an astonishing truth. The drowning of an underwater cameraman, then the murder of a highly respected academic – seemingly isolated tragedies. But when radio talk show host Sammy Greene and ex-cop Gus Pappajohn investigate, they uncover an ancient and modern mystery – conflicts between pagans and saints, archeologists and treasure hunters. From the marble steps of the Parthenon to the peaks of the hidden monasteries of Mount ... more
  • Second Bloom

    by Sally Handley
    Holly Donnelly, a 55-year old adjunct English professor, and her younger sister, 52-year old Ivy Donnelly, a recently widowed, retired nurse are reluctantly drawn into the investigation of an elderly neighbor’s murder when Juan Alvarez, Holly’s trusted gardener, is accused of the crime. Holly fears police detective, Nick Manelli, assumes Juan is guilty and won’t conduct a proper investigation, while Ivy feels the “hunky” Manelli is not only a good cop, but also a possible romantic match for her... more
  • The 107th Street Murder

    by L. D. Barnes
    In mid-October of 1978, the body of a young blonde tumbles from a garbage truck parked at the edge of the landfill know as Mt. Trashmore on Chicago's southeast side. Newly paired partners, Rachael Culpepper and Tony Breese of the Chicago Police Detective Unit are assigned the case. They must navigate the twists, turns and lies of 107th Street to find her murderer. This 70's era Chicago murder mystery presents a realistic portrait of the south side communities of Beverly and Mt. Greenwood with th... more
  • West of Famous

    by Joni M Fisher
    A young woman plays the role of her life when kidnappers mistake her for a celebrity. Those who know where she is don’t value her life. Those who do, don’t know she’s missing.