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  • Pandora's Box

    by Luke Christodoulou
    The small picturesque town of Parga is a paradise with turquoise waters and friendly welcoming locals. The discovery of a naked young girl's body on the town's landmark will unleash hidden secrets that threaten to turn the seaside village into a hellish nightmare. Join the investigating duo of Police Captain Arianna Kontou and Lieutenant Adrian Metsoviti on a journey of suspense and mystery as the thrilling case unravels.
  • Planning a gift for your husband? This list has everything from best men bow ties in India to some naught gifts!

    by akansha Singh
    Like a woman needs no occasion to be pampered, men too need to be showered with love whenever his partner comes. We have all our hearts for gender equality. The internet is flooded with blogs and articles that help you find the perfect gift for your partner. However, this blog is going to be different as we are considering a number of pragmatic as well as naughty gifting options for men. Formal Accessories If your partner is amongst the men whose offices have re-opened, this is the best giftin... more
  • How To Get Started With Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

    by olivia smith
    You may have heard about Amazon Enhanced Brand Content. It's a new feature that allows you to create and share your product descriptions, content, and other information on the site. This is an effortless way to gain more publicity for your business!! In this article, we're going to show you how to start using it today by taking a look at some of the basics behind this new feature. What is Amazon En... more
  • Don't Judge a Book by Its Hover (Witchy Expo Services Mysteries Case 1: Bookshop Con)

    by Amy McNulty

    Witchy Expo Services. We host your convention, expo, or trade show—with a dash of magic!

    Set up in a matter of days, our expos can host even the largest of crowds in our witch-run village of Cauldron Cove. We can offer what no other expo planners can: breathtaking illusions, instant teleportation from one end of the center to the other, floating item storage, and all the exceptional, magical touches that will make your event one-of-a-kind. Inquire about Cauldron Cove hosting your ... more

  • Volta

    by Nikki Dudley
    When Briony Campbell confesses to killing her boyfriend, an apparently straightforward crime soon turns into a baffling mystery. Haunted by demons from his past, lawyer SJ Robin is assigned to the case. But as confusion – and the body count – rises, he’s forced to question who is guilty and who is innocent. Can he see justice served and hold on to the woman he loves?
  • Now I Found You

    by Mila Oliver
    Seven years after her little sister drowned in a lake, Kate is finally beginning to heal from Emily's tragic death. Until one night, she spies a familiar face. It's Emily. Kate Hartfield returns to her hometown in the Catskills for the first time since her sister's death, for a work retreat at her boss's lake house. When she sees a girl on the dock next door who looks exactly like Emily, everything she has come to accept as the truth shatters. The girl is all grown up, but Kate knows he... more
  • Slippery Slopes

    by Ronald O. Kaiser
    “Since the pervert forced himself into her life, she was going to make him her inspiration. She was going to find a way to make him the example of what no man should ever do to a woman. For years, she had been trying to find a foolproof way to avenge what he had done to her.” As glasses clink and horns sound through the New Year at a rich Pennsylvania resort, a cloddish robbery and inconceivable revenge cross paths—and cross again. Stoney Creek was founded during The Great Depression when sc... more
  • The Tests

    by Robert W Kirby
    At the start of the summer of ‘88, Alex Clayton was desperate to find his place in the world. Constantly bullied and reeling from the recent loss of his mum, he sought friendship from local girl Sheryl Denton, and her colourful group of friends, Ben, Janette, Corkscrew and Gavin. But to join their group, Alex first needed to undertake four notorious initiation trials, known as the tests. That year changed everything for Alex and shaped his entire life. The events that unfolded during that lon... more
  • Bear Witness

    by J. and D. Burges
    Witnessing a barroom scuffle was not what Navajo paralegal Naomi Manymules expected, but the chaos in Sage Landing was just getting started. A famous Hollywood producer has brought in truckloads of outsiders to make his next blockbuster. As if her movie-dazzled kids and her criminal dog aren’t problems enough, Naomi worries that her boss, attorney Grant Carson, won’t take on enough legal work to keep the office going. Things look up when a lucrative Hollywood lawsuit comes their way, but familia... more
  • Fox & Wolf

    by Andrew Green
    An old school crime caper that lurches from scamming the 70 million lottery to accidental death with Detective's Fox and Wolf trying to discover whether the mother and daughter they've fallen for, is involved. Jimmy Rocket and his two dopey thugs are also trying to find out what the women know and what they can be threatened into revealing.
  • The Characters of Milestoneville: Collector's Edition

    by Golden November

    Most books you read, this book you act it out. The Characters of Milestoneville: Collector’s Edition is a fiction action-drama novel. There are many memorable and well-developed characters; each will intrigue you as they become familiar. The story starts when Flower Rose, a savvy and no-nonsense book collector, gets her hands on a lost valuable book. As she puts the book up for sale, the main characters get introduced to the story; G and JBT are book hunters and will stop at nothing to ... more

  • The Souvenir Game

    by Christopher Renna
    The Wyatt Five is an exclusive clique of wealthy, spoiled teenagers. Fueled by boredom, they create the Souvenir Game. The goal is to visit Englewood Park, the poverty-stricken section of town, sneak into a house and steal a low-income souvenir. Spencer discovers more than he anticipated—a neglected eleven-year-old boy. Soon, Spencer finds himself surprisingly drawn to Dalton's troubled life, which forces him to reevaluate his own privileged upbringing. Sympathetic and protective, he takes Da... more
  • Der Umbau ging super schnell

    by Gedi Bad
    Dusch Umbau mit 4000€ Zuschuss sichern! Ihr Badezimmer wird innerhalb von 8 Stunden renoviert. Uns Sie zahlen nichts! Mit unserer schnellen Arbeitsweise können Sie am nächsten Morgen ohne Einschränkungen und mit hohem Komfort duschen. Gedibad macht dies möglich und sorgt für altersgerechten Duscherlebnis. Wie funktioniert das? 1.Um den Zuschuss von 4000€ von der Krankenkasse zu erhalten benötigt man einen Pflegegrad 2.Anschließend wird ein Antrag auf wohnumfeldverbessernde Maßnahme... more
  • Don't Tell

    by D. Z. Church
    LT Robin Haas has a problem. Her Leading Chief has disappeared days before his Review Board. It’s not like him to run. His neighbors aren’t much help, but CWO Dan Cisco, back from Saigon, is at her side burdened by a secret of his own. One that will change both their lives. Laury Cooper, is cleaning up the mess he created in Saigon, when CDR Byron Cooper calls from an aircraft carrier on station in the South China Sea. That’s when everything turns nasty. Don’t Tell is the fourth novel in the ... more
  • PsycheDeliah

    by Kite Jenson

    Can a Billion Dollars and a Secret Psychedelic Drug Make Men Stop Raping? 

    Paul is a privileged but sensitive white male whose life is turned upside down when Deliah, his struggling mixed-race wife, suddenly disappears. Divorce papers arrive shortly, but with no explanation and no way to reach her, Paul can't move on. Finding her naked dead body in a dispensary tycoon's BDSM dungeon only adds to his suspicion that she had far bigger plans than making it in ... more

  • nebosh safety course in kerala

    by Safety Course
    NEBOSH  course offers International General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety.This the globally accepted qualification in Health Safety and Environment. NEBOSH  course help the candidate to aquire the knowledge of risk management and understanding of health and safety principles and practices.The safety workers must be able to handle any hazards at workplace.These NEBOSH/OSH courses are very helpful for the candidates those who are looking for a job in safety field. HSE consulting and ... more