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  • Snowfall in Virginia

    by Jim Davidson
    Chris Hamilton’s life was perfect….For a while. He had a beautiful home in the country, his own business, a daughter and a beautiful girlfriend in Sophia. His recent trip to Texas saw three men die and the discovery of a hidden treasure…He had returned to Virginia unscathed, before realizing the hardest part of the game was still being played out……Now, all he had to do was find a way to keep it! He soon finds the past is not only close behind him but has been watching him the entire time. Thing... more
  • A Party to Murder: The Eighth Pete Culnane Mystery

    by S.L. Smith
    A Party to Murder Learning his wife of forty-six years, the gravitational center of his life and his family, has stage 3 cancer, Palmer Comstock, the hard-driving CEO of a Fortune 1000 company retires. He intends to make whatever time his wife has left, the best it can be. On the way to his retirement party, Palmer is shot and left for dead. Friends, family, and business associates are amazed he was targeted. Does the rationale lie within the company he helped grow from a struggling concern ... more
  • Terror Bay

    by Lisa Towles
    After surviving a gunshot wound to the head, San Francisco homicide detective Kurt Farin is placed in a medically induced coma. In his unconscious state, he can't shake the vivid image of a mysterious woman – Genevieve Lucas - who appears to be summoning him. How does he know her name, and is she even real? Driven by an unshakable intuition, Kurt travels to Puget Sound to find her and uncover the truth. As he digs deeper, he realizes that his fate is inextricably tied to the enigmatic woman…a... more
  • Blood of the Father

    by Donald McInnis
    A woman barges into the law office of San Diego attorney A.J. Hawke. The woman says she killed her philandering husband, U.S. Senator Nevan Pansky. But did she? The young lawyer must sift through the lies to learn who killed the senator, and why—which leaves him with a seemingly unsolvable legal and moral dilemma.
  • Facelift

    by Liza Andrews & Trace Sherer


    What if an obsession with good looks turned into madness? Or if for someone to become rich, others would have to die? Beauty and wealth have been powerful magnets since the beginning of time. With a crime transforming the lives of three dangerous characters, this quick-paced suspense deconstructs the myths about these magical worlds, unveiling the dark side behind glamorous façades.

  • The Jeremy Sparkles Show

    by Javier Gombinsky
    Crime thriller author Robert Keeney has a recipe for success: he daydreams about being interviewed on The Jeremy Sparkles show, and uses his questions as inspiration for stories. But when the line between fiction and reality starts to blur, Robert questions his own sanity. Could Jeremy have a mind of his own?
  • An Undetermined Manner of Death

    by Peter Tinits
    An Undetermined Manner of Death is a noir mystery featuring a humorous blend of lying , cheating, killing and domestic drama. An excommunicated Mennonite drug user is found dead in his locked apartment. He is heavily decomposed and is lying exactly parallel to a vintage Winchester rifle. The scene might have been staged, but there are no suspects or any apparent motive for murder. The decedent’s attractive daughter is the beneficiary of his three-month-old life insurance policy, which a suicide ... more

    THE CHIEF INSPECTOR MUZAFFER The girl's lifeless body did not leave his eyes. AN IMMERSIVE CRIME NOVEL FULL OF SECRETS Muzaffer. He is the commissioner of the homicide bureau, who has not been able to get rid of the bad traces of the past. The justice he sought had led him into an abyss without end. Now he has returned to his beloved profession. While he was trying to get everything right, he found himself in the dark world of a serial killer who had dug deep into the human mind. E... more
  • Duncan

    by Dennis McCort

    "Duncan" is a psychosexual thriller about a young boy, his stuffed-toy gorilla (title character) and a pedophiliac serial killer named Samuel Clause, a.k.a. “Santa,” who happens to be a gifted jazz bass player. The novel has two strands: one, itinerant, that follows Santa from gig to gig on his depraved odyssey, raping and killing his way up the East coast to Canada; the other, homebound, in upstate Syracuse, focusing on the Driscoll family, Mark, Julie and their son Nat... more

  • 978-1-4917-5367-5[sc]

    by Roger Colley
  • Gallows of Rainbow

    by Ogonna Juliet Nnamani
    Uyo Ameh, a Nigerian student seeking a fresh start in Sweden, is haunted by a horrifying past. Once an innocent victim of a heinous crime, she now stands at the crossroads of vengeance and redemption. When she uncovers a hidden truth not meant for her ears, she is thrust deeper into a world of darkness and despair. Fueled by a desire for retribution, Uyo plots to avenge the wrongs done to her, even if it means taking matters into her own hands.  As her plan unfolds, Uyo must confront the very... more
  • Her Spoke'en Dreams

    by Suzanne Taylor
    Fear All Evil 6:00 p.m. The shadows were deepening, and he moved back into them, his black pants and shirt melting into the dark. His face was narrow with high-cut cheekbones, his skin so burned and blackened by the sun appeared to be flayed along the edges. His eyes, deep-set and black as pitch, made folks step back and swear they'd seen the devil in them! They weren't far from wrong. This alley, was perfect for his needs. Only one entrance that looked out onto the street, no back doors... more
  • Deadly Sands

    by Josh Zimmerman

    In Deadly Sands, the black flags of ISIS are returning. Sinister and apocalyptic forces are massing in the desert wasteland. Radical soldiers are ready to die. Their goal is to take back what they believe to be theirs.

    Mercenaries join the fight. A young American is torn between two worlds. A decorated Navy SEAL fights the same enemy he fought ten years ago, but this time it’s with a different set of skills in the CIA. An inexperienced intelligence analyst is led down a twist... more

  • When I Killed You

    by Liam Fialkov
    Thirty years ago, nine-year-old Alice disappeared. Alice’s mother, Mrs. Helen Avery, suspects a self-fulfilling prophecy is at play. The father, a physics professor, searches for answers by conducting research that ventures into parallel universes. The older sister, an author, writes stories that shed light on the family’s past interactions. Two investigative journalists try to figure out the mystery and understand why the police and FBI had failed. What happened to Alice? "When I Kille... more
  • Invisible Influence

    by Larry Moran
    While on a government-sponsored trip to Paris, Spencer Graves, a divorced midlevel government economist, has an affair with a beautiful French woman. When he returns home, the affair is used to blackmail him with the threat of a jail sentence and the loss of custody of his daughter and son. He is forced to break government rules and into unlawful activity apparently for the blackmailer financial benefit. Then the threat of physical harm to his children coerces him into contributing to an economi... more