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  • The Lake Never Tells

    by Alex Tully
    Zoe has lived in Sunny Shores Trailer Park her whole life and she knows what the Memorial Day weekend brings—snobby rich kids who serve as a constant reminder of how pathetic her life really is. So when she meets Ethan, the awkward boy from the exclusive community of Crystal Waters, she can’t help being intrigued. He’s different, but in a good way. Along with her stand-in little brother Parker, and her best friend Meredith, the four of them form an unlikely friendship. But one morning, their id... more
  • Ghost Cat

    by Helen Currie Foster
    Real estate's hot in once peaceful Coffee Creek, Texas--hotter than lawyer Alice MacDonald Greer has ever seen. An unscrupulous developer is muscling in, abusing undocumented workers and menacing his neighbors. ignoring threats, Alice challenges him in court. When one of her clients is shot dead, and another nearly suffocated in a wine vat, Alice has a target on her back. A devious mastermind is intent on stopping her--permanently. Is she snakebit? She'll need more than legal skills to foil a sc... more
  • A Deadly Miracle

    by Bob Laurie
    18-year-old Jace Hunter has a crush on Sage Petrov the hottest, and most popular girl in school, but he's been too shy to approach her before now. On the first day of senior year, Jace hopes his new customized car will catch her attention. It does. Sage knows how to get what she wants from Jace. A package needs to be delivered to a destination three hours away, and there's twenty-five hundred dollars when the deal is done. Against his better judgment, and because Sage asked, Jace agrees. \... more
  • The Pond Scum Gang

    by Gregory Saur
    Mystery and adventure collide when a group of boys discover an old abandoned road in the woods of a historic battlefield. Planning a camping trip, they run into wild dogs, face down a "beast", and uncover a sinister plot. Join the Pond Scum Gang on a grand adventure full of humor, danger, and trouble. Lots of trouble.
  • Soccer Star

    by Gregory Saur
    Brittany Tiff's life is turned upside down when a son of an international soccer celebrity is kidnapped and winds up on her doorstep. Together with her brother, she must find a way to protect the boy from vicious killers...and from himself. When two very different words meet, mystery, soccer, and danger collide.
  • Best Shot Forward

    by Gregory Saur
    Two boys are brought together through basketball, but ultimately face a sinister foe in a game of life and death. An epic middle school story where basketball becomes much more than a game.
  • Diving Catch

    by Gregory Saur
    Devon Horner is thirteen, but looks younger, making him a perfect target for drug dealers. Fortunately for him, he has a grandma who keeps him out of trouble. Unfortunately for him, he also has Preston Whiteside, the big neighborhood drug dealer, breathing down his neck. Just saying "no" isn't so easy when you have a gang of toughs chasing you down. Devon ends up hiding at a school baseball game, setting off a chain of events that may change his life forever...or end it. Henry Lee is an all-st... more
  • Pick a Packet or Two

    by Tim Hind
    Luke Frankland - a former military intelligence officer, whose closely held personal secrets far outweigh any that he encountered in his career. When a British bank, investing in emerging markets and hoping to help some of the world’s poorest, starts haemorrhaging money, Luke Frankland is called in to find out who is to blame. He soon finds himself in the middle of a multinational game of treachery, extortion and murder. His home life should be his refuge, but that is about to get equally ... more
  • Special Means

    by Andrew Ceroni
    'CIA agents must play catch-up in time to stop powerful men in Homeland Security and the Defense Department from staging the overthrow of the President and his administration!' Riveting! Escalating gang violence in Denver, Colorado, and in other large cities in the nation captures the attention of the first term President. He wants a solution, and he wants it NOW. Legislation would take years. The Director of Homeland Security suggests that the remedy to the deteriorating situation may be a hig... more
  • Darkness in Velez-Malaga

    by Paul S Bradley
    In the third book of the Andalusian Mystery Series, DI Leon Prado with translators, American videographer Amanda Salisbury, and ex-British soldier Phillip Armitage, continue their hunt for an elusive criminal mastermind and investigate an intriguing new case in the world of Flamenco.
  • Epiphany's Gift

    by Mallory M. O'Connor
    Psychic medium Epiphany Mayall lives and works in the spiritualist community of Watoolahatchee, Florida. But when she visits her childhood home in Ohio to see her mother, Epiphany has no idea she will soon be swept into a maelstrom of environmental disasters, art theft, and murder. “Set against a backdrop of psychic phenomena, corporate corruption, and global climate change, Epiphany’s Gift illustrates the perennial battle between good and evil.” Dr. Andrew Nichols, Director, American In... more
  • A Tortured Soul

    by L.A. Detwiler
    From USA TODAY Bestseller L.A. Detwiler comes a sinister psychological thriller with jaw-dropping twists. Everyone has a breaking point. At twenty, an unplanned pregnancy seals Crystal Holt into a marriage to the abusive Richard Connor. After a stillborn birth, Crystal insists they have the baby baptized postmortem. A cynic, a drunk, and a poor man, Richard has other plans. When her monstrous husband tosses the baby into the woods to be forgotten, Crystal instantly spirals. After beating h... more
  • A Mind Unequal

    by Kelley Griffin

    Mind-readers are being hunted, but none are more sought after than her.


    Betrayed and abandoned at the altar, Casey King’s trust doesn’t come easily. But fleeing from small-town Kentucky to the bustling city of Atlanta, Casey hopes her new job and sexy new boss, Matt Wilson will help her bounce back. Until, on her twenty-fourth birthday, she becomes a powerful mind-reader, and her promising new life turns into ... more

  • Dirty Deeds and Secrets

    by Wendy Byrne
    Detective Grace Powers worked at the Chicago Police Department for over eight years when she resigns to open her own PI Agency. Tired of the stress, the bureaucracy, the cases that went south, a testosterone-overload environment, plus not being forced to interact with her ex-fiancee, perpetual cheater and overall scumbag, Hank, is a win/win all the way around. When her first client Eileen Tynsdale White stumbles through the door and begs Grace to find her husband who disappeared a short time aft... more
  • Fatal Analysis

    by Tom Bierdz
    A tormented patient. Her tantalizing sister. One psychiatrist caught in the middle… Grant Garrick has built his practice around the bedrock of doctor-client confidentiality. So when the psychiatrist gets an invitation to rendezvous with the sister of a troubled woman who refuses treatment, he says it’s out of the question. But the alluring Megan won’t take no for an answer… After Megan’s suicidal sister refuses to attend appointments, Garrick lowers his defenses. Against his better judgmen... more
  • Thieves

    by Sandra Olson
    Two story lines converge in this James Ford mystery. Follow the lives of the Schmitt family through their trials in war torn 1938 Nazi Germany. One of James Ford's most difficult cases involves the theft that happened during World War II. Finding evidence for such a cold case is daunting and requires all of his detective skills along with Lacey's computer magic to crack the case. When elderly Eva Schmitt sends the Ford's to Germany to hunt for her lost family members it puts them both in dange... more