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  • The Knock: A True Story of an Innocent Man, a Twisted Accusation & the Fight for Truth

    by Maxwell Winshire

    Introducing The Knock: A True Story of an Innocent Man, A Twisted Accusation and the Fight for Truth – a relentless rollercoaster of suspense that thrusts you into the heart-wrenching predicament of Max, an innocent family man.

    Imagine your life turned upside down in an instant. Accused of downloading indecent images you never touched. A loving spouse, two precious children - all hanging in the balance. But the accusations won't relent. They're coming for you... more

  • SEL

    by B. C. Howard
    Life was ugly. At twenty-five, Will Chisholm had learned that a long time ago. Half Cherokee, he had already been a mixed martial arts fighter, a war hero, and an undercover narcotics cop. But after his personal tendencies get him shot in the head, he is fired from the Boston Police Department. Now, as a struggling private investigator in New York City, he takes on the case of a murdered stripper but quickly realizes it is a setup to frame him as a serial killer.
  • The Wife List

    by J.A. Schneider

    Has a group of men conspired to murder each other's wives - figuring their perfect alibis will save them? That is what Beth Kemp starts to suspect, but is she losing her mind? Her husband says he fears so...

    I'll give this marriage one more try, Beth Kemp thinks. She is a successful crime writer in New York City, who regrets that tension has crept into her relationship with her husband, Brad. He too is a writer who, after early success, finds his career fading. Brad urges that a... more

  • The Fleeting Vibration of Life

    by Frank Brubaker
    Bonni is a down-and-out financial advisor with a gambling habit. He has always been searching for the shot that can change his life. When the opportunity for a big deal comes his way and at the same time a tip from a friend gives him the opportunity to reinvest the hefty commission in a "safe" deal, Bonni thinks fate has finally decided to repay him for his dark years. Stefan is an introverted boy with extraordinary abilities and a mysterious past. He lives in an institution for orphans and eve... more
  • The Dead Chip Syndicate

    by Andrew Pearson
    Offered the chance to run his twin brother's A.I. company, Anthony Wilson ditches his failing screenwriting career to start anew in Macau. The job turns highly lucrative when Anthony's new client, Cash Cheang, a pompadour-topped and Johnny Cash-loving casino operator, hands him a bag full of cold hard Yuan to implement a facial recognition system in his casino. Hearing about Anthony's past life as a screenwriter, Cash offers him another job - ghostwriting a biography about the casino mogul's ... more
  • And God Laughed

    by Joe Rielinger
    Private detective Terry Luvello has just been handed the biggest case of his career. During confession, a man has twice declared his intent to commit murder. In both cases, the murders later occurred in exactly the way the unknown man had described. Hoping to keep the church connection out of the newspapers, the parish pastor asks Terry to find the killer and act as his liaison with the Cleveland Police and Detective Hannah Page. While dealing with their own growing attraction, Terry and Hann... more
  • Lovers and Other Killers

    by Penelope Karageorge
    Journalist Cass Cooper searches for a savage killer in a new novel by Penelope Karageorge, "Lovers and Other Killers." When her ex-husband is released from prison after serving a mere five years for a Ponzi scheme, they plan to remarry,. But Cass finds him with a knife through his heart and becomes the prime murder suspect. Desperate to prove her innocence, she travels from her Greenwich Village apartment to a billionaire's New York penthouse to the country retreat of a group playing dangero... more
  • The Billionaires' Club

    by Jeff Nesbit
    Imagine if someone handed you a blank checkbook along with a new office and a full-time assistant. No rules or apparent limits. And no one waiting offstage to tell you what to do, or how much money is there for you to use. Ultimately, you learn that this anonymous benefactor has, in effect, provided you entrée into the cloistered world of billionaires and the methods by which they earn their unimaginable riches. Given this incomparable opportunity, for reasons that only become clear as the sto... more
  • Throwaways: A Jake Savage Mystery

    by Elliott Light
    The body of a young girl drifts over a reef where 25-year-old Jake Savage is photographing lionfish—beautiful brown-striped creatures with feathery pectoral fins that could almost make one forget their venomous spines. For an instant, Jake thinks the girl might be watching him, but she has no snorkel or mask. Also, she isn't wearing a swimsuit, but rather is clad in only a shirt and panties. And she can't have looked at him because she has no eyes. What has this child done to die so young? A... more
  • The Sky Above

    by Kim Idol
    Bridget lies bleeding on the ground in the dark, wondering if the friendship she and Andy have forged over a long, dark period will compel him to save her. She is running out of time. When she proposed the heist to Andy and Sarah, this wasn’t part of the plan. As she clings to life in the empty parking lot, all she can do is reflect on how they got into this mess in the first place. The Sky Above is a story that investigates the nature of second chances for its protagonists––misfits, thugs a... more
  • A Sudden Interest in Shakespeare

    by Paul Breen
    Madison, Wisconsin, June 2000. A man disappears during a routine day at the office. A woman finds a shoebox filled with cash, fake IDs, and a cryptic list. Two seemingly unrelated events with one unusual connection: William Shakespeare. Seamus O’Neill, a local rock & roll musician, and part-time Ryder Detective Agency employee, investigates both events. As he carouses through Madison’s nightlife, he determines the shoebox’s purpose, deciphers the list, and explains the role William Shakespeare’... more
  • The Fatal Truth

    by Maggie Casteen
    In "The Fatal Truth," the fourth gripping installment of the Kathy Hamilton Mystery series, we return to the tense town of Rosemont, where murder has once again cast its chilling shadow. When a renowned reporter for the Rosemont Observer is discovered murdered in her own office, killed by one of her prestigious journalism awards, the town is thrown into a frenzy. As Kathy once again undertakes the Herculean task of unearthing the clues to prove Bailey's client innocent, she grapples with a dam... more
  • Hope

    by Jim Mosquera
    HOPE: Can the nation find it during the crisis? The fourth book in the Chandler Scott series. Forces threaten to topple the first female President of the United States who faces opposition from secessionists and hostile forces in cyberspace and within her own government. Journalist Chandler Scott gets the call to undertake a covert mission to save her presidency and secure the country’s future. During his quest, he’s forced to engage the Internet’s dark forces to help him find the one p... more
  • Ace Blazer - The Stolen Time Machine: Book 1 (Ace Blazer Adventures)

    by Ishan Bhat & Ishan Hegde
    Ace Blazer is an officer born in Exynox City and has caught the most dangerous criminals for over 15 years. Today, there is one adventure that is going to be far more treacherous than anything he has witnessed before. This new adventure is the Stolen Time Machine. We were inspired to write Ace Blazer because we love reading fast-paced action books.
  • Sleep with One Eye Open: (Previously titled PMS Girls) (PMS Girls Saga Book 1)

    by Lisa Alfano
    She expected her time at boarding school to be lonely, but she never dreamed it would be deadly! Perpetual Mercy School for Young Women caters to the uber rich and powerful. Attending an all-female elite boarding school filled with bullies and inflated egos can be a trying experience. For lonely fifteen-year-old Ari Worthington it becomes a nightmare when she discovers the unimaginable truth about her new, exotic roommate, Bentley "Jess" Jessup. When Jess' psychological games push Ari t... more

    by Tyler Michael
    Only open to the public for four months out of the year, White Peak National Park is one of the highest rated skiing experiences in the Rocky Mountains. And with access exclusively restricted to one group a day, enthusiasts from around the world often wait years for a chance at this once in a lifetime excursion. After securing a window at White Peak for themselves, locals Dustin, Miri, and Riley embark on a thrilling descent of self-discovery through the uninhabited terrain. However, their va... more