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  • Crime Beat Girl

    by Geri Dreiling
    A girl is dead. A boy is locked up. Can Debbie Bradley discover the truth before more lives are lost…maybe even her own? A series of deadly shootings. An outbreak of stolen cars. When journalist Debbie Bradley returns home to St. Louis, the summer crime wave has started. And she’s in the center: A witness, a reporter, a target. Debbie’s reasons for leaving behind her promising career in Washington D.C. were complicated. Her mother, a prominent lawyer, was diagnosed with cancer. Her engagem... more
  • The Omega

    by Joanna Faith Horowitz
    The mind of a serial killer is an aberration to the minds of normal people in society. In The Omega we take a journey into the mind of John Rotterdam—a serial killer who continues to confound the authorities, despite the fact that he has confessed to all of his crimes. We learn about his delusions and the degenerate realities of his mind as he confesses to rapes and murders spanning decades. With twists and turns at every corner, Detective Jeremy Reid must interview Rotterdam to delve deep into ... more
  • Gone Woman

    by A.J. Rivers

    In a peaceful small town, a young woman disappeared from her home without a trace. But when the truth is discovered, Mary’s life could be at stake…

    It’s the holidays and Mary Whitman has the perfect life. A beautiful home built just for her, and a blissful marriage to her adoring husband. But a terrible accident left her with no memories of her past and a lifelong illness. An illness that keeps her confined in her home. She's plagued by nightmare... more

  • The Girl and the Hunt (Emma Griffin FBI Mystery Book 6)

    by A.J. Rivers

    Catch me.

    The words that taunted FBI Agent Emma Griffin on the blood-soaked train ride from Sherwood continue to follow her. Drawn to Feathered Nest, she discovers that the horror is far from over and whoever is behind the dare has no intention of his brutal game slowing down any time soon. While in Feathered Nest, she revisits Cabin 13 to figure out the truth behind the necklace and search for more clues to discover the secret of the dead man that she found on its doo... more

  • The Girl and the Deadly Express (Emma Griffin FBI Mystery Book 5)

    by A.J. Rivers

    On board an unstoppable train the truth of the past finally unfolds, but will it be at the expense of everyone’s life on board the deadly express? FBI agent Emma Griffin is starting to get her life back on track. But as she gets used to the changes in her career and settling into her personal life, questions about her past continue to haunt her.

    When a mysterious letter appears from Feathered Nest asking Emma to help, suspicion arises. She’s being lured ont... more

  • The Girl Next Door (Emma Griffin FBI Mystery Book 4)

    by A.J. Rivers

    Complete silence filled the room until an unexpected sound brought Emma out of her slumber and into the mystery of the girl next door.

    Sherwood is a sleepy little town. A town full of friendly faces, and even friendlier neighbors. Which is why FBI agent Emma Griffin isn't surprised when her new neighbor starts stopping by to chat. Turns out her neighbor has a dark past and secrets that made her run. As much as Emma wished it wasn’t true, dark past and secrets... more

  • The Girl in the Manor (Emma Griffin FBI Mystery Book 3)

    by A.J. Rivers

    The sound of a blood curdling scream echoed through the manor. Her pleas ignored, her screams unheard. Tomorrow would not come for Everly Zara…

    What does the death of a young child, and the sudden death of the girl in the manor have in common? Was it simply just a coincidence, or is there something far more disturbing than anyone could ever imagine?

    Everly Zara, a beautiful young woman, is found dead in the bedroom of the manor. The news is shocking and di... more

  • Complete Confidentiality Hire An Independent Escort In Mumbai

    by vanamika rawat
    Often men after attaining certain age find themselves helpless when they come across teen or bombshell Call girls in Mumbai especially men who are from the elite class background.Feel insecure while approaching such ladies due to their age, body shape and above all looking at their respect social status.
  • Ready To Exhale

    by David David
    READY TO EXHALE *************** Jason von Meyer, an American born Swiss national – a protracted racist, brilliant and rich – wasn’t a fan of the Africans, Nigerians especially. His perception of the country was ruined when his father, Klaus von Meyer, was murdered in Lagos as a Swiss ambassador to Nigeria. The Meyers, hurt, left with a terribly bad impression of the country. But then, he met Anita – born of a Nigerian father and a German mother – stunning, and confident. Jason never knew he... more
  • Fallerman's Grove Omerta

    by Daniel Gibson

    Fallerman’s Grove Road was the idyllic escape Lewis Fogarty envisioned when he moved here with his wife, Donna. It was his opportunity to leave behind a somewhat troubled past. Everything he wanted was here, including a lot of privacy from distant yet friendly neighbors.

    All was perfect until a cancer was brought into the peaceful community in the form of Kara, Old Man Fallerman’s young bride. With her came discord, distrust, and turmoil among the residents. She even drove a... more

  • DECEPTION: A Love of Lies

    by T. J. Blake
    Through the stark and leafless trees, I see her. I remember the first day I saw her; an instant attraction. I think she’s beautiful. She has such pensive blue eyes; they remind me of a blue sky right before the sun descends. Every time I see her I want to talk to her, I want to get to know her, and I want to be her friend. She usually completes the lower woodland walk in six minutes and forty-two seconds; she misses the deeper woodlands and goes home, I believe. I walk down the road at ... more
  • Shooter in the Shadows

    by David Hewson
    From the author of The Killing... Tom Honeyman made his name cracking a horrific double murder in his hometown of Prosper, New York. He got an international best seller out of it, made a small fortune, and left his newspaper reporting days behind. But was it all based on a lie? More than a decade after his one and only success, Honeyman’s life is in tatters. His wife committed suicide, his daughter hasn’t spoken to him in years, and his books don’t sell. He’s sequestered himself in his wreck of... more

    by Shira Shiloah, MD




    A trusted anesthesiologist, Dr. Roxanne Roth, is healing from the loss of her fiancé by consuming her time with work. It doesn’t hurt that her new love interest, Dr. Justin Kirkland, spends almost as much time at the hospital as she does.

    Entranced in the throes and complicat... more

  • Guardian Angel - An Angelica Dale Mystery

    by P.K. Armstrong

    Set in the fictional town of Filmore, Guardian Angel is the story of former police detective Angelica 'Angel' Dale, who works as a private investigator. Her most wealthy and influential client, Mrs. Ella Sinclair, calls her when a student, Violet Edmunds, is terrorized on the grounds of Sinclair Academy, Mrs. Sinclair's private girls' school.

    Angel accepts the challenge and immediately finds herself at odds with the Detective on the case, Christopher Roland. Much to... more

  • Deafening Rage

    by DE Funk
    Love, suspense, and murder lead to bodies buried in the coastal swamplands of the steamy South in this psychological thriller. Russell Thomas would kill for love. In fact, he’s left a trail of dead bodies in his search for the perfect woman, but no one seems to measure up to the ideal woman. That is until he meets Dani. Now he will do anything to make her his permanently. Libby O’Malley is a behavioral therapist who is called upon by local law enforcement to assist them identifying the perpe... more
  • Silent Rage

    by DE Funk
    Set in the steamy South, Silent Rage is a story about Libby O’Malley, who is a survivor. As a child she unwittingly escapes a serial killer but meets another as an adult. Ironically, she likes the amicable criminal, Russell. As a student of behavioral psychology, she chooses Russell for a case study. Inspired by historical events, Silent Rage is a harrowing account about the development of a serial killer named Russell Thomas. He is an adolescent who lives in a tough, crime laden environment. He... more