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  • Darkness Drops Again

    by Melissa E Manning

    Thirty-nine-year-old attorney Maeve Shaw has painstakingly constructed the perfect life. Her husband, Patrick, is a handsome senior manager at a prestigious consulting firm. They have two adorable boys, Declan and Seamus. And if Maeve just keeps her billable hours up and her mouth shut, she could actually have a shot at making partner at her male-dominated law firm. 

    But Maeve’s perfect life starts to fall apart when she discovers her marriage might not be what it seems and a... more

  • Roarg

    by Phil Brown

    Crick, Honour, Willow and Sage are hunters in the village of Juniper, just off of the Arbor Woods. They encounter a dragon who has traveled far from home in pursuit of an evil monster, Magu. The chase is an urgent matter of life and death, not only for the hunters, but also for their village, as Magu exacts a heavy price for satisfaction.

  • The Colour of Shadows: A Sebastian Foxley Medieval Murder Mystery

    by Toni Mount
    When Seb Foxley discovers a child's body in his workshop and another lad goes missing, our medieval sleuth is perplexed at every turn. His investigations take him across London Bridge to Bankside in Southwark, where he becomes embroiled in the sinister shadows of the city's underworld. Bankside is a labyrinth of depravity and crime where every harlot intends the downfall of respectable men and every scoundrel has a secret. In a netherworld unlike anything he's experienced before, can Seb unravel... more
  • The Protocol

    by G.E. Forth
    A wealthy American oligarch is about to change the face of American government, and he plans to do it one expired senator at a time. For good measure, he decides to fix a couple of other simmering world problems that have been mild irritations. Only a ‘dead’ man can stop him. His name is Robert Chase. The gulf between right and left is wider than any time since the 1930’s. Economies are teetering and the citizens of many western democracies seem willing to trade personal freedoms for stab... more
  • A Disappearance

    by G.E. Forth
    There are two avenues into the world of human trafficking: be forced; or volunteer. And to be clear: no one really volunteers. When young Sofia is snatched from in front of her home in Moscow, she begins an unimaginable journey into the depths of human cruelty. Were it not for her godfather, Alexander Popov, a senior officer in the Russian internal security services, her plight would have been hopeless. His hands are tied when it comes to locating her, but he knows that Reynolds Merrill, the chi... more
  • Pippa Parvin and the Mystery of the Stolen Lunches

    by D.Z. Mah

    "I hear you're quite the sleuths." Nils's mother is onto you and your cousin, Pippa. She knows that you are good at solving mysteries, and now she has a new one. Who is stealing Nils's lunch every day?

    Pippa needs your help to discover all the clues. You decide where to look and when, and once you have done your investigation, see if you can solve the mystery before Pippa does!

  • Murder at Tregowyn Manor

    by G.G. Vandagriff
    Winter of 1935 finds Oxford archaeologist, Sonny Nichols, under arrest for the theft of a priceless Roman relic from a dig in Cornwall. Catherine Tregowyn and her sleuthing partners Harry and Dot go to his aid. Almost immediately an anonymous telegram threatens Catherine’s life. Dot’s cousin has involved himself in something deadly. Undeterred, they motor down to the dig in Cornwall which is on Catherine’s estranged father’s estate. Shortly after their arrival, someone viciously attacks Catheri... more
  • IT AMC Dubai

    by John Mathew
    One of the main features of IT support spectrum include Enhanced protection of company data and devices of our business.we will get expert solution for the technology needs and security. There are many reasons for the importance of it support. Data management is an important duty in any it firm. So in this world of cyber attacks and data leakage , it is very important to keep the data safe. An it support professional helps in attaining this. No organization can run smoothly without an IT support... more
  • lock out tag out station in uae

    The machine can release hazardous energy while operating or repairing the machines.There are different standards that depicts minimum requirements for controlling hazardous energy like electricity,gas etc.for these the procedure lokout tagout are introduced.This ensure the employees have lock out machines before servicing or maintaining them.The lock out tag out station in uae company will train the employees on the program an... more

    by Jane Rosenberg LaForge
    When the beloved pop star Jasmine is found murdered in the Hollywood Hills, the police know they want to interview her stalker, a former girlfriend: Barbara Ross. But Barbara, who was a punk rocker in the early days of the movement in L.A., is now bedridden and dying of cancer. Her sister, a retired ballerina, says it's not possible that Barbara could have any involvement. As she navigates a media circus, an onslaught of well-wishers and police interrogations, Barbara's sister relives their riva... more
  • Cash Grab

    by Scott Lyerly
    Katy Gingrich is a college student by day and diner waitress. It's not an easy balancing act, but she's making it work. That is, until a gunman walks into the diner one night demanding money, and killing when he doesn't get what he's after. Katy is part of the carnage, among those shot and left for dead. But against the odds, she survives, and learns that she was shot over a case of mistaken identity and five million dollars in missing mob money. It's a hard road to recovery, but she gets out of... more
  • The Demon's Veil: A Tale of White Lies and Black Truths

    by Rati 'Diara' Tarapore
    The night was bleak and dark when the first drop of blood tinted the soil. A result of all the sullied hearts and broken souls. Didn’t they hear her screaming and pleading? Or did the music of silence prevail as the most dreadful act of human nature unveiled…Each demon hid behind a veil carefully sewn by the lace of white lies to conceal the black truths held deep within. Their mist of deception was so thick that no one could see what was in plain sight. They believed it was her sister who was d... more
  • Someone in the Walls

    by Teymour Shahabi
    Andrew Day looks like any other student. At the Saint Clemens boarding school, nobody knows—not even his two best friends Cameron and Olivia—that Andrew is one of the wealthiest people in the world. No one knows that he has inherited the fortune of Lyndon Surway, the legendary tycoon, who disappeared decades ago and was never found. Nobody suspects that Andrew is the new master of the Surway House, which lay uninhabited through the years. But as life returns to the stairways and ballrooms ... more
  • Wooden Box Manufacturer in uae

    by Wooden Pallets
    Wooden Pallets are mainly used to transport goods being positioned in transport vehicles. It is mainly used in the transportation of medical vegetables and food items. Wooden pallets are also used in manufacturing and assembling business to transport light weight materials. There are different types of pallets that are treated in different way. The wooden pallets can also be used in outdoors if they are stained. Mainly used in cargo field to ensure that your packet are delivered safe .they are e... more
  • Pippa Parvin and the Mystery of the Fork in the Garden

    by D.Z. Mah

    Someone has left a fork in the garden. You find it one morning, sticking out of a rotting piece of wood. It's a nice fork, and an odd thing to lose in the forest.

    Your cousin Pippa is intrigued and decides that this is the next case she must solve. Together you investigate all the clues and get the fork back to its rightful owner. As always, YOU decide in what order to look at the clues.

    The true mystery, though, is why the owner left it in your garden. See if you can crack th... more

  • Raven's Flesh

    by Robert J. Wolfe

    Under a Raven's eye, the immolation of a physicist in a remote Arctic cabin sucks Nick John and anthropologist Camilla Mac Cleary toward global climate disaster, or Earth's survival. Book Five of the Falling Walrus mysteries.