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  • ‎Plausible Liars

    by Lin Wilder
    Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Kate Townsend knew she would lob an incendiary device into the contemporary culture if she wrote and published her series, Corrupting America's Children: Creating Chemical Eunuchs. But because of what she'd witnessed in her son's pre-kindergarten, she felt obligated to do it. In a remarkable convergence of events, Lindsey McCall is also drawn into the explosive world of transgender politics. For the second time in four years, Lindsey is facing i... more
  • Twisted Fate

    by Adam Lewis

    Introducing "Twisted Fate" by Adam Lewis, a thrilling new novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Dive into the electrifying debut of this captivating crime fiction and legal thriller that unveils the Shadows of Justice.

    In the heart of New York's teeming legal battleground, Jay Sutherland, a decorated U.S.M.C. veteran and the city's youngest-ever district attorney, faces the most challenging case of his life. Twisted Fate takes you on an engrossing journey ... more

  • Sledge vs. The Labyrinth

    by Nick Horvath
    SLEDGE. “THE ULTIMATE ANTI-HERO.” – Horror Reads When his former lover, Kiira, finds herself the target of a mysterious dark web assassin network, modern-day gladiator, Einarr “Sledge” Laukkanen, embarks on a blood-spattered mission to uncover who lurks at its heart. But as he bludgeons his way down to its lowest depths, one thing becomes terrifyingly clear: NO ONE ESCAPES THE LABYRINTH . . . “THINK REACHER. BUT MEANER AND LEANER.” – EC Greaves, author of Daughter of the Beast “H... more
  • Lincoln's Touch

    by Michael Pope
    During a dark period in early U.S. history, European migrants swarmed into the new fledgling and lawless nation struggling to find its identity. After emancipation of its slaves, a deep fracture opened an infected wound of racism and greed. Before his assassination, Abraham Lincoln left a last will and testament which will yield his descendants generational wealth and power. However he left one requirement: they must find an African-American or Native-American to give part of the inheritance to... more
  • Someone Died In My House

    by Meg Howald
    There were sudden appearances at first that gnawed at the soul of Ben’s home, like sickening blood splatter and chards of mirrors, seductive shadows and wounded cries. Something invaded his finely balanced lifestyle and threatened his emotional equilibrium. He knew he was at war. Graphic novelist, Ben Needham wakes up every day braced against something in his house, something that won’t leave. He works hard to create a near-perfect life for the three of them – himself, his daughter, Annie, an... more
  • China Conquers Taiwan (The Russian Agents Book 8)

    by Ted Halstead
    If China uses enough firepower to overwhelm Taiwan’s defenses, will what is left be worth having? China’s leader has now decided the answer is - yes. But Taiwan will only be the beginning. Once its absorption is complete, China has other ambitions. Like the return of about one million square kilometers seized from China by Russia in the 1860s. Russia knows this. But it still depends on money from sales of oil and gas to China for most of its export earnings. So it can do nothing to stop Chin... more
  • Tangled Verdict

    by Katherine Smith Dedrick

    After years at the top of her legal game, Victoria mounts a campaign to become a US Senator. Days before voting closes, scandal erupts. Blackmail, infidelity, murder, and the unchecked power of a federal judge threaten her campaign, future, and freedom. Victoria hires a well-connected Washington DC lawyer to help navigate the mounting evidence. With only hours to spare, Victoria and her team must untangle the seemingly inevitable verdict about to be handed down against her.

  • Stone Coat Man

    by Dianne L.Hagan
    "What could possibly happen?” Marian Greene quips to husband Lester, as she sets out for a quiet walk in the woods. But life in Cadence, New York, is neither quiet nor easy. Stunned after a fall, Marian stumbles upon a mutilated corpse. Kneeling beside the corpse is a menacing giant. Is the ogre a figment of her imagination, or is it the Genoskwa, the mythical creature of Seneca legend? Gunfire, a second body, and two missing people ignite a community-wide search for the answer. When hidden trut... more
  • Vanished Echoes: A Breaking News Story

    by Luigi Pascal Rondanini
    Vanished Echoes is a fictional story presented in a dramatic news broadcast style. It centres around the disappearance of a 10-year-old girl named Lucy Carver in London. One day, Lucy goes missing while walking home from school, triggering an extensive police search and investigation. As the hours pass with no sign of Lucy, tensions escalate. Anti-immigrant groups begin protesting and rioting, believing an immigrant is responsible for Lucy's abduction. Chaos and unrest spread across London. A... more
  • Searching for Dali

    by Robert Lane
  • Lure Of the Praying Mantis

    by David Gaston
    The Praying Mantis is a woman who likes to dominate and control men. Most women would stop at that, but some want to see how far their domination could take them. Could that include murder perhaps? Certain cases that have appeared in the press would suggest that murder is definitely an option for the Praying Mantis.
  • The Fruitcake

    by Leah Orr

    The Fruitcake - A deadly twist on a popular Christmas tradition.

    Four friends, one fruitcake, and a ritzy town full of secrets . . . What could go wrong?

    When Holly Kelly moves from Miami to the lavish Laguna Palms neighborhood, seeking community and friendship—with her husband and rambunctious triplets in tow—she finds it in spades. She is soon drawn into the intimate lives of almost everyone in their beachfront cul-de-sac, especially her three new ride-or-d... more

  • Killer Dead, Victim Alive

    by Michael Geczi
    The serial killer is dead; the expected seventh victim is alive, and the Santa Monica detectives and the FBI agents are shaking their heads. “Who-done-it” meets “why-done-it.” The result: A twisty mystery, spiked with psychological and cultural implications, all playing out in sun-drenched Santa Monica. Police Detectives Mollie Granger and Greg Nichols respond to a call near the world-famous pier. A dead male, shot in the forehead at close range, is posed in the sand. He’s Keith Victor, a ... more

    by Sam Ingraffia
    Mystery writer Charlie McGinley's dream of owning a working ranch in New Mexico turns into a nightmare when he discovers a human skull buried in his front yard. Charlie and BEN FOX--HIS LONG-DEAD Navajo spirit guide--must deal with disappearing bodies, crabby cops and crazed killers, while trying to stay alive long enough to uncover the identity of the mysterious stiff and figure out who planted it in the front yard.
  • Benny the Broccoli

    by Tsvika Ben-Porat
    Discover Your Flavor: "Benny the Broccoli" - A Journey to Self-Discovery! Embark on a delightful adventure with "Benny the Broccoli," a charming tale of a little green hero in a colorful world of fruits. Benny, with his quirky florets and earnest heart, feels like an odd one out in the vibrant fruit bowl of life. But not for long! With a dash of courage and a sprinkle of hope, Benny sets off on an inspiring quest to find his place in the grand salad of the world. Meet the vivacious Sally t... more
  • The Moon's Missing Stars

    by Tsvika Ben-Porat
    Shine with Luna: "The Moon's Quest" - A Celestial Adventure in the Cosmos! Gaze up at the night sky and join Luna, the Moon, in "The Moon's Quest," a luminous tale of love and perseverance that stretches across the cosmos. Each night, Luna notices the absence of her twinkling companions and vows to bring her starry family home. Her journey is a constellation of encounters with the wonders of the galaxy, each page a starlit passage through the universe's most enchanting mysteries. From the ... more