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  • Concession Stand Crimes

    by Nicole Asselin

    MADELINE BOUCHER is still reeling from her first few weeks of working for her family’s Independent League Baseball Team, the Abington Armadillos. She found a dead body and survived a kidnapping before finally clearing her brother of a murder. She didn’t think anything could be as dramatic as that, but she was wrong. Her parents have given her more responsibility in running ballpark events in the hopes that they could retire and leave the team in her hands. Her brother is moving on... more


    by Lorenzo DeStefano
    "HOUSE BOY” is a contemporary thriller set in Southern India and in the polite suburb of Hendon, North London. At 321 Finchley Lane, ancient traditions take root and prosper in our so-called civilized society. The lives of a boy from rural India, Vijay Pallan, and an Indo-British woman and her son, Binda and Ravi Tagorstani, collide as if decreed by history. Through Vijay, we experience the shocking realities of modern slavery, the human spirit’s boundless capacity for pain, and the ultimate bl... more
  • No Such Thing as Goodbye

    by Karmen Špiljak
    A spy with a criminal past. A dark family secret. Freedom at the cost of betrayal. To escape her mobster family, Toni fakes her own death, but before she can start anew in Mexico City, she’s pulled into a world of spies and deadly secrets. Her new life crumbles when she discovers her boss is keeping secrets of his own. When word gets around that Toni’s brother is on his way to Mexico, she fears the worst - he wants to hunt her down. Cornered and with nowhere to turn, Toni must decide: wil... more
  • Death Among the Pines

    by Tom Lubben
    BJ Gleeson is sitting at a South Jersey bar with his new girlfriend when an old woman totters in and sits down next to them. Crying and mumbling, she opens a small box to show a bloodied severed finger. “It’s my daughter!” she sobs. Follow Gleeson, a divorced family man and washed up baseball player turned teacher and amateur detective, as this event catapults him into a labyrinth of bizarre murders (which could be historical, gang related, or cult based) in the middle of a cold winter in the Ne... more
  • Presumed Guilty

    by Alexandra Shapiro
    Alexandra Shapiro's first novel, Presumed Guilty, tells the story of Emma Simpson, a successful portfolio manager running the Manhattan office of a big-time hedge fund. ​ March 14th, 2012 was a typical day for Emma. She followed her usual routine, interacting with coworkers and clients before returning to her quiet family home in the Hudson Valley, where she lives with her husband and two children. But more than a year later, Emma’s world is forever changed—all because of a short email she dashe... more

    by Robert Brace


    SPEED GRAPHIC is the third Lysander Dalton book.

    Ex-special forces marine captain Lysander Dalton is escorted in what is little more than a polite abduction from the jungles of Central America to an aircraft carrier waiting offshore. There, occupying the admiral’s chair, he finds an old enemy: Dortmund—the shadowy Washington insider for whom Dalton once ran an operation, one that ended badly.

    Dortmund has a new job for him: track down Hanna Moran, mistress... more

  • Fractured

    by Michael Coppock
    A vigilante is brutally massacring drug dealers and their customers across the city. The police have no leads. The Witness is a psychologist and former police officer, unable to handle the day-to-day tragedy. Feeling like a failure and battling depression he is now an alcoholic and drug addict. Separated from his wife for years who cares for the child he has never met. In a dingy basement, the Witness is in a drug-induced haze. The Vigilante enters and begins indiscriminately killing. Assumed... more
  • The Complication: A Camille Delaney Mystery

    by Amanda DuBois
    The first in the Camille Delaney Mystery series, The Complication is a fast-paced legal and medical mystery filled with greed, murder, and intrigue.
  • The Tale of the Tarot

    by DJ Schneider



    Her destiny lies in the cards…

    Fifteen-year-old Melanie Simpson and her friends uncovered a secret her father held for twenty years—material he smuggled out of a UFO crash in 1947 and has hidden away somewhere. Now, twenty years later, Melanie has found it, and along with it, the interest of dangerous men who will do anything to get the material from her.

    She also learns of a device given to her father by a ... more

  • The Roswell Quest

    by DJ Schneider


    Their discovery could change the world forever...

    In 1947 a spaceship crashed outside Roswell, New Mexico, and the government quickly covered it up. With that, the most famous UFO event in history remained buried. But what if someone smuggled material out from the crash site and decades later it remained hidden in a secret location?

    And what if a young teenage girl named Melanie Simpson is the only one who can figure out where? ... more

  • Mystified

    by Julia Ash

    Someone drowned teen beauty queen, Juliette Annabella Parker.

    Prior to her death, 15-year-old Jules reigned as the nation’s darling of beauty pageantry. On her parents’ waterfront estate in rural-rich Hickory Thicket, however, she was beset by dark family secrets—those which kept her isolated. Of course, Jules had harbored a few secrets of her own, including her forbidden friendship with the new teen next door, 17-year-old Truitt Windsor.

    Jules&... more

  • Slingshot

    by J.C. Benthin
    To save his life, he must play. If he wants to protect millions more, he’ll have to win. Kingston Rais is ready to succeed on his first field mission. Forced to discover and participate in a series of deadly games with a ticking clock, the black-ops rookie quickly tracks the madman behind the challenge to the source. But Kingston is shaken to his core when the fiend is merely present as a hologram, and the building around him explodes into dust. Rattled by the near-death experience and still... more
  • Honey Trap

    by Tony Brenna
    Foreign correspondent Mike Delano barely escapes with his life from jihadists in Iraq, only to plunge into the sleazy world of tabloid journalism – seduced by fame, money and power. He falls hard for Rachel, the married daughter of his employer, criminal media tycoon Lord Maxwell Rothenberg. When Lord Max discovers their affair – and that his daughter is pregnant – the two men become mortal enemies, a conflict that can end only when one of them is dead. Honey Trap pulls back the curtain on the ... more

    by Denis Daniel
    Something or someone is haunting Steven, things seems to fall apart around him. Not a single friendship last long enough, not a single relationship seems to last. Starting with his parents who died when he was very little and he had to be adopted. He seems like a magnet for bad luck. Every single one of his childhood friends died mysteriously and so were two of his girlfriends. It might be a coincidence but several times in a raw tends to rise suspicion. But, he hasn't done a... more
  • Asgard Park

    by Ronald Simonar
    Across two continents, three strangers get a glimpse of the best kept secret of our times. On a rainy day in late June 1991, Dr Wallenberg, a wealthy Swedish neurologist passes through customs at Kennedy Airport. He has come to take over the reins at Asgard Park, an old mental Institution in upstate New York. Here he discovers an irrational conspiracy run by his predecessor who is now a patient, obsessed with Intelligent Design. We meet a beautiful young widow in Albania, eking out a hards... more

    by Teretha G. Houston

    They have nowhere to run, nowhere to land, and they’re running out of sky.

    A pilot and an air marshal struggle against impossible odds to save passengers above the Atlantic Ocean after a predator turns a crippled plane into a flying death trap.

    “Remarkably fun novel … with nonstop action.”
    —Kirkus Reviews

    “Houston straps readers into a high-stakes thrill ride. The pulse-racing action will kee... more