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  • Rose Scented Murder

    by Jill Paterson
    The Adelphi Theatre is about to close its doors for the last time when Howard Greenwood’s lifeless form is found on the floor of his dressing room shrouded in long-stemmed red roses. Was this the act of a killer looking to ridicule the celebrated actor or did it reflect a darker connotation for his murder? DCI Fitzjohn questions the significance of the roses as layer upon layer of Howard’s life unfolds to reveal a man fixated on revenge for his wife’s death and a predator who will stop at not... more
  • A Decent Lie

    by S. E. Steele
    Sarah is a Mormon pioneer coming of age in a polygamous family during the 1880s and finds herself desperately wanting a husband. She loves the dashing, yet unestablished, bachelor Beckam, but her parents force her to marry the wealthy and powerful Joseph instead. He already has two wives, a family and is well-known in the community. Sarah quickly learns to fear her forceful, unfeeling husband, all the while developing an all-too-close relationship with the alluring sister-wife, Elizabeth. Sarah ... more
  • The Sin Eater

    by Lee McIntyre
    HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO TO SAVE YOUR CHILD? What if Child Protective Services knocked on your door late one evening and threatened to take your child, based on a complaint from your new nanny? Adam Grammaticus is a high-tech executive in Portland, Oregon, who grew up in a trailer park on the wrong side of town, but now lives the good life with his wife Kate and daughter Emma in Lake Oswego. When CPS shows up at his door one night, Adam has to fight back shock waves upon hearing the incredibl... more
  • Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle

    by Kim Carter

    Book One of The Series

    "A Clara and Iris Mystery"

    "Not all that Glitters is Gold" as waitress Lizzie Headrick thought ...She had finally met her prince charming in Dr. Grant Chatsworth. She was young and in love, and their quick courtship ended with the four carat diamond engagement ring of her dreams. 

    Now residing in one of Buckhead’s finest estates, Lizzie soon learns all that glitters is not gold. Her handsome husband, a... more

  • Murder Among The Tombstones

    by Kim Carter

    A Clara and Iris Mystery.
    When Atlanta homicide detectives are called in to investigate the murder of a nineteen-year-old girl found dumped in historic Oakland Cemetery, they immediately begin working the case. But with no leads to follow, and their case log growing larger by the day, the murder quickly grows cold.

    Desperate to keep the investigation of her deceased sister going, Ginger Baines hires two novice sleuths to solve the case. Widowed, well into their seventies, and ... more

  • Bula Bridge (Galiwee Visions Book 2)

    by J Drew Brumbaugh
    Tommy Galiwee has visions. In Bula Bridge he is faced with an even more frightening look into the future than his first vision and it has him wishing he’d never found this ability. The vision hints at a plot to kill the families living in a quiet Northeastern Ohio town on Christmas Eve. What can be done to stop it?
  • All the Dying Children

    by James Halpin
    When the gruesome death of a popular teenage girl is caught on a video that goes viral, authorities discover a cryptic link between suicides that have been plaguing local high school students. Erik Daly is a newspaper reporter with a haunted past who is determined to get to the bottom of the suicide cluster — before the body count rises. In his journey through the dark underbelly of the former coal towns of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Daly is forced to confront his personal demons as he comes fac... more
  • The Officially Unofficial Files of Dr. Gordon B. Gray

    by Darcy Fray
    Twenty-three year old wunderkind professor, Dr. Gordon B. Gray has it all, a Nobel Prize, tenure at Caltech University and looks that make women swoon. Last night he was tossing frozen pumpkins off the library roof and today -- well -- he’s saving the world. When twenty-two of Dust, West Virginia’s twenty-three inhabitants disappear into thin air, U.S. Army Lieutenant General John Wilkinson resorts to enlisting the brilliant young professor, who quickly finds himself caught in an internationa... more
  • Kings of the Earth

    by Christopher Stanton

    The lonely Michigan surfing town of Great Water has a long history of inexplicable occurrences. A shocking double murder and suicide there in 1918 still draws tourists who want to see the house where Jack Spivey went mad. But that is only the best-known event in a long list of unsolved disappearances and peculiar events in this paranormal epicenter.


    November 2000: Three people try to survive the weekend when a strange portal opens in the woods near Spivey Point, pulling uns... more

  • Fightgirl

    by Tony Clark
  • Fightgirl

    by Tony Clark

    FIGHTGIRL is a crime/mystery story of a fearless woman who seeks revenge against her evil tormentor. Subjectively, it is a retelling of the New Testament.

  • The Camel Driver: A Harry Przewalski Novel

    by Leonard Krishtalka
    Arab Courier Attacked by Lions, a world-famous diorama at the Carnegie Museum, is vandalized in the middle of the night—the glass smashed, the belly of the taxidermied camel slit open. Police find bits of flesh and fiber in the sand below. The flesh is from an infant, the fibers from an oiled cloth used to mummify cadavers. The diorama depicts the sudden, ferocious attack by two Barbary lions on a Bedouin courier crossing the Sahara on a dromedary. It was created by a French taxidermist and ... more
  • Death Spoke: A Harry Przewalski Novel

    by Leonard Krishtalka

    In DEATH SPOKE, Harry Przewalski investigates the murder of a renowned archaeologist, an expert on the famous cave art in southern France and Spain, finding lives torn by deceit, sexual blackmail, vendetta, redemption and a WWII atrocity. He excavates the deadly archaeological layers of the case: who were the artists behind the luminous cave paintings of bison, deer, mammoths and horses? A revolutionary theory threatens to embarrass French cultural heritage and ruin professional careers. Was ... more

  • The Regulators: Deadline

    by Ben Bruce
    An informant brutally murdered. A country on the brink of political meltdown. Partners with no one to trust. Adam Morgan and Emmie Weston are faced with an assignment that is as deadly as it is personal. As they run out of time and run out of options, there's one question they need to answer in order for them to get an edge... Where is Jack Quinn?
  • The Regulators: Justice Above Law (A Vigilante Thriller)

    by Ben Bruce
    There’s a mercenary on the streets of London, protected by a gangland boss and bankrolled by members of the government, all of whom are embroiled in a plot to subvert democracy that puts thousands of lives at risk. This is the thrilling debut novel by Ben Bruce, an explosive, fast paced thriller that opens up the world of The Regulators Jack Quinn and Adam Morgan, as they work with tenacious NCA officer Thea Watts to stop the plot, before it’s too late.
  • The Regulators: Shadow Of Malice

    by Ben Bruce
    The thrills of 24, with the swagger of Reacher, the smarts of Spooks... A child turns up at a rural police station in Yorkshire, with a tale that will shock the nation. As Thea Watts begins her investigation, she realises she can't trust the system to keep the boy safe, so she calls on the one man she knows won't let her down, Jack Quinn, a vigilante with his heart set on doing one thing; the right thing. But Quinn is out of The Regulators, the secret organisation he was a member of, exile... more