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  • Cash Grab

    by Scott Lyerly
    Katy Gingrich is a college student by day and diner waitress. It's not an easy balancing act, but she's making it work. That is, until a gunman walks into the diner one night demanding money, and killing when he doesn't get what he's after. Katy is part of the carnage, among those shot and left for dead. But against the odds, she survives, and learns that she was shot over a case of mistaken identity and five million dollars in missing mob money. It's a hard road to recovery, but she gets out of... more
  • The Demon's Veil: A Tale of White Lies and Black Truths

    by Rati 'Diara' Tarapore
    The night was bleak and dark when the first drop of blood tinted the soil. A result of all the sullied hearts and broken souls. Didn’t they hear her screaming and pleading? Or did the music of silence prevail as the most dreadful act of human nature unveiled…Each demon hid behind a veil carefully sewn by the lace of white lies to conceal the black truths held deep within. Their mist of deception was so thick that no one could see what was in plain sight. They believed it was her sister who was d... more
  • Someone in the Walls

    by Teymour Shahabi
    Andrew Day looks like any other student. At the Saint Clemens boarding school, nobody knows—not even his two best friends Cameron and Olivia—that Andrew is one of the wealthiest people in the world. No one knows that he has inherited the fortune of Lyndon Surway, the legendary tycoon, who disappeared decades ago and was never found. Nobody suspects that Andrew is the new master of the Surway House, which lay uninhabited through the years. But as life returns to the stairways and ballrooms ... more
  • Wooden Box Manufacturer in uae

    by Wooden Pallets
    Wooden Pallets are mainly used to transport goods being positioned in transport vehicles. It is mainly used in the transportation of medical vegetables and food items. Wooden pallets are also used in manufacturing and assembling business to transport light weight materials. There are different types of pallets that are treated in different way. The wooden pallets can also be used in outdoors if they are stained. Mainly used in cargo field to ensure that your packet are delivered safe .they are e... more
  • Pippa Parvin and the Mystery of the Fork in the Garden

    by D.Z. Mah

    Someone has left a fork in the garden. You find it one morning, sticking out of a rotting piece of wood. It's a nice fork, and an odd thing to lose in the forest.

    Your cousin Pippa is intrigued and decides that this is the next case she must solve. Together you investigate all the clues and get the fork back to its rightful owner. As always, YOU decide in what order to look at the clues.

    The true mystery, though, is why the owner left it in your garden. See if you can crack th... more

  • Raven's Flesh

    by Robert J. Wolfe

    Under a Raven's eye, the immolation of a physicist in a remote Arctic cabin sucks Nick John and anthropologist Camilla Mac Cleary toward global climate disaster, or Earth's survival. Book Five of the Falling Walrus mysteries.

  • Seals' Blood

    by Robert J. Wolfe

    A child's frozen arm discovered by seal hunters threatens to unleash an ancient scourge unless Nick John and anthropologist Camilla Mac Cleary can uncover its deadly source. Book Four of the Falling Walrus mysteries.

  • Crip Cyn

    by Toni Pacini

    Crip Cyn 

    Cynamenell, Cyn, is just a useless, crippled, orphaned, mill-village girl, to the folks in her community. Until she kills the rapist, takes on her murderin’ daddy, opens her neighbor’s closed minds, and warms their stone-cold hearts.  

    One sweet intelligent girl can wield unimaginable powers over evil. 

  • CoVid: a novel of surgical suspense (McBride #3)

    by Richard Van Anderson

    CoVid19 was not an accident. Its successor, the highly lethal and contagious CoVid23, is not a mutation of CoVid19. China would like us to believe the passage of 19 from animal to human was random and 23 is a natural mutation of 19. The United States wants us to believe both 19 and 23 are weaponized versions of a harmless coronavirus released during a botched Chinese bioweapons experiment. It will be up to Dr. David Aaronson, the new surgeon in the desert town of Fallon, Nevada—home to ... more

  • Development

    by Paul Backalenick
    This mystery/suspense story tells the tale of a suburban Connecticut family in the 1970s. Hank Latour is unhappily married, disconnected from his teenage daughters, stuck in a banking career, and in debt. He invests in a real estate project he should have avoided, and as his family disintegrates, he learns a lesson about love and redemption. A well-crafted novel, it contains an underlying message about how mankind's burgeoning land development exacts a devastating price from nature and beauty.
  • Two For The Road: An Adam Fraley Mystery

    by Henry Hoffman

    Private investigator Adam Fraley and his colleague, Tamra Fugit, the woman to whom he is engaged, travel vastly different paths, as they take on two seemingly unrelated missing person cases. The trails take them through idyllic lands darkened by underworld intrigue, twisted relationships, carnal temptation, physical danger, and personal tragedy. Such are the legal ramifications they confront during their crossing of both state and international boundaries, that the FBI is eventually drawn int... more

  • Seized: A Kieran Yeats Mystery

    by Linda J. Wright
    When animal crimes investigator Kieran Yeats takes on the case of Captain Isobel “Izzy” Tremblay, a decorated Canadian Air Force pilot shot down over Iraq, she enters a frightening world of international terrorism. Jihadists, or Daesh as they call themselves, have followed Izzy from Iraq to her home in Victoria, Canada, kidnapped her PTSD dog Beatrice, and sent a note demanding money for her safe return. “We are Daesh,” they proudly proclaim in their ransom note. “We have seized your dog. But ha... more
  • Murder on Cathedral Hill, 5th Pete Culnane Mystery

    by S.L. Smith
    Four beautiful, adolescent girls are trapped in a prison built with lies. Their nemesis is murdered at the St. Paul Crashed Ice competition. Will readers celebrate? The assailant disappears into the crowd. The girls’ apprehension about sharing any information poses a challenge for Saint Paul investigators Pete Culnane and Martin Tierney. Mining for details about the victim, the search for the murderer takes Pete and Martin from Gainesville, Florida to Rochester, Minnesota, and northward... more
  • Dishonor Thy Father

    by Mike Robinson and M. J. Richards

    A 15-year-old Iranian girl is viciously attacked by her father for holding a boy’s hand. In running to escape certain death, she undertakes a dangerous journey to a new land with unfamiliar customs, where she must hide the truth from everyone she meets.

    Twenty years later, amid racial tensions in a Los Angeles hospital, a female Muslim doctor is murdered, sparking a controversial police investigation. The lead investigator, Detective Michael Tucci, finds himself compromising both ... more

  • Familiar

    by T. J. Blake
    For as long as she can remember, Arabella has communicated with those who exist only in memory. Being the centre of attention growing up was uncomfortable, and now, as a renowned psychic medium, it is becoming more of a struggle. Arabella’s ability and reputation always made it impossible to hold onto lasting relationships, but with those who no longer walk this earth, that’s not the case. Arabella returns to where it all began fifteen-years before – on the very same stage. After an evenin... more
  • Jas and the First Librarian

    by Imi Salem

    She's the only thing standing between Order and Chaos and the demonic servants of Seth will do anything to tear her soul apart. Good thing Jas has no idea what's about to go down, or she might have had an even worse night out with her parents than she did.

    But then she gets home from Burger Heaven to find the local librarian passed out on her doorstep. And when she wakes up, what she tells Jas will change everything she thinks she knows about who she is, and who she was.

    (... more