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  • EVO - A Crime Thriller Novel with a mind-blowing twist: A ruthless serial killer, an evil genius and the evolution virus - A gri

    by Diane May
    EVO If you run, it catches you. If you hide, it finds you. If you breathe, it may kill you. NO ONE can escape it.
  • Uncle and Ants: A Silicon Valley Mystery (Book 1)

    by Marc Jedel
    Protect his sister. Solve a murder. Get his eye-rolling, pre-teen nieces to school. And that’s just how Marty Golden’s crazy week begins to unravel. Too bad he isn’t exactly hero material. Set in Silicon Valley, this quirky, fashion-backward uncle bumbles through investigating his sister’s zany HR clients to save her and get his life back to normal — before it’s too late.
  • MurderLand: A Crime Novel

    by Joseph Mark Glazner
    “A black, comic, highly suspenseful literary thriller of the mob and conspiracy-theory myths that permeate American pop culture. MurderLand is a hugely entertaining look at the dark side of the American dream, particularly through the author's invention of MurderLand—a landmark tourist trap of murder-related memorabilia set in the center of the old, tacky, Coney Island-like entertainment district overlooking Niagara Falls. Definitely one of the best books I've read in a long time. You'll never s... more
  • The Night is Cold

    by Brandon Enns
    Nearly ten years after the brutal murder of the Saskatchewan Premier's son, the man formerly accused, Eli Baker, is released from prison and replaced by another based on shocking new evidence and testimony. After the release of Baker, Jennifer Allen, a young and hungry Canadian Mountie, is introduced to a crime scene with a bloody sigil and a missing person. Desperate to pursue Baker as a suspect, Jennifer struggles to gain support from her complacent superior as more victims go missing and m... more
  • 978-1732623705

    by Dr. Alex Valentine
    My Human, my sister Milly and I lived quietly in a tiny Southern town. All went swimmingly, until a Hurricane brought big water from the Atlantic and flooded our house. That's how it came about that we met FEMA. And that's how everybody found out that my Human has a Secret. My Human, the Old Lady (that's her name) is a Russian scientist. Old Lady made a big scientific discovery: found the key to my eternal youth. Or even to immortality, if we like. Old Lady made herself immortal first. I d... more
  • The Shoebox Mystery

    by Glenn Lindsey
    Billy Fender’s TV has died and he desperately needs a new one to watch the movies of his favorite detective Sherlock Holmes. Billy has read every story and watched every movie portraying his hero Sherlock solving riddles and mysteries. Although just 12 years old, he opens a detective agency called Billy Fender Private Investigations to solve cases and earn money. Miss Applebee phones Billy with a mystery. She will pay him $50 to solve it. Follow Billy and his best friends Raffi and Lisa in an ... more
  • Down To The Last Mark

    by Mel Taylor
    Kinnie Mason has given up everything important in her life, in favor of an urge that she can no longer control Her music, her fans, her song writing, performing...all of it has been put to the side in favor of her love for pain pills. An incident causes Mason to be thrust right into the path of a contract killer, who is now bent on silencing her. She hires private investigator Frank Tower to protect her, however, she must go through withdrawals while on the run from a hitman. Tower then finds th... more
  • Loss of the Decade

    by Brandon Enns
    A parent should never have to experience losing a child. Private investigator Tom Bennett's daughter was kidnapped ten years ago. As he attempts to find solace, a series of unexpected phone calls lead him down a dark and desperate path. Against the better judgment of his partner, therapist, and ex-wife, he digs into past suspects that he had previously given up on. Vengeful parents? Ruthless drug syndicate he had stripped apart and put behind bars? Or an entirely new suspect he’d missed? On... more
  • Honolulu Blues: A Gripping Thriller and Suspense Detective Novel (T. J. O'Sullivan Thrillers Book 2)

    by Larry Darter
    Heart pounding thriller and suspense detective tale that stretches from Honolulu to Hong Kong New Zealand ex-pat and Honolulu PI T. J. O'Sullivan, follows the trail of a con man to Hong Kong hoping to recover her client's half a million dollars' worth of stolen jewelry. But she never expected the case would catapult her into a deadly clash with an international crime syndicate that erupts in such danger and violence it threatens not only her life but the lives of everyone she loves. Madiso... more
  • Mare's Nest

    by Larry Darter
    From the author of the Malone Mystery series comes a smart, sassy, sexy new P.I., T. J. O'Sullivan. Hailing originally from New Zealand, T. J. has the accent and lots of attitude. When Los Angeles P.I. T. J. O'Sullivan is sent to Honolulu by her boss to track down a client's missing daughter, it seems like a simple missing person case. O'Sullivan is excited by the prospect of mixing a little business with some pleasure on the beaches of Waikiki. But the case turns out to be anything but routi... more
  • Foregone Conclusion

    by Larry Darter
    Foregone Conclusion is the fourth novel in the thrilling Malone Private Investigator Series of Crime and Suspense Thrillers. If you like breathtaking action, laugh-out-loud humor, and a hint of romance, then you’ll love this edge-of-your-seat detective story. Over 15 years after the biggest diamond heist in U.S. history, the whereabouts of $68 million worth of the stolen gemstones remains a mystery. Are they hidden beneath the floorboards of an abandoned building somewhere? Were they sold to ... more
  • Cold Comfort

    by Larry Darter
    One of Tinseltown's brightest stars has been murdered. The accused is her estranged husband, and the situation doesn't look good. A knock on the office door of Los Angeles private eye Ben Malone can only mean one thing, a new case. Local defense attorney Liz Harper from the Los Angeles law firm Ross & Logan pays Malone a visit with an interesting story to tell. Harper's client, bad-boy actor Zack Sinclair, whose appetites for booze, gambling, and extramarital sex are as out-sized as ... more
  • Hollywood Hostage

    by Jordan Road
    Everything tabloids have led you to expect when the mafia attacks a movie studio. Actors must live their roles to survive. Funny, shocking, exciting, and relevant, Hollywood Hostage takes you behind the scenes of a movie... and a murder.
  • Home

    by Helmut Schonwalder
    In Book#7 titled Home, the reader follows Sepp into a life of learning, including as he learns to get to know himself, all because of the AA program. Here first, he has to surrender completely. He had fought a losing battle by running the show his way. He knew better, but he had ignored such until he accepts the facts. Sepp gave up, and through defeat, he won. Second, he has to change, change everything. To change the feeling sorry for himself, he makes gratitude lists and decides to work tho... more
  • Ancestry

    by Donald Spivey
    The journey of mind-boggling discovery begins innocently when Ron and Diana decide to submit to a DNA test to learn more about their ancestry. Be careful what you wish for!