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  • The Joker

    by Terence Goodchild
    THE JOKER is the story of Darren Bennett, a motor mechanic with aspirations of becoming a full-time stand up comedian. He has played before some dubious crowds in some less dubious theatres, he is married to Mavis who loves him deeply and dearly. While in a dressing room in another seedy theatre, after pouring a drink and toasting his all time heroes picture, he voices his desire to become a great comedian and offers to sell his soul to anyone who would make his dream of fame and glory come true... more
  • A Fall From Grace

    by Dale T. Phillips
    When a single mother is wrongly accused of murder, Zack Taylor must work to clear her name. Not an easy task, as everyone in town thinks she’s guilty. Zack finds plenty of people who wanted the victim dead. As the events around him spiral out of control, Zack begins to do the same.
  • A Memory of Grief

    by Dale T. Phillips
    Ex-con Zack Taylor is a man drifting through life, haunted and guilt-ridden from a past gunshot tragedy. When his friend dies in Maine of an apparent suicide, Zack is driven to pursue the truth. With only his wits and physical skills, he takes on life-threatening opponents. Despite finding a new love, his rage and ghosts drive him closer to the edge as he takes ever-greater risks with the law and his life.
  • The Julius Katz Collection

    by Dave Zeltserman
    The award-winning Julius Katz stories have delighted mystery fans since first appearing on the pages of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine in 2009. JULIUS KATZ introduced readers to Boston's most brilliant, eccentric, and possibly laziest detective, as well as his sidekick, Archie, a tiny marvel of whizbang computer technology with the heart and soul of a hard-boiled PI. The Julius Katz Collection contains six stories that were previously published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and an original ... more
  • Poseidon's Storm Blaster (The Legend of Pineapple Cove #1)

    by Marina J. Bowman
    Pineapple Cove is just like any other island town. Well, except for one thing... It has a secret. One that Kai and Delphi must uncover if they hope to save their town from a dangerous threat. Will Kai and Delphi uncover the secret in time to save their town?
  • Where Sleeping Dogs Lie

    by Luc Vors
    Alyson is undergoing a new treatment for PTSD that deliberately creates multiple personalities. Under hypnosis, she is placed in a make-believe world, where her memories have been relocated into the minds of 9 alter egos, known as The Sleeping Dogs. During therapy sessions, The Sleeping Dogs take turns telling Alyson her story of surviving an underground pit fighting ring, south of the Texas border, at a clinically controllable pace. Trouble arises when Alyson falls for her therapist, Dr Alan... more
  • Lovers in the Fog

    by Hamlet Sarkissian
    Hamlet Sarkissian’s Lovers in the Fog (Page Publishing, April 2, 2019) intermingles a search for romantic completion with a quest for human rights in Gorbachev-era Russia. While the story is set in the late 80s, it is impossible to ignore the parallels with today’s tense political climate, where echoes of Cold War rhetoric emanate from news outlets and officials debate over America’s relationship with Russia. Told from the point of view of Luke Forsythe, an American human rights attorney who ... more
  • Separated at the Border - a Novel

    by Michael Walsten
    In Separated at the Border, Diamond Herrera, a 24-year-old freelance journalist and Jason Taylor, an ex-Army Ranger and journalism professor team up to fight human trafficking and abuse at a privately-run immigrant youth detention facility in the Florida Everglades. Along the way, Di and Jason are forced to take on a Miami-based gang and a corrupt facility administrator while skirting the law and dodging a suspicious Broward County Sheriff's detective. Separated at the Border tells the story of... more
  • The Bridge of Sorrel

    by Terence Goodchild
    On a lonely deserted highway a truck driver picks up a man carrying a sick child, asking where he came from knowing no villages or towns were in 100 miles of the highway the man replies Sorrel, the man and child are dressed in clothes you would see in films like Oliver and the Charles Dickens era, the driver takes the man and child to the nearest hospital and leaves them in emergency and drives off, the child is suspected of having an illness not seen since the middle ages which raises concern ... more
  • AVENGING ANGEL: Love and Death in Old Brooklyn

    by Charles S. Isaacs
    Following a racially motivated rape by three Ku Klux Klansmen, 12 year-old Cassandra Monroe vows revenge. After eight years of training, now a strikingly beautiful assassin, she accomplishes her mission. Her campaign continues with solitary walks through dark city streets, hoping to be assaulted by men with bad intentions. Those entrapped by her spider’s web pay dearly for their efforts. Surrounded by three armed men one night, she’s rescued by Mike Borelli, an Italian-American passerby. A... more
  • Colli Polanski

    by Terence Goodchild
    Colli Polanski lives with his family in the mining town of Coalville they are poor and don’t have much in the way of a life. One day while there father Balti once more comes home drunk after squandering his hard earned pay starts to beat up his wife after she had asked for some money to buy food, he goes into a rage, Colli sick with his father’s actions plunges a bread knife into his back he falls on top of Colli and he cannot move the others pull their father from on top of Colli and he climbs ... more
  • Girl Insane

    by L A Clive
    You would think Diamanda White was just a normal girl, living a normal life. But is she really as innocent as she looks? No one would believe that she is capable of murder, not even her psychic twin sister. No one knows who she really is. Not even Diamanda herself… Faced with a new challenge, she travels from London to Miami to uncover a secret computer programme that Edwin Young, the world’s youngest billionaire, is developing. From the first meeting, they are magnetically drawn to each oth... more
  • Countdown America

    by M.C. Fox
    After the loss of her husband, CIA agent Isabella Bendel accepts a promotion to Chief Supervisor—a much less dangerous position than what she's accustomed to—so she can raise her two children without fear of leaving her children without any parents. But any illusions of safety are shattered when, while on her Sunday morning jog in a Washington, DC park, Isabella survives a brutal assassination attempt. She hauls her assailant into CIA headquarters, confident she can get to the bottom of why he w... more
  • The Journey with Dad 2

    by Destiny Constantin
    Jasmine has gone through a drastic life change. All she wants to do is go for a car ride with her family. Jasmine’s parents want to cheer their daughter up by taking her to the pumpkin farm. Mom, Dad, and Jasmine are traveling to the pumpkin farm, but they end up back in Crazy Town. Who’s ready for another journey?
  • The Journey with Dad

    by Destiny Constantin
    On a warm, rainy day in August, Jasmine wanted to take a journey with her Dad. Jasmine and her Dad travel through a rainstorm and end up in an eerie and mystical town. Will Jasmine and her Dad make it back home?
  • Shadow Resistance

    by B.J. Cyprian
    In this intriguing, page-turning, and slyly humorous tale, readers will find themselves pulling for three unforgettable women confronted with an unusual opportunity to address age-old social, political, racial, and economic hot-button topics. Dominique “Dom” Samuels is a wealthy, reclusive computer genius living a life full of anxiety evoked by tragedy. Her acute awareness of the injustices suffered by minority communities makes a logic-based artificial intelligence program of her own creation p... more