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  • Just Can't Help Believing

    by John Paul James
    Elvis Presley longed to learn of God’s plan for him. One night, God finally revealed it. Four decades on, that plan is coming to a bloody end... Orphaned by an accident he feels responsible for, gossip magazine owner Jimmy O’Neill remains haunted by it in adulthood. Now he’s on the brink of losing the one thing his parents bequeathed him – the family business. To save it, Jimmy faces a race against time to discover the valuable secret his ex-CIA grandad planned to divulge before his untimely ... more
  • Ten Years Gone

    by Jonathan Dunsky

    On the dusty streets of post-war Tel Aviv, a crafty killer roams free…

    Israel, 1949 - Private detective Adam Lapid knows how it feels to lose everything. His whole family died in Auschwitz. He barely survived. Now he spends his nights haunted by nightmares and his days solving cases the police won’t handle.

    Hired to find a missing boy, Adam thinks the case is hopeless. But he can’t turn down a mother searching for her only child.
    ... more

  • Dancing Without Music

    by Angela Grey
    When major depressive disorder, seizures, and an eating disorder leads to hopelessness, lack of interest, loss of pleasure, and worse: alcohol abuse, self-mutilation, isolation, anxiety, panic attacks, physical illness, and suicidal feelings, seventeen-year-olds Mia Callan and Milo Chatham who only recently began dating find this brutal array of dangers overwhelming, and possibly even deadly.
  • The 1st Assassin

    by Mainak Dhar
    I once worked for the government, going into missions that never officially happened, killing enemies we never officially killed. They gave me a bunch of medals, partly for doing my job well, mostly to keep my mouth shut. I still work for the government, but now I ride a desk, barely tolerated by my boss, barely tolerating myself. My world is turned upside down when I am put on a task force investigating an assassination plot against the US President. Nothing is as it seems, the enemy alwa... more
  • Justice of Brenda the Wolverine

    by Alex Markman
    Edward Green, a likable, young, successful professional, he had seemed happy with life. The only son of rich and generous parents, he had a good career, a loving girlfriend, and plenty of friends. So why did he cut his veins in his luxury condo apartment? Melissa Bonar, one of the best homicide detectives in Canada, is on the case. She learns that shortly before Edward’s death, he was sodomized against his will, yet there is no other evidence of a crime. The only clue is Edward’s last word: Wolv... more
  • Bishop's Endgame: A Spy Game Novel

    by Michael Frost Beckner
    : Sequel to Beckner’s classic Spy Game, it’s ten years since Nathan Muir rescued Tom Bishop from a Suzhou Prison and escaped Langley for good, now, all his former agents have suddenly vanished around the globe. Astonishingly, a message arrives from Malaysia: one spy survives. Long forgotten, he knows the secrets behind Muir’s networks and a new cataclysmic danger. Just one a catch. He’ll only come in to the man Langley trusts less and despises more than Muir: Tom Bishop. Once again it falls to h... more
  • Muir's Gambit: A Spy Game Novel

    by Michael Frost Beckner
    Prequel to Beckner’s classic film Spy Game, Muir's Gambit opens with the assassination of CIA hero Charlie March. Mentor to Nathan Muir, March’s murder presents Langley the opportunity to rid themselves of Cold War dinosaur Muir. Muir's Gambit introduces hard-luck CIA lawyer Russell Aiken dispatched to force Muir’s confession. The protégé Muir cast aside for Tom Bishop, Aiken thirsts for payback. As the two spies play a cat-and-mouse interrogation, Muir's Gambit examines the lives of two men san... more
  • The Last Spy

    by Bryan Mooney
    China has been stealing America’s most treasured secrets for the past thirty years. The Chinese communists have stolen military, biomedical, computer, agricultural, and technology secrets – targeting anything representing American excellence. Thousands of incessant cyberattacks and hundreds of thousands of Chinese spies wage war daily against America and its allies. They had to be stopped. In 2016, when the latest in advanced American technology turned out to be a tremendously expensive failure... more
  • Terror Strikes at Dawn (The Blackwell Files Book 14)

    by Steven Freeman
    An Egyptian hieroglyph…a Celtic shield…a secret Gutenberg book…an English mariner’s log…an eminent scientist’s lab notes…and the fate of humanity hanging in the balance. At dawn, the fanatical Fist of God cult plans to unleash a plague that will render all non-believers sterile. A series of ancient clues scattered across the globe may hold the key to mankind’s survival…but only if pathologist Sebastian Cole—with help from NSA operatives Alton and Mallory Blackwell—can piece together the cr... more
  • Staccato Passage

    by Joslyn Chase
    While training to go undercover at a secret spy school in the heart of Bavaria, an American concert pianist must decide whom to trust when her best ally is killed, a mole infiltrates the school, and a terrorist plot to attack a nearby international peace summit unfolds around her.
  • Old Sins

    by Lynne Handy
    Battered by her archeologist lover’s betrayal, poet Maria Pell flees to an Irish village to study prehistoric people and write her next volume of poetry, but her sanctuary is invaded first by her moody cousin and then by her Togolese lover who unexpectedly show up on her doorstep. When the discovery of a girl’s body on a rocky shore reawakens Maria’s devastating childhood memory of finding a dead baby floating in a stream, her days become haunted by this child’s death. As teenage girls disappear... more
  • Mandie: The Outer Banks Unicorn

    by JD Wise
    Before your next Amazon purchase please visit Amazon Smiles and enter Corolla Wild Horse Fund. Proceeds from this book will be donated to The Corolla Wild Horse Fund. Come join us, on an awesome adventure on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This is a story about Mandie. She is part of Corolla's herd of wild mustangs. Mandie is not a popular horse. Not the prettiest horse. Infact, most of the time she is completely un-noticed by the herd. Then one day an unusual algae bloom occurs. The ocean wa... more
  • The Many Angles of Milestoneville (Milestoneville Book Series)

    by Golden November
    Milestoneville is an incredibly fascinating town. It’s an open world where the character roams freely, and their daily lives move alongside the fast pace of the action and drama. This novel can be considered an entry point into the Milestoneville Book Series or an advanced view of the characters. The Milestoneville book series may be read in any order; there are many angles of Milestoneville. This novel is full of action, comedy, and drama; it’s a page-turner.

    by Cindy Sample
    After Sierra Sullivan is furloughed from her cruise director position, she moves to Spindrift Cove, Washington, to be closer to her married daughter. She soon discovers gigs for middle-aged entertainers are scarcer than good hair days. With her bank account sliding toward zero, she dons a ten-pound wig and elaborate costume to perform at a child’s birthday party. Little does Sierra know she’ll soon be upstaged by a corpse and become the leading-lady suspect. As the bodies pile up, the entertai... more
  • Purgatory, A Progeny's Quest

    by T. M. Brown
    Theo is knee deep in mystery—again. And it all began with a trip to an auction to help Zeb purchase a classic limo to use in the Miss Shiloh parade. Faster than you can say “come and get it”, an orphaned teenager is dropped at his door, a mobster hits town intent on making that limo his own, and a dead body is found floating in Shiloh Creek. But when Pepper and Woogie are kidnapped, Theo, Mitch, John, Hank, Camille, and more show the bad guy a thing or two about messing with folks in a small tow... more
  • Franco's Lost Gold

    by Johan Rosenlind
    In a clandestine commando raid during the Spanish civil war, over $5 billion in gold is stolen to assure Franco’s fascist victory, but the gold vanishes without a trace. More than 80 years later, Will McLaren leaves his life as dive instructor in Belize to follow a trace after his unknown father. It takes him to southern Spain, only to get caught up in a web of family secrets leading back to the heist that should have brought a swift victory to Franco. The family he finds is a southern Spanis... more