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  • Dead Cold

    by Claire Stibbe
    The truth is dead and buried. Or is it? When two bodies are recovered from a house fire, Detective Temeke is called in to investigate what he believes is a routine case. The tragedy takes a more sinister turn when a post mortem reveals that one victim was beaten to death. House owner Flynn McCann appears to have the perfect life, married to the woman he loves. His life is quiet - even ordinary. Until the fire reduces all he knows to ashes. Consumed with grief, and fleeing suspicion, he mus... more
  • Black Angel

    by Dolores Davis
    Magdalena is recovering from polio and her mother’s death while living in her grandparents’ meager flat in Little Italy, San Francisco. Mother would have said… a “Black Angel” had come to save them when the family move into an elegant home in a wealthy suburb of Los Angeles. Her father has bitterly accepted an offer from a crime Family to pay his medical bills. Magdalena’s teenage years are spent trying to please her morose father and protect her reckless sister. An olive-skinned beauty, Magdale... more
  • A Cruel Midnight

    by Tiana Wilkins
  • The Whisperer: a gripping Scottish mystery

    by A. Ireland King

    She chose death.

    She got life.

    After Meredith Potts jumps in front of a train, she’s surprised to find herself still thinking.

    She meets the mysterious Michael who recruits her as a whisperer.

    Whisperers cause the unexplained thoughts and feelings we all get. Have you ever felt a strange push to do something? Ever been comforted, like someone had your back?

    That’s them. Here’s a... more

  • Short Stories

    by Warren Rice
    ( Not much light was shining through the branches of the king-size maple trees, and the woods were dark and thick with arborescence shrubs everywhere. The darkness came on suddenly, and now we were in the thickest part of the forest, impenetrable to the eye with no sense of direction, and no way of getting help. My friends and I have been hiking since about noon. We had everything we needed to camp for the night, at least we thought we did, but what we did not expect was!!)
  • Bishop's War (Bishop Series Book 1)

    by Rafael Amadeus Hines
    Bishop’s War is a multi-award-winning and bestselling action-thriller that introduces us to Special Forces Sergeant John Bishop, decorated war hero, and nephew of crime boss Gonzalo Valdez. After returning home from Afghanistan John’s hopes for a peaceful future are quickly shattered when he is catapulted back into the global war on terror through a succession of life-threatening events and corrupt intrigue. He battles against terrorist operatives in New York, a powerful Afghan warlord, and a ps... more
  • I'm Going to Kill that Cat

    by F. Della Notte
    St. Francis de Sales, is an old parish tucked away in a corner of Austin, Texas run by pastor, Father Melvyn Kronkey, and his trusted, but audacious housekeeper, Mrs. B. A cat becomes the flashpoint in a simmering feud between two old parishioners, turning it into much more than murder. Father Melvyn and Mrs. B. are pitted against a determined evil that pulls them into a quagmire of greed, wrath, envy and revenge. The mayhem unleashed on St. Francis de Sales, compels Father Melvyn and Mrs. B. t... more
  • Vice Report

    by C. X. Wood
  • Was It Her?

    by Chanel Hardy
    Amanita Matua, also known as Nita, becomes one with popular crowd once she starts dating the most popular boy at Orchard Valley High School, Adrian Garcia. With a hot boyfriend, and a new social status, life seems great for the sixteen-year-old. That is until the night her life changed forever. Adrian is found dead in his home, and with no known enemies, or witnesses to his murder, all the fingers point to Nita in what the authorities suspect to be a crime of passion. After losing her boyfriend ... more
  • Blood and Roses

    by Jordan Petrarca

    Seven organized crime Families, known as the Seven Blessed Families, rule the World of Exodus and its people with the use of their mysterious magical artifacts, called Relics. Relics give powers to the Blessed members of the Families, and they use those powers for corruption and control of everything in Exodus.

    Maretto Rose, the patriarch of the Rose Family, celebrates his 50th birthday by attending a performance at the Grand Theater with three of his four sons. The theater is attacked ... more

  • Fairday Morrow and the Talking Library

    by Jessica Haight
    The Detective Mystery Squad tries to stop a bookworm from eating words in stories. The mystery unwinds as the three sleuths uncover a world where books are born and legends guard a library that doesn't exist.
  • Chronicles of the Anti-Christ

    by Joseph Harrison
    At the end of WWII certain Nazis concoct a plan to keep their dreams alive. It was a secret kept by escaping officers of the Third Reich. Their plans were running smoothly until Arianna Newton, an investigative reporter found out about a file named "The Messiah Project. In it was a startling discovery about Martin Voors, current governor of Texas and leader of the National Society of the Phoenix, a right wing party. If the file became public, it would devastate their plans, even after she is rap... more
  • Saint George's Children

    by Dennis Ecklund
    When Edward Weldon is found dead with a tiny bullet hole in the back of his head, ugly rumors about why he was murdered begin circulating. His widow hires Anthony Alpo, a down-on-his-luck detective to uncover the truth. Alpo finds himself in over his head following the trail of Weldon’s missing love child through the slums of Rio de Janeiro in the most dangerous and bizarre case of his career. Will Alpo unveil the dead man’s hidden past and find romance with his client’s best friend? Will he ... more
  • Deadly Production (Mapleton Mystery Book 4)

    by Terry Odell
    When life seems too good to be true—watch out. Mapleton Police Chief Gordon Hepler thinks his troubles with the small-town politics are behind him. The town council has even awarded him a reserved parking place. But an early-morning summons from the new mayor has Gordon on alert. Instead of yet another budget dispute, the mayor announces an independent film company is making a movie in Mapleton. For the mayor, it means good press for Mapleton—and more importantly—more money for the town co... more
  • Mosquito Lagoon: Code of Misconduct III

    by C A Griffith
    NASA Scientist Grant Parker is on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list. The charge is treason. Parker’s half-sister wants Grey Colson to find Grant, but why bother when the FBI is hot on his trail and will find him soon enough? Besides, Colson has enough on his plate trying to find a way to get his best friend, Jay Taylor, out of jail in Ecuador. Colson moved to Daytona to kick it back on the beach and piddle with the occasional theft investigation, but current events have kept the sand out of his t... more
  • The Nightmare Merchant - Code of Misconduct II

    by C A Griffith
    Young Joshua Bartlett is dead, but what looks like a junkie’s drug overdose may actually turn out to be far more sinister. And now his teenage girlfriend, Emily Raines, is missing. Is she dead as well? While Joshua’s grieving father starts digging for the truth about his son’s death, Emily’s father sets out to find his daughter. When his own efforts fail and the local police don’t seem to be doing enough, he seeks the help of Grey Colson, a retired cop turned private investigator who has dedicat... more