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  • Silent Rage

    by DE Funk
    Set in the steamy South, Silent Rage is a story about Libby O’Malley, who is a survivor. As a child she unwittingly escapes a serial killer but meets another as an adult. Ironically, she likes the amicable criminal, Russell. As a student of behavioral psychology, she chooses Russell for a case study. Inspired by historical events, Silent Rage is a harrowing account about the development of a serial killer named Russell Thomas. He is an adolescent who lives in a tough, crime laden environment. He... more
  • Automat

    by Stephanie Kane
    Who is the enigmatic woman in Edward Hopper’s famous painting, Automat? When the young actress playing her is brutally murdered at the launch of The Denver Art Museum’s blockbuster Hopper exhibition, Conservator of Paintings Lily Sparks feels compelled to use her special gift of discernment to solve the crime. Her perfect eye tells her that just as the celebrated artist kept painting the same iconic woman, the killer must keep killing her. The stony blonde in Hopper’s paintings never aged. A... more
  • Solstice Shadows: A VanOps Thriller

    by Avanti Centrae

    DA VINCI CODE meets TOMB RAIDER in this multi-award-winning and #1 bestselling thriller that combines intrigue, history, science, and mystery into pulse-pounding action.
    A computer-app designer. An encrypted relic. Can she and the VanOps team decipher the dangerous code before extremists trigger a high-tech apocalypse?
    Broad-shouldered marine turned covert agent Bear Thorenson wants his girlfriend, Maddy Marshall, to... more

  • Ransom for the Many

    by William Petrick

    Marketing guru Dean Dubose travels to the remote mountains of Haiti to investigate a local project that could help combat world hunger. Instead, he stumbles upon a criminal operation funneled through a respected orphanage. Against company orders -- and his instinct for survival -- Dean digs deeper. Amid the sweltering heat and the threats to his life, Dean falls for a headstrong and

    charismatic social worker whose allure leads to dangers of its own. Together, they are drawn into a shado... more

  • clipping path

    by chris woakes
    Clipping Path Graphics is a very well known photo restoration company in the international marketplaces like online shops & e-commerce businesses.
  • Rainy Lake Rendezvous

    by Janet Kay

    An intriguing tale of love, lies and family secrets - with a supernatural twist. Determined to reclaim Beth, the ex-wife whom he divorced ten years ago, Rob leaves behind his former identity as a prominent Chicago attorney and embarks upon a secretive mission to rescue her from the man whom he believes is holding her hostage. Together, he and Beth will begin a new life in a remote cabin in the Canadian wilderness. But Beth has finally found peace and is no longer living in fear of her delusio... more

  • Emma Beware, Book One

    by Michelle Anne Iden

    A stalker is like having your own personal terrorist appointed to you. A high school girl's life is about to change. A standout student and track athlete in Eden, Iowa she gears up for a big meet. She does not show. So unlike her. My name is Emma Mae Davenport. I'm 14. In the past few weeks, I've been stalked through text messages by an unknown person. Each time they've masked their identity. I've also received gifts at places where nobody knew I'd be. I've va... more

  • Final Fling

    by Maggie Foster
    Ginny Forbes watched in dismay as the homicidal maniac and four — count them, four —alligators high on methamphetamines surrounded the base of the live oak tree she had chosen to climb. The wildfire was close enough for her to feel the first tendrils of heat on her naked skin. At the various times in her life when she’d been asked how she preferred to die, she had answered, “Asleep, in bed, of old age.” She tried to calculate her chances. Not looking good, here. She’d gotten the answer to one o... more
  • Mountain Top

    by Aaron Clayton
    Welcome to Mountain Top, New Mexico. The home of the hit TV show, Powder River. After the death of his wife and son, and a closed internal investigation for a crime that everyone thinks he committed, Reese Mars moved from Albuquerque to a small town in north-western New Mexico, called Mountain Top. He hoped for a quiet place to retire, as the new Sheriff of Mountain Top, where the population was less than 1,000 and the biggest crime in town were the folks who jay-walked across Main Street.... more
  • Canyon Springs

    by Aaron Clayton
    Patrick and Pete's friendship started unlike most others. They met, by chance, but became best friends, brothers, and television celebrities. They are the stars of the hit television show FORGOTTEN TRAVELS, which brings viewers such attractions as ghost towns, abandoned amusement parks, and other eerie locations. It has been a dream come true, for both of them, but after eight years Patrick decides it's time to leave the show behind and continue his life with his fiance, Tayleigh. The same da... more
  • Island Park

    by Aaron Clayton
    Five people find themselves stranded during a snow storm at a truck stop in Island Park, Idaho. Among them is a killer. Snow storms are nothing new during winter in the Rocky Mountains, but when two storms collide, in Idaho, they create the opportunity for a perfect Rocky Mountain storm. Five people find themselves stranded at a truck stop in a remote area of Idaho, known as Island Park. Fred; the employee who stayed behind to take care of the truck stop during the storm. Tabitha... more
  • Wrong Man Down

    by Jerry Masinton

    Millie Henshawe—intrepid, smart-talking, gay ex-GI—is the field agent (read: hired gun, assassin) for Continental Removals, LLC, in Boston, a niche firm catering to a very special clientele. When a removal in Kansas City goes wrong, Millie's well-honed skills are tested and the hired gun becomes the target.




    by ML Biddison
    Dell grew up feral on the streets of Chicago. Now she's a Deputy Sheriff in a small South Dakota county. Her uncanny street fighting skills are what brought her to the sheriff's attention. He's come to rely on her. She believes her friends count on her as well. When her friend Vicky is kidnapped by fanatics, Dell rushes into the remote compound where she's held. But Vicky refuses rescue and Dell is at a loss--until an FBI agent helps her unravel the puzzle. They find another reason to go after ... more
  • Ghosts and Shadows

    by H. Max Hiller
    Detective Holland is asked to help investigate a baffling series of arson fires. He quickly determines that the fires are part of a shadowy government contractor's elaborate attempt to provoke a fight between a Mexican drug cartel and local heroin dealers to help a rogue Homeland Security deputy director cancel a deal he once made with the cartel. The plot threatens to bring violence and mayhem to New Orleans just as Mardi Gras gets started and the Saints head to their first Super Bowl. The case... more
  • The Blue Garou

    by H. Max Hiller
    Detective Holland's first murder investigation isn't meant to lead to an arrest. Nobody is sorry that New Orleans' most notorious felon is dead, but the Chief of Detectives would like to know if the pit bull that mauled Biggie Charles Lynley was the killer or the murder weapon. The detective uncovers far more than a plot to kill a bad man, including men far worse than the victim and others who would be victimized by the exposure of their connections to the case. It is up to Detective Holland to ... more
  • Blowback: A Detective "Cadillac" Holland Mystery

    by H. Max Hiller
    Louisiana State Police Detective Cooter Holland has worn out his welcome with the New Orleans Police Department in almost record time. NOPD's Chief of Detectives cannot fire him, so he gives him one of the used Cadillacs the department appropriated from a local dealership during Hurricane Katrina and sends him looking for a murder suspect the District Attorney released by accident. Holland becomes reluctant to find his quarry until he solves the crime the man is suspected of committing, and what... more