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  • Battlefield Russia

    by Miranda Watson

    Is war on another front…

    …going to lead to defeat?

    Losses in the Pacific have cost the Allies.

    The stakes raise as battlefield tactics and back room diplomacy muddy the waters. Was it a mistake to engage in Russia? Will it cost the President at home? The country is divided. The casualties mount. Has the tide of war shifted from the Allies?

    As the U.S. manufacturing machine struggles to keep up with the demands, the countr... more

  • Battlefield Pacific

    by Miranda Watson

    Is it too late to stop the dominoes from falling?

    Not since the US pulled out of Vietnam has the communist threat been so real.

    Taiwan is at risk.

    If America loses its ally in the Pacific Rim, the Chinese will be one step closer to dominating all of Asia. Japan, Thailand, the Philippines—no one will be safe from their hostile takeover.

    The President must act. Force is needed, but the deployment won’t be popular. Politics ar... more

  • Elevators

    by Rose kathy
    Exactly when most by far think about lifts, they consider voyager lift types that transport explorers from floor to floor. These lifts can have additional features, also, including intensifiers to play music or announcements, sound or visual advancing, or TV appears. Express lifts are a notable assortment in raised structures: They run beginning from the most punctual stage to a sky corridor, staying away from the floors in the center.
  • Wild Cards: A novel by Stuart Stromin

    by Stuart Stromin
    Two street hustlers seek payback from a vicious mobster on one explosive night in Las Vegas.
  • It's Personal

    by Philip Bond
    Tenacious and methodical in pursuing a story, Harry’s a dismal failure in choosing the ‘right’ man until trailing the scent of corruption leads her to a life-threatening yet fortuitous encounter.
  • The Lovestruck Detective: A Big Muddy Mystery

    by M. C. Anderson
    When environmentalist Jack Archer discovers a body bobbing along the bank of the Missouri River, he's shocked to realize that the dead man is the gay owner of an antiques store in Jack's small hometown. Asked by a wealthy, divorced lawyer to help her investigate, Jack reluctantly agrees, oblivious to the danger of her charms. . .
  • Bridal makeup studio in kochi

    by Albin Benny

    Kerala, the ‘God’s own country’ is famous for its beautiful landscapes and is synonymous with greenery but little does the outsiders know that the young generation of Kerala is dynamic and fashion conscious. This is especially evident in the case of brides. Bridal fashions and styles are the talk of the town during all the wedding seasons. Apart from designer clothes, bestbridal makeupstyles in Keralaare also sought after by the young ladies. However, the best sorts of makeu... more

  • The Sihr Trees

    by Sidavy Kuong
    Nora Neng is an aid worker with a tragic past of where she's not even sure if she can or wants to remember of what happened that day when her sister died. She learns to cope by doing her job. But even so, those things can only go so far as she is faced with violence, supernatural forces at work, and the terrifying truth of what happened long ago.
  • Boomwild

    by Kildare
    Its 2012 and an oil boom has plunged western North Dakota into chaos as billionaire oil tycoons, greedy entrepreneurs, corrupt politicians, and savage drug dealers all jostle for a slice of the wealth. Gena Blood Crow is a tribal cop trying to enforce a dysfunctional legal system. Boots Charging Thunder is a fed-up rancher who forms a militia to combat the lawlessness. Rafael Vega is a hitman sent to remove anyone opposing the cartel. All vying for control. All destined for a violent showdown.
  • Crimes and Survivors

    by Sarah Smith
    It’s 1912. America is the land of Jim Crow, of lynchings and segregation. And a young white society woman has just discovered that the grandfather she barely knows may be black. She has a family. She has a child. She can’t be black. She doesn’t know how. She follows her grandfather onto the newest, safest, biggest ship in the world, to learn the truth—the right truth, the one that will save her family. But after the iceberg, she finds the truth is far more complicated than black and ... more
  • All Gas

    by Kevin Macklin
    He's a bad man who hunts down bad men to protect the innocent. Would you save the life of a complete stranger? How far would you be willing to go? Jon Dough - hustla, dopeman, kingpin of a drug empire - losses his little cousin in a robbery turned homicide. An innocent woman is kidnapped in the setup for the robbery, leaving her family worried and confused. Wading through an underworld of thugs, hustlas, dopefeinds and prostitutes, Jon goes vigilante, conducting his own invest... more
  • Murder Bytes

    by Gayle Carline
    Peri has had enough. She’s closing her business, marrying her detective boyfriend, and settling down to a life of ease–until her brother shows up, accused of a murder he swears he didn’t commit. Now she’s back in the thick of things, investigating the death of an engineer who may have been stealing techno-secrets from other companies. Her relationship with her brother is an icy one, at best, and she struggles with her ambivalence, as well as her desire to leave investigative work behind. Digging... more
  • Baby, It's Dead Outside: An Un-Cozy Un-Culinary Josie Tucker Mystery (Josie Tucker Mysteries Book 5)

    by EM Kaplan
    In the quaint but frigid Chicago suburb of Lake Park Villa, grumpy food blogger Josie Tucker is on the trail of a would-be killer. Is wealthy cough drop heiress Lynetta Downes about to lose her life? Or is she simply losing her marbles?
  • Sam Razor - Private Investigator The Case Of The Blond With The Bad Nose Job

    by Carlo Armenise
    This is Sam’s first case. It takes place in Las Vegas and involves two rich sisters and a kidnapping.
  • When I Killed My Father: An Assisted-Suicide Family Thriller

    by John Byrne Barry
    When I Killed My Father is a page-turner with a conscience, about a man caught between what is compassionate and what is legal. Psychologist Lamar Rose’s father is suffering from cancer and dementia, and wants his son to kill him and end his suffering. Lamar refuses, but his father keeps asking, and he relents. Then, from the pulpit of the church at his father’s memorial, his sister accuses him of murder.
  • Deep Water

    by JJ Shelley