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  • Exit Interview: an a.k.a. Jayne novel

    by Dana Cameron
    Reporter Amy Lindstrom has just witnessed the sudden, suspicious death of the powerful arms dealer she’s been investigating. Jayne Rogers, the deadly covert operative assigned to work with the arms dealer, has been accused by her boss of killing him, as well as turning traitor and picking off her former colleagues one by one. The only one who believes Jayne is being framed is Nicole Bradley, whose technical skills are as stealthy and lethal as Jayne’s abilities with her fists and weapons. All th... more
  • The Lost Imperial Seal: A Treasure Hunt Novel of an Asian Canadian in Taiwan

    by C. H. Henry Hsu

    Described as “The Da Vinci Code meets Bruce Lee”. Perfect for readers looking for: action-adventure, world travel, mystery thriller, multicultural representations.

    Carved out of a mythical jade in the 8th century. The symbol of the first Dragon Emperor, Qin Shi Huang. The legitimizing device of the Throne—the Heirloom Seal of the Realm.​

    Sebastian Lee, a fresh college grad, who originally only intends to teach English in Taiwan for one y... more

  • First Bite

    by Avery Daniels

    What's a positive thought girl to do when she finds herself one of the undead? Recite plenty of affirmations and use those new toothy skills to assist her PI boss, of course.

    In 24 hours, Misty Summers had the worst date of her life, was bit by a vampire, and her PI boss may close his business as he goes through a divorce. Looking on the sunny side, she decides to use her new vampire assets and become the investigator to keep her job and income. She doesn’t kn... more

  • Perils of a Pregnant Sleuth

    by Dershie McDevitt

    Ferociously independent biology professor, Callahan Banks, is thirty-two years old, six months pregnant, and happily single living in the wilds of her childhood home on Timicau Island, South Carolina. But there are complications. The baby’s father, a wealthy forty-two-year-old bachelor, Pepper Dade, owns the island and is determined to marry her and raise their child together.

    When nine-year-old triplets relocate to the island and stumble upon the body of a stranger wrapped in bar... more

  • A Crime Story: A Mother-Daughter Cozy Mystery

    by Richard E. LaMotte
    Stuff happens in this Cozy Mystery... Clair is divorced, broke, and trying to get to Hollywood to become a screenwriter. Her near-teenage daughter Mindy hates the idea. When they’re almost killed in an accident and the car suffers a breakdown, they find themselves stranded in a small town. Clair and Mindy decide to use their downtime to write a make-believe crime story and inadvertently start digging into a twenty-year-old unsolved murder that still haunts the town. Townspeople take sides ... more
  • Hard Noir Holiday

    by Kirk Alex
    Hard Noir Holiday: A Doc Holiday Private Investigator Mystery (Book 4) Welcome to rattlesnake country. Where a certain desert rat type is far deadlier than a diamondback. When L.A. Private Investigator Edgar “Doc” Holiday arrives at the home of an old friend in Tucson, Arizona, instinct tells him something is wrong: the car isn’t in the driveway, fresh blood is dripping from a hand print on the doorjamb and no one appears to be in, not even the family dog. But soon Doc makes a disco... more
  • Mother May I?

    by Teresa Phelan
    Surrey, British Columbia, is the province's second-largest by population after Vancouver and is home to Lucy’s family—a tight-knit group formed by their parent’s second marriage’s and held together by Lucy’s indomitable spirit and unwavering support. After years of struggle as a single parent Lucy is devastated after she remarries and loses her son to fentanyl poisoning. Then she is devastated by the loss of her teenage grandson to suicide. Reeling from these losses and struggling with her own m... more
  • Back in the USSR

    by Patrick D. Joyce

    When Harrison, the son of American diplomats, lands in Moscow at the height of the Cold War, he knows three things.

    His passport will keep him safe. His daydreams will keep him company. His music will keep him sane.

    But everything he knows is about to change.

    His father has disappeared. His mother is keeping secrets. And his good friend Prudence, the fearless daughter of foreign correspondents, leads him on a wild chase a... more

  • Hibridos

    by Nihil List Christo
    The novel starts off with Rick "The Hellion" Benton and El Cerebro in Arizona State Prison. As they hear of their long waiting executions for crimes that got them more than a life sentence, they decide to escape. When they escape they flee to Mexico with help of the Main 6's Motorcycle Coalition that stretches far beyond the American border. A friend of Emilia's disappears from the party the night before while the two made a pit stop in Tijuana, and rumors of a serial killer grow. The Capo w... more
  • Frightful Friday

    by Denise Jaden
    An upset at the Harvest Festival , a Fright Night fundraiser with a deadly twist, and a realtor-turned-sleuth caught in the middle of both. Tabby is finally ready to go on a casual fun date with Detective Jay Jameson at the local church’s Harvest Festival, but her witch friends are holding their Fright Night fundraiser that same night. She feels caught in the middle of a long-standing quarrel between the two groups, especially when a dead body shows up at the center of it all. As blame-shi... more
  • Thrilling Thursday

    by Denise Jaden
    A seaside town selling the supernatural, a fun-fair ride with a deadly twist, and a realtor-turned-sleuth rediscovering her purpose. Tabby is settling into Crystal Cove, Oregon, and her new home on a magic-infused houseboat when the summer fair comes to town. She and her newly inherited cat, Sherlock, operate the coffee truck while screams of excitement erupt from nearby rides. Soon the fun screams turn to shrieks of horror when a dead body is discovered on one of the rides, and Tabby may be th... more
  • The Last Temptation (Colorado Skies Book 3)

    by Amy O. Lewis
    In book three of the Colorado Skies mystery series, Kim Jackson learns she isn’t the only one trying to outrun her past. Murder has a way of finding Kim Jackson, even in the small mining town of Creede, Colorado. Forced to leave Durango behind and move on, Kim is now working in Creede’s tax accounting office, trying not to get attached. Her life is simple and quiet until the day an unusual young woman, Laurie Beltran, walks through her door with a sticky tax problem. Laurie is pious and seemi... more
  • Nighthawks

    by Lee Adams
    In the center of a three-block stretch of abandoned dirt, a diner is resurrected where it stood sixty years before. And it looks exactly like the original, but for the dead girl on the welcome mat. Julie Page, the new owner, is a writer of waning prestige and questionable talent, already haunted by personal demons in addition to the ghosts she may have just inherited. Compelled to figure out what happened the day before the door was open to the public and who killed the young woman found ... more
  • 5th and Vanguard

    by Lee Adams
    5th and Vanguard is set in a seaside town called Berle and narrated by Julie Page, an ex-junkie and writer who had retired her writing (and other addictions) for a more conventional life. But inspiration pays a call one windy night in front of Bob's Liquor Palace as a glamorous, disfigured old woman emerges from the backseat of a Cadillac and offers Julie one more chance at taking chances. This darkly comic mystery explores the pock-marked inner and outer world of its heroine as she faces he... more
  • Three On A Match

    by Anthony Cain
    Fred Stiles is trying to leave San Francisco when he meets an old, disabled private investigator who needs help solving a strange crime – an apartment has been robbed of everything, literally. The shower curtain, the soap in the soap dish. There's a woman to impress, and a fee that will allow him to pay his back rent and get a moving truck out of town. Stiles embarks on a journey that leads him to a San Francisco he never knew existed with people he never wanted to meet. When his investigation d... more
  • A Death at the Potawatomi Club

    by Stephen Timbers
    Charlie Bailey becomes an amateur sleuth when suspected of the murder of a friend and client. He outinvestigates the police while exposing his family and himself to the crosshairs of the real killer.