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  • Break My Bones

    by Michelle Ian
    A secret never to be shared. A killer seeking vengeance. Is his nightmarish fiction about to become a bloody reality? Michael Kerrigan is delighted with his success. With his well-received suspense novels putting him on the map, the popular author trades his dark past for meet and greets with adoring fans. But his borrowed peace shatters when a friend he thought he’d buried dead in the ground long ago shows up very much alive… and hellbent on wreaking murderous havoc. Trapped in a deadly g... more
  • Bee Conspiracy

    by David Boito
    As concerns over food shortages grow amid massive honeybee die-offs, an LAPD cop and a Special Agent for US Fish and Wildlife investigate a sociopath kindling mass hysteria to profit from the extermination of biological bees.
  • Gracie's Deal

    by Larry Enright
    Everyone’s got a deal. Gracie’s is complicated, but then everything is complicated in the quaint little college town of Holbright. Gracie was born there and has lived there all her life. That makes her a townie, and at any bastion of education atop a holy hill in the middle of nowhere worth its salt, that merits her little more than a look of disdain down a better-than-thou nose. It doesn't matter that she more or less graduated from there or that her father is the college physician. It doesn’t ... more
  • The Spirits of South Drive

    by Caroline Kaiser
    When antiques appraiser Virginia Blythe finds a murdered woman in the art studio of a gloomy mansion, she’s stunned to realize that she recognizes the victim. Who would have strangled eccentric but harmless Alice Aberfoyle, and why? Virginia’s boss, George Schlegel, and Detective Joe Hanratty are determined to find the killer, but the investigation is going nowhere. Then Virginia meets a quartet of frustrated ghosts who attended an art class in the studio in 1928 and still gather there to this d... more
  • Ghost Witness

    by Jason L Melendez

    Ghost Witness follows the sole witness to a murder, a young woman haunted by what she’s seen; only she’s seen it in her dreams and has written it off as just an unwelcome recurring nightmare. Everything changes when she meets the mysterious and irresistibly attractive new tenant of the house where her nightmare takes place, and she begins to suspect that his adopted four-year-old niece’s disturbing claims of seeing ghosts in her room are related. Meanwhile, those be... more

  • The Honolulu Situation

    by Mark A. Henry
    From the streets of Taboor City to the Molokai Fracture Zone, trouble finds Jefir Zaqq like a hook. When a ten-dollar street fight leaves him the target of a vengeful warlord, Jefir accepts the help of a mysterious stranger who helps him escape to America, where everything has a price. On the run in Honolulu, Jefir throws in with the salty crew of the fishing boat Monkey Fist and tries to survive the whirring gears of capitalism, corporate security, home furnishings, secrets and lies in the ... more
  • X

    by Jafe Danbury
    From JAFE DANBURY, author of the critically acclaimed thriller LEAVING PHOENIX, comes ❌, the riveting follow-up to Phoenix’s story. With the happily-ever-after they thought they had, Phoenix and Curt are settled into family life with young daughter Rose when the unthinkable occurs. It's every parent's nightmare. How do they navigate that dark world to rescue their child when unseen forces threaten everything? Beating and leaving behind her past helped Phoenix find her strength. What will... more
  • Your Turn

    by Lavelle Andrew Miller
    Ten years ago, Seven House was found guilty of a heinous crime, the murder of a fellow police officer. After his surprising release, House attempts to track down who framed him, uncovering a shocking revelation about his old police department.
  • Rogue Agent

    by Dan J Ford
    Rogue Agent is a fast-paced, detective-style, conspiracy-spy-thriller opener, featuring dogged and old-school ex-FBI Agent, Tom Wiseman, in an ultra-modern world. Rogue Agent follows Tom's investigation into a missing UN Helicopter, as it spirals into territory where dark, secretive, and powerful forces collude. Against his own better judgment and direct orders, Agent Wiseman goes 'Rogue' to pick through a web of deceit and profiteering so ingrained, discovering its mere existence is a death ... more
  • Osprey

    by M. L. Buchman
    Russia teeters on the brink of collapse, spoiling for a battle to end all wars. All it needs? One thin excuse. World War I began with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. World War II launched with the invasion of Poland. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine didn’t do it—yet. A close flyby of an American CMV-22 Osprey tiltrotor goes desperately wrong over the North Sea. Will the tipping point for World War III break the moment a favored daughter of the Oligarchy goes down in flames? When th... more
  • Murder, Cottonwood Style, An Adventure Calls Mystery, Book Two

    by Kathy McIntosh
    Arizona’s Red Rock country beckons, and chef and tour guide Madrone Hunter’s ready for a relaxing week in Cottonwood after a tough tour shepherding and cooking for finicky clients. Her plans—explore the scenic small town of Cottonwood, AZ—fall flat as a bad soufflé when the most demanding of those clients threatens a lawsuit against her employers. When she finds the body of that cranky customer, murdered, Madrone becomes obsessed with finding the killer. Particularly since she and her recently p... more
  • Ghosted

    by Helen Currie Foster
    In this 8th mystery novel in the Alice MacDonald Greer Mystery series, Alice flies to the Aberdeen Mortuary in Scotland with her college-aged kids John and Ann to learn if newly-found wreckage from a helicopter that left an oil rig five years ago contains the remains of the kids’ father, and Alice’s husband, Jordie Greer. The three visit Jordie’s mother Gran at her Scottish farm. They discover cryptic language in Jordie’s notebook suggesting his favorite cousin, seabed geologist Jimmie Greer... more
  • Believing Her: The delicate destiny of a man’s life

    by David Colquitt
    Richard Trent is a successful advertising and marketing executive for a manufacturing business in Manchester, New Hampshire. At an after-work party given in his honor, he could not have predicted how that very night his life would begin to unravel. Young Belinda shows up as a hired gun, but the target on Richard’s back is the work of someone else. The levels of control and scheming run deep, led by a dark secret agenda—a fuse that has been years in the making. Igniting this spark will start the ... more
  • D.O.G.: Executive Order

    by Robert Barlow Jr
    As if ripped from the headlines, this pulse-pounding thriller pits two elite snipers against an entire system of corruption. When the President orders a covert mission to eliminate a terrorist leader, sniper team D.O.G. is ordered to complete the mission. But someone has other plans for team D.O.G., and now Gunnery Sergeant Zach Hinson and Sergeant First Class Jason Jones are in a battle for survival. Captivity can't contain the tenacity and skill of these well-trained snipers, and Zach and J... more
  • The Deadly Samaritan

    by Michael Geczi
    One week. Three towns. Three people. Each with surgical scissors protruding from their right arm pits. Remove the weapon, immediate death. Leave it in, opportunity – at least for a while – for some medical care. Someone had deliberate intentions. Drew McLogan, ex-TV producer with more than enough problems of his own, gets pulled into one of the cases. His presence – and questions – shake up a small New Jersey town where one of the attacks took place. Town officials, business executives,... more
  • Against Her Will

    by Cynthia Kumanchik
    All she wants is her life back. Best-selling author Mona Mason discovers her estranged niece has plotted against her. Mona fights to escape an oppressive resort where she's been held captive for weeks, only to be kidnapped by her obsessed fan.