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  • Scarlett Jo Hanson Mystery: Pelican Peak Island Book 2

    by Sylvia Russell Crystal Anderson
    Scarlett has been assigned to the Pelican Peak Island case. Small children with terminal illness are being kidnapped. Scarlett receives clues from the supernatural to solve the case. Can she save the children? What are they doing with them?
  • Don't Give Up on Me (An Otter Bay Maine Novel)

    by Jodi Artzberger
    No Greater Love (John 15:13) When Cragge Automotive Group's heiress, Amanda Cragge is left for dead, the only man she's ever loved finds her. As the threats continue, will she accept help from the man who left her eight years ago without explanation? When Ryker Scott returns to Otter Bay, he is brought face to face with his past. He thought he could handle coming back but he might have been wrong. As a trained Army Ranger, he's going to have to use his skills if he wants to keep the only w... more
  • Exit Plan

    by Sheri Landry

    Ten years ago, a covert government operation gone wrong separated Jack from Jessa, the girl he promised he would never leave. Now, face-to-face and standing on opposite sides of the law from each other, if they can’t reconcile their differences, they may pay the ultimate price.

    Years of hiding taught Jessa to trust no one. And left to fend for herself after a violent attack a decade earlier killed her family, she’s resorted to working highly illegal hacking ... more

  • Try Not to Die: In Brightside: An Interactive Adventure

    by Mark Tullius

    More than two dozen ways to die.

    Just one correct path.

    Do you have what it takes to survive?

    Brightside is a beautiful mountain town blanketed by snow. Towering fences create a stark contrast to the serenity that appears on the surface. Your only crime is telepathy, yet your stay here is permanent. Your fate has been determined by society's fears.

    The outlook is bleak unless you manage to become part of the escape that’s about to go down.

    Watch your ba... more

  • The Thorn Among The Rosebuds

    by Shirley A Walton
    This is a story about a Black couple, Roger and Charlene Donaldson. And,an emotionally disturbed, blue eyed blond named Jennifer Blake. Roger is an atheist who will do anything to become a successful actor, writer and producer in Hollywood CA. His wife, Charlene sacrificed and risked her life to help him. She knows that Roger must never know what she did to help him in his quest for success. And, Jennifer Blake, the white woman who pretends to be the best friend forever of Charlene's. J... more
  • Revenge of the Elders of Zion

    by Dan Sofer

    Candide meets Mission Impossible in this satirical and thrilling adventure into the mind-boggling world of a notorious and deadly conspiracy theory. Audiobook read by Audie Award winner Tim Campbell.


    In Manhattan, David Zelig decides to create a Jewish secret society based on the Elders of Zion myth. The Gentiles already think the Jews run the world; at least now a Jewish cabal might prevent the next synagogue shooting.


    When older a... more

  • Chasing the Wendigo

    by James D. A. Terry

    Chasing the Wendigo is a gripping comedic mystery/adventure anthology containing three short anecdotal accounts by Justin Case, of grand larceny; the search for lost treasure; kidnapping and unexplained disappearances. Jason and his intrepid fraternity of brothers from other mothers find themselves unwittingly up against a powerful malevolence they can’t explain yet refuse to back down from.

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