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  • The Girl Who Wore A Hockey Helmet

    by Alex Charns
    Before the second day of a cop car bombing trial, Assistant Public Defender Star Gwiazda and her Lumbee Indian client, Jimmy Ray Oxendine, learn that their bigoted trial judge died when his car exploded that morning. Both laugh in front of a courtroom full of people when the news is announced. Oxendine turns informant and accuses Star of planning the bombing. Star is charged with first-degree murder. Her struggles with bipolar disorder and the fact she was off her medication surface when the... more
  • Viking: [ The Jungle Turned Black ]

    by John Bowie

    In the spirit of David Lynch's Lost Highway, Derek Raymond's Factory Series and Ted Lewis' Brit-Grit thrillers, John Bowie's Viking is a neo-noir dark and brooding thriller. . . .

    . . .


    He thought he'd given it up to start over. The drinking… and the killing. Ghosts haunt John and Cherry’s honeymoon escape in the jungles of Malaysia and Borneo as the release of nihilist criminals linked to John’s past trig... more

  • High Desert Heat

    by Wanda McLaughlin
    The Heat’s On! An act of kindness to a pregnant teen propels Geri Whittier into the dark world of a notorious Mexican drug lord who's ready to retire in the high desert of Scottsdale, Arizona--if only he could convince Geri to stay away from his daughter. Geri is still reeling from the discovery of her dead husband's gambling and infidelity that left her emotionally shattered and broke. But then she saves Reyna Mendoza from a scary tarantula, meets handsome neighbor, Art Coltrane, and... more
  • Implied Consent

    by Keenan Powell
    When a tearful young woman appears at Maureen Gould’s office with a tale of workplace assault, Maureen agrees to fight for her. Surprise evidence? No problem. Witnesses hiding? Maureen will find them. Ironclad agreements? No such thing. But when the defendant, a Hollywood mogul, hires Maureen’s estranged father, long buried secrets pull her back into his dark orbit. Someone is trying to silence her. But Maureen knows that secrecy binds the shamed to the guilty. There is only one way to save ... more
  • The Price of the Verdict

    by John Bae
    A thirty-minute on-camera interview of a researcher connecting the most popular anti-wrinkle cream in the market to autoimmune disease triggers an uncontrollable barrage of mass tort lawsuits against Pearl-Line, Inc., the nation’s premiere cosmetics company. Despite the absence of any credible evidence the cream causes this disease, the convincing accusations of the researcher drives juries throughout the United States to want to punish Pearl-Line. The best of the best products liability defense... more
  • Unblinded

    by D. Michael Hallman
  • Seriously, Murder?

    by Monica Hoopes
    Alice and Don are recent law school grads, and they know what they’re doing—kind of. But when they’re assigned to their first murder case, they might be in over their heads! And of course, they can’t forget about their other crazy clients (or Alice’s love life, for that matter). Part romcom/part mystery, this R-rated whodunit is laugh-out-loud funny!
  • Platform Shoes: A Steve Daniels Mystery (The Steve Daniels Mystery Series Book 1)

    by Linda Watkins
    The year was 1943. He was a pilot in the U.S. Army Air Corps, on loan to the British, flying a reconnaissance mission over occupied France. Shot down, he had to make his way back to England with what could prove to be a very important reel of film taped to his chest. Wounded, he was grounded and sent back to the States to the Air Cadet Base in San Antonio, Texas to teach. Plagued by nightmares stemming from his wartime experiences, he was easy pickings for a woman like her … She was his comma... more
  • Deception in the Fog: A Victorian Vampire Tale

    by Alistair Carlyle
    During the course of a violent storm a young man mysteriously arrives on the estate of Elisabeth Ainsworth, a young widow living on an island in the English Channel. Romance ensues, but Elisabeth becomes increasingly fearful as she questions his real identity and the powers of his ancient medallion.
  • Zipline

    by P. Anthony Michael
    If Gail knew Uncle Perkins' stories were true, she wouldn't have taken her friends up that mountain. The plan was simple. Hike, camp, and ride the zipline back down the mountain. But Uncle Perkins' stories are true, and the horrors are real. Now the simple plan is the only plan they have to get off that mountain or disappear, remaining there forever.
  • A Town Called Why

    by Rick Lenz
    Colleagues of Frank Gaines, a half-Apache, Arizona desert town police detective, know him as a courageous man. Gaines doubts that. He suspects he’s afraid of not behaving courageously. He goes into therapy. This creates a new problem: he is falling in love with his therapist, a striking, full-blooded Apache woman, Sunny Kacheenay, granddaughter of a great shaman, who has mystical gifts of her own. A distant maternal relative of Gaines dies by shotgun blast. Against her own best professional i... more
  • The Healer

    by Brown Mohamed
    Things took a turn for the worst for Mark when his wife, Rachel, passed away. But he's got other matters to deal with. A demonic entity stalks him. And he's just found out he's a healer. Join Mark as he travels down an unfamiliar path, discovering a world filled with lies and deception. But the worst was not being able to make sense of what was real anymore. Between life-changing decisions and troubling questions, a dark conspiracy reveals itself and faces Mark.

    A wealthy woman is abducted in the parking garage of an upscale mall. The investigation will uncover family secrets that could have triggered the incident. Adultery, shady business practices, a double life, and illegal gambling are part of the labyrinth the investigators will have to go through. A couple of failed escape attempts provide the story with action and suspense and then the end will come after the victim is released by police in a dramatic rescue operation. In the end, the woman's joy... more
  • American Nonsensical

    by Edward Webster
    Nineteen years ago, a bizarre mother-son preaching team, Sarah and Jeff Lamb, disappeared. Now, in 2020, with the country in a Covid-19 panic and an election frenzy, Jake Christian goes missing. Jake’s hot wife, Hannah, asks detectives, Stan and Bud, to track him down. They aren’t first rate sleuths, and both have feelings about Hannah. She’s either lovely and caring or a manipulative bitch. They also have long-distance relationships with Donald Trump. One idolizes him. The other thinks ... more
  • Sister Mysteries

    by Claudia Ricci Author
    It's 1883 in northern California. A young Dominican nun is dragged from her convent, accused of seducing and murdering her cousin, Antonie. He suffers from syphilis and has written a pile of erotic fantasies, spinning her into a flamenco dancer and incriminating her for the crime. More than a century later, Gina Rinaldi, a writer suffering from depression, finds herself literally immersed in the story. Gina's link to Sister Renata is an old Mexican housekeeper, Señora Ramos, who lures Gina b... more
  • Love Me or Grieve Me

    by Diane Vallere
    When a junior copy editor at the local newspaper mistakenly uses interior decorator Madison Night’s life story in the obituary of a recently deceased woman with a similar name, Madison’s life turns upside down. Addison Nigh, a once in-demand jazz vocalist, had fallen into obscurity, and her death notice surprises only those who thought she died decades ago. Canceled lines of credit and a swarm of condolences to Madison’s loved ones are just the tip of the iceberg, but when the decorator discover... more