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  • Maelstrom

    by D.J. Schuette
    Ten years ago, five-year-old Tommy Lange disappeared without a trace from his front yard in Oceanside, California. Now his big sister, Addison Lange, is an Agent-in-Training with the FBI. She has a particular set of skills, honed over a decade of searching for her brother, and she’s about to unleash them in one final, desperate attempt to find him. But what she discovers is far more than she can handle by herself. Special Agent and profiler Nick Keegan, suffering the devastating aftermath of... more
  • Paint Her Dead

    by Wanda Shelton
    Leah Dawson is looking forward to spending a week relaxing and painting at a quaint, remote Inn located on a beautiful bay in coastal Maine. Instead she encounters murder and intrigue and the enigmatic Nate Parker. to whom she is magnetically attracted
  • Merchant of Dreams

    by Anita Briggs
    A prodigiously gifted young musician, shattered by the death of her parents and the unexplained cancellation of engagements, flees to the Yorkshire home of her late aunt, a famous harpist. She arrives incognito and finds warmth and the joy of like minds. Offered an opportunity to perform by the lauded pianist/composer Richard D'Annunzio, who years ago cancelled a coveted performance, she eventually accepts. But as suspicions arise about her aunt's death, Lissa must pursue answers and dodge de... more
  • Murder, She Vaped: The Ironic T-Shirt Caper

    by Gregg Maxwell Parker

    MURDER, SHE VAPED is a new series featuring Silver Lake barista Judy Scoffs, the coolest girl in Los Angeles who has a sixth sense for when something’s not right or when someone’s being sexist online. Even though she’s super indie and fun, somehow death and crime follow her wherever she goes. Along with her sidekick/roommate Doll, Judy is unafraid to tackle even the most baffling mysteries.

    In THE IRONIC T-SHIRT CAPER, a crime wave has hit Echo Park, as nostalgic shirt... more

  • sunset at 20:47

    by Peter Kingsmill
    Sunset at 20:47 is a crime mystery based around a small community on a big lake. But “Sunset” is more than a crime novel. Despite some international and environmental issues, it is about how ordinary people respond when they feel threatened.
  • The Arms of Death: Loch Lonach Mystery Series, Book One

    by Maggie Foster
    Everyone dies. Not everyone dies because they chose the wrong ancestors. When one of her ICU patients dies unexpectedly, amateur sleuth Ginny Forbes finds herself on the trail of a centuries-old secret that is of no importance and no interest to anyone other than herself. Except, of course, that no tale of secrets is ever that simple and Ginny is about to find out just how dangerous idle curiosity can be.
  • Fallout

    by William Hunter
    1984. The Oberbaum Bridge. The Stasi apprehend an MI6 agent attempting to exfil information vital to British interests in a divided Germany. Thirty-four-years later, each of the retired SIS officers attached to the failed operation are targeted for assassination by a former KGB head of station and once rising star in the Russian FSB. Banastre Montjoy, deputy chief of England’s Secret Intelligence Service, must go underground in search of answers, a journey that will take him across Europe ... more
  • Drive

    by John Nuckel
    In this crime thriller, history and current events unite through a New York secret society, The Volunteers. Their purpose is to intercede when normal rules of justice cannot.
  • Billy and the Policeman

    by Darren Ramon
    After spending the night with family, Billy discovers the wheels to his Varoom Bike missing. They were stolen in the middle of the night. To Billy, the bike is everything to him, it is his escape and hope. He is devastated, that is until Officer Highwater shows up and suddenly there is a chance he will be able to ride again. Billy learns the quality of trust in this tale of stolen property, hidden places, clues and a beloved bike.
  • Billy's RockPile

    by Darren Ramon
    It’s about a reluctant young boy who is forced to go on a picnic with his family and in the process discovers himself while escaping danger and answering a mystery about a lost Apache tribe in the Davis Mountains of West Texas at a place called RockPile park. This is based on real events.
  • Kurkuma kopen

    by Albin Benny
    Nowadays all social orders are trust home developed drug and characteristic things. The guideline reason of this is it has no side effects so all social orders buy this sorts of things. Moreover, another reason behind using characteristic thing is humble and we can get from any item, and it can utilize at whatever point. Each normal thing had its own favorable circumstances and strong point. So it is using various ways. Home developed things and prescription is different according to culture and... more
  • Twilight Never Sleeps

    by Betty Hamilton
    Twilight Never Sleeps is a story of deception, corruption, and ways that small-town life has changed due to the influence of drugs and the money it brings to rural America.
  • Among the Dead

    by Roger Canaff
    When a beautiful and profoundly autistic boy named Hector is found hideously throat-cut in a Bronx row house, it’s his father, a callous and deceitful widower with gang ties, who emerges as the prime suspect. Reluctantly catching the case is A.D.A. Alex Greco, himself the wounded father of an autistic son who died at age three. A relative newcomer to the challenging and often brutal world of New York’s toughest borough, Alex has been excelling in this environment for two years, rebuilding his sh... more
  • Metabyte

    by Cat Connor
    Her niece is abducted and her in-laws disappear. Long-deceased agents turn up in garages across the city - dead again. No wonder SSA Ellie Iverson’s internal alert goes off the scale. Enigmatic clues and codes from a missing colleague and brother-in-law about the seepage of sensitive FBI data, lead to the sudden death of a team member and leave Delta A spinning. Two new agents, with special talents akin to Ellie’s, join the team and ramp her alarm sensors even higher. Her niece’s social media... more
  • psychobyte

    by Cat Connor
    Another day, another death, might not be unusual in FBI Agent Ellie Conway’s world but a baffling series of naked, bloodless, blondes in pristine showers makes her wonder if she is dealing with a genuine vampire. Investigating the deaths of these women, Ellie is surprised when clairsentience is added to her remarkable armory of psycho-prophetic talents. Secrets emerge as she races to find a killer with a particular and gruesome agenda. Mounting bodies, escalating pressure, a sinister connecti... more
  • Eraserbyte

    by Cat Connor
    Washington D.C. is burning, blowing up before SSA Ellie Conway’s eyes. More than ever she needs her controversial connections to prevent more terror attacks and horrifying deaths. Surveillance footage mysteriously wiped away, explosions rocking the city, people blown apart, an insider forging Ellie’s signature to release suspects, and her helicopter taken down, all challenge Delta A to find the link between the terror attacks, international trade in missing girls, coded price lists and a rogue ... more