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  • DIAMOND ON THE HIGH SEAS (ISBN 9798363242922)

    Mystery rides the waves in this action-packed whodunit. Even before setting foot on the "Iris of the Seas" cruise ship, Hope Diamond knew she was facing trouble. She headed Diamond Security, a protection service for people at high risk, and she was on the cruise to protect her cousin's husband from an assassin. What she didn't know was that FBI Agent Matt Dennison would be on the ship. His mission was to prevent a traitor from turning over secret military microfilm to an enemy agent. She... more
  • Rebellious Son: A Spy Devils Thriller

    by Joe Goldberg
    Caught between an infamous bomb maker and a dying CIA spy, Bridger and the Spy Devils fight for their survival while preventing a radioactive disaster. After bombs explode across Europe, the evidence proves Specter—the infamous and legendary bombmaker—has come out of retirement. The CIA’s former terrorist-hunter Wes Henslow pleads with Bridger to help find the only terrorist he never caught. Bridger agrees, but May, his mother and CIA handler, orders Bridger not to assist her friend under ... more
  • Cost of Deceit

    by H. Mitchell Caldwell
    LA Sheriff Lieutenant Max Cort is on trial for killing his wife, but how do you try a murder without a body? This high-profile case has local TV stations scrambling for legal commentary and one invites law professor Jake Clearwater to handle the nightly updates on the hearing. Jake recently gained fame for defending a convicted murderer, gaining him a retrial, exposing the real killer, and getting his client off and released from prison. Early in the trial, Jake realizes it's not going the... more
  • Monroe Doctrine: Volume VI

    by Miranda Watson
    The Marines know one thing… …it will be the largest battle in the history of the Corps. Can they stop the Terracotta Army? In capitals across Europe, protestors decry the atrocities, while hypersonic glide bombs devastate the civilian centers, industrial hubs, and the most critical pieces of infrastructure. A new reality has begun to take hold in people’s minds. The end is coming. The nightly news doesn’t help. The war in the Russian Far East has ground to a halt. US and Japanese Ma... more

    by Sanjeev Mahapatra
    At Candolim beach, the evening is approaching, it’s slowly getting darker. A boy and a girl are enjoying it as the boy is chasing his running girlfriend. At last, the girl became tired and sat down on the sand near the dense bushes. The boy slowed down and fell next to her. Both were relaxing at the same time laughing. Being tired of running on the beach the boy tried to lie down on his back over the creepers behind him. As soon as he did that he fell into a ditch that was covered by those plant... more
  • T-Rex Trouble!!!: An Adventure in Dinosaur Land (The Adventurous Kids Series)

    by Arushi Bhattacharjee

    Archella, an evil T-Rex, has escaped from the jail!

    Avalore, the fairy, teleports the adventurous kids, Sola and Jackie, for their second mission.
    Now it is up to the kids to stop the T-Rex from destroying the town.

    But will their mission be a success?

    Find out in this latest book: T-Rex Trouble, by Arushi Bhattacharjee    


    EXCERPTS from the book

  • Shut the Lights: A Gripping and Addictive Suspense Novel about a Twisted Family and Terrible Secrets

    by Smita Bhattacharya
    For this family, the lockdown came as a blessing. On 24 March 2020, with merely a four-hour notice, the Indian government declared a three-week lockdown as a containment measure for COVID-19. In terms of scale and severity, this lockdown was unparalleled worldwide. However, quite unexpectedly, for a family of four, cooped up in a plush Mumbai apartment, it came as a blessing. On the face of it, Suvini, Mridul, Damien, and Tara belonged to an upper-middle-class family, with its typical priv... more
  • Every Flower of the Field

    by Sara Davison
    Safe is the most dangerous feeling of all. For as long as she can remember, Rose Galway has been a captive, controlled by one man or another. To her, though, God is the one holding the keys, refusing to set her free despite the desperate pleas she has sent heavenward. Detective Laken Jones has known hardship too, including the daily trauma of racism. Still, nothing he has gone through compares to what Rose has endured. He wants nothing more than for her to experience hope and healing and may... more
  • Nazareth Quest

    Nazareth Quest is a dramatic thriller set in the historic lands of Israel. Invited to join a team of archaeologists in Nazareth, to survey the archaeology beneath the Sisters of Nazareth Convent, Brendan Mallon leaps at the opportunity. Crusaders, both Templars and Hospitallers, have been intimately associated with the history of Christian churches in Nazareth for more than a millennia, and now these archaeologists find themselves tasked with uncovering secrets of these ancient orders. What fi... more
  • From Muddy Water

    by allan davis
  • Daddy's Home

    by Vanessa Soredjo
    A classic story of good and evil, sacrifice and sin - closing her eyes brings back a nightmare that Kate would much rather forget - although she doesn't understand the meaning of the darkness that engulfs her, she is ready to walk down any path to find out the meaning. Abandoned as a child, Kate had already suffered through a lot in her life. So, when Jack Vontrip enters her life, a glimmer of hope emerges in Kate's heart. Now, she must do whatever it takes to protect that glimmer of hope.
  • From Muddy Water

    by allan davis
    Detective Quinn of the Toronto Police Service has seen enough of the city's seedy underbelly to last him a lifetime.. Early retirement and a quiet life as a PI catching cheating spouses beckon. But Quinn has a new tenant in his upstairs apartment, the mysterious and bewitching Kirsten who seems determined to drag him into his past.
  • Top university

    by pradip roy roy
    North South University is a private university
  • An End to Etcetera

    by B. Robert Conklin
    Why would a young person confess to murdering an imaginary friend? This is the question that keeps therapist Selena Harris up at night. Having been in the business of helping adolescents for more than a decade, she thought she had seen and heard it all—until she met Leal Porter. Sitting on a couch two feet across from her is an ordinary-looking teenager who claimed in a text, inadvertently broadcast to his entire school, he drowned an innocent child left in his care. With no evidence to support ... more
  • Little Nicky

    by David Haltinner
    Need a thief for hire? No problem, Nicky is an expert. Intelligent, witty, and a bit sarcastic, she excels in what she likes to call commercial warfare, making a living stealing from businesses. But this time, she was hired to take something that the owner did not want human eyes to see, and he wants it back. A group of unhuman men are sent after her, leaving only death in their wake, and now they have their eyes locked on Nicky and her friends. Nicky's only chance of survival is ... more
  • The Unforgettable Alexandra Shaw

    by A. Lloyd Spanton
    Seventeen-year-old Alexandra killed her father. It was an accident, but he’s dead all the same. Now all she wants is to find her place in her new school, keep her head down until graduation, and try to fix her relationship with her resentful mother. But then a stranger named Logan shows up, claiming he knows her. And that’s not even the weirdest thing. According to Logan, her father wasn’t the only one killed in the accident—she was too. While trying to uncover her past, Alexandra and ... more