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  • Father Moriarty & the Exorcism of Strzok

    by Rayfiel G Mychal
    From the diary of Father Angelo Moriarty comes the story of his struggle with a demon known as Strzok. Find out who Father Moriarty and Strzok are and how they shaped human history. This book covers his complete battle with Strzok and the tragedies that he endured along the way. Learn the different techniques that exorcists, including Father Moriarty, use during exorcisms and the danger that come with each one of them. Father Moriarty shows us how true evil exists in the world and how demon... more
  • The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio

    by Belle Ami
    Her visions guide her to the truth, but sometimes the truth is better left dead… On May 28, 1606, in Rome Italy, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio fights a duel to first blood against the powerful pimp, Ranuccio. When the duel turns deadly, Caravaggio flees Rome and spends the rest of his life as a fugitive. On October 18, 1969, Caravaggio's masterpiece, the Nativity, is stolen from a church in Palermo, Sicily. Considered one of the greatest art thefts in history, the painting is still missing... more
  • One and One Is One

    by S. T. Byra
    Grady Pearson has always been different. He?s an outsider, not really belonging anywhere. With an English father and American mother, he feels in-between, not sure of his place around other children. In their new home, Grady does eventually make friends, but things go terribly wrong as bullying escalates to an event that almost kills him. The childhood trauma of his pre-teen years permanently and fundamentally changes him. He begins to see enemies all around?but Grady?s pain has only just begun ... more
  • Now It's Inescapable

    by Bill McCausland
    He became self-deceptive and then had a realization. Dr. Glen Coyle used to be an artist at what he does. In his office is a hand sculpture given by a patient whose hand he reattached. These days, though, Glen is doing his best to keep his hands from shaking. He?s on the run constantly ? from pharmaceuticals he?s supposed to be prescribing for his patients. His wife is about to leave him. The DEA comes to pay him a visit. But when he?s called before the hospital board, he knows his days of runni... more
  • Danger in the House

    by Dusty J. Miller
    The fourth and final book in the Alice Ott mystery series, tackles current dangers present throughout the U.S. Alice and her crime-solving crew are committed to challenging injustice without losing their sense of humor. Danger in the House takes us on the breath-stopping journey of undocumented immigrants seeking sanctuary, a nurse facing racial profiling, and a mysterious teen unsafe in his own home.

    by M.J. Polelle
    Rome and Italy are sinking into political chaos. Earthquakes shake the city. Detective Marco Leone finds his estranged friend, a scholar in the Vatican library, floating dead in the Tiber. The pope falls into a coma after a terrorist bombing. Leone forgoes a sabbatical to investigate the murder of the scholar involved in organizing the Vatican library archives after finding a controversial parchment. The murder is just the first in a series of ritual assassinations and attacks on Christian c... more
  • Killer Deal (Gold and Courage Series Book 2)

    by Karen S. Gordon

    Lauren Gold and Vance Courage jump at the chance to buy a luxury West Texas guest ranch. They've been looking for ways to launder a few million bucks and this deal seems perfect.

    After settling in as the new owners, tragedy strikes. A body is found in one of the buildings. The ranch manager—a holdover—pressures them not to immediately report it. Meanwhile, rumors swirl that the Supreme Court Justice who died of natural causes at the ranch before they bought it might... more

  • CCNA Wireless

    by Sushanth p
    A Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless professional will configure, implement and support wireless LANs. These professionals provide the necessary support for a basic enterprise wireless network on Cisco WLAN
  • One Eighty

    by Milt Mays

    Can an off-kilter doctor and private investigator save his true love from killing more women and destroying the NFL?

    Once a pro-prospect quarterback, Var becomes a doctor instead and joins the Navy, helping Marines in Iraq. But an IED ends his career, sending him minus one leg and one arm, and a scrambled brain back to his home in the Front Range of Colorado. Mirror and music therapy, usually one-hundred-eighty-second rock songs, helps his phantom limb pain and depression. Yet his... more

  • Alex Hoffmann: Five Exciting Thrillers, One Riveting Series

    by Leslie Wolfe

    Five full-length, exciting action thrillers, one seriously gripping series. Discover Alex Hoffmann, the fearless rookie private investigator, and join her on a breathtaking ride that culminates with her facing off with the most dangerous intelligence asset the Russians have ever produced. 

    It’s a hell of a ride. 


    A rookie private investigator. An unexpected killer. Espionage, current tec... more

  • The Therapist

    by Kelly Holm
    Judge. Jury. Therapist. Twenty-five years ago, Larisa Bergman buried her past, and with it, the terrible secret she vowed to take to her grave. Now a successful real estate broker with a new identity, she has money in the bank, a charming apartment…and increasingly debilitating panic attacks. Then she finds Dr. Mila Thorton, who offers her the perfect solution—a new treatment with a startling success rate. Therapist Mila Thorton sees the worst of the worst in her practice—patients who’ve don... more
  • The Pâtissière

    by S M Boland
    A delicious tale of murder and sweetness. A young girl's life is transformed by a visit to the greatest Salon du The in Paris, but she discovers more than the sophisticated magnificence of a Mont Blanc. She finds a new world, one which lures her in, corrupts her, consumes her and ultimately destroys her. What 'Perfume' did for scent, 'The Patissier' does for taste.
  • Pinot Noir: An International Banking Spy Thriller

    by Lorraine Evanoff


    Multi-billionaire banker and philanthropist, Ekram M. Almasi, has just been murdered...

    And there’s only one person who can uncover the mystery behind this international banking scandal:

    Louise Moscow.

    Able to handle a high-powered speedboat, an ex-lover, and a ginger-haired villain with equal ease, this international spy embarks on a jour... more

  • Five Seconds Til Dark

    In Five Seconds Til Dark, the reader is taken on a journey through the eyes of Marcello Scott. Scott appears to be a normal mischievous teenager until a tragic accident claims the life of his best friend. As life seems to do ever-so-often, the tragedy took something from Scott, but it also blessed him with a gift that would take him some time to grasp. Scott realizes that he has the ability to freeze time around him for five seconds – leaving him to wander about freely while everything around hi... more
  • The Legend of Deputy Jim

    by Dan Hendrickson
    Jim Edwards always thought he'd join the military when he graduated from high school. But then he snuck off and married his high school sweetheart the middle of their senior year and his wife Linda got pregnant right away. Jim did not want to leave his new family and get deployed halfway around the world, but he still wanted to serve his country. That’s when he decided to go into law enforcement. He talked to his dad about it and he reached out to and old friend for his son. Sheriff George Manni... more
  • The Middle Sister (Jack Salvo)

    by Jesse Miles
    Jack Salvo teaches philosophy one night a week at a community college, but he pays his bills by working as an L.A. private detective. A wealthy woman hires him to find her wayward daughter Lillie, who has been missing for a week. Salvo figures the girl is probably hiding out with her friends. All he has to do is interview the friends, bust their stories, and deduce the missing brat's location. Salvo soon learns that her "friends" are somewhat parasitical. When he finds Lillie, she is hosting dif... more