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  • Astrid-Book I: War Changes People

    by T G Trouper
    In her youth, Astrid had dreamt of becoming an actress. But once war breaks out, she gives up her dreams to fight for her country. She retains her acting skills and uses them to her advantage, and she will do absolutely anything to ensure the success of her missions. The war has degenerated into regular small skirmishes, but her commanders know that there will inevitably be a major assault that will overwhelm them. The only thing that is keeping the onslaught at bay is a policy of assassinating... more
  • A Case Of Gravity

    by Sim Moy
    To Christian Simpkins, time was of the essence. His old friend, a rather eccentric rotund scientist had been abducted from his own facility in Cornwall, England. Simpkins was on the trail, piecing together tiny snippets of information to steer him onward into the unknown. Others also desperately wanted this scientist, they wanted his knowledge and they wanted a particular little prototype that could seemingly defy gravity. Slowly, too slowly, Simpkins begins to unravel the workings of those th... more
  • Chasing Devils

    by B.C. Lienesch
  • Space Magpie

    by Peter Hallam
    A young management accountant, Joshua joins a UK based software company that is a world leader in Artificial Intelligence software. He soon discovers the company has huge cash balances far larger than it should have for a business its size. He discovers that his predecessor died in mysterious circumstances after making inquiries about the company's large cash balances. He later discovers that the company is selling top secret software to the Chinese government which can be used to access interna... more
  • Perrywinkle - The Story of Morning Runs and Peanut Butter Dreams

    by Eric Herkert
    Perry Shiner was a pre-teen girl from a broken family. During a fateful week in June, she befriends an otherworldly being in need of help. The choices that Perry is forced to make come with major ramifications. Can she navigate what she needs to do while ensuring those around her are safe?
  • Unlawful Games

    by Adam Klein
    Does anyone really know the truth about their lives? Sal Amici thinks he does. He is a successful defense attorney for one of the largest firms in New York City and is on the path to becoming partner. He has a wife that adores him and two children that mean the world to him. He has just won the biggest case of his life and is excited about what the future holds. That is until his client commits a gruesome murder the day after he was set free. Sean Lancaster is a self-made multi-millionaire an... more
  • 978-0-9861472-9-6

    by Donna Huston Murray
    Lauren Beck visits her dad in Albuquerque only to learn that his new wife is gone. Several girls are missing, too, reminding the young ex-cop of the child she was too late to save. For her father’s sake, and her own, Lauren would love to help. Yet she’s barely started before an irate criminal begins to strike back.
  • Gilt Trip: A Samantha Kidd Mystery

    by Diane Vallere
    When Samantha Kidd’s jewel of a husband, shoe designer Nick Taylor, is named a finalist for Designer of the Year at an industry function, Samantha sponsors a banquet table and invites close friends and family to the celebration. But by the time the night arrives, most of them aren’t on speaking terms. Even romance with Nick suffers thanks to his dad’s move into the couple’s spare bedroom. ​Before the cash bar closes, the toastmaster’s body is found with a gilded knife in her chest. What shoul... more
  • Gravity's Whisper

    by C.H. Kim
    Join Professor Owlstone as he attempts to solve the suicide problem
  • The School of Homer

    by Alexander Marriott

    Virgil Colvin, a retired homicide detective, leaves his hometown Chicago to resurrect his honeymoon memories with his dead wife in Ithaca, Greece. There, he befriends the Vathy police chief, Costas Pantakalas, over stories of a shared profession and countless cups of ouzo.

    One day, Virgil wakes to the violent tremors of the earth to find Ithaca has just had an earth quake. But that is not the only unusual occurrence. In the city's public square, at the feet of Odysseus, someone has ... more

  • Widow's Thrill

    by Jess Hicks
    Welcome to the mind of Ophelia Henry, a steadfastly single redhead from the South. Inheriting a new home offers a chance to finally put down some roots... if only she weren't a murder suspect. Ophelia only wants a strong cup of coffee and a quiet escape from the city. A schmeared bagel would be nice too. Wading through the locals' secrets while dodging your parent's attempts to marry you off is exhausting. Foul-mouthed birds, judgy townsfolk, and piling bodies threaten to damper Ophelia's reb... more
  • Slave Song

    by Jay Koh
    Slave Song is a powerful new thriller, a fantastic tale of unlikely heroes overcoming impossible odds: A boy survives his modern-day slavery and grows up to be a fearless vigilante against it. His crusade against the corporate giants becomes deadly when billions of dollars are at stake, and a powerful drug cartel targets him for revenge. Slave Song is a breathtaking debut novel from Korean American filmmaker Jay Koh.
  • Still Waters

    by Jenna Caldwell
    When George, a high school teacher, wakes up one morning, he's surprised to find his doting wife, Henrietta, cooking breakfast for him and their three young children, Junior, Cynthia and Addie. Not because this is out of the ordinary—as far as George can tell, this is routine—but because he doesn't recognize them. Any of them. Or himself, he soon realizes. Hundreds of miles from the only home he's ever known, George tries to adapt to his new, idyllic life and navigate the unique challenges that ... more
  • Between the Dark Spaces

    by Melissa Groeling
    When sixteen-year-old Aris Black finds Chapman Woolfe bleeding to death in an alley, she has no idea what kind of catastrophe this encounter will kick off. Up until that point, her life was pretty quiet. She went to school, worked part-time as a waitress, and she took care of her father, who was a recovering heroin addict. It was a struggle but they made it work. So what did Chapman Woolfe have to do with any of it? Answer: everything. Chapman Woolfe was drowning. He can barely handle his ... more
  • Reunion: Dwayne Morrow Mystery #1 (Dwayne Morrow Mysteries)

    by Darin Miller
    Reunions are for reconnecting with old friends…and sometimes burying a few. For Dwayne Morrow, this is where it all begins. An invitation to his high school reunion prompts Dwayne Morrow to return to his small-town roots to reconnect with friends he hasn’t seen in fifteen years. Before the festivities can even begin, his best friend is found murdered in his car, and the local police show little interest in pursuing the case. A mother’s plea pulls Dwayne into a tangled web of dangerous secrets... more
  • Man on the Run

    by Charles Salzberg
    Francis Hoyt, a daunting career criminal, is on the loose. Having masterfully escaped from his court appearance, Hoyt, now a fugitive, relocates to the West Coast to lick his wounds. Meanwhile, former newspaper journalist Dakota Richards embarks on her passion project: a true crime podcast. A year into her new career, she takes a deep dive into the life of the elusive Francis Hoyt. Hoyt, arrogant and desperate to get back in the limelight, taunts Dakota, dangling the possibility of cooperating w... more