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  • The American

    by Indy River
    An American tourist at a Chinese monastery accidentally overhears an illegal international arms deal and witnesses two murders. She is now on the run with the ten-year-old son of one of the murder victims, while being pursued by assassin-monks and a few countries' governments, and is forced to trust people who may not be trustworthy.
  • Dark Was the Night

    by Tania Lorena Rivera
    Lucie Arnold is a mom plagued with paralyzing nyctophobia. One Halloween night, three masked intruders force their way into her home, where she is alone with her four-year-old daughter, Natalie. The intruders cut the lights and the phone lines, and they separate mom and daughter. Realizing this is not a typical break-in and that these individuals have dark intentions, Lucie must hatch a plan to escape her own house with her daughter. A terrifying game of cat and mouse ensues as Lucie navigates h... more
  • The Unquiet Genius

    by Glenn Dyer
    A scientist in hiding. A race to the ultimate weapon. Can a bold operative crush Nazi plans before he’s taken out by a Nazi bullet? December, 1942. Conor Thorn will stop at nothing to end Hitler’s terror. So when a brilliant nuclear physicist is discovered holed up in Italy, the elite OSS agent reunites with his MI6 counterpart and slips behind enemy lines on a recruitment mission. Now pitted against rival forces also on the hunt, Thorn is hell-bent on preventing the key to an atomic weapon f... more
  • Payback

    by Marvin Dixon
    In the aftermath of the Horizon Life Settlement Fund scandal, Justin Kell is waiting for the trials of the Lebanese organised crime syndicate to end and for justice to be served. When unexpected events disrupt the proceedings, Kell’s world is turned upside down as he returns to face some old adversaries. Recently established as a private investigator, his refusal to take on the case of a missing person leads to events from his past returning to haunt him, culminating in a race against time as... more
  • The Magician's Web

    by Maidie Reeve
    Something is very wrong in the world of the magic game The Tenth Gateway. Two children, Sophie Jones and Jun Wu, are magically transported into the game and receive a desperate message from Eda, the guardian of the game world. The evil magician, Malefic, is now in control of the enchanted world and Eda is his prisoner. Only a powerful talisman can save her. Following the clues contained on a magic scroll, the children set out on a quest to find the seven magic gemstones which were once part of ... more
  • Being Alice

    by Michele Olson
    1981 has not been Alice Merveille’s cup of tea. Abruptly pushed into a contract by her scheming uncle, Alice has no choice but to sign on as the guitar and drum tech for world-renowned recording artist J.D. Grayling. Heading for the summer gig at the notorious Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, it isn’t her musical ability that consumes her with fear. Horrified at the idea of J.D., his band, and visitors to the Grand seeing her mangled face from the accident, which took her self-esteem, A... more
  • The Gryphon's Shadow

    by Matt Nieland
    U.S Marine turned covert operative Allen Schmidt finds top secret German documents that reveal the allies’ worst nightmare: the Nazis are building atomic bombs. The Gryphon’s Shadow is a military thriller that takes the reader from the deserts of North Africa to the fields of France, from the rocky coastline of Albania to the snowy slopes of Austria in an action-packed adventure as Schmidt struggles to stop the Nazi bomb. To unravel the mystery of the German bomb program and the sadistic SS of... more
  • Which Erectile Dysfunction Medicine Works-MEDZSITE

    by james farnadise
    Cenforce 100 is an erectile dysfunction treatment medication, which is formulated to improve male impotency by enhancing nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream. This supplement also enhances nitric oxide production in the body and blood vessels, allowing more blood and oxygen to the penile area. It also improves circulation to the penis and activates nitric oxide synthetically in the body to help increase the firmness and size of the pe... more
  • Ghost Town: A Western Paranormal Thriller

    by AJ Thibault
    Three people, 3 days, trapped in a ghost town 100 years in the past. Brilliant but burned out CIA operative Richard Hart has a midlife crisis. He wants out of the intelligence game for good. But he can’t resist his last and only opportunity to meet the legendary V.M. Moodbain, a grand CIA Chessmaster, who will do anything to keep him engaged. When Moodbain does not show up for their rendezvous at the appointed time, Hart realizes he has been set up as a pawn in a dangerous cat and mouse g... more
  • Death In Smoke

    by Barbara Elle

    A bloodied body buried on Cape Cod. A cold case in Kansas.

    Can Leila track down a savage killer?

    After a blinding snowstorm, artist and amateur sleuth Leila Goodfriend wakes early in the morning for a walk in the woods to think, to escape. When she stumbles on the bloodied body of a woman buried in a snow bank, Leila digs desperately, her fingers bleed, shaking with fear, she knows who it is.

    It’s Susie, the ex-girlfriend of Steve, a failed photographer she dumped mont... more

  • Six Mercies

    by Simon Phillips
    It’s 1994 A wave of terror attacks begin to happen around the world. The race to find the mastermind and stop them in their tracks is on. Cassie Day’s mission takes her to Marrakech and into the darkness of a cult with a charismatic leader and entanglement with a CIA cell. Never sure who she can trust, she must enlist the help of an old friend in the Metropolitan Police and an FBI agent who may hold the key to understanding the terror campaign. But can anyone trust her? Her anger and viol... more
  • Mary Finch and the Thief

    by S S Saywack
    It is 1893 and Mary Finch finds herself on the violent and gritty streets of Victorian London trying to clear her name. When wrongfully accused of theft, fourteen-year-old Mary Finch is determined to track down the thief and prove her innocence. Her journey takes her from Baker Street, where her friend, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes live, to the dark and dangerous East End of London. On her trail are the suspicious Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard, the evil butler of her employer, a... more
  • Girls, Crimes, and the Ruling Body

    by Barry R. Ziman
    A legislative intern with secrets that could unravel the governing elite vanishes into the night in Albany, New York. Seven years later, another young woman disappears in a suburb of the nation’s Capital. The only connection between both missing women is Ryan McNeil, the chief of staff to a rising congressman. Under suspicion, Ryan must now prove his innocence in these women’s abductions, but in the ruthless world of politics—where the line between crime and lawful authority blurs—there is ... more
  • Seven Lives

    by Simon T. Phillips
    It's 1993 A young British Agent with Post Traumatic Stress and a lost identity is the agency’s greatest undercover asset. Her memory of her life before her trauma starts to return whilst she is deep under cover. While she remembers her past, her job goes horribly wrong. Whilst she recovers she is given a new task of hunting a mystery assassin out for revenge. She goes undercover in an IRA terrorist cell in London to track her target down. Proving her own deadly skills along the way, she un... more
  • Beneath the Surface

    by Tara Marlow
    Beneath the Surface is a twisting suspense you are dropped into the middle of. Grace is a young woman on the run with her father. The problem is, she doesn’t know why they’re running. Through her friendship with Lowell, Grace learns what trust truly means, and that there is life beyond her circumstances. First, she needs to escape her father, but there are risks. Life-altering risks. Not to mention the unanswered questions about her life to now. But as her friendship with Lowell deepens, so d... more
  • Touch the Dead

    by Ellen Thornton
    Eden Sinclair leaves a broken marriage and the Blue Moon Trailer Park in Chicago to search for her missing cousin, Jess, in a Florida coastal community's fluid world of booze, sex, drugs, shady deals, and surfing. For nineteen-year-old Eden, finding answers and someone to trust are as elusive as the shadows lurking beneath the waves. When she makes a connection between Jess and another missing young woman, Eden lures a merciless killer into her arms to get the evidence she needs to avenge Jess.