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  • Dharma, A Rekha Rao Mystery

    by Vee Kumari
    Rekha Rao, an Indian American professor of Art History, propelled by her sense of duty, dharma, sets out to find the killer of her mentor and father figure. She walks a thin line between her match-making family and the Homicide Detective she is attracted to, but also distrusts. Despite suffering bodily harm following a break-in of her home, Rekha tracks down the killer and in that process, tastes the prospect of an unexpected romance, and discovers her true identity.
  • Mortal Conspiracy

    by Noel Scidmore
    Butch Kennedy, beloved husband and father, has just suffered his second-this time fatal-heart attack. This came as more than the usual shock to his distraught family since after his first heart attack he seemed to have made a good recovery and had almost completely returned to his old life. To get answers, they request an autopsy, the responsibility for which falls to the twenty-nine-year old pathology resident, Dr. Brad Pierson. Nothing out of the ordinary-or so he he thinks until weeks later h... more
  • The Critical Offer

    by Yitzhak Nir
    A car bomb explosion horrifies Jerusalem. Head of the Mossad, a former Israeli Air Force fighter pilot Gershon Shalit, is enraged by the murder of his daughter, frustrated by his wife’s decision to leave and distrusts his prime minister - seeks revenge. But, his first priority is to eliminate the fundamental threats to destroy the State of Israel's existence. His random encounter with a beautiful Chinese diplomat, leads to an impossible love affair, where he is exposed to a once in a lifet... more
  • Dog Town

    by Debbie L Richardson
    When a small dog stumbles upon the lost city of cats, he finds himself in a race against Dog Town’s fastest canine. The winner of this race will have the power to save Cat World, or destroy it. But the race is in the ocean, and this dog is terribly afraid of water. Can he overcome his fear of water in time to save Cat World?
  • One on One

    by Michael Kelso
  • Low Down Dirty Vote Volume II

    by Mysti Berry
    22 authors contributed stories on the theme "Every stolen vote is a crime." 100% of the retail price is being donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center, with a guaranteed minimum of $10,000, to help them fight voter suppression. Our stories range across time, place, and genre. Experienced authors like Gary Phillips and newcomers like Madeline McEwen alike share their stories.
  • B07QKB12SJ

    by Gill D Anderson
    Tommy has a warped rationale for his despicable behaviour towards women. He was born without a conscience and remorse is an alien concept. Will he ever find out the truth about the past that shaped who he really is?Cassie refuses to live up to the expectations of her family, instead choosing to have fun with her flat mates and go home with various deviant men.Her best friend, Lisette, on the other hand, just wants a quiet predictable life with her steady boyfriend Jarred. But can Lisette find a ... more
  • The Chosen Seven

    by Gill D Anderson
    FARZAD ABED is an unhinged Iranian immigrant living in Australia. His sociopathic tendencies coupled with his political views make him a very dangerous man indeed. Farzad wants the world to sit up and take notice of him and randomly selects six bystanders to hold hostage at a city restaurant. JACOB BROWN is a fitness fanatic who finds himself at the centre of a bizarre situation when he arrives at his favourite restaurant to pick up a takeaway for dinner. JAGRITI GOSHAL is a young unassumi... more
  • Smokescreen by Khaled Talib

    by Khaled Talib

    High society magazine reporter, Jet West, becomes a scapegoat in a plot to assassinate the Israeli prime minister during a diplomatic visit to Singapore.

  • The Night Police: Beyond the Line of Duty

    by Chris Berg

    In this gritty, true-crime-inspired collection of thematically linked short stories, you'll meet the dangerous men that are The Night Police, and listen as real-life urban policing is exposed from the inside. Written by two who have been there, The Night Police and its rogue trooper Max Golden take dark journeys from which no one emerges unscathed.

    Rebel trooper Max Golden isn't content to spend his career as a humble, rule-following civil servant. Refusing to seek out... more

  • Claude Monet, Private Eye: The Pilfered Paintings

    by Robert Harris
    Claude Monet, weary of painting haystacks and cathedrals and lily ponds, finally pursues his real passion: criminal investigation. And after two long months of waiting, he has his first case. He’s called in to investigate the theft of two unremarkable paintings from Galerie Neuf in Paris. He’s thrilled, but quickly finds out that the theory and practice of investigation are two different things. Despite the obstacles, he’s determined to crack the case and bring the perpetrator to justice. Only t... more
  • The Adventure of the Murdered Midwife

    by Liese Sherwood-Fabre
    Only weeks into his first year at Eton, Sherlock's father calls him and his brother back to Underbyrne, the ancestral estate. The village midwife has been found with a pitchfork in her back in the estate's garden, and Mrs. Holmes has been accused of the murder. Can Sherlock find the true killer in time to save her from the gallows?
  • Ghostrider

    by M. L. Buchman
    An AC-130J “Ghostrider”—the latest variant of America’s Number One ground-attack plane for over fifty years—goes down in the Colorado Rockies. Except the data doesn’t match the airframe. Air-crash savant Miranda Chase and her NTSB team are sent in to investigate. But what they uncover reveals a far greater threat—sabotage. It could be a prelude to a whole new type of war; this time one far too close to home.
  • Shadow Wolves-A Novel

    by Jake Kaminski
    “Shadow Wolves", from Page Publishing author Jake Kaminski, is a fast-paced and riveting drama introducing Ethan Crowe, a Native American and retired Delta Force leader of an elite tracking team assembled to combat the predatory cartels trafficking drugs, women and children across the unforgiving Arizona borderlands.
  • Don of the Q

    by Michael Guillebeau
    Think of a cross between Doctor Strangelove and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Don is a clerk in the Quick Stop convenience store with a problem: he suddenly can’t remember his past or what he’s doing here. He thinks maybe he’s an angel sent on a mission. Don and fellow-clerk Sancha of the Q set out on a quest to do some good and find out why he’s here. Maybe it has something to do with the stolen atomic bomb in Don Q’s basement. Maybe.
  • The Network (The Blackwell Files Book 11)

    by Steven F. Freeman
    NSA agents Alton and Mallory Blackwell join the search for missing colleague and friend David Dunlow. The investigation into Dunlow’s disappearance leads them into the midst of a shocking international conspiracy: finance ministers from around the world are being targeted in a carefully planned series of assassinations. The Blackwells must piece together a complex and multi-layered puzzle to discover THE NETWORK’s end game…before the shadowy organization strikes again.