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True Crime

  • Online Language Services

    by Dawn Hawkins
  • Deliberate Duplicity

    by David Rohlfing
    What is the book about? Well, one by one, dead bodies are being found at different points along the Constitution Trail, where abandoned railroad tracks once ran through the “Twin Cities” of Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. The work of a calculating, methodical killer, each body is posed on the ground with the eyes manipulated so they remain wide open – witnesses who cannot testify to what they’ve seen. David Rohlfing’s debut novel, Deliberate Duplicity (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble on Jan... more
  • Battered Doctor Syndrome

    by Eugene Wrayburn
    An Eye-Witness Account of Surviving Ireland's Covert Capital Punishment Program.
  • A Stranger Killed Katy

    by William D. LaRue

    In the early morning hours of August 29, 1986, Clarkson University sophomore Katy Hawelka – bright, pretty and full of life – strolled back to her upstate New York campus after a night out. On the dimly lit path beside the university’s ice hockey arena, a stranger emerged from the darkness. The brutal sexual assault and strangulation that followed rocked the campus and the local community to its core. When Katy was declared brain-dead three days later, her family’s nig... more

  • On Street Fighting: Lesson Learned in a Violent Subculture

    by J.D. Bradley
    For many years I was a violent sociopath as a direct result of my childhood and then experiences as a soldier. My adventures in the methamphetamine culture certainly exacerbated that. I am not proud of this. I'm just saying what it is; that being said, this book will articulate that experience in a series of amusing anecdotes and thoughts that explain the important lessons that I learned during that time; lessons I learned with contusions, abrasions, a couple of lacerations, my own blood, some j... more
  • Digital Mafia: Think you know the mob, think you know digital criminals, think again

    by Gregorio Giuliani
    Gregorio founded a digital banking company from scratch, and in seven years, it has become a cash fountain, generating millions a month. It is on schedule for an initial public offering when it is digitally laundered of millions by a highly sophisticated crime network—a collaboration of white-collar criminals, Mafia informants, and telemarketers selling seniors fake insurance policies. The ultimate act of betrayal unfolds when two of Gregorio’s trusted employees sell him out with critical inform... more
  • yictic

    by sharon greene
    I am sharongreene, working for yictic as PR consultant. With more than 6 years experience in PR and Digital Industry, helping teams to achieve goals by streamilining the process.
  • Truths Written In Blood: Why Conservatives Should Support Gun-Market Reforms

    by Zephyr Dorsey
    Comprehensive yet concise, Truths Written In Blood is the most actually helpful book on America's gun-violence problem yet written.
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  • Murder Times Six

    by Alan R. Warren
    It was a crime unlike anything seen in British Columbia. The horror of the "Wells Gray Murders" almost forty years ago transcends decades. On August 2, 1982, three generations of a family set out on a camping trip – Bob and Jackie Johnson, their two daughters, Janet, 13 and Karen, 11, and Jackie's parents, George and Edith Bentley. A month later, the Johnson family car was found off a mountainside logging road near Wells Gray Park completely burned out. In the back seat were the incinerated r... more
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    by Albin Benny
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  • The Confederacy of Monarchs, Pirates Honor

    by Everett Watson
    Everett Watson Author | Website The confederate soilders were lied to! Everett Watson, author Enter Book Website Category: True Crime; Audience: Adult Synopsis: It is the story of the war the was started by Governor Brown of Alabama. The union refused to sell the new land to the plantation owners. Whoever owned the title to the land drafted all the laws. The title owners were the only ones allowed to vote on the laws that were enacted in 1850. The plantation owners devised a plan to ta... more
  • The Missing Ride

    by Everett Watson
    It is the story of two geniuses who create a master piece. One gets killed before the piece get's done.
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