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True Crime

  • The Mad Sister

    by Carol Denise Mitchell
    In Carol Denise Mitchell's new book: The Mad Sister -Mercy Jean Diamond was born to African-American heart surgeon Fred Diamond and his wife, Maggie, a reformed prostitute, on July 12, 1928. Ten years later to the day, Mercy's sister Roxy Ann is born, and Mercy loves her baby sister. She reads to her and plays with her and continues to adore Roxy even though Fred and Maggie are terrible to her while they show preference to Roxy. Then, a fire destroys the Diamonds' home and Roxy dies in the... more
  • scroll compressors

    by jeo mathew
    Contrasted with responding types Scroll Compressors give dependable and productive administration. It contain two sort of parchments one is stationary and other is moving sort. Less torque variety and less moving parts are the upsides of parchment blower. It is usually utilized in warmth siphons, cooling system..etc.
  • The Deprived: Innocent on Death Row

    by Steffen Hou
    Thousands of Americans are convicted of crimes they never committed. Many of them end up on death row where inmates have been executed despite their innocence. 'The Deprived―Innocent on Death Row' is a true crime book that tells the dramatic stories of death row inmates and describes the murder cases that led to their wrongful convictions and the fact they were deprived of justice, freedom, innocence and worst case their life. The book is based on interviews with 10 Americans who have all been a... more
  • So You Think You Need A Lawyer

    by Lawrence Mueller
    The compelling true story of Ann M. Pavlick, author and Brain Injury advocate. Just when you feel it can't get any worse - it does! A nightmare of tragedy and despair encounters indominable spirit and the grace of not giving up. This is not fiction. The events are detestable but need to be told. It will have you shaking your head and doubting the values held in society. And perhaps more disturbing is how frequent and wide-spread the problems occur. Believe it !
  • A Sorry Saga: Theft, Forgery, Scholarship... and the Vinland Map

    by John Paul Floyd

    Five decades have now passed since a major university proudly announced the existence of the Vinland Map to the world. Hailed as the "oldest known map showing American lands," its publication was greeted with a wave of chaotic controversy. To this day, despite being widely denounced as a forgery, the Vinland Map still exercises a mysterious drawing power. In a detailed critical study, amateur researcher John Paul Floyd sets out his personal discoveries which expose the true scandals... more

  • Kidnapping the Prince of Albany: John O'Connell Kidnapping of 1933

    by James Dunn
    The O'Connell family, with Dan at the helm, ran Albany, New York from the late 1920s to the late 1950s. Like most mobsters, he used the money he made from illegal liquor sales to ‘influence’ the political system and feed the poor. With politicians securely in his pocket, Dan used his influence to change the kidnapping laws after his nephew was grabbed off the street and held for ransom in what turned out to be an inside job. Will Albany be turned upside down searching for his nephew or will Dan... more
  • Jerry's Riot: The True Story of Montana's 1959 Prison Disturbance

    by Kevin S. Giles
    "Jerry’s Riot," the 445-page book written by Montana native Kevin S. Giles, is the inside story of a disturbing riot during an era of extensive prison violence in America. This true crime book examines in revealing detail the explosion that resulted in Deer Lodge, Montana, when former Alcatraz Island convict Jerry Myles collided with reform warden Floyd Powell. "Jerry’s Riot" takes the reader inside the prison walls to visit the lives of guards and prisoners who experienced the riot. The book... more
  • What Ever Happened to Baby James?

    by Don W. Boehner
    It is 3am on a hot September morning in 1949. A dark sedan pulls to the rear of a home known as the unwed mothers birthing clinic in Jasper, Tennessee. The small, quiet package is slipped past the screen door and secreted away in the dead of night never to be seen again. It is a scenario replayed over and over in the 1940's by the infamous Tennessee Children's Home Society, and Ms. Georgia Tann, its unholy matron. Stolen after birth, my mother was told I was dead. I was sold for $5,00... more
  • Jack the Ripper and Probable Cause

    by Gary Bates, J.D.
    By using Probable Cause, the author reveals the identity of Jack the Ripper.
  • Jack the Ripper and Probable Cause

    by Gary Bates
    By using probable cause the author reveals the identity of Jack the Ripper.
  • pos software

    by stephy anna
    Retail business are now being increasing like nothing. But it is a fact that not all business or startups get enough reorganization as it demands. There are thousands of such business coming up each day. So it is very important to do some thing different than traditional way or what others do. Pos software or point of sale software’s are an important method which helps you to grow your business. Advertising in such software or sites helps in getting more reorganization to your sites. It also ... more
  • Along the Darksome Road

    by J.J. Maxwell

    This is the stunning account of how the innocent purchase of an antique childrens book led a family to rediscover a terrible crime that captured the headlines on both sides of the Atlantic during the autumn of 1932, the exemplary investigation and pursuit of the killer by the Swiss Police, and the crucial support the staff of the American Embassy in Switzerland and the people of the Swiss valley gave to the police and the victim's younger sister.

  • Extra Prosecutor Against William Jefferson Clinton: Basic Edition

  • clean drinking water

    by alice rose
    With the modern life style , the number of diseases among humans are increasing day by day. It is really a god thing tat the living style and food habits of humans are improving day to day. But on the other side, this trend has a negative effect also. As the life style and food habits are changing , the number of community diseases are also increasing. More and more new diseases are being reported each day. One of the main reason for this trend is the change in food habit. When talking about fo... more
  • Dark Secret: The Complete Story

    by Nyssa Corbin
    When a young girl goes missing in Kentucky, thousands join the search for her. From military stationed at the nearby base to the local police department and many civilian residents who never even knew the young girl or her family - the effort put forth to find her is immense. But, when the FBI become involved, the missing girl's case takes a different turn. Only three people know what really happened to the little girl. Will any of them talk? Will there ever be justice for little Alex Suleski? I... more