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True Crime

  • THE SLAMMER: A Critique of Prison Overopulation: a menacing flaw in American culture

    by Robert Allyn Goldman
    Review of life in a maximum security prison as I saw as a head dentist. As I did an extensive review of the relevant books to gather substantiation for my thoughts, I decided no other book has been written analyzing the pitfalls of the American prison system. I reason why "prison reform" is not only compelling, but necessary.
  • She's So Cold, The Stephanie Crowe Murder Case - Second Edition

    by Donald E. McInnis

    She's So Cold, The Stephanie Crowe Murder Case - Second Edition
    A Defense Attorney’s Inside Story of coerced confessions of innocent teenage boys.

    Publication date: January 21, 2021, J&E Publications

    This second edition has been revised and updated to highlight the relevancy of this case to current police and justice-system reform efforts and the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Think this couldn’t h... more

  • CBD oil for pain

    by Kamila West
    Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the main component of this herbal product. Cannabidiol is an anti-psycho-active and anti-toxic phytocannabinoid found in hemp plants. It accounts for almost 40% of the hemp plant's oil and is one of the seventeen listed cannabinoids in marijuana plants.
  • Steven Berkoff

    by Steven Berkoff

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  • The Nine Lives of John Aslin

    by Jill Creech Bauer
    This is the true story of John Eric Aslin, a member of the Ojibwe Nation, who is the longest-serving non-violent offender in the Michigan penal system. John experienced a harrowing childhood in Flint, Michigan that started him on a troubling path as he grew into an adult. After causing an accidental death, his crime was elevated to murder through an expansion of Michigan's Felony Murder statute. John Aslin was convicted and sentenced to life in prison at the age of 21. John was already incarcera... more
  • Good Luck Frenchy

    by Alain Olivier
    ABOUT THE BOOK: GOOD LUCK FRENCHY is the true story of the author’s treatment at the hands of the RCMP and the Canadian Government. Being mistaken for someone else, being falsely depicted as an important international heroin importer and trafficker, and being made an unwilling accessory to murder aren’t everyday occurrences. Surely this is not how the police behave to get their man? But … what if they go further? What if, with the aid of a thuggish civil agent, the RCMP implement a buy and... more
  • Dinner, Drinks & Death; The True Story of Dennis Nilsen

    by Alan R. Warren
    In the middle-classed neighborhood of Muswell Hill, underneath a spectacular residence located at 23 Cranley Gardens, a gruesome discovery was about to be unearthed. While working on drainage pipes of the house at that location, a plumber discovered several bones and a flesh-like substance covering the inside of the pipes. The pipes led to the top floor apartment of the residence. It was rented to Dennis Nilsen, a 37-year old, quiet, soft-spoken civil servant. Nilsen was also a retired polic... more
  • Confession of Murder; Exposing the False Confessions Created from the Mr. Big Stings

    by Alan R. Warren
    t started with a frantic call for help from Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay, when the two boys arrived home at just after 2 a.m. on July 13, 1994, and found Rafay’s family brutally beaten to death in their Bellevue, Washington, home. Who would kill this well-liked family in such a horrific way? Police had no physical evidence and no witnesses; the case was a dead end! It was time to bring in Mr. Big! Mr. Big is a covert investigation where undercover detectives create a fictitious criminal gang a... more
  • Hannibal the Cannibal; The True Story of Robert Maudsley

    by Alan R. Warren
    Robert Maudsley casually walked into the cell of another inmate, who was sleeping on his bunk facedown. A savage rage quickly took over, and Maudsley started stabbing the back of the man’s head. There was blood, pieces of brain, and chunks of hair flying in a fury. After the man went limp, Maudsley grabbed the man’s head and held it in both palms and started to smash it against the walls of the cell, so hard that the plaster began to fall off the ceiling. Nurses and guards had to watch on, no... more
  • Moors Murders; Ian Brady & Myra Hindley

    by Alan R. Warren
    It was in Manchester, England in 1965, when the police were called to a possible crime scene at the residence of Ian Brady and girlfriend Myra Hindley. What they found in the upstairs spare bedroom were the remains of 17-year-old Edward Evans, who had been cut into pieces with an axe. After an investigation and search, the police found two suitcases that were full of graphic pictures and a videotape of a young 10-year-old girl, Lesley Ann Downey who had been missing for months. The pictures ... more
  • Grindr Serial Killier; The True Story of Serial Killer Stephen Port

    by Alan R. Warren
    In today’s world where meeting people for the purpose of having sex with a simple click on your phone, a new type of gay sex called ‘Party N Play’ or ‘Chemsex’ has become all the rage in the mainstream. Several young gay men were being found dead, appearing to have overdosed on the favorite sex drugs used at these chemsex parties, in a city church yard in east London. Was this what the metro police claimed it was, “a sex drug overdose," or was there something more going on here? It would ... more
  • Above Suspicion; The True Story of Russell Williams Serial Killer

    by Alan R. Warren
    Young girl's panties started to go missing; sexual assaults began to occur, and then female bodies were found! Soon this quiet town of Tweed, Ontario, was in panic. What's even more shocking was when an upstanding resident stood accused of the assaults. This was not just any man, but a pillar of the community; a decorated military pilot who had flown Canadian Forces VIP aircraft for dignitaries such as the Queen of England, Prince Philip, the governor general, and prime minister of Canada. Th... more
  • Blood Thirst; The True Story of Wayne Boden Vampire Rapist & Serial Killer

    by Alan R. Warren
    Known as the “Vampire Rapist” or “Strangler Bill” for his distinctive modus operandi, Wayne Boden would rape, strangle and bite the breasts of his victims. His murdering rampage would continue in two cities over three years; he was only caught by superior evidence gathering and the help of an orthodontist. This book asks the question of “How do we really know our boyfriend or lover when we don’t want to ask the questions, not only because we don’t want to know the answers for what it will tell u... more
  • Deadly Betrayal; The True Story of Jennifer Pan Daughter from Hell

    by Alan R. Warren
    A family of three tied up, each with a gun to their head, "Where's the money? Where's the fucking money?" one of the intruders yelled. A petrified daughter tortured and forced to listen to her parents being shot in cold blood. "I heard shots, like pops," she told the 911 operator, "somebody's broke into our home, please, I need help!" Was this a home invasion? Or something else, more sinister, a deadly betrayal. The real-life horror story that happened inside the Pan family home shocked their... more