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True Crime

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  • Was Michael Jackson Murdered? You be the Judge.

    by Everett Watson
    The book details the deliberate murder of Michael Jackson committed by Dr. Robert Conrad Murray also explains his motives and his attempts to elude capture. The book details the legal battle over the film created by the murderer of Michael Jackson and myself. It gives the reader evidence to make a informed opinion on the causation of Michael Jackson's' death.
  • Passionate Oversights: A True Crime Story

    by Charles Massie
    A retired gentleman from New York finds love on the internet. It is only after he has moved his life and possessions to her residence in Kentucky, that he discovers her deadly dark secret. This woman is a Black Widow in disguise. Passionate Oversights explores the pitfalls of an internet-based romance.
  • The Witness: Unfolding the Anatomy of a Killer

    by Wanda Draper
    Does society rear criminals from childhood then punish them for their upbringing? The crimes are unimaginable—there are no excuses. The Witness reveals the defendant as more than a killer.

    by john smith
    Opportunities and constraints After being hit hard by the crisis, Spain is recovering. The rating agency Standard and Poor's has just raised Spain's rating by one notch, welcoming the improvement in the economic prospects of a country that has been able to reform structurally. Investors are looking back to the Iberian Peninsula, which is still plagued by a very high unemployment rate (25.93% at present). In the video below, import-export experts tell us about the opportunities but also the dif... more
  • Rusty's Story

    by Carol Gino

    “Why do they keep locking me up?”

    Rusty’s Story is Carol Gino’s account of the extraordinary life of the woman she undertook to help – the woman who ended up teaching her an invaluable lesson about the will to live, the strength of hope…

    Rusty used to wonder if she would make it through the day, seeing danger in everyday living. Rusty has epilepsy.

    She was twenty when Carol Gino met her and learned of her past ordeals:... more

  • My Novel

    by Melissa Winter
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  • Moms of The Missing

    by Steffen Hou
    Almost half a million American children are reported missing every year. Personal experiences have led me, Steffen Hou, to write the book, Moms of the Missing. In 'Moms of the Missing’ I investigate ten abduction cases. Through personal and heartbreaking interviews with the victims the book describes how parents maintain their hopes of one day finding their children—some of whom were taken by a stranger, a family member, or human traffickers. And two survivors tell what it is like to be held ... more
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  • PLAYING DEAD: A Memoir of Terror and Survival

    by Monique Faison Ross
    Monique, the daughter of San Diego Charger’s football great Earl Faison, married her high school sweetheart soon after she discovered she was pregnant with his child. Her relationship with Chris was shaky from the start, but turned tumultuous as he became verbally and physically abusive. When she could no longer put up with the abuse, she left him with their children. That was when the stalking and genuine threats began. Nothing stopped him—not protection injunctions, police warnings, or even ar... more
  • Blunt Force Yoga: True Crime Memoir

    by Lisa Jones

    A botched homicide investigation unfolds in Long Beach, California in a climate of lies and cover-ups. Police reports, emergency-call transcripts and surveillance videos show evidence of murder. But homicide detectives claim the victim died in a freak yoga accident. They allow the harvesting of her vital organs at the expense of justice.

  • WINE4D

    by Charles Roberto
    Ayo Gabung
  • MANSON EXPOSED: A Reporter's 50-Year Journey into Madness and Murder

    by Ivor Davis
    It’s rare that one reporter will have the same story evolve over 50 years with new facts and insights. Ivor Davis coauthored FIVE TO DIE, the first book ever published on the Manson murders, in 1970. After daily sitting through both the Manson and Charles Watson trials, the story did not end. Over the years as a reporter and New York Times syndicated columnist, Davis met more of the players. Who would know that on an interview with the late actress Doris Day, Davis would spend a couple ... more
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