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True Crime

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    Dammam - A Promising Start-Up City in Egypt

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  • Dark Fire

    by Bernadette Rule
    Dark Fire is the true story of the Drews and Lawrences, two young families who were massacred in the struggle to form a tobacco growers' union in 1920s Kentucky. Painstakingly researched and written with rare empathy, Dark Fire invites readers into a detailed recreation of the brief, incandescent lives of four adults and seven children whose murder has long been shrouded in mystery and collective silence.
  • Fallen Woman

    by Allison Mann
    Fallen Woman is the true crime biography of a Minnesota woman who owned and operated two modern-day brothels in St. Paul. Spencer’s story includes undercover sting operations, felony convictions, and a spiraling tale of addiction and recovery.
  • The Astrology of Serial Killers - Volume 1

    by Rhys Navarro
    “You don't understand me. You are not expected to. You are not capable of it. I am beyond your experience.” -- Richard Ramirez, AKA "The Night Stalker" What turns a person into a serial killer? Is it possible their dark destiny was foretold in the stars? This book provides the background stories and crime details of 24 notorious serial killers from around the world. But that's not all!! It also includes detailed astrological natal charts for each killer, analyzed with astrological pointers to... more
  • 9787530216194

    by Mitsuo kawami



  • CEO

    by Cathy Prather Russell
    Nonfiction novel about True life stories and crime
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    About the Siberian Husky

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    Cable Organizer Usb Cable Winder For Cellphone Lightning

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  • Don't Give Into Fear, 1: Hollywood Horror, Movie Stars, Machetes, and Satanic Rituals.

    by Yuichi Sin
    Hollywood's a bitch. She'll eat you alive. Jack Cunningham, OTOH, prefers you carefully butchered, thoroughly de-boned, lightly seasoned, pan-fried or grilled, medium well-done, thank you very much. People come to Tinseltown for many reasons—to act, write, make movies, make music. Some just come to die. Jack learns the hard way it takes talent, luck and perseverance. So he becomes an agent instead. A killer agent. And zeros in on one special client...actress Rayna Rourke. Why wouldn't she be int... more
  • "Gin Fizz"

    by Suzanne Tilden-Mortimer
    The story takes place in 1960's Los Angeles, California. It's the heyday of advertising where media buyers are wined and dined, given plenty of gifts and other perks by radio and television sales people wanting a buy on their stations. Hillman and Cole is a full service advertising agency on Wilshire Boulevard where Irmhild is a senior broadcast buyer. She has caused trouble for just about anyone that knew her so there are numerous people with motive to kill her.
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    by Dissertation Genius

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